Swedish Snacks: HARDCORE LIQUORICE?! 🇸🇪 😲

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4 måneder siden

Today we try JOLLY Swedish snacks... and find the worst snack of our lives?! Does #pewdiepie really like these?!
오늘은 스웨덴에서 온 졸리 과자를 먹어보다가... 인생 최악 과자를 만났습니다...

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Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang
Special thanks to our Jollybean VIPs for supporting us in making this video!
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Ulvsbane Dag siden
Double letters (or "ck", which are treated as "kk") makes a short sound while a single letter makes a long sound. For example, the word "rap". Your pronounciation of "rap" would be spelled as "rapp" in Swedish (and would mean quick, fast, or whip lash ("piskrapp"). "Rap" on the other hand, means "burp".
Mats R
Mats R 3 dager siden
9:48 ollies face when eating the kryptonit... 😂
Say It In Swedish
Say It In Swedish 4 dager siden
I'm a simple Swede: if I see Djungelvrål in the thumbnail, I click...
Mango 4 dager siden
Just me or I love both Djungelvrål and kyrptoniter? salty flavour is great
knasburger productive entertainment
knasburger productive entertainment 5 dager siden
I didn't know Tobuscus was brittish.
Sven Kaa Hedgerg
Sven Kaa Hedgerg 5 dager siden
Really nice. How come you skipped the small Dumle kola? Are small and wrapped not a category? Just kidding, but I think you would have liked them.
Evershade 5 dager siden
Ollie's mortified facial expressions are the best! 😂😂😂
duff2000 6 dager siden
Love djungelvrål! But there is way more hardcore salty licorice. They saltier the better!!!!
Mattias 6 dager siden
Should have been a bag of turkish pepper and Filidutter in that package. And Djungelvrål is Jungle howl or roar! Maybe make someone understand the punch in them. Very hard however to find a fresh bag in the stores. They are often old and hard. A fresh bag is soft and the best thing ever to snack on. But we swedes do love salty stuff.
Sian Rivera
Sian Rivera 7 dager siden
we have marabou in denmark too and my mum luv it she eats it every friday I FREAKING LUV DJUNGLEVRÅL AND KRYPTONITE ITS SOOOOOOOOO GOOD
Magictooth 8 dager siden
i eat the packet of junglevrål in 3 mouthfuls =)
Jim Persson Mölsä
Jim Persson Mölsä 8 dager siden
I think djungelvrål ain't salt enough :)
roteberg1 8 dager siden
I'm Swedish, half Finnish, and those two countries are the king's of licorice. I can't do licorice, it's so gross. I would have sent you some better stuff that you'd really enjoy.
Salle 9 dager siden
9:47 - What I imagine all British upper class look like.
MsLaughingRabbit 11 dager siden
Just throwing it out there but Fazer makes the best Swedish milk chocolate, not Marabou. Fight me.
Peter Norman
Peter Norman 12 dager siden
Japp is a Mars bar.
Sofie Omdal Efteland
Sofie Omdal Efteland 14 dager siden
that face from the licorice (8:03) is just screaming to be a meme!! plzz somebody
Power Spirit
Power Spirit 15 dager siden
Does no other country have skum candy?
Abbe F-S Fortnite
Abbe F-S Fortnite 15 dager siden
I can put five Djungelvrål, translate ”jungle roars” in my mouth at the same time without wrinkle on the nose
Lina Westin eriksson
Lina Westin eriksson 15 dager siden
Hang on! Why isn't Bilar in this box? It's the most Swedish cany you can get. Not nordic, swedish.
Kamma Von Wowern
Kamma Von Wowern 16 dager siden
Im from sweden lol djungelvrål e fan skit gott asså (what i sayd was djungelvrål is damn good
Patrik Brodén
Patrik Brodén 21 dag siden
The Jule Nisse have flavour of the year and have hade that for a few years and in 2020 it is actually blueberry.
Cristopher Hermansson
Cristopher Hermansson 25 dager siden
Djungelvrål is lame if you compare to "svensk jävel". 🤤🤤
Mattias 25 dager siden
Djungelvrål is awesome (a bit too hard though) - but you don't look North Germanic, so I get that you don't like it. Too bad you didn't get any Häxvrål, its even better.
Mattias 25 dager siden
Have you ever come across any fragile candy?
Caden Firth
Caden Firth 26 dager siden
I ate a bag of Djungelvrål today, do know what the fuss is about
Draktand01 27 dager siden
In Swedish, the ”needless double letters” aren’t needless. If you were to spell ”Plopp” as ”Plop”, it’d end up pronounced as ”Ploop” or something along those lines.
Happytown 27 dager siden
Watching unsuspecting foreigners eating Djungelvrål is perhaps my absolute favorite thing in the world. Thanks for the laugh!
Daniel Carlenfors
Daniel Carlenfors 28 dager siden
Djungelvrål is a relly nice candy imo! =)
Stefan Faber
Stefan Faber 28 dager siden
Ha ha Djulngevrål is my favorite you just shamed all the best sweets :D
liaa 28 dager siden
why did I just now notice the national anthem of sweden playing in the background?
F1rst World NomaD
F1rst World NomaD 29 dager siden
Kryptoniter, Djunglevrål and Salmiak/Mint... Three of the best candies ever made... You guys are friggin wierd.
F1rst World NomaD
F1rst World NomaD 29 dager siden
It has nothing to do with love, it's just grammar. Plopp with only one "P" at the end would've been pronounce "Ploop". It's the mirror image of English. You you double vowels to make the vowels long, We use double consonants to make the vowel short.
Off3er Måned siden
Djungelvrål is by far the best candy!
angelisoncrack Måned siden
Ollie’s face at the Djungelvral had me in stitches. I was focused on Josh during that part and I switched over to Ollie and it just sent me.
Kevin Eriksson
Kevin Eriksson Måned siden
they legit skipped the kex chocolate
Mia Larsson
Mia Larsson Måned siden
Djungelvrål is kinda like chicken-pox. If you don’t have it as a kid the more likely it is that it will kill you.
Fidde Måned siden
Kryptoniter are just the best candy ever made!, sour salty and sweet all at the same time!
Erik Mases
Erik Mases Måned siden
Guys, those are NOT hard-core liqurice... 😆 They're pretty sweet actually, there are brands so salty thst you actually feel physical discomfort as the blood pressure is rising after your 4th bite...
millie Måned siden
vart e alla svenskar🤣🤣🤣
Backcountry Queen
Backcountry Queen Måned siden
I'm eating kryptoniter & djungelvrål while watching this. It's my favorite candy. You need to try them again and soon you'll love them too😈😍
Jeanette Gunér
Jeanette Gunér Måned siden
Really Salty Candies is the Best on our market🇸🇪🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🇸🇪And of course Marabou Chocolate 🍫 🤎❤️🤎❤️🇸🇪 Lucky for me to live in Sweden...😁😁😁
Casper Höglund
Casper Höglund Måned siden
Julnisse isn't a marshmallow but a foam rubber candy that is similar and is really popular, did you know that many of the snack you got comes in different flavor marabou have around a dozen.
Strappa71 Måned siden
Maybe someone already commented on it ... but those are swedish candy. Not what I would call snacks.
Jonas Fermefors
Jonas Fermefors Måned siden
That reaction is I can't say I'm shocked by your reaction to Djungelvrål, but you should know that it is the end of a long line of salty liquorice gradually getting hotter until .. voila. You didn't really get any truly sour candies (also popular). They are generally less offensive to English taste buds because it's just a more extreme sherbert lemon. I'm not surprised you like the milk chocolate, but I personally think it's disgustingly sweet. You didn't get the original (and popular) versions of many snacks - like Polly, which i think you would have liked much better in it's classic form. There is so much candy in Sweden that I'm not surprised you missed a lot, but there were some glaring omissions: Bilar - car shaped chewy candy, Gott & Blandat - sweet chewy & salt liquorice chewy candy mix, Cloetta Kexchoklad - with milk chocolate and wafers like Ritter but better, Marabou Schweizernöt - the same milk chocolate with hazel nuts, Gelehallon - soft jello raspberry candy, Hallonbåtar - small chewy boats with raspberry taste and Polkagris - a very classic minty flavoured candy cane. That is still just scratching the surface. Welcome to Sweden for a taste (when this Corona business is over). Fun fact: Swedes eat more candy per capita than any other nation: 17 kilo per year. The european average i 7 kilo, but the UK is number two at 16 kilo, so you are qualified to do this test :-)
MB Equestrian
MB Equestrian Måned siden
I actually find Djungelvrål quite tame, Kryptonitter is my favourite candy of all time!!
JemyM Måned siden
Small correction if it wasn't obvious. "Marabou" is the brand. They are one of the largest makers of Chocolate-candy in Sweden next to Cloetta. What they had was a Marabou "chokladkaka" which litterally just means "chocolate bar". So you would just say like "would you like some chocolate bar" and if they ask you what type you could answer "oh its an ordinary Marabou".
JemyM Måned siden
If I think of the "worst" for a person not used to the flavor, they would be Tyrkisk Peber, Djungelvrål, Lakrisal and Salta Grodor, and I would rate them in that order with Salta Grodor. I think someone could theoretically handle Tyrkisk Peber and accept that it is a type of bonbon, even if they don't like it, and as a candy it isn't cheaply made. Its technically from Finland even if its very popular in Sweden. Djungelvrål on the other hand isn't a premium candy. Its just a salty candy with a salt covering and that is it. Its probably funny as "shock value" for the coating, but I do not think even liquorice lovers would over-eat that one. Lakrisal is technically from the Netherlands but very popular in Sweden as a premium salty candy, and if you're not you will probably not even understand why someone would want to buy that. But people who love the stuff usually eat it a lot. Finally Salta Grodor I imagine to be the worst for someone who aren't used to Salty because first of all the coating is among the most extreme and least candy-like of them all. Its not even regular "salty". Like Djungelvrål however I wouldn't count it as a premium one.
M Reuter
M Reuter Måned siden
You were spared, you did not get Turkisk peppar
goldug Måned siden
Oh, and fun fact: Cloetta just came out with a new flavor of Julenisse: Bluberry! Not kidding! :D
goldug Måned siden
Just FYI: "Japp" literally means "Yep" or "Yes".
Vinterfrid Måned siden
Grown men behaving like 10 year old kids...ojh dear me.
Danne Karlsson
Danne Karlsson Måned siden
Oh you absolute wussies. Djungelvrål rules and they arn't really that salty. ;)
Nox Nossnitram
Nox Nossnitram Måned siden
im from sweden and they should try Salt patroner, they are also full of lakrits and salt. xD
mjTungelsta Måned siden
Why are you putting all the best snacks in the corner of shame?
Rasmus Korpi-palmberg
Rasmus Korpi-palmberg Måned siden
"the swedes loves to put in needless double letters" *stares at bookkeeper*
Magnus Emanuelsson
Magnus Emanuelsson Måned siden
Skotte is my favourite bar :-)
Gleepicus Måned siden
Why do people always hate on my favourite candy. Kryptonniter and djungelvrål are the best.
Shayna Måned siden
Djungelvrål is my favourite candy for reals though :)
Oliver Ljung
Oliver Ljung Måned siden
you should try the marabou daim its like a mix
Fay Nicole
Fay Nicole Måned siden
I’ve tried the liquorice monkey things before and couldn’t swallow it😂😂
Rick van der Loos
Rick van der Loos Måned siden
Great snack for Dutchies!
MrKomnu Måned siden
Lol all good candy end up in shame wall 😁 funny is salty licorice only Scandinavia thing
Elas Måned siden
I just noticed the swedish national anthem in the background, nice touch!
A4P_Eddie Måned siden
I can recommend Fiddelutter for you guys to try. Its like Kryptoniter but has three layers. One of them are sweet. Probably my favorite candy ever.
Sunrazor Måned siden
Why did you not try all the snacks you got? :P
Kakap0 Måned siden
The saltier the candy is in Sweden, the more we like it
Pony Måned siden
Love Djungelvrål! Jättegott! Ballerina with nougat is way better than the ones you had btw ;)
TheJansin Måned siden
What is it with americans and djungelvrål tasty as heck.you are whimps 🤣🤣
Johan Ottosson
Johan Ottosson Måned siden
Which are scotsmen most upset over being done in their name? This candy or Brexit?
JRad Måned siden
Man måste förklara dubbel bokstäverna som 'japp' verbalt till de
Henrik Wannheden
Henrik Wannheden Måned siden
Blasphemy! Djungelvrål is THE BEST ;)
callester Måned siden
Try "Turkisk Peber"! I double dare ya!
ShadowWhisper94 Måned siden
Can't handle ONE Djungelvrål? Wusses.
Dan Madsen
Dan Madsen Måned siden
You didn't comment on Kex!? They are soooo good
The Major
The Major Måned siden
Djungelvrål is also some of the weakest Salted Licorice in the world... and a bit too chewy.. there are better licorices... Somehow someone should've sent them Tyrkisk Peber.. or is that classified as a Danish candy... I mean Djungelvrål is from Malaco if I remember correctly, which isn't exactly Swedish... I mean it's Swedish but not, it's from a Swedish province, but still.. it's almost Denmark... I mean 20 minutes from Denmark, should count as Denmark really.. Oh and I wonder if Jättesalt is still up to standards... If I could, I would've made non-EU regulated Salted Licorice for you 2. . . the kind which you cannot buy legally anymore. . . due to shite EU regulations. Oh and yeah, Ollie and Josh... there's licorice Vodka... And since Vodka may be a Russian word, doesn't matter, Vodka is synonymous with my region of Sweden... after all an hour away they make the world's most famous Vodka... Absolut... and let me tell you guys that, Vodka mixed with Ammonium Chloride is a godsend.
The Major
The Major Måned siden
Josh and Ollie you immediately fail... disqualifying Plopp. And no there are no unnecessary double letters in Swedish... because the redoubling of consonants changes the vowel that proceeded it. In which English made use of redoubling of vowels, to make long vowels, such as Stoop compared to Stop, in Swedish a Stoop is Stop, and Stop is Stopp.
KRES I Måned siden
Scottish in Swedish is actually skotsk
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson Måned siden
guys.. guys.. Djungelvrål is dope, its salty but the liquorice itself is imho very tasty. Also, if you refrigerate both "Daim" and "Kexchocklad" before eating it they get about 500% better. Daim from the fridge is what id pick as a last meal.
Spacemaker Måned siden
Djungevrål contains Amonium Chloride. Its a kind of salt, Not table salt though.
Peter Magro
Peter Magro Måned siden
Djungelvrål is for kids. I need a few a the time now to get the proper taste again!
Björn Westman
Björn Westman Måned siden
Jungelvrål is the candy version of surströmming..... (Swedish pickled herring).... A true test of MANHOOD!
swayzone Måned siden
Anton Libäck
Anton Libäck Måned siden
Sour is the best!😍
Anders Borg
Anders Borg Måned siden
When a Swede watches foreigners eat Swedish candy to see if they are any good. The wonders of the Internet.
cyberfennek Måned siden
the hardcore liqurice is in Finland
JansKanaal Måned siden
I am Dutch. This episode makes me want to visit Sweden for its liquorice.
Gustava V
Gustava V Måned siden
I didn't actually know that Daim was Swedish
Jarno Måned siden
I love every extremely stalty liquorice candy.
Michael Hellqvist
Michael Hellqvist Måned siden
Seeing kryptoniter and Djungelvrål you know theyre about to get their motigs messed up.
Johan Måned siden
WHY cant i turn off that annoying textbars.....to bad
Robin S
Robin S Måned siden
If you can't handle Djungelvrål you're simply too weak.
beorlingo Måned siden
The salt of the earth must make no sense to these here fellows.
David Olsson
David Olsson Måned siden
The double letters is because in the Swedish language you would say ploop if there wasnt 2 P's For example the A in the swedish language could be pronounced like A like in english (ish) but also like the Aa from Aardvark As an additional fact, "Blueberry" in Sweden is NOT blueberry its Bilberry! (Aka European blueberry)
Jim _86
Jim _86 Måned siden
8:02. 🤣🤣🤣
Ladylorethia Måned siden
oh man.. this is so funny to watch =) and Djungelvrål is my favourite candy
Naruto Måned siden
I'm actually eating djunglevrål right now! 😋 it's good to be Swede 😉
avernion Måned siden
This swede is laughing so hard that tears are coming out. There’s something so satisfying in seeing people being broken by our salty ”sweets” 😂😂😂
Lynette Kleve
Lynette Kleve Måned siden
Ballerina cookies, good? I beg to differ! They are bland and the filling is nothing to fawn over. I can’t comment on the salty licorice as I’ve never had it, I can say I never will. Great video guys! 😁❤️
Karina Davanger
Karina Davanger Måned siden
Djungelvlål is the absolutte best! I'm Norwegian 😊
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