British Priest Reacts to "everything i wanted" (BILLIE EILISH)

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Today we take a look at Billie Eilish's new song "everything i wanted" with Rev Chris!
Here is also link to statistics mentioned in this video:
If you're going through a tough time in life or suffering from depression, and/or suicidal thoughts, there's help out there!
If you're in the UK, call 116 123 (Samaritans)
If you're in the US you can call 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline), Or 1 (800) 273-TALK (Samaritans USA)
If you’re in Korea, 1588-9191 (생명의전화)
오늘은 빌리 아일리시의 신곡 "내가 원했던 모든 것"을 크리스 신부님과 함께 살펴봅니다.
영상 안에서 언급한 통계자료는 아래의 링크에서 확인하실 수 있어요
어떤 이유에서든 힘든 시간을 보내고 있거나 우울증 또는 자살충동에 시달리고 계신 분이 있다면, 여러분께 도움을 주고싶은 사람들이 기다리고 있답니다!
한국에 계시다면: 1588-9191 (생명의 전화)
영국에 계시다면: 116 123 (사마리아인)
미국에 계시다면: 1-800-273-8255 (전국 자살방지 라이프라인) 또는 1(800) 273-TALK (미국 사마리아인)
으로 연락주세요!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Anon Soso
Anon Soso 18 timer siden
I actually saw a comment on a video that has stuck with me, and it was someone's take on suicide. "It's not so much that I want to die, I just want relief." I think that stands to reason for a lot of people, that sometimes the torrential downpour of negative and miserable feelings can get so heavy and eventually you just feel like you're drowning in it. You end up feeling like you won't see an end to it, and it's not that you're not trying, it's just so damn hard. I think and feel that this mostly plagues people who feel ashamed or don't want to be a burden by asking for help with what they're going through, be it financial, emotional, or physical. Just thought I'd share a comment that struck a chord with me, because I've had these thoughts, and with how rough this year has been, I've had them again. Let me tell you, this song definitely was pretty impactful for me this year. Especially if you put yourself in the perspective of Billie's brother. You'll realize that there is someone who cares for you and I mean really cares for you, be it family or friends, they'll be there to pick up the slack or the pieces. All you have to do is ask. When at work and lifting an heavy object, it's a two-man lift in order to do it safely. So we should be able to ask for help when the mental or emotional strain gets too heavy.
Midnight314159265 Dag siden know, I've actually had a dream where God sent me an email. XD
Duncan Abiel Carcosia
Duncan Abiel Carcosia Dag siden
Thank you 😊
emokidsij 4 dager siden
When i was much younger, I attempted suicide, not because i wanted to hurt the people that loved me, but because i was so convinced that i would only cause more pain by going on living. One final hurt to prevent any more was how i saw it. Depression is awful, it makes you believe the worst lies. Some years later i would lose my first child, and felt the soul tearing pain that comes from the grief of losing your child and i finally understood what i really would have made my parents and loved ones feel had I succeeded. If you are reading this and feel like your family would be better off without you, believe me when i tell you this: they will never stop feeling the agony of your death, never. Talk to someone, get help, be kind to yourself and remember that you are loved.
Vixen 2036
Vixen 2036 5 dager siden
Please react to Melanie Martinez!
Gabriela Victoria Trujillo Liendo
Gabriela Victoria Trujillo Liendo 6 dager siden
you can or not translate this. como alguien que ha intentado suicidarse, personalmente no pensé que no importaría, pense if they do that`s just not my problem anymore, el dolor va más allá que ni la importancia de los sentimientos de otros se comparan con las ganas de dejar de sufrir. If you are struggling with this situations please say something, if you don`t trust anyone call one of the lines for help, you still have hope, a lot to live, a lot to fight, try to think in what you used to enjoy, write it down bc depression makes you forget, please go to the bathroom, take a shower, pee, eat, cut your nails. Sé que ya no sientes nada pero es un momento nada mas, no necesita ser para siempre.
nora belle
nora belle 6 dager siden
Imagine Billie reacting to this 😍
phantazein. 6 dager siden
Ollie: make a joke Josh: 🤓>❎👓>😂🤦‍♂️
phantazein. 6 dager siden
0:54 It looks like Josh holding Rev Christ's biceps. 😭😂
Joline Scheepers
Joline Scheepers 7 dager siden
You WILL KNOW when a dream is from God.
c Rooney
c Rooney 7 dager siden
I love that he's a priest but so on point with what he says, more of brother hood just teach our lord's story like this, Im Catholic n Irish but those really touch me with the videos I've watched. Amen to anyone struggling, keep the faith 🙏🙏 Xx
techn9cian09 9 dager siden
this is the only priest i would take advice from, very wise. I like this guy.
Jenna Soltis
Jenna Soltis 10 dager siden
You should ask Rev Chris to do a reaction video to "Take Me To Church" By Hozier, "I Pray For You" By Jason and The Long Road to Love, and "Praying" By Kesha. I'd give anything to hear his responses and thoughts on these!
Конотоп Анастасия
Конотоп Анастасия 11 dager siden
Zuni Silverwolf
Zuni Silverwolf 11 dager siden
Rev. Chris is precious and must be protected at all costs. I'd LOVE to be able to go to one of his sermon's.
Colby 11 dager siden
i'm depressed but i'm not thinking about suicide, you guys say find someone to talk to but sometimes there's not really a people to talk to.
Norberto D. Pineda
Norberto D. Pineda 12 dager siden
I truly like this video series, more notably, its cast. Rev Chris is the voice of reason and divine wisdom, while Oliie and Josh are the representatives of humanity's raw stupidity, ignorance and common judgement and/or insight. This is, I dare say, millennial theology through MTV. If men veer away from the church, it is the obligation of every man of God to go where they are and inspire transformation back to the Lord. So much like Jesus mingling with the common people and teaching them the appreciation of the word of God with faith, obedience and salvation as its ultimate goals. As a concept, it sounds like a long shot. But watching these videos, I see its palpable fruition. It is also brilliant that they invoke the divine messages from music because majority of the youth today do not see reading, especially reading the Bible, as part of the must have habits of formation. Well done, guys, and God bless you more in creating more of these. This NOpost Channel, I will definitely follow. Thank you.
Eduardo Augusto
Eduardo Augusto 12 dager siden
Saying Billie is doing good is a very hard thing, But saying Suicide is not bad, MAN Jesus is now is thinking how much stuped human race are !
Danna dana dana dannna
Danna dana dana dannna 12 dager siden
Damn, I love this comment section soo much
Blooming Sky
Blooming Sky 12 dager siden
After watching him react to Billie, I'd be really interested in what he thinks of NF.
ceanni santiago
ceanni santiago 13 dager siden
When he said “doing suicide doesn’t mean you’re going to hell” I felt that on personal level and I cried I can’t tell you how many times wanted for someone to tell me that but they never did
John Coffey
John Coffey 13 dager siden
This is great, we need more priest like you Rev. Chris. You too Jolly guys, this video exuberates the love of Christ and of Christianity, I can't put it into words. That's for discussing this very important topics. I second a motion I saw in the comments (@Noor Khalid Sumagka) you guys should start a podcast with Rev. Chris haha. God bless guys!
Chrislloyd Cawating
Chrislloyd Cawating 13 dager siden
Is it just me who keeps coming back and watching all Rev Chris review on Billie? Oh, just me?
J.P. Quixote
J.P. Quixote 13 dager siden
Holy cow... Really beautiful. So NOpost isn’t just politics and craptastic game videos? 🤔 Huh.
noah abdelmalak
noah abdelmalak 13 dager siden
i think the thing is, is that the church is made up of ppl. no person is perfect, so the church isnt going to do everything right, theyre gonna mess up sometimes or not deal with topics or situations in the best way. im a christian and i go to church, but i just want ppl to know that u shouldnt let a bad experience with imperfect people cloud your judgement of a perfect God
Yasashii Neko
Yasashii Neko 14 dager siden
Tbh I actually suffered from Depression and Suicidal thoughts from age 5 up until age 21. Pulled myself out of Depression, but there always was a little voice in my head (still is, it just got much more quiet) telling me how I'm useless, I'm worthless, nobody likes me anyway and just do the others a favor and die. And it took me until earlier this year (big thanks to BTS actually for that) to learn to love and respect myself. Monster in my head is still there, but it rarely gets to me I just hope I can help others with my story. You are not alone. You don't have to go through it alone ❤❤❤ Much love from Austria 🇦🇹
itz_masnun7 Hi
itz_masnun7 Hi 14 dager siden
What’re you doing my dear?
Ellie Taylor
Ellie Taylor 14 dager siden
I’m just going to say, as an atheist, I don’t dislike Christianity. I think sometimes people think that atheists are against it. I simply don’t believe in god, that’s all. Why should we define ourselves by what we believe? We all agree that we need to unite as people, no matter what we look like, what we wear, what we like, what we believe, etc. we are all humans and if we’re gonna fix things we’re going to need to do that together. Global warming, systemic racism, stereotypes, depression/anxiety, and more. There are so many problems that we need to fix and we can’t do that if everyone is busy hating each other. I think it’s really nice that this priest talks about more than just his faith, he goes deep in talking about people and their feelings. That is what we all need to do. No matter what we believe. We are all human.
Camilo Sandoval
Camilo Sandoval 15 dager siden
I don't know if anyone said it before, but I really loved the way they all smiled at 1:40 when Billie and Finneas grab their hands while they're looking at each other and the song says "You with me".
lorella banozzi
lorella banozzi 16 dager siden
U know what?-Ollie asks right questions.
Kieran M
Kieran M 16 dager siden
Matthew 12:31 And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. There is only one unforgiveable sin, and that is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. If suicide meant your destination was hell, then suicide would also be an unforgiveable sin. But since suicide is not the unforgiveable sin, then it can be forgiven. Therefore, suicide does *not* mean you will go to hell. A person who is saved, is saved eternally. Even if that person goes and kills themselves for some tragic reason, it does not make them unsaved. John 10:28 I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them out of My hand. - This includes yourself. Even you, with an act of suicide, are unable to remove yourself from the hand of Christ.
Julian Sukil-ap
Julian Sukil-ap 16 dager siden
In a Christian view, Billie isn't a blessing because she's promoting demonic spirit(demonology). If ur a Christian u know what I mean.
Julian Sukil-ap
Julian Sukil-ap 16 dager siden
The truth is Suicidal is sin!
Emily Clough
Emily Clough 16 dager siden
He made me cry, so meany Christians are SO hateful. Him saying this like he did in this video is the only good thing about religion (in my opinion)
Emily Clough
Emily Clough 16 dager siden
Billie had a dream that she committed suicide and no one cared, she was tarified but her brother Finneas was there for her
Emily Clough
Emily Clough 13 dager siden
@Elin Lundqvist haha I was using text to speech lol
Elin Lundqvist
Elin Lundqvist 13 dager siden
Finneas* im sorry
Facundo Rodriguez Silva
Facundo Rodriguez Silva 16 dager siden
I don't want there to be any misunderstanding, suicide is still a sin, God is the only one who can give and take life. Just as you can't kill another person, you can't kill yourself. Although, it's still forgettable with the sacrifice of Jesus, so you're not going to hell, but if you believe in Jesus.
Y.K_야라 17 dager siden
i know that i'm fat. i know that everybody hates me. i know but i cant say it out loud. My parents want me to be a doctor. But i know that its impossible. Because of that i tried to commit suicide many times. i cant live to my parents expections. i just hated that. But this video gave me long tears. i always thought it was my falt. maybe i could change my mind. i wish that i could. i have to say chris you have saved many lives from your words God bless you.
PaPi_XoXX 18 dager siden
i don't really like going to church because I get nothing out of it besides a good nap, you're not teaching me anything, they're just resisting the bible and singing, I wish for a one on one interaction and I have so many problems that I feel I have and my way of thinking is and wondering that me liking the same gender will get me sent to hell because that's not what Jesus wanted and I can't come out to my family, or tell them my problems and I hold in so much anger towards them all. This is the person I'd go to church for. (sorry for this, just needed to let this out.)
Anna Dada
Anna Dada 18 dager siden
During the confession my priest congratulated on me going to the psychiatrist and seeking for help. He also asked me for some advice how to encourage people he knows struggle with depression to go to the psychiatrist and support them.
Helen King Jr.
Helen King Jr. 19 dager siden
God chooses to speak to us in this way, because he wants a relationship with us. You need to be close to him to understand when he is speaking.God is all about relationships and love
Ellen Weijer-Grooten
Ellen Weijer-Grooten 19 dager siden
Beïng in the fog with them...thank you Chris!!
11th century Crusader
11th century Crusader 19 dager siden
This definitely makes me feel better. Its been a while since my uncle killed himself and I've been wrestling with that though for a while. I had talked to the priest at my dads church, but I wanted another opinion. Thankyou, this definitely gave me peace of mind.
aleyah green
aleyah green 20 dager siden
That 6 percent might be wayyyy more but how would you count that especially when most people dont say nothing when they do
aleyah green
aleyah green 20 dager siden
Please start reacting to her interviews
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan 20 dager siden
I would like to see him react to NF he’s a rapper that is Christian and talks on mental issues and never swears in his songs
Olivia McDaniel
Olivia McDaniel 22 dager siden
Please review Fallen Angel by Mass of Man
Karleigh ElizabethLust
Karleigh ElizabethLust 24 dager siden
As someone who attempted suicide and was a little bit ostracized from my church, this is so nice to hear.
girldontdoit 26 dager siden
when Reverend said, "What are you doing, my dear?" it sounded so warm and full of concern
Orange Luv
Orange Luv 26 dager siden
Can Chris be a priest and a therapist too?
Armando Bautista
Armando Bautista 26 dager siden
1 Corinthians 3:16-17 Chris forgive me, but i disagreed, I enjoy listening to you a lot, but I feel like I have to put this out here
Elly McFarlane-Brook
Elly McFarlane-Brook 27 dager siden
I think the devil gets a bad rap Uno people say "the devil made me do it" but the devil's "job" is to punish the sinners Uno he punishes the people that hurt or ruin people but where's god during it all "God has a plan" so what's gods plan for people been sexually abused or abused by parents or parents loosing kids to people out there Uno so what's "gods plan" I think there's only the "devil" out there that punishes the wrong I don't see anyone been rewarded for been god's truest Uno never doing wrong living life by only doing right but then later in life they get an illness or get into an accident and die or suffer so bad they can't come back from it physically or mentally ect idk that's just my view
Isabella :v
Isabella :v 27 dager siden
Diana B
Diana B 27 dager siden
I love you guys! This has got to be one of my favorites with Rev Chris. Thank you for being such an encouragement and light in the world! ❤️
Sabrina Ortiz
Sabrina Ortiz 27 dager siden
Que mal que no subtitular es español
Alice Wonder
Alice Wonder 27 dager siden
Thank you
Evy 29 dager siden
"You don't need a Fineas, you need a Josh. And you got a Josh."
Sarah Oswald
Sarah Oswald 29 dager siden
He is so right, Billie is a gift for this generation. She truly is.
Promise 26
Promise 26 Måned siden
I remember when I watched this when I was depressed and I was suicidal and I was kinda upset that God might not want me to die and to continue with this pain but after he said commiting suicide doesn't mean your going to hell I cried it hit me hard am a little better now not fully but am better
rinnylin Måned siden
At one point in my life I felt isolated and kind of invisible. I had gotten married and moved away and I felt like I had no one (marriage went bad fast). I remember sitting feeling sorry for myself and a little voice said, “I’ve always been here.”
Prarthana Bharadwaj
Prarthana Bharadwaj Måned siden
I was in depression and now I am tearing up...
Roberto Viado
Roberto Viado Måned siden
"Doing suicide doesn't mean going to hell. God knows your pain and understands it" Thats all i needed to hear i can commit suicide now
TR B Måned siden
Rev Chris has such Uncle Iroh vibes
goldenapple saga
goldenapple saga Måned siden
4:04 It may be an act of God that he said this or at least that *I* saw It because I actually went through that exact conundrum personally. Not only did I have the enemy to worry about but I am at risk for many mental disorders that could create "messages from God" that are all in my head. So Olly here Is talking about 2 parties sending messages but I had to worry about THREE. And fortunately I've managed to get through it with the help of a local priest. Here's what he taught me. God and the devil has opposing goals. Where there is an absence of God there is the devil and when there is less of the devil, there Is God. God wants to bring people to him and the devil wants to bring people away from him. So because sin seperate you from God, God will never ask you to do something or think someone Sinful and the devil will never NOT ask you to do something sinful. When it comes to protecting yourself from masquerades and when it comes to mental disorders giving you false messages from God the end result is the same. Have God be your guide. If your feeling nervous or hesitant to hear out one of his messages tell him! Pray to him and say "God I want to do your will but I'm feeling a bit nervous could you help me please?" And he will. There is nothing wrong with asking God for help. It's the same way with getting messages from him. You may get messages from God but you may also get messages from the enemy PRETENDING to be God. When your not sure you go to God and ask him for help. It's that simple. So fortunately its *not* up to us to figure it out like Olly said. I've tried that. Were not capable without him. God bless.
BullHead1101 Måned siden
"Her music os therapy for her" he should listen to nf to see someone else who use music for therapy
Gabriele Bervig
Gabriele Bervig Måned siden
I Love Rev Chris! He guides people to be more close to god with the way he talks! Thanks for these vídeos!
Nitya Konidala
Nitya Konidala Måned siden
Ok, we NEED him to react to WAP.
Ronnie Ferguson
Ronnie Ferguson Måned siden
I really liked Reverend Chris before seeing this video. After seeing it, I absolutely adore him! Hearing about Josh and Ollie losing their friend was sad but I’m so glad they shared their own struggles with it. Keeping this dialogue open will help so many people. Especially our young people. If no one told any of you today, I will. I love you guys! .
Chloe Rockett
Chloe Rockett Måned siden
I was severely depressed for a very long time, and I had no idea it was as bad as it was. I wrote poems to help myself cope, poems about whatever, but poems that were non-the-less hopeless and intense. I would cry myself to sleep after a night of endless writing, and all I would feel was more lost. I read those poems now and nearly bring myself to tears. I was so lost and in pain and empty it’s almost unbearable to revisit. I had no hope, no driving effort, and ever little thing I did felt like an impossibly tall mountain. I was so tired, and so cold on the inside, and I had nothing that brought me joy. But I kept going, for my incredible cat and mother and friends, and for God. And one Sunday, when we were singing in church, a song called “How He Loves Us,” I burst in to tears. I had never, for several cold, empty years, felt like I was loved, and that one song was like...a breath of fresh air. It was coming up from the water and taking me first breath in a long time. I confided in the Lord, and I held him close. I read the Bible and cried because I saw how he spoke to me. When my mom would turn on the radio, there was a Christian song waiting for me, literally telling me, “You are almost home now, please don’t quit now, you’re almost home to me.” He was always with me, through it all. Friends started texting me, out of the blue asking me if I was ok, wondering if I wanted to hang out. I found a therapist, and she changed my life. I am so much better now, and it’s because God was there to hold me, to carry my tears in the palm of his hands. I was not alone. And you aren’t either. He loves you, and I do too. He is there with you, and he is finding a way to make it all better. You are not alone, and you are so, so precious. I know that may not resonate now, but it’s the truth. I love you, and if I could, I would wipe your tears and cry with you. You are almost home. Almost! Don’t quit now.
Tim Chase
Tim Chase Måned siden
As someone who suffered and is still suffering from depression and anxiety, as well as being someone who once had to essentially be on a suicide watch list (wasn't aloud near knives and rope) this song as well as the guys talking hits so hard. Genuinely cried in sadness but also in relief to hear rev Chris talk about suicide about mental illness and be so in tune with things even my family isn't, it's reassuring for my own future. Thank for doing this video, thank you so much.
Lotie Worsley
Lotie Worsley Måned siden
It would be amazing if billie saw this video
Clarisk Key
Clarisk Key Måned siden
I would love seeing a" bilie eilish reacts to jolly reacting to her song " Video
Lioness Gaga
Lioness Gaga Måned siden
Fin his brother, is the composer, writer of most of her songs
Desert Place
Desert Place Måned siden
He does not reference the Bible once. Ppl are wanting the truth from God not an opinion from an imperfect man.
Desert Place
Desert Place Måned siden
If this man was honest about the truth less people would like him. Jesus stated that if the world hates you don’t be upset because it hated him first.
Sebastian Rosas
Sebastian Rosas Måned siden
We need Bible study from Fr. Chris! His scriptural understanding is both beautiful and refreshing!
Mathew Jose
Mathew Jose Måned siden
This video literally made me cry😭😭😭 I wish you were our church's priest. You're one of the best person I've ever seen in my entire life 😄 Keep going 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Mikayla Douglas
Mikayla Douglas Måned siden
Yo this was actually speaking to me so much and music is a huge part of my life and blah blah lots of different elements and things that you are mentioning that are totally getting through to me... and then he sneezes. I'm sorry but I laughed so hard. I don't even know why.
Steven Mendoza
Steven Mendoza Måned siden
DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS MAN, this is a warning to all of you who are thinking about suicide, sin is darkness and our God is light, if you die in darkness God will not be able to help or save you because he dosent see you, come to the light and you will feel his love and he will forgive your sins through our lord Jesus Christ for he shed blood for our iniquity and evil of this hearth, you will no longer think about suicide and evil thoughts but be fill with the holy spirit wich is love, strength and obedience
Steven Mendoza
Steven Mendoza Måned siden
Here's the answer to why its so difficult for God to talk to us. Esaiah 59:1-2 Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.
mostafa mostafa
mostafa mostafa Måned siden
about suicide im not agree much whit jolly ! its depends what you are and doing good thing or bad thing ( sorry im bad at english i hope you not misunderstand about what i want to say ) God judges your behavior and actions based on your intellect and wisdom! for example like a rpg if you are a 1-2 years old baby God does not expect you because you have no consciousness! but day by day you grow up and you mind becomes more complete so your duties towards yourself and others and God will increase. but a little baby never want to suicide . A poor African child who is starving does not think of suicide. an adult or teenager person who loss his hope do suicide and when he/she do suicide What was her/his level of consciousness( i mean state of mind ) ? is he/she was drunk or mad ? Did she/he find suicide an easier death ?( For example, in situations where she may be tortured and should not disclose important information, otherwise the lives of thousands of innocent people will be in danger! ) Maybe not all those who commit suicide will go to hell or have eternal torment. But their work will certainly not go unpunished! Of course, the decision of all this is with God. tbh im muslim i tell this bc i think if i not say this last line you may confuse if this what i said is not in your believe i find out so many things between our religion is similar
keke lk
keke lk Måned siden
This priest is telling lies. It seems like he only speaks to please the general atheistic audience. He just wants to say things that people love to hear and he doesn't stand for the truth at all. The truth is that when someone commits suicide they are going to hell, because they are killing themselves. The same way you can't murder other people you cannot kill yourself either.
Patrícia Mikócziová
Patrícia Mikócziová Måned siden
If i have to be honest i dont believe in god, or anything related to him. But i could listen to him talk all day long..
Alie G.
Alie G. Måned siden
He didn’t mention Judas in the Bible (he committed suicide) it would’ve contradicted what he said.
Bemnet Teshaget
Bemnet Teshaget Måned siden
This priest is writing his own Bible. He is not a Christian
Shady Sushi
Shady Sushi Måned siden
This is literally my favorite song, the song that got me addicted💓💕 I love how he isn't like stop listening to Billie Eilish, he sees hope in her just like we all should
Humanity_disappoints_me Vasdev
Humanity_disappoints_me Vasdev Måned siden
*I’m just waiting if they will ever find out abt Alec Benjamin don’t mind me.*
Sara Fallah Shahrak
Sara Fallah Shahrak Måned siden
I'm not christian but I would really like to see him react to hozier take me to church😅😅😅😅😅
angéline arnoux
angéline arnoux Måned siden
they said if you commit suicide you go to hell in order to deter the people to do that, in order to avoid the sadness of the family, to see a father dead, killed by himself. they invented hell in order to deter people to kill, to rape, to steal, ect..
angéline arnoux
angéline arnoux Måned siden
when I wanna kill myself, I think about my pets, they need me, I live only for my pets. and I know one person who would be really sad if I died so I don' t do that, for them and him. and maybe my parents would be sad, even if my dad told me one day to go kill myself, as I was allready crying and felt really bad, he said he would prefer me to be dead, because I have had an accident, with a vehicle, and he' d prefered the vehicle as me...beautifull family....
angéline arnoux
angéline arnoux Måned siden
when you kill yourself, you don' t think about the others, you think about your pain and your lonelyness. I asked my bro, if I died, would you be sad? and he said: " oh, maybe a week or two, not more". and he was serious. like I' m surounded by some people, in my family, who don' t really care about me. and he know I m a suicidal person, I cry very often, I am sad very often, and he says that...
angéline arnoux
angéline arnoux Måned siden
god stays in another dimension, it is a spirit, the sun of the suns. god is a spiritual energy. it has nothing to do on earth. on earth, you just get messages from dead people, taking care of you, they comunicate through dreams, synchronicity, meditation, but it is dead people, spirits who are in a beautifull, high dimension, trying to take care of you, or say hello if you knew them alive. but god don' t have any contact with the living. and the devil doesn' t exist, or maybe as an egregore, as mary, or jesus, or the spirit of the army, the spirit of a country, the most of people believe in it through the centurys, the most it does exist. like france, it is a country, it does exist because people think it exists. jesus and the devil, it is a bit the same. at the begining, the bible was a story for children and people, in order to make laws, like don' t kill, in order to remind the big history moments, and they putted some big stuff like "the sea opened itself to let the people go thru" (with moise), in order to make it interesting. it is just a book from history. don' t organise your life just for a book.
angéline arnoux
angéline arnoux Måned siden
sometimes, we got messages throu our television, telephone, and reality, that' s called synchronicity. exemple: you dream about a cat, then, you talk about a cat, then you see a cat on your telephone, then, you see a cat on tv, and then, you see a cat in the reality, all the same day. it is spiritual.
angéline arnoux
angéline arnoux Måned siden
religion don' t know much about spirituality, don' t ask a priest if you wanna know something.
angéline arnoux
angéline arnoux Måned siden
the devil doesn' t exist, they are dead people, really mean, in a black dimension, they were mean human, and as they did stand so many billion years in the blackness, they became, bad dead people,evn more, but mean spirits become mean ghosts, or, it' s just an incarnation of our fears when you see or hear them. (I did, that' s why I talk about, but, it can be made by our fears, or called, by fear.
Amy S
Amy S Måned siden
Rev Chris is the only godly man I feel comforted by.
Tatiana Martinez
Tatiana Martinez Måned siden
You should have Rev Chris react to Praying by Kesha
Dušan Måned siden
Uh I remember this video ... Harder times ... :D Hope everyone reading this is feeling good , and if you are not it will get better . You just need to find Finneas .
Antonia Rajkovic
Antonia Rajkovic Måned siden
The moment he realized what is car in the water about
J X Måned siden
Subbed because of the British priest! Plus the channel has fun ideas.
Discover Yourself
Discover Yourself Måned siden
This priest has the most fatherly energy I've seen in anyone before.
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