Driving Through Central London in Lockdown…

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8 måneder siden

Recently we had to do a groceries and supply run for people in our community who are vulnerable and a friend who lives in Central London. So we took the opportunity to film our journey to see the impact of the lockdown on Central London’s streets.
If it's not obvious already, this is serious. The UK government has asked for all retired doctors and nurses to return to work, and 20,000 have returned. They've even asked for the help of 250,000 volunteers from the public to help with the crisis, and more than 400,000 people have volunteered. It's a serious crisis, but it's great to see people coming together to face it. Let's do our part. Stay home. Save lives.
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

JOLLY 8 måneder siden
This is London on lockdown. Where are you guys from and what's it like where you live?
Natasha Goldman
Natasha Goldman 4 måneder siden
Australia still in lockdown
Muhammad Atho'illah
Muhammad Atho'illah 4 måneder siden
I'm from Indonesia and thankfully, the condition is going better here. At least in my hometown, Tasikmalaya City
Amy Pisani
Amy Pisani 8 måneder siden
I live in Malta. Our capital city, Valletta is a complete ghost town. The only few people you would see walking around are either locals going to buy food or medicine or parlament workers going to work. Its insane how one of the most beautiful and tourist central city in all of Malta is completly deserted and that is how it should be no one should go out unless you absolutly need to. Stay safe
Amy Pisani
Amy Pisani 8 måneder siden
I live in Malta. The capital city Valletta is litteraly a ghost town. The only few people you would see walking around are either locals going to buy food or medicine or parlament workers going to work. It is insane how one of the most beutiful city in all of malta is completly deserted and it should stay that way because no one should be going outside unless you absolutely need to. Stay safe
anna ec
anna ec 8 måneder siden
Hi! I'm from Italy and this is my 20th day of quarantine and I can't wait for the emergency session to end up hugging all my friends and relatives. Every day the fire trucks pass by with messages of staying home and not going out. The streets are very quiet. Be safe :)
alittledisciple 7 dager siden
that was a nice tour (:
cut kin
cut kin Måned siden
Its a nice video like you show us whats your city look like..n bcoz the city is on n empty state.the graphic is more mesmerizing/exciting😘
AlAnn A
AlAnn A 2 måneder siden
From where I live it looks the same but still pretty quite. I have never been in London, though my grandma is in London and we video call her everyday, and she is doing well. I would like to go there and walk around, even live and study there. But for now we just have to stay home and stay safe. Stay safe everyone!
XSemperIdem5 2 måneder siden
Los Angeles during lockdown was so weird all empty. I had to go out on public transportation and never have I been stared at so much by every law enforcement officer driving by. They had extra patrol units too. They would park in the grocery store parking lot in case they were needed if anyone fought over toilet paper.
Manya Garg
Manya Garg 2 måneder siden
imagine students in 2070 studying 2020 as a new chapter in history, poor them.
Brooke TheBook
Brooke TheBook 2 måneder siden
I live in a coastal beach tourist town in the US (NC) and honestly, it's the exact opposite of what London looks like. There are literally thousands of tourists on the island saying "well I already booked my rental and I didn't want this virus to completely ruin my year!" Or "as long as I wear a mask I'm fine!" And while we technically need tourists during this time of year to survive, it has put ALL the locals on edge. We hate going out because it's packed everywhere and we can't really complain about it because those people being careless with the virus are the ones keeping our community above water financially. It's such a bad catch-22.
Sydney Marshall
Sydney Marshall 2 måneder siden
And then you have the States where people are infecting each other because they are all big babies and whiners about not going out unless you have to
Alyssa Everyday
Alyssa Everyday 2 måneder siden
My city looks the same during the first two months of quarantine (Manila, Philippines), well we’re technically “still” under quarantine. Coz we have the longest lock down in the world! It’s crazy! But the situation here is slowly going back to normal.
Vivo 21
Vivo 21 3 måneder siden
Driving in such a way as if it’s like going through monopoly(not via jail)
Swiftie Jones
Swiftie Jones 3 måneder siden
It’s so surreal to see London like this. My husband and I visited London in July 2019 and to see the places we saw deserted, it’s insane.
니콜Nichole DW
니콜Nichole DW 3 måneder siden
but now in Singapore, its phase 2 and places become really crowded, even more, crowded than before COVID sometimes.
Juli Loves
Juli Loves 3 måneder siden
This is wild i have been to london a few times and have never seen such empty streets! This is how it was in LA as well....no traffic on our main highways during RUSH HOUR. Melrose was empty as well which is a very touristy area for shopping its wild
meenadp 3 måneder siden
In india it’s still kind of busy but I live in Bengaluru which is the capital of Karnataka so maybe that is why it’s packed
Saqi Nadi
Saqi Nadi 4 måneder siden
We’re is go to jail( monopoly )
-o- It'sCharli
-o- It'sCharli 5 måneder siden
can't believe its already been 3 months since this video. where has time gone 😂
Pat London
Pat London 5 måneder siden
Lockdown hasn't stopped Pat nopost.info/throw/l8-lZZzTuXqUn5o/video
KaiserRen117 5 måneder siden
I live in Washington State(U.S.) and nobody gives a crap about public health. We've got people entering public spaces without masks and gloves, I almost lost hope in being able to go outside and play in baseball tournaments that we were supposed to have. I do appreciate the people insuring the security of our state but the number of people who ignore how bad this pandemic can get, puts me in a bad spot since I am considered a 'high risk.' As much as I want to go back out and play sports, I still want to ensure the safety of my family.
Rebecca Coup
Rebecca Coup 5 måneder siden
This has been so scary! I wish this virus would go away. Stay safe guys!
Rebecca Coup
Rebecca Coup 5 måneder siden
London is absolutely beautiful ❤️ I'd loveeeee to go one day.
Mr Palpa the sith lord
Mr Palpa the sith lord 5 måneder siden
I know I'm quite late but people began to come down from the cities to the English countryside for holidays since people began to work from from home
ʕ-᷅ᴥ-᷄ʔ댕데이즈 [with 찰리]
ʕ-᷅ᴥ-᷄ʔ댕데이즈 [with 찰리] 6 måneder siden
GRiiZZ 6 måneder siden
I occasionally drives around the city, cruising around but i just stay in the car, so i don't forget how to drive and to keep myself sane. Not a great idea, but we are somewhat allowed to
LAM FlightSimz
LAM FlightSimz 6 måneder siden
Comments:99% of saying London is a monopoly Me1%:Why is everyone saying London is Monopoly,I live there,central. Also me: Am I a character in Monopoly character?!?!?!?!
최수빈 6 måneder siden
한국은 지금 장난 아니죠 생활 속 거리두기로 바뀌고 나서 피씨방이나 코인노래방 가는 사람들도 많아졌고 마스크 안쓰고 다니는 사람도 많아졌으니... 심지어 등교개학....
Olivia Kristina
Olivia Kristina 6 måneder siden
Never been to London but it's like my childhood dream. Even in movies and shows and stuff, it's always so full of people. Seeing it like this is surreal but also, I really appreciate that you guys were showing around because we rarely get to see it without the people around and just appreciate the architecture. And I have no concept of how close all these famous places are to each other until I saw this video HAHA
liesel meminger
liesel meminger 6 måneder siden
When I went to school for lessons and exams, I was in the city center of my home town and there were just as many people as always. The only difference was that a lot of people had a mask on
글쓴이알로에 6 måneder siden
와... 자가격리 진짜 잘 되어있다... 우리나라는 사람들이 북적이는데 걍 코로나 전이랑 지금은 똑같아요...ㅎㅎㅎ
Camila Muñoz
Camila Muñoz 6 måneder siden
Hi you guys.. well, maybe my coment is a little late, but being the 23th of May here in Santiago de Chile, things are pretty rought I could say cause, Chile might be famous for their wines and for the tourism, the south and north of Chile, Alexis Sanchez and so on.... but, there is a side B which I don't know hoy many foreigners are aware of. The thing is... Chile has a trouble with social clases and there are people who are struggling with safety because either they are homeless or do not have a proper house to live in... so... I don't know, It's been difficult, cause also we are now begining the winter season and when the colder months come in, maybe we are gonna be living what Italy lived in a certain point. The hospitals are not enough for all the amout of people cause in a normal year, they already colapse when the influenza comes which affects mostly children and older people, so now plus the coronavirus. Cuarantine has been declared for all the great Santiago but there are still queues at the supermarkets and people still get heaped at local fairs, although I must say that the streets are a lot more empty than normal. Changing the subject, London looks so pretty !! I'd love if u gave me a tour IF I get the chance to go there
Lucarrie 6 måneder siden
I'm surprised it's that empty, given it's central London, a usually packed city. My area probably barely gives a fuck because it feels normal besides there being no school and masks/gloves worn everywhere. ( in terms of in the middle of quarantine, my area's opened up a little now )
zsiti 6 måneder siden
Omgoodness the last time I drove thru central London I was stucked in a jam everywhere.....
A 6 måneder siden
I had the best summer of my life in London last year. These images shake me up even now, watching it again weeks after you posted it. We have just been through something that the world won't forget for a long time to come.
Dreamer in Jakarta
Dreamer in Jakarta 6 måneder siden
I can't relate. The Indonesian government does not want to Lockdown. Even in Jakarta, the government only restricted us to go out yet there is a lot of people still go out to hang out, eat, etc. It is insane!
스녹 6 måneder siden
한국인데 출근길도 똑같고 사람도 똑같고 마스크쓴것만 다른 듯요. 그런데 이렇게 영상으로 보니...
ZMXY 6 måneder siden
Makes me want to visit London so badly haha Singapore is practically on lockdown too but our streets are still so busy I think no one's taking it seriously
kin ar
kin ar 6 måneder siden
humanity has gone through this a couple of times, guys. we need the streets to be empty. if not, we'd be wiping out millions. stay home. we are so lucky technology has gotten so far. use it. back to work for me on sunday. ill be sending food out to those who need them.
Abdullah Alsalat
Abdullah Alsalat 6 måneder siden
I used to live in England when I was in uni.. seeing London like this terrifies me
Joshua Chin
Joshua Chin 6 måneder siden
In Kota Kinabalu , is the same
João Manuel Araújo
João Manuel Araújo 6 måneder siden
This video just made me realise how beautiful London is!
chsu915 6 måneder siden
the silver lining is seeing the famous sites of London without the hordes of tourists
Lazy Coven
Lazy Coven 6 måneder siden
this is like Beijing and other cities in China on January
Maria Vidal
Maria Vidal 7 måneder siden
Barcelona is so empty! Places like Plaça Catalunya or portal del angel etc, whitch normally are SO packed with tourists, are now like a ghosttown. It's incredible!!!
최준영 7 måneder siden
런던 구경 잘했네요~ 처음 중국 우한 시내 광경 볼때 신기할 정도로 사람이 없던 영상이 기억이 납니당. 근데 사람이 없다는건 그린신호인듯합니다. 근데 왜 아무도 마스크를 안차는지 모르겠어요. 감염은 한순간이라 그 한순간을 방지하기 위해 착용하는건데.. 마트 광경은 없네요.ㅠ 궁금했는뎅.. 아무튼 조심하시고 건강하세요~ 항상 응원합니당(초보팬)^^
Sandy Mack
Sandy Mack 7 måneder siden
Strange calm and easyness to city and everywhere.. Don't know for certain,however it seems as if it will be a considerable time that London as a huge example will return to its previous busy bustling atmosphere.. Huge shift in the world. Huge.♥️💖♥️(edit) Just noticed huge use of the word huge,which in itself is pretty insignificant 💕
Sewan Kim
Sewan Kim 7 måneder siden
유튜브 언어차별에 대한 이야기가 좀 나와야 할것같네요. 댓글 보세요. 영어는 위로 한글은 아래로.
yoongi's girl
yoongi's girl 7 måneder siden
I'm from algeria and I haven't left my house for 2 months we're on lockdown no one goes outside past 5pm I still can't believe this is reality
Elbee 2728
Elbee 2728 7 måneder siden
Ever since the lock down I haven't went outside because I'm not supposed to and in the Philippines where I live there are communities called barangays and from what my parents said there are barricades on the entrance and exits of the barangay and we have to have a quarantine pass and to get the quarantine pass you have to have an ID at the end of the day you are supposed to give the passes back and only one person can go outside each day.
TheStyleOfTheTimes 7 måneder siden
Oxford street and regent street looks kind if the same as it does early morning on the way to work
نور عائشة
نور عائشة 7 måneder siden
Its worse in Malaysia , on every big roads theres police that will be interrogate you ... asking u where you want to go , why , and if they think that your reasons are unreasonable they will just fine you 1k dollars 💆
rebecca kim
rebecca kim 7 måneder siden
와 대박 런던 진짜 예쁘다😍😍😍
Silvia Olea
Silvia Olea 7 måneder siden
We HAVE to wear mask when we go out, dont you? 🇵🇪
Belinda Villarente
Belinda Villarente 7 måneder siden
It's kinda like a movie scenes. No people anywhere and suddenly zombie comes out. Oh mygod..hahaha be safe everyone. .♥♥love you both
Kitty McCann
Kitty McCann 7 måneder siden
I love this thank you guys so much. london is gorgeous
GoldenMelody LuvieSone
GoldenMelody LuvieSone 7 måneder siden
You're right ollie,I've lived in the Philippines my whole life and I've never seen like this..
kaponi76 7 måneder siden
Dudes, north Finchley to central London to pick up supplies lol, I know that Waitrose pretty well. Good video, eery to say the least! for a Londoner who knows this part of the world well, this is like living the movie 28 days later... without the zombies!
Felix Nicole Rosela
Felix Nicole Rosela 7 måneder siden
Next video will be: Introducing Korean Food to the First Ever Zombie in the History
Helin Nas
Helin Nas 7 måneder siden
Başlık niye türkçe la
Ro Man989
Ro Man989 7 måneder siden
Not used to light traffic around San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 long lines (UK: cues), red Xs on the floor, and required face coverings in the grocery stores.
Dana Paterson
Dana Paterson 7 måneder siden
What is it with toilet paper ???
신세윤 7 måneder siden
꼭 옛날에 화성침공이라는 소설 속 영국 풍경같네요... 그 소설과 유일하게 다른 점이라면 건물들은 모두 멀쩡하다는 정도겠죠.
Bangtan Humanist
Bangtan Humanist 7 måneder siden
Unfortunately, things are busy here by comparison. Though, there is some seriousness taken I wish it were to the level I see in this.
miafeels 7 måneder siden
We had people outside since day 1. People in Beijing and China doesn't give a crap, especially the elders. I remember my mom telling me one day (quite a while ago) than a 70-year-old grandpa was going to get medicine (he was living in the Wuhan area) and he was told he couldn't enter because he wasn't wearing a mask. The grandpa got MAD at the store clerk because he said "the corona isn't that serious" and "we aren't going to die like this". Another incident (again in China) a young doctor (in his early twenties) was diagnosed with the corona. He was a smart and kind doctor and has helped save lives. He had to stay at home during this time. When he died (he died at 9PM), the neighbours upstairs refused to let him go. They tried keeping him alive longer with the use of machines. When people found out, they demanded the couple (who were the neighbours) to let go of the dead doctor. He was finally let go and was "dead" at 3AM. People who were in hospitals before the corona (and after) (mostly young adults and the elderly) left (and died later outside of the hospital) because they will never be cured and recover, so they leave. The last incident I remember my mom telling me was that a delivery (like Korean delivery food service, it's still in use a LOT now) man (again, a young one) got a fever. However, his boss refused to let him stay at home as they needed the money. So he continued delivering food to customers at home. Not only did he die, but a lot of people who got food delivered by him got the corona.
miafeels 7 måneder siden
I'm in China. It's getting better. Everyone, 加油 and we can do it! (ps it's no one's fault this has happened)
Luke 7 måneder siden
all these videos are so PG 13...and I need R rated videos! Some swearing, heavy drinking game, anything adult please!
Luke 7 måneder siden
@miafeels but they are over 30 years now, soon, it will become just creepy for them to create kid content...I can do without swearing, but yeah...I'm on the fence right now.
miafeels 7 måneder siden
I mean, there ARE a LOT of kids watching, and I think Koreans don't really like watching things with too much swearing and stuff.
Ralf Russian Vlogs
Ralf Russian Vlogs 7 måneder siden
JOLLY I uploaded a similar video concept in Moscow .The cities are just identical during this lockdown 😀.
백민 7 måneder siden
효자들이네요~우한 폐렴 조심하세요 여기 한국은 중국에서 우한폐렴 발병하자 국민들이 먼저 자발적으로 마스크 착용했습니다. 지하철안에서 잡담금지하고 눈치보여서 기침도 못했죠.
Shela Mae Santos
Shela Mae Santos 7 måneder siden
I agree with Ollie.. I'm usually in London since it's near Bath.. And it's always packed everywhere.. So seeing these places so empty is so weird amd creepy.. Here in Bath as well it's kinda weird seeing empty streets...i work as a nurse in the NHS so guys please stay at home.. Protect yourselves and your families...
ᄉᄉᄆ 7 måneder siden
이사국에 학원가는 나란..
ZS 7 måneder siden
The steering wheel is on the WRONG side in that car 😱😱😱
Adolpha Selrah
Adolpha Selrah 7 måneder siden
Zartash S The steering wheel is on the right side in England
Fidelle Rosa
Fidelle Rosa 7 måneder siden
anyone else seeing 28 Days Later?
Rusty Kim
Rusty Kim 7 måneder siden
거리 보여주실때 약간 '28일후 영화' 생각났음...무섭네요
Marques Wilson
Marques Wilson 7 måneder siden
No one. Anywhere. Person person person person person person
o0OHermioneO0o 7 måneder siden
My heart sank watching this and I couldn't take my eyes off. After one month in isolation, you'd think you'd have gotten used to it, but as an Anglophile and frequent London visitor, this was really hard to watch. I do live in a city, but it's not comparable to London, so it wasn't that apparent. However, you guys lifted the mood anyway. :)
K R Y S T I L L 7 måneder siden
We have several checkpoints here in our place. Every household here is given the so called "Resident Pass." It has specific schedules as to when we are allowed to go out from our homes to buy our essentials. Our place is small so, our grocery stores here looks so packed (but not as packed as before 😅) whenever we buy food or necessities. Yet, our establishments here follow the necessary protocols in order to ensure our safety. Stay safe guys! 😊 Always loved your spontaneity! You're really fun to watch! -Fan from the Philippines here-
Mister Nobody
Mister Nobody 7 måneder siden
We should definitely reduce our population by about 1/3 so it's always quiet out :D
Buses InsideM25
Buses InsideM25 7 måneder siden
If we're all optimistic about the current times, pollution levels have dropped significantly, especially because of lack of aeroplanes. The Earth's ozone layer is healing. A worldwide lockdown needed to happen in order to give the planet a break from pollution
F.Khan 7 måneder siden
I’m from New York City, and let me tell you, seeing the streets so empty is absolutely terrifying
Kunwoo Dodd
Kunwoo Dodd 7 måneder siden
In America stores are telling people to not wear gloves because hand washing and sanitizer make gloves pointless. Also my dad's town in Oklahoma just passed a law requiring everyone to wear face masks outside.
Simone Nudds
Simone Nudds 7 måneder siden
EVerywhere just reminds me of 28 days later, it’s really spooky. Stay safe everyone 🦠😊
Bianca Yoshizaki de Castro
Bianca Yoshizaki de Castro 7 måneder siden
watching this video even 2 weeks after it was released somehow feels different? idk why, it just feels like the situaton now feels more palpable
Megan Yue
Megan Yue 7 måneder siden
In quarantine for 2 months now in Hong Kong, it's not that bad as long as people stay separated and wear masks. People are starting to come out. I hope you guys stay safe and wash your hands.
조현진 7 måneder siden
Chad Peterson
Chad Peterson 7 måneder siden
In Raleigh, N.C. in the U.S. it sadly isn't much different. Maybe downtown is more deserted, I haven't been there, but with what little I have driven around for groceries and whatnot there were a lot of people.
마일스 7 måneder siden
장갑말고 마스크를 써야되는데.... 완전 인식이 다르구나
Miss Suri
Miss Suri 7 måneder siden
My city, in Portugal, is much more deserted 😬 there is no one cycling, walking, you can probably see one buss a day....it's really creepy
워니쓰 7 måneder siden
거기 나온 장소 다 가봤고 진짜 인산인해...근데 진짜 텅텅 비었네
leleLstr 7 måneder siden
Wait... Is that a new car?
Azmah Yanti
Azmah Yanti 7 måneder siden
My country Malaysia still lockdown because of Covid19. STAY AT HOME.
Chris Eli
Chris Eli 7 måneder siden
I live in a small Kentucky city, and it is basically empty all the time. No one walks through streets or sidewalks hardly ever. I can’t imagine how strange it looks to live in a packed city and see it so empty.
Jas_ H
Jas_ H 7 måneder siden
The amount of time holy moly was said in this video😂😂😂
Lydie P
Lydie P 7 måneder siden
A sad tim of social distancing but a great time for social connecting
Ariane T.
Ariane T. 7 måneder siden
I'm from a tiny village and it's weirdly more busy... people can go outside in nature without meeting anyone here, so everyone is just enjoying the weather and the free time they have (of course noone is taking risks and is social distancing)
FAIRY RENLE 7 måneder siden
In the Philippines, children in the ages who are still studying and people above the age of 60 are not allowed to go outside not even allowed to step foot out of the house. Each household has 1 quarantine pass meaning only a 1 person can go out of the house at a time. I, a 12 year old girl, hasn’t seen the roads in almost a month now. :/
Ong Hui Ying
Ong Hui Ying 7 måneder siden
Everyone in my city are wearing masks
Raquel Sofia
Raquel Sofia 7 måneder siden
I normally live London, but I’m now in my home country. It is so shocking to see London so deserted. Thank you for being an example and staying to safe during this hard times. ❤️
Angela Jogi
Angela Jogi 7 måneder siden
I was waiting for a zombie to jump out and attack during the whole video. I get that kind of vibe while watching these kind of videos.
돌돌만 7 måneder siden
와 자연사박물관 평소에 2~3시간씩 줄서서 들어가는데 ㄷㄷ
김동원 7 måneder siden
장갑은 왜 끼는거죠? 차라리 마스크를 쓰지!!
ECLAT777 7 måneder siden
와 2층 버스 타고 런던 시내 구경한 느낌이에요. 차도 안 막히고 사람도 없어서 건물들이랑 거리 구경 잘 했네요~ 빨리 사태가 회복되서 다시 활기찬 런던으로 복귀하길 바랍니다~
Angie Payne
Angie Payne 7 måneder siden
why you are not wearing a mask?
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