Swedish Snacks: HARDCORE LIQUORICE?! 🇸🇪 😲

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7 måneder siden

Today we try JOLLY Swedish snacks... and find the worst snack of our lives?! Does #pewdiepie really like these?!
오늘은 스웨덴에서 온 졸리 과자를 먹어보다가... 인생 최악 과자를 만났습니다...

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Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang
Special thanks to our Jollybean VIPs for supporting us in making this video!
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Hanne Bergland
Hanne Bergland 2 dager siden
djungelvrål is soooo good tho, i'll have to go and buy some later (love from norway)
VictoryLeaf 6 dager siden
Love Djungelvrål❤ Kryptoniter are quite boring to me tho😂
Alvin Edfeldt
Alvin Edfeldt 10 dager siden
Dud the djungelvrål one is fkn good!
Patriotic Moose
Patriotic Moose 10 dager siden
You guys are pussies
Truman49 11 dager siden
No Swedish fish?
Amalie Amdi Vels Sørensen
Amalie Amdi Vels Sørensen 15 dager siden
Danish snacks???
친절Kalkeegan 17 dager siden
Aaro Aalto
Aaro Aalto 19 dager siden
The dumle are finnish!!
mrbitbot 19 dager siden
Weak taste buds, for shame
Tuva Raawall
Tuva Raawall 21 dag siden
Djungelvrål is really good
Tom Hansson
Tom Hansson 29 dager siden
U know swedish people take like 5-6 Jungelvrål at the time.. Just saying. =)
Dennis 29 dager siden
oh you haven't tasted Svenskjävlar. The most salty liquorice there is in the world.
Christina Zhou
Christina Zhou Måned siden
12 minutes of ollie temporarily destroying his taste buds
Bearded Wolf
Bearded Wolf Måned siden
Why do foreigners hate salty liquorice, it's so good... I cannot resist the extra salty, hard liquorice, DAMN best candy on earth
Siobhán S
Siobhán S Måned siden
gimme all your salted licorice 🤤🤤🤤🤤
Linnea Sjöblom
Linnea Sjöblom Måned siden
now i want some liquorice, why did i watch this today, its snowing so bad i cant go to the store :(
Namoth Måned siden
seeing jungle roar in the thumbnail......and then kryptoniter ohh poor little ones ,your tastebuds are far to weak to handle true taste experiences
chris viking
chris viking Måned siden
Hey, djungelvrål is the rolls royce of liqurice.
The Vortex
The Vortex Måned siden
I am dissapointed you didnt show them tasing the dumble as they are amazing
Dudeius Mannigast
Dudeius Mannigast Måned siden
djungelvral is so nice 🤤🤤🤤❤
twinks _
twinks _ Måned siden
me being half English and half Swedish also trying to learn Korean and French: * visibly multilingual confusion * ㅇㅅㅇ
Anna Sun
Anna Sun Måned siden
The thing with Djungelvrål is that the salty outer later is actually painful for your mouth, but then when you get to the liquorice it tastes so sweet and light and you want another piece after that only to be hit in the mouth with evil pain again that you (again) forget as you get to the sweet liquorice. It's quite addictive 😂
Jonathan Thomsen
Jonathan Thomsen Måned siden
The Djungelvrål from Malaco is actually not from Sweden 🇸🇪, but The Djungelvrål from Malaco is actually and original from The City and Capital of Denmark 🇩🇰, Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰, by the way my friend 🙂😎✌️
Viktor Måned siden
Ingrid Arnljots
Ingrid Arnljots Måned siden
I LOVE salty liquorise and I laughed so hard when they hated it 🍭🤣🤣🤣
Rebecca .N. Holmes.1
Rebecca .N. Holmes.1 Måned siden
I got to say I'm so glad I found this channel 🤣
Ian Cedergren
Ian Cedergren Måned siden
I love how the whole camera crew cracks up to laugh, you guys really vibin. Greetings from Sweden!
LofiJm Måned siden
As a swede i hate polly haha
Eli 0
Eli 0 Måned siden
In Sweden the julenisse are jultomte/skumtomte
Eli 0
Eli 0 Måned siden
Im from Sweden and have no idea what skotte is just that Marabou did it
Eli 0
Eli 0 Måned siden
How did you say plopp right haha
Torvald Holst
Torvald Holst 2 måneder siden
How can you not like Dungelvrål? It's like the only candy I eat.
Eddie Olsson
Eddie Olsson 2 måneder siden
You guys should try finnish salty liquorice, Pingvinlakrits. I love salty liquorice, but if I have four or five pieces of it, and they're tiny, I break a sweat :D
Anders Krarup
Anders Krarup 2 måneder siden
Danish and swedish candy are the best
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 2 måneder siden
We Scandinavians have a reputation for being good with liquorice on the world market. Unfortunately, that means that the opinions are even more polarized. Personally, I believe liquorice are the sweets of the devil.
Siri N.
Siri N. 2 måneder siden
Tbh, i think you might’ve to get into salted licorice, such as Djungelvrål, from a very early age for one to really truly appreciate it (they are being a bit dramatic tho haha 🙄). I say - the more salt the better!
SenpaiPrince _
SenpaiPrince _ 2 måneder siden
Where is finnish snacks
Olivia Moore
Olivia Moore 2 måneder siden
Lakritsskalle to jungelvrål hold my beer biotch 😅
Olivia Moore
Olivia Moore 2 måneder siden
Mmmm licorice salty balls 😂
Birdbox was SHIT
Birdbox was SHIT 2 måneder siden
I think i speak for every swede when i say that they did djungelvrål dirty.
Andras Petersen
Andras Petersen 2 måneder siden
Someone from Sweden send the salted Ferrari gummies, I would love their response.
Its GG Tennis
Its GG Tennis 2 måneder siden
Love Djungelvrål! Eatin it till my mouth gets raw and then some more😃😍
Jonathan Thomsen
Jonathan Thomsen Måned siden
The Djungelvrål from Malaco is actually not from Sweden 🇸🇪, but The Djungelvrål from Malaco is actually and original from The City and Capital of Denmark 🇩🇰, Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰, my friend 🙂😎✌️
MewDenise 2 måneder siden
I just wanna eat a handfull of djungelvrål in front of these guys
Templarofsteel88 2 måneder siden
it is not regular salt on Djungelvrål, it is coated with ammonium chloride aka salmiak.
Zebastian Aesir aka ZajK TTV
Zebastian Aesir aka ZajK TTV 2 måneder siden
Djungervrål is the GREATEST candy ever made! But you should take 2 or 3 at the same time for maximum satisfaction.
Alfaomegabravo 2 måneder siden
Scottsman *o* like the Tartan patten on the candybar didnt give it away
tias88 2 måneder siden
Wtf, Djungelvrål is the best thing in the world.
Thyra Alsenlid
Thyra Alsenlid 2 måneder siden
im from sweden and i loooove most of that candy but i love djungelvrål
Marcus Smedberg
Marcus Smedberg 2 måneder siden
as a swede, kryotoniter and djungelvrål are my favourite candy there is there super good. i dont even think that they are salty or sour. they are pretty weak compared to some of the other stuff you can find in sweden.
Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis 2 måneder siden
I want to send Ollie a Loki helm and request he "blueberry" repeatedly through a episode now.
Rolf Halme
Rolf Halme 2 måneder siden
The double consonants in Swedish more or less so the reverse of what the double vowels do in English. Plop in Swedish would be pronounced similarly to how ploop would be pronounced in English. Same problem, different solution. 😏
Owlgod Xizts
Owlgod Xizts 2 måneder siden
Said Olof-Ors
Said Olof-Ors 2 måneder siden
meccano 2 måneder siden
”That’s like Lindt level.” WHAT‽ 😳 Marabou is looow level chocolate with far too little cocoa (~30% in this case) and too much sugar. And while Lindt may be better it isn’t even close to being seriously good.
Teija Johansson
Teija Johansson 2 måneder siden
bjhellstream 2 måneder siden
Swedes are Vikings. No sissy candy for us! 🤣
K zed
K zed 2 måneder siden
I love that Djungelvrål is the moste "kid" version we have of salt liquorice, and every non scandi are choking to death trying it.
mr zumbalord
mr zumbalord 2 måneder siden
you eat djungelvrål as a kid man up
Jidekoh 2 måneder siden
Hahaha djungelvrål how can it be my favorite liqourice. Lmao
Jonathan Thomsen
Jonathan Thomsen Måned siden
@Jidekoh Okay my friend 🙂😎✌️
Jidekoh Måned siden
@Jonathan Thomsen i said its my favorite not claimed where its from. I couldnt really care less. Its a classical candy here in sweden tho.
Jonathan Thomsen
Jonathan Thomsen Måned siden
The Djungelvrål from Malaco is actually not from Sweden 🇸🇪, but The Djungelvrål from Malaco is actually and original from The City and Capital of Denmark 🇩🇰, Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰, my friend 🙂😎✌️
Jane Marie
Jane Marie 2 måneder siden
I loveee those Djungelvrål candies buuuut I’m Finnish and salty liquorice is our thing so no wonder 😂
Aaro Rissanen
Aaro Rissanen 2 måneder siden
without even watching a second of the video: laughs in finnish salmiakki
William Roos
William Roos 2 måneder siden
Me a swede: Weaklings Tbf. I grew up on djungelvrål and kryptoniter as well as caviar so about 90% of my blood is salt, then there is 5% water and the rest is alcohol to keep warm in the winter time
Albin Privat
Albin Privat 2 måneder siden
I could eat the entire bag of djungelvrål
Evelina Olsson Sjöberg
Evelina Olsson Sjöberg 2 måneder siden
"That is lindt level" Me, a swede: but Lindt isn't even good 😢 Also... the way you eat Ballerina is kinda triggering. It is like the picture where someone took a huge bite from a kitkat
Evelina Olsson Sjöberg
Evelina Olsson Sjöberg 2 måneder siden
@meccano my favourite is Fazers chocolate or or marabous gingerbread flavour
meccano 2 måneder siden
Lindt isn’t that good, true, but anything’s better than Marabou.
Evelina Olsson Sjöberg
Evelina Olsson Sjöberg 2 måneder siden
Oh I LOOOVEEE Djungelvrål! I'm going to buy some tomorrow!!
Lethul IV
Lethul IV 3 måneder siden
Wtf Djungelvrål is awesome!
Claes Wikberg
Claes Wikberg 3 måneder siden
its not salt, its salmiak, and jungelvrål is the best there is! end of story
Ulvsbane 3 måneder siden
Double letters (or "ck", which are treated as "kk") makes a short sound while a single letter makes a long sound. For example, the word "rap". Your pronounciation of "rap" would be spelled as "rapp" in Swedish (and would mean quick, fast, or whip lash ("piskrapp"). "Rap" on the other hand, means "burp".
Mats R
Mats R 3 måneder siden
9:48 ollies face when eating the kryptonit... 😂
Say It In Swedish
Say It In Swedish 3 måneder siden
I'm a simple Swede: if I see Djungelvrål in the thumbnail, I click...
Say It In Swedish
Say It In Swedish Måned siden
@Jonathan Thomsen I can't find any information about Djungelvrål being Danish except Malaco being founded by a Danish company long before the candy was launched at all.
Jonathan Thomsen
Jonathan Thomsen Måned siden
The Djungelvrål from Malaco is actually not from Sweden 🇸🇪, but The Djungelvrål from Malaco is actually and original from The City and Capital of Denmark 🇩🇰, Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰, by the way my friend 🙂😎✌️
Loxem 3 måneder siden
Alex Luong
Alex Luong 3 måneder siden
Just me or I love both Djungelvrål and kyrptoniter? salty flavour is great
knasburger productive entertainment
knasburger productive entertainment 3 måneder siden
I didn't know Tobuscus was brittish.
Sven Kaa Hedgerg
Sven Kaa Hedgerg 3 måneder siden
Really nice. How come you skipped the small Dumle kola? Are small and wrapped not a category? Just kidding, but I think you would have liked them.
Evershade 3 måneder siden
Ollie's mortified facial expressions are the best! 😂😂😂
duff2000 3 måneder siden
Love djungelvrål! But there is way more hardcore salty licorice. They saltier the better!!!!
Mattias 3 måneder siden
Should have been a bag of turkish pepper and Filidutter in that package. And Djungelvrål is Jungle howl or roar! Maybe make someone understand the punch in them. Very hard however to find a fresh bag in the stores. They are often old and hard. A fresh bag is soft and the best thing ever to snack on. But we swedes do love salty stuff.
꧁Aschente꧂ 3 måneder siden
we have marabou in denmark too and my mum luv it she eats it every friday I FREAKING LUV DJUNGLEVRÅL AND KRYPTONITE ITS SOOOOOOOOO GOOD
Magictooth 3 måneder siden
i eat the packet of junglevrål in 3 mouthfuls =)
Jim Persson Mölsä
Jim Persson Mölsä 3 måneder siden
I think djungelvrål ain't salt enough :)
roteberg1 3 måneder siden
I'm Swedish, half Finnish, and those two countries are the king's of licorice. I can't do licorice, it's so gross. I would have sent you some better stuff that you'd really enjoy.
Salle 3 måneder siden
9:47 - What I imagine all British upper class look like.
MsLaughingRabbit 3 måneder siden
Just throwing it out there but Fazer makes the best Swedish milk chocolate, not Marabou. Fight me.
Peter Norman
Peter Norman 3 måneder siden
Japp is a Mars bar.
Sofie Omdal Efteland
Sofie Omdal Efteland 3 måneder siden
that face from the licorice (8:03) is just screaming to be a meme!! plzz somebody
Power Spirit
Power Spirit 3 måneder siden
Does no other country have skum candy?
I love Sweden
I love Sweden 3 måneder siden
I can put five Djungelvrål, translate ”jungle roars” in my mouth at the same time without wrinkle on the nose
Lina Westin eriksson
Lina Westin eriksson 3 måneder siden
Hang on! Why isn't Bilar in this box? It's the most Swedish cany you can get. Not nordic, swedish.
Kamma Von Wowern
Kamma Von Wowern 3 måneder siden
Im from sweden lol djungelvrål e fan skit gott asså (what i sayd was djungelvrål is damn good
Patrik Brodén
Patrik Brodén 3 måneder siden
The Jule Nisse have flavour of the year and have hade that for a few years and in 2020 it is actually blueberry.
Cristopher Hermansson
Cristopher Hermansson 4 måneder siden
Djungelvrål is lame if you compare to "svensk jävel". 🤤🤤
Mattias 4 måneder siden
Djungelvrål is awesome (a bit too hard though) - but you don't look North Germanic, so I get that you don't like it. Too bad you didn't get any Häxvrål, its even better.
Mattias 4 måneder siden
Have you ever come across any fragile candy?
Caden Firth
Caden Firth 4 måneder siden
I ate a bag of Djungelvrål today, do know what the fuss is about
Draktand01 4 måneder siden
In Swedish, the ”needless double letters” aren’t needless. If you were to spell ”Plopp” as ”Plop”, it’d end up pronounced as ”Ploop” or something along those lines.
Jonathan Thomsen
Jonathan Thomsen Måned siden
@Draktand01 You’re welcome my friend 🙂😎✌️
Draktand01 Måned siden
@Jonathan Thomsen Makes sense, thank you Denmark for your contribution to our cultures!
Jonathan Thomsen
Jonathan Thomsen Måned siden
The Plopp Chocolate bar 🍫 from Cloetta is actually not from Sweden 🇸🇪, but The Ploop Chocolate bar 🍫 is actually and original from The City and Capital of Denmark 🇩🇰, Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰, by the way my friend 🙂😎✌️
Magnus Nilsson
Magnus Nilsson 2 måneder siden
Exactly, English uses double vowels instead just like Finnish like the letter "W".
Happytown 4 måneder siden
Watching unsuspecting foreigners eating Djungelvrål is perhaps my absolute favorite thing in the world. Thanks for the laugh!
Daniel Carlenfors
Daniel Carlenfors 4 måneder siden
Djungelvrål is a relly nice candy imo! =)
Stefan Faber
Stefan Faber 4 måneder siden
Ha ha Djulngevrål is my favorite you just shamed all the best sweets :D
liaa 4 måneder siden
why did I just now notice the national anthem of sweden playing in the background?
F1rst World NomaD
F1rst World NomaD 4 måneder siden
Kryptoniter, Djunglevrål and Salmiak/Mint... Three of the best candies ever made... You guys are friggin wierd.
F1rst World NomaD
F1rst World NomaD 4 måneder siden
It has nothing to do with love, it's just grammar. Plopp with only one "P" at the end would've been pronounce "Ploop". It's the mirror image of English. You you double vowels to make the vowels long, We use double consonants to make the vowel short.
Off3er 4 måneder siden
Djungelvrål is by far the best candy!
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