British Priest Reviews Easter Memes (QUARANTINE EDITION!)

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7 måneder siden

Today we take a jolly look at r/dankchristianmemes best Easter and quarantine themed offerings... with Reverend Chris, an Anglican priest.
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

gamers Kamote89
gamers Kamote89 10 timer siden
React to hip hop vs deus vult hop by kaiser vs
Kanelle88 Dag siden
Pulls out my bible to look up 'James 4:8'....
Trillian Swan
Trillian Swan 2 dager siden
On the subject of trusting only in god, there's an old joke I love. A man is in a rising flood. When it gets over his porch and into his house, another man comes by in a boat, asking if he wants help. "No," said the man, "the Lord will provide." When it reaches his second floor, another boat comes and its driver insists he get in. "No," said the man, "the Lord will provide." When it reaches his roof, a helicopter drops him a ladder, but he won't climb it, shouting over the noise, "The Lord will provide!" The man drowns, and meets God in Heaven. "Why didn't you save me?" the man demands. God replies, "I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what else did you want me to do?" :) :) The hand of man is sometimes also the hand of God. :)
Kiran Harvancik
Kiran Harvancik 2 dager siden
i am dead inside
Kharn The Betrayer
Kharn The Betrayer 2 dager siden
I found this channel via Doctor Mike, one of these was in the suggested. And i have to say, i love you guys, and Chris is i think one of the best examples of what religion should be. Good lessons, doesn't cram religion at you. all round great guy. Makes me wish i was religious myself.
streips 8 dager siden
The guy who's writing also looks like you. SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!
Random Game Player
Random Game Player 8 dager siden
Honestly since Rev Chris reacted to twice , bts and billie eillish I honestly want him to react to True Damage Giants or K/DA More.
Francisca Bustamante
Francisca Bustamante 9 dager siden
I really like hearing rev Chris. I wonder what are his thoughts about the LGBTQ+ community
Salome Martinez
Salome Martinez 13 dager siden
this man is precious
cyppris peter
cyppris peter 14 dager siden
make him react to CORPSE HUSBAND next!!! xD
Andriana Williams
Andriana Williams 16 dager siden
Can you have him react to 7 days by Alessia cara
Ashy Hughes
Ashy Hughes 17 dager siden
These meme reviews are life! I laugh so loud!
argella1300 17 dager siden
0:37 no, the eggs and Easter bunny/hare were co-opted by the early Catholic Church to keep the pagans they’d been converting in line
Olivia McDaniel
Olivia McDaniel 19 dager siden
Please review Fallen Angel by Mass of Man
I dont know what to name
I dont know what to name 21 dag siden
Can you so the lovesick girl? From blackpink
shoelessboywonder 22 dager siden
It would be nice to see Chris's reaction to Hazbin Hotel...
Buddy Boi
Buddy Boi 23 dager siden
7:00, but since he knows it all, he prolly knows what it is like to be surprised
Tobias Williamson
Tobias Williamson 26 dager siden
“Cause a bunny has never eaten its way through my ceiling” *cuts to video* Most of us:Oh yeah
endit Cunanan
endit Cunanan 26 dager siden
Okay, so... I know this is quite late... and is probably already answered, but... What are Chris's thoughts on homosexuality, trans, that stuff! (I'm using my grandpa's account) And if you can, maybe react to that stuff as well! My mom is rather homophobic, probably transphobic too, and I'm planning on getting the FTM surgery once I move out and move to Germany, but I'd like to see some content that can really help me during this time as I get really dysphoric when my mom commends my 'size' and would enjoy some content that helps me emotionally. (Gosh why am I crying?)
Alysha Socie
Alysha Socie 26 dager siden
Here's a stupid joke. What's a priests favorite animal. . . A dog. Lol 😂
Velocity_9 27 dager siden
Rev Chris: Loves God's creatures Also Rev Chris: Frantically chasing a tiny squirrel out of his house and then taking a sigh of relief
Anaheim93 28 dager siden
Rev Chris reacts to the movie Coco
i.b0r3d Måned siden
What is lent???? I go to church and I still have no idea what that is...
Motaz Fawzi
Motaz Fawzi Måned siden
5:20 Destruction 100 Start from 5:10
Miranda Scott
Miranda Scott Måned siden
The way he said squirrels 🐿
magnum567134 Måned siden
7:30. I never watched mukbang, myself, but I've heard that's literally the reason why it's a thing
Taydon thorpe
Taydon thorpe Måned siden
I've now finished binge this series...and I can safely say... *_This was good_*
AngelHeart Thurman
AngelHeart Thurman Måned siden
Rev. Chris is the only religious person I will willingly listen to.
Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson Måned siden
"a bunny has never eaten its way through my ceiling" Well. You just haven't owned a house rabbit. It wasn't a ceiling, it was a wall.
Kiri Koyanagi
Kiri Koyanagi Måned siden
I real think you should get Rev. Chris to react to some of Brendon Urie’s/ Panic at the Disco’s music videos. If you are looking for ones that would have some more points for him to respond to you could do ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’, or ‘This Is Gospel’ and ‘Emperors New Clothes’.I grew up in a strict religious household (though not Christian) and my parents though my love of PATD was some sort of genuine evil. In my opinion it was just listening to something that sounded absolutely awesome and and felt pretty cool. It would be interesting to see how Rev. Chris reacts to his more religiously shadowing (for lack of better words) Music Videos.
Soficorn That weirdo
Soficorn That weirdo Måned siden
I’m am atheist, but I’ll listen to anything rev Chris has to say.
eshita sinha
eshita sinha Måned siden
Please do a reaction to NF. He's a rapper who Christian and so he doesn't swear at all. How could you leave us, Mansion, The search, Leave me alone, Time, Oh lord. Please listen a lot of his music preferably in the order of his albums and then react. All his music and music videos are about his real life situations and experiences.
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones Måned siden
I'd be interested to see Chris's reaction to hazbin hotel and it's depiction of hell.
dkdkdkdk Måned siden
Eyyy british priest haven't reacted to God's menu by stray kids
Jazmine Jules
Jazmine Jules Måned siden
As someone with a fear of squirrels, that video was terrifying 😨
Get Milo a Life
Get Milo a Life Måned siden
Small brain paradox: could God make a rock so heavy that even he couldn't lift it? JOLLY paradox: if God knows everything, he doesn't know what it's like to be surprised
AmNeSiA Måned siden
I am not sure if this is offensive, if it is I sincerely apologise, but I would love to hear Rev. Chris's opinion on homosexuality. As an atheist, I have my own ideology however I respect every religion. I think Rev Chris can shed light on this topic in a unique way 🌈
Just life
Just life Måned siden
DOMEPEACE420 Måned siden
British priest reacts to insane clown posse (where's god) (if I was god) (pass me by). I'm really surprised you haven't done this already.
Emily Duplisea
Emily Duplisea Måned siden
Whenever I meet people who think modern medicine won't help but God will, I just say that I believe modern medicine is God's way of helping. Loop their logic back on them.
dreaming4ffr Måned siden
Do thy not remember the White bunny from Monty Pythons Holy grail movie? XD that bunny was evil incarnated! :P
tal shaq
tal shaq Måned siden
Do a " priest review ask a morition video" please 🙏
Kim Mccutcheon
Kim Mccutcheon Måned siden
Rev Chris, even as an atheist, I appreciate the kindness you wish to bring out in people. Olley, you freakin slay me. LOL!
Lonewise Creatives
Lonewise Creatives Måned siden
How do i get in touch with reverend chris? I need some christian guidance. Im not joking.
Tyrion Frost
Tyrion Frost Måned siden
could you do "Priest reacts to Babymetal?" I'd love to see that :'D
buboom 123
buboom 123 Måned siden
You really had to add the first frame/shot 😂
SycamoreTree Måned siden
This first shot tho 👀 0:00
kay sin
kay sin Måned siden
Even though I do lot believe in god and the story of Jesus, I absolutely adore rev. Chris. (I am a Buddhist but a way of life and spirituality and see it more of a philosophy rather than a religion as I do not believe in heaven and reincarnation as other Buddhist may believe in)
rock link
rock link Måned siden
Love how the first thing you see at the start of the video is a man's crotch
Rose Måned siden
I love that the woman even locks the door when they chases out the squirrel! Is if the squirrel might try to open the door. It's already proven that it'll just chew it's way in through the ceiling. Though a friend of mine can probably relate. He was chased by a demon of the deepest pits of hell (also known as "a fucking badger"). He rushed to the car, jump in, slammed the door and locked it. I had a long good tearful laugh at that story.
Louis Greenland
Louis Greenland Måned siden
Chris' words of wisdom could change the world
Nat Cândido
Nat Cândido Måned siden
Make Rev. Chris react to "The Devil All the Time"
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon Måned siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel.
Damien Burroughs
Damien Burroughs Måned siden
Rev. Chris, this is for you. Bad joke #9 What do you get when you mix a joke with a rhetorical question? Ollie speaking of Jesus being omniscient: Which presumably means he doesn't know what it's like to be surprised! me: ...challenge accepted....
Junta Momonari
Junta Momonari Måned siden
Jesus' respawn just lagged
Nikky Coconutt
Nikky Coconutt Måned siden
am I the only one who is waiting on a reaction of Rev Chris and the Netflix series of Lucifer?
MaryOf Bears
MaryOf Bears Måned siden
Rev. Chris: Gives a small speech discussing social isolation and how we are still interacting socially but not physically and we are not alone in these trying times Also Rev. Chris: "SqUiRrELs aRe oF tHe DEVIL!!"
naomi john 1:12
naomi john 1:12 Måned siden
I peeped the wisdom is the silence @ Rev. Chris
Clumsystiggy Måned siden
Everyone: *talking about how they might be fish* Me, aspiring zoologist: Well yes, but also no.
Sharlene Leito
Sharlene Leito Måned siden
Wow this was 5 months ago go and they're still lockdown for Americans
King Brutus XXVI
King Brutus XXVI Måned siden
So if he's resurrected and has a totally "new" life then does he have to get a new driver's license? Netflix subscription? He'd have a new birthday (unless he was resurrected on his birthday - fat chance) but does he have a new soul? Two souls? Too confusing. I still prefer no faith.
Jacob Gade
Jacob Gade Måned siden
You guys should make an episode with Rev Chris where you lísten to Arrogant Worms - Jesus brother bob
Sam Green
Sam Green Måned siden
Rev Chris is the first church figure (for me, anyways) who has spoken in a way that really does represent the love and tenderness that you read about in Christianity but never seem to see.
Kirst en
Kirst en Måned siden
4:56 demon: ok just sign here and here.. dude: ok..
Joanna Oliva
Joanna Oliva Måned siden
Guys, we do what we need to do and God will do the rest
Lily M-S
Lily M-S Måned siden
Chris should react to the new Netflix movie "The Devil All the Time"! that would be such an interesting reaction!!!!
Esper_Black Måned siden
First I want to say that I love Josh, Ollie, and Rev. Chris! They are some wonderful fellows bring some JOLLY to the world. I think it’s kinda funny though how Josh and Ollie misuse the term “Okay Boomer.” Rev. Chris isn’t old enough to be a boomer, he’s only in his 30’s. 😅 When they said that it kinda hurt me on a personal level cause I’m the same age as Rev. Chris.
J Bizzle
J Bizzle Måned siden
I'm the obligatory pagan-explaining-the-eggs-thing comment (but i'm not going to explain it cause I don't want to actually be that guy)
Keller weskier
Keller weskier Måned siden
whatd i learn from this vid? God is suppose to give you faith, youre not suppose to have faith in god.
Tirtharaj Misra
Tirtharaj Misra Måned siden
Rev chris should react to the netflix series Lucifer
O'Neil Måned siden
Ollie: Jesus doesnt know the feeling if being surprised **Jesus watching me beat my highest score on making bad decisions yet again**
Just Here to Watch
Just Here to Watch Måned siden
Can an atheist nominate a priest for Sainthood? Whatever! I'm nominating this man! He's so wholesome! And everything a reverent person should be! Amen
Ddesignator Spirit
Ddesignator Spirit Måned siden
7:16 There's one impostor Among Us. 😁😅
Hydra Måned siden
If he doesn't know what its like to be suprised, he doesn't know everything.
Joel Quinn
Joel Quinn Måned siden
Judas should have had a disconnect via the zoom meeting
ナカキン Måned siden
말씀 감사합니다 여러분 모두 사랑 합니다 마음 이졿습니다 모두 함께 행복하세요
ナカキン Måned siden
i Wordlikechrisjollyfunny
StormyJellybean Måned siden
I started laughing when he said squirrels are of the devil, and then I remembered his whole saga with them and was greatly disappointed when the clip you showed wasn't the one of him screeching because a squirrel dive bombed him from the sink
lollertjesk 2 måneder siden
take your drugs, rev chris 2020
Jazzlene Fortuno
Jazzlene Fortuno 2 måneder siden
Rev chris can you say that dogs go to heaven?
Nad Bautista
Nad Bautista 2 måneder siden
I think it would be awesome if you would watch Mother (starred by Jennifer Lawrence) with Rev. Chris.
Emily Harrison
Emily Harrison 2 måneder siden
The fact that I went to a Christian school for 3 years, had chapel every Wednesday morning, and bible study every Monday and Friday. The fact that the bible says “wash your hands you sinners”... I feel like my education was failed
Emily Harrison
Emily Harrison 2 måneder siden
*THE internet’s priest* “Bless you!” 😂😂😂😂😂🥰
William Vandecoevering
William Vandecoevering 2 måneder siden
God created the ingredients to all medicines and created the brains of the doctors who make them. Refusing health care is refusing the help that God sent your way when you prayed for it.
Ty Williams
Ty Williams 2 måneder siden
Lol these dudes are going straight to hell. Honest!
oxycuntin 2 måneder siden
Priest: *loves all of gods creatures* God's creatures: 6:19
김태윤 2 måneder siden
When Rev.Chris is The Internet's priest, and Ollie's dad is The Internet's dad, Doesn't it make Ollie the Internet?
Amanda Forsgren
Amanda Forsgren 2 måneder siden
You should really have Rev. Chris watch Netflix's Lucifer Tv-series. Would love to know what he thinks about that show.
JoseMario 2 måneder siden
Bless these videos XD
Vasco 2 måneder siden
Gamerfrienship 2 måneder siden
If Rev. chris know that furry attend dog service church and pretend to be one which is wholesome
Josh Ang 2
Josh Ang 2 2 måneder siden
Gabriell Anjos
Gabriell Anjos 2 måneder siden
does this priest have instagram?
KO WHAI 2 måneder siden
2:05 that awkward moment when Josh and Ollie were deciding whether to ryhme to the song "AAHHH_MEN" or the English pronunciation "AYYEE_MEN" 😆😆😆
Lo PeiTzu
Lo PeiTzu 2 måneder siden
I just came to an idea how someone who recognizes Rev Chris from Church and then they're sharing to their friends like "whoah mate my priest is definitely the best one I know hands down" or smth
559 Baswaraj Soundarya
559 Baswaraj Soundarya 2 måneder siden
"Take your drugs" Rev. Chris Jolly 2:49-2:51
Tabitha B
Tabitha B 2 måneder siden
love this! can you react to Holy by Justin Bieber?? 😊😊
Crystal Karma
Crystal Karma 2 måneder siden
5:20 HAHAHA! This is why I love Rev. Chris!
Elena Heinisch
Elena Heinisch 2 måneder siden
rev chris should react to the wiccan faith! that'd be interesting
Peridot Nation
Peridot Nation 2 måneder siden
900999th view
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