British Guys Try Filipino Snacks!! (CHOC NUT!?!😳😍)

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9 måneder siden

Today we try some Jolly Filipino snacks for the first time!!
오늘은 졸리한 필리핀 과자들을 처음 먹어봅니다!!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

JOLLY 9 måneder siden
Where's our Filipino JOLLYBEANS at??🇵🇭♥️
Mikey Måned siden
Late, but here!
Ramon Cobilla Jr.
Ramon Cobilla Jr. 4 måneder siden
Me me me me me me me me
Ray ML
Ray ML 5 måneder siden
【ᴄʜᴀᴏᴛɪᴄel】 6 måneder siden
Here ^^
Prussian Eagle
Prussian Eagle 6 måneder siden
Maj guti
Maj guti 7 timer siden
Josh and William Hammington's laugh are pretty similar 🤣🤣
Da chocolate gal
Da chocolate gal 8 timer siden
Shocking! Bawang means garlic and what do you know they look like the clover of garlic- who knew- the Filipinos of course-
Era Magbutay
Era Magbutay 13 timer siden
Oh no, Pee-wee is one of my favorites 😆
Cat in the dinning table
Cat in the dinning table 16 timer siden
Agreed, Pee Wee is the worst snack I've tasted for my whole life as a filipino
Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia 19 timer siden
back then when you have sweet corn or piattos youd be the coolest kid since our parents are strict about healthy foods
Siebe Leroy
Siebe Leroy Dag siden
Next one shut be Belgium 🇧🇪🤫🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪
lcisollenbetashy games
lcisollenbetashy games Dag siden
Yeah po is yum chco nut filipino 🇵🇭
LnFaO Dag siden
I used to love butter coconut biscuits!!
Paquito Medina
Paquito Medina 2 dager siden
i saw pancit cantoon but they did not eat it
teresita pilac
teresita pilac 2 dager siden
American accent - water British accent - wootah
Alfrancis Bautista
Alfrancis Bautista 2 dager siden
Where the Filipinos that eat toast with butter and sugar at?
Rafael Fernando
Rafael Fernando 3 dager siden
Bawang is garlic lol
mika 5 dager siden
caro karma
caro karma 5 dager siden
Namit na ang chippy
molding hands
molding hands 6 dager siden
Kamusta means how are u and salamat mean thank u
Sola S
Sola S 6 dager siden
Omg, I shouldn't watch these videos while high, I can't stop laughing 😂😭
F Red
F Red 7 dager siden
lupang hinirang intensifies
Raffy Puod
Raffy Puod 7 dager siden
Fortified by Iron ohhhhh the Irony 😅
iNJE CTION 7 dager siden
Choco nut is my favorate.....but i didnt see the choco so i taste barnutz hmmmm it taste good like choco nut
filipina reyes
filipina reyes 7 dager siden
i like choco - nut my fav candy chocolate
its Sam Oh boy
its Sam Oh boy 8 dager siden
I love how they pronounces chicharon XD
jaredrock 2010
jaredrock 2010 8 dager siden
I'm a Filipino and piattos and MAX candy's are my favs
Juan karlo Abril
Juan karlo Abril 8 dager siden
Pancit canton why didn’t you eat it!!??!?!?!? Its very delicious
The viking That rocks
The viking That rocks 8 dager siden
Just saying chicharon is a Spanish dish that spread through countries like the Philippines and Mexico cause of the Spanish empire. Basically it's fried pork belly or pork skin and the flavoring depends on the country or region your in.
werilyn elgincolin
werilyn elgincolin 8 dager siden
Cannopy Washington
Cannopy Washington 9 dager siden
"Here we have crap" LOLLL
țheCoõkiêqueeñ OwO
țheCoõkiêqueeñ OwO 9 dager siden
Who loves craklings? And vcut?
Jeremiah Baraquel
Jeremiah Baraquel 9 dager siden
Fun fact : these snacks are very very cheap they only cost like 7 to 20 pessos....... plus 1$ in America is 50 pessos in the philipines Plus another fun fact: 9:02 bawang is garlic in english sooo its boy garlic
wtf is that
wtf is that 9 dager siden
"Which is ironic" Hmmmm yeah it is ironic because it's fortified with iron lol
Francis Abellana
Francis Abellana 9 dager siden
We all have different opinions on Sweet corn as a Filipino myself I think it's disgusting but still eat it if I have no option
*•Pumkini •*
*•Pumkini •* 9 dager siden
“Chicaron” i- i am hurt -Chi-cha-ron please
Asia Castro
Asia Castro 9 dager siden
Asia Castro
Asia Castro 9 dager siden
Asia Castro
Asia Castro 9 dager siden
They should try Filipino delicacies! I'm curious as to what their reactions will be hihi
Ethan Amiel Diocena
Ethan Amiel Diocena 10 dager siden
you guys are such a karen maybe our tatsebuds is different
Mac nenrey Gulisao
Mac nenrey Gulisao 10 dager siden
I remembered that one time my classmate gave me coconut butter biscuits and i didnt know what it was and my friend said do you know these and i lied and i thought they were going to be bad but they turn out to be my favourite snack
SYbling goals Unlimited
SYbling goals Unlimited 10 dager siden
3:15 that’s my favorite!😊
Arvie Viri
Arvie Viri 11 dager siden
ako nga e di ko pa natitikman yang iba jan e tas kayo.... share na man
Ziyor jr
Ziyor jr 11 dager siden
Jacob Luigi Duncano
Jacob Luigi Duncano 11 dager siden
Hey Im a filipino and I’ll give you thanks that you liked our snacks
John Paul Lime
John Paul Lime 11 dager siden
mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
GeOx210 12 dager siden
atleast this 2 dudes are honest
Positive Negative Ten
Positive Negative Ten 12 dager siden
ollie is like---- a modern, foodie howard wolowitz
John Raven M
John Raven M 12 dager siden
“The Classic Ollie line” indeed! 😂🤣
Gkay Sinahon
Gkay Sinahon 12 dager siden
Bokuto Kōtarō
Bokuto Kōtarō 13 dager siden
Is it weird Im eating butter coconut rn ?
Ann Aynan Ebs Vlog
Ann Aynan Ebs Vlog 13 dager siden
Ollie you can be voice over for the commercial for jack and jill hehe
Aphrodite Boquison Poliran
Aphrodite Boquison Poliran 13 dager siden
Can u pls do a reaction vid about Laurenzside shes a youtuber.
Sandy Isidro
Sandy Isidro 14 dager siden
Did u like Filipino candys Or food
Sandy Isidro
Sandy Isidro 14 dager siden
How u like the food?
capricorncat 16 dager siden
Out of all the snacks you've tried, Sweet Corn and Cracklings are my least favourite. I think we have the same taste buds 😅
ARandomAcc. 16 dager siden
As a filipino i must say these snacks are really good and some of then are just so good you cant stop having them! Edit: I know this is abit late...
Throbbiey Troy
Throbbiey Troy 18 dager siden
jack n jill snacks are the most common
John Kristian Aasen
John Kristian Aasen 19 dager siden
Your humor is just GREAT
Neil Dagoc
Neil Dagoc 20 dager siden
The moments I saw Butter Coconut... Me: "Oh, thank goodness our reputation can be saved~!!!!!!"
Dalisay Erra
Dalisay Erra 20 dager siden
You just ruined my favorite snack the sweet corn man
Steph Mun
Steph Mun 20 dager siden
try chitcaron
TxMpPvP 20 dager siden
sino mga filipino here | | V
Balawag Lylah Agatha
Balawag Lylah Agatha 21 dag siden
Chicaron bangwang
Gon is cool :D
Gon is cool :D 23 dager siden
btw bawang means garlic xDD
Gon is cool :D
Gon is cool :D 23 dager siden
i cant believe you hate sweet scorn.
Kritz Denver Daug
Kritz Denver Daug 26 dager siden
Ka lami anna = its so yummy
Pinoy Life in Italy
Pinoy Life in Italy 27 dager siden
Great job guys,enjoy tasting Filipino snacks
woodworking rico aguiflor
woodworking rico aguiflor 27 dager siden
and your crazy
woodworking rico aguiflor
woodworking rico aguiflor 27 dager siden
im filipino
Raphael Surisantos
Raphael Surisantos 28 dager siden
Yes the piyatos nova
Owen David Miles Ward
Owen David Miles Ward 29 dager siden
Filipino is put in the title. Filipinos: *WHO HAS SUMMONED US*
Prexie Joy Caranto
Prexie Joy Caranto 29 dager siden
Taste the jollybee in london
Mr. Default Codm
Mr. Default Codm 29 dager siden
He pronounced ‘gulay’ right tho
Shythalia Måned siden
I have no idea who PeeWee man is.
Shythalia Måned siden
Bro, I forgot the existence of those Jolly snacks! I love those!
aRctic Måned siden
Atleast they're honest if they like it or not
Justsomegirlwhosimpsforhanakolevimitsuba lol
Justsomegirlwhosimpsforhanakolevimitsuba lol Måned siden
Everytime i bring like a doritos in my school (im a filipino) people surround me and sit at my table welp sharing is caring 😂
HelpQuarantineMadeMeAWeeb Måned siden
Ah. We've been summoned.
Hannah Ybañez
Hannah Ybañez Måned siden
And now i'm craving butter coconut. That's my favorite! 😭
Hannah Ybañez
Hannah Ybañez Måned siden
Hahahahaa bawang is the tagalog term for garlic hahahahaha bangwang!
John lawrence Cabarubias
John lawrence Cabarubias Måned siden
You should try all the piatos flavors.
marsmellow Måned siden
Sweet Scorn 🤣 I will never look at it the same way again
Sachie Sophia
Sachie Sophia Måned siden
Bro . U should be prepared to open a snack when its salt and vinegared flavored
Gabriel Waban
Gabriel Waban Måned siden
Yehhhhhhhhh filipinos for life yeeeet noice
Roel John Rabor
Roel John Rabor Måned siden
Hello im Roel from philippines Its pronounced Chi-Cha-Ron
Ariandisguise Måned siden
No one: Me as a Filipino: what is chocnut
Treant Why Dimaano
Treant Why Dimaano Måned siden
Hey don't disrespect our culture ano ba ang pangit niyo
Blue Jasmine
Blue Jasmine Måned siden
All Filipino loves martis exept if your vegetarian and iam from Philippine😊
Angelheart Paraan
Angelheart Paraan Måned siden
I really enjoy ur video☺
Angelheart Paraan
Angelheart Paraan Måned siden
Many americans said that fillipino snacks is have a strong flavor..but thats normal to now im confuse why some of americans feel weird on that i throught were both taste/ is that happen im really confuse😮
I dont know what to write
I dont know what to write Måned siden
There's a chocolate bars in early 2000's but its rarely seen now in stores....its called L A L A and its my favourite snack when i was a kid....
Dawidh Yeshua
Dawidh Yeshua Måned siden
If you buys chips in the philippines find the ones with most flavor
listen boi
listen boi Måned siden
all of the Filipino that you guys have tried are VERY yunmy. I am Flipping Jealous right now.
GMC Productions
GMC Productions Måned siden
This video made me subscribed and loved this channel!Why not? I AM A FILIPINO!
Jayrix Lagrosa
Jayrix Lagrosa Måned siden
Piattos is very good but i like sour and cream flavor
Canada uwu the uwu master
Canada uwu the uwu master Måned siden
Oi not jollibean jollibee >:/
Cass Måned siden
I see choc nut, i click....
Yumiko Kiyo
Yumiko Kiyo Måned siden
butter coconut biscuits are my favourite!! I like to have them with hot chocolate or coffee, I want some right now
•C ø ø k i e V ê n u s•
•C ø ø k i e V ê n u s• Måned siden
Yes it is so sour lol But it is kinda good The martys crackin yep its sour -jhaz Edit:im a filipino jollybean♥
xarchanx Måned siden
I'm pretty late to this vid haha When I realized they were gonna try PeeWee, I kinda cringed cuz while most Filipinos like it, it has a sort of acquired taste that only comes from experiencing being a Filipino kid who just came back from playing outside and will devour anything that is salted and packaged like junk food. Good times haha~
Clare Umali De Leon
Clare Umali De Leon Måned siden
Iron is vitamin
Donut Måned siden
Yep filipino biscuits is delicious,im pilipino 😊
Hailey Grace
Hailey Grace Måned siden
Sweet Scorn 😂🤣😂 CHOCNUT my ultimate favorite!
Matthew Balance
Matthew Balance Måned siden
😂🤣when he tried to open the sweet corn! Hahahahaha I can never open that bag like a normal bag of chips
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