British Priest Reacts to “HOLY” by Justin Bieber

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Today we take a Jolly look at Justin Bieber’s newest release HOLY ft Chance the Rapper with Rev Chris!
오늘은 크리스 신부님과 함께 저스틴 비버님의 신곡(챈스 더 래퍼 피쳐링) 홀리를 졸리하게 살펴봅니다!
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Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
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Lilian Gomez
Lilian Gomez 2 timer siden
You missed the entire COVID thing and massive unemployment, people getting evicted... but okay....
JMProductions 7 timer siden
this was an amazing idea boys, I love it
soul eater
soul eater 10 timer siden
if you do another react to pls do it to the songs from Dax, Dear god and The book of revelation
E Sisas
E Sisas 10 timer siden
I am confused. I thaught Priests aren't allowed to get married. Why is he always speaking about his wife??????
Camilla Nyberg
Camilla Nyberg Time siden
You are Thinking about monks
Kelly Wiese
Kelly Wiese 11 timer siden
The dinner table thing....I grew up in the country, the smell/the dirt is the person I love, it’s not the same as someone just being dirty...that’s love, they do that for the ppl they love.
Impus Putri
Impus Putri 13 timer siden
Hi Josh, Ollie, and team, I just want to say I miss you all 🥺 wish u all come back soon and make all those positive and entertaining videos! Wish u all have a good time and stay safe!
batangpilipinas 18 timer siden
the biggest character development indeed from baby baby baby to holy holy holy 😆❤️ this is nice
Luz Cerdan
Luz Cerdan 22 timer siden
They didn't meet two months before got married, they meet in 2009, and they were friends for years. Hailey was always there for him. Even when he was dating another girl, she was his best friend. He asked her to get married two months after they officially started dating because he finally found out that she was the one who had always been there and that he had been in love with her for a long time. Hailey was the one who helped him to get better and finally find God again. She makes him a better man, she is his miracle.
Moosic Bear
Moosic Bear Dag siden
Y can I imagine this? Someone dies who only loved a plant. It was their only friend and they loved it and cared for it well, but they died. Then they cry in heaven realizing their plant is going to die. The plant dies from not being cared for, but then it goes up to heaven with them and they can nurture and love it forever. The end
tiny turtul is cool
tiny turtul is cool Dag siden
you sould do billie bury a friend
PE 30 Prajjwal Singh
PE 30 Prajjwal Singh Dag siden
i m stupid whenever i see a priest i ask have to seen ghosts
Rommel John Matienzo
Rommel John Matienzo Dag siden
I was not ready for that ollie HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Ollie: does it feel holy when we're hanging out together? Josh: 0.0 Ollie: I think that's a "yes" I laugh way too loud
NCalvinS Dag siden
I'm waitin for rev Chris react to poppy
Ben Sisler
Ben Sisler 2 dager siden
Too bad he's a priest. I really like him though.
Zeljana Sore
Zeljana Sore 2 dager siden
Ugh I miss you guys so much
Jeffrey Wong
Jeffrey Wong 2 dager siden
“They didn’t just met and get engaged in 2 months lol... they’re like childhood friends”
YG Trash2
YG Trash2 2 dager siden
Great interpretation wow
Anne Macleod
Anne Macleod 2 dager siden
Such a lovely interactive conversation amongst these guys ... nicely perceptive and insightful.... made me smile but also I like this song and I’m sure I’m older than the typical Belieber demographics !!Cheers from New Zealand 🇳🇿🇳🇿🤗😇
cem wem
cem wem 2 dager siden
Geez. Took me a minute to get what he really meant when he said "Married my sister". phew
Cora Marting
Cora Marting 2 dager siden
Actually they’ve been friends since they were like 15, they were only dating TO THE PUBLIC for a few months.
Manny Brum
Manny Brum 2 dager siden
Rev Chris has an uncanny resemblance to the monk in Sofonisba Anguissola's painting "Portrait of a Monk" from 1556.
Ghassen N
Ghassen N 3 dager siden
Next a blind man reacting to blinding lighttttt
Sarah Camila Arboleda Echavarria
Sarah Camila Arboleda Echavarria 3 dager siden
The fact that Justin and Hailey met eachother when they're fifteen, it's funny
Valentina 3 dager siden
I was so confused. I thought he was a Catholic priest because obviously, he is a priest, the way he is dressing with the collar, and the background church looks like the Catholic church. But then he said he was married to some girl and I was like WTH? this is not a Catholic priest
Razzy's 3 dager siden
I would really like to see REV CRISS REAKT TO the NETFLIX SHOW LUCIFER !!!
johnnycucumber 3 dager siden
I'm just waiting for the day Rev. Chris sees the pilot of "Lucifer". I haven't seen any other religious leaders do a reaction video for that.
Haleigh 3 dager siden
@Jolly You should have Rev Chris review Scarlet Cross by Black Veil Brides lol
Megan Kernohan
Megan Kernohan 4 dager siden
Baby, baby, baby to holy, holy, holy... made me laugh!
Rylee Moore
Rylee Moore 4 dager siden
There is a part of me that really wants him to react to yungblud but I don’t think that will happen lol
Jay Lion
Jay Lion 4 dager siden
Rev chris i have a question if a person marry someone and then one died and he remarry And then they both died and then both said hello honey at the same time what would happen I have been thinking about this awhile im 13 years old
07 Laeina
07 Laeina 4 dager siden
“Married my sister” well... that can be miss understood
Peace Eze
Peace Eze 4 dager siden
5:38 was a perfect explanation 👏🏾👏🏾 Come as you are to the Lord and he will accept you, dirt and all.
Anti Virus
Anti Virus 4 dager siden
5:37 they don't need to be all perfect to look or clean in order to receive love.
Carlo Rodriguez
Carlo Rodriguez 4 dager siden
This reaction is so uplifting and I'm not even married or in a relationship with someone!
Jayden John Brown
Jayden John Brown 5 dager siden
Here’s a cover I did of Holy... would love your thoughts thanks JB
Zackery jarley Jeannias
Zackery jarley Jeannias 5 dager siden
is it real priest??I dont trust it
Jessica Culp Strunk
Jessica Culp Strunk 5 dager siden
I love this video!!
Ps. Carolina Gutierrez
Ps. Carolina Gutierrez 5 dager siden
.... is a catholic priest????
bassey emma
bassey emma 6 dager siden
This man is really wise, like he gives me a different perspective on what Christianity is
Suzy Leiva
Suzy Leiva 6 dager siden
I mean the fact that Justin was with Selena 2 months prior to dating Hailey is the weird thing about it all. Then he literally ran to marry her and idk if you guys have seen the documentary episodes, but their relationship is a bit weird. I don’t think I’ve ever cringed so much with Justin being all over her like he’s trying to prove something to the world. It’s definitely all a bit sus. I really hope Justin really is happy and not just using Hailey because she seems like a very sweet girl.
rydan draco
rydan draco 6 dager siden
Reverend Chris should react to either hazbin hotel or hellsing abridged by team four star. I would love to see his reaction to Alucard, Alexander Anderson, Maxel, etc...😎👉👉
Dan Z
Dan Z 6 dager siden
I think the crazy thing is some people get married quick and think it's a negative but a lot of old people I've meet got married after a short period of time and now they are over 40+ years most of them
TaTEE OFFICIAL 6 dager siden
Holy ❤️
cookies for live
cookies for live 6 dager siden
I love your reactions 🙃 Can you please react to NF "Oh lord" This song is soo good and has really deep lyrics. All songs of NF are so deep. So can you please react to it? 🤗
Rose Bloze
Rose Bloze 6 dager siden
He should really have his channel lol
ValahiaDaca21 7 dager siden
@JOLLY React to the history of Phillistines
KAILOEY KIM 7 dager siden
please react to #KAI MOOD SAMPLER
jonah ramos
jonah ramos 7 dager siden
A catholic priest.
Precious Nicolette
Precious Nicolette 7 dager siden
Was hoping to see him react to parts of Chance's verse as well. 😔 This was good though. He had some very poetic interpretations.
LIMIT Gaming
LIMIT Gaming 8 dager siden
The way you holy moly
_Dust - GFX
_Dust - GFX 8 dager siden
How a priest get married?
Flute Loops
Flute Loops 8 dager siden
Waaaaiiiiiit.... I didn't think priests could get married???? Ever...???? ??? Wait, what denomination is he? Catholic?
areen mansour
areen mansour 9 dager siden
He should react to Billie Eilish Therefore I Am (it is so good)
Elijah Valdez
Elijah Valdez 9 dager siden
And maybe justin saying on the music video was when he was always go to work and he was always tired when he got home but when he see and hold his gf on music video his tired will go away.... I think 🙂
Sophie M
Sophie M 9 dager siden
Wait BRITISH priests are allowed to get married??? Ahahaaa American priests must be jealous
Flute Loops
Flute Loops 8 dager siden
I was confused about that too, lol
Lashawn mina Baptiste
Lashawn mina Baptiste 9 dager siden
Amen so true right said
Ellie K.
Ellie K. 10 dager siden
Do Scarlet Cross by Black Veil Brides!!
Stephanie Walker
Stephanie Walker 11 dager siden
He needs to react to "Lonely" by Justin Bieber, I feel like he'd like it a lot
Larry Stylinson
Larry Stylinson 11 dager siden
Fact Justine and Hailey were on and of for years and they got back together and shortly they merried
Bibi 11 dager siden
Titz Ronin Santias
Titz Ronin Santias 11 dager siden
Please react to Devil's work by joyner lucas
Coool KIDzS
Coool KIDzS 12 dager siden
뜨 또
SwordTune 12 dager siden
Has Reverend Chris seen Powerwolf's music videos? If not, you should correct this grave oversight immediately.
Plankton Toe
Plankton Toe 12 dager siden
cutest priest ever
Jiri Tana
Jiri Tana 12 dager siden
Rev Chris is sooo positive 💗
Nick Molezion
Nick Molezion 12 dager siden
Fake priest
Taat V
Taat V 12 dager siden
Actually Justin and Hailey have been friends for 10 years, they met in 2009 and dated way before they got married❤️
labcoent co
labcoent co 12 dager siden
Switch your target audience to indonesian. Or japanese. You make mistake, feel genuinely sorry and move on. Don't make the same mistake. Start collabing with korean-indonesian or japanese-indonesian youtuber. Keep going. Keep creating content. Entertainment industry is a paradise for the creative mind
Batuhan Apatay
Batuhan Apatay 12 dager siden
What’s the name of the font that used for pastor’s subtitles?
John Coffey
John Coffey 13 dager siden
Just a great video all around, I loved all of your guys' insights, even if they're differing perspectives, they came together to make a fuller picture which is what I feel this song does well too. God bless :)
Cody Davis
Cody Davis 13 dager siden
Juan Fernando Sarria Betancourt
Juan Fernando Sarria Betancourt 13 dager siden
Ellapinkette 13 dager siden
“When I first got married to Jenny” I tell you, my heart nearly stopped. Then I realized, oh! There are other kinds of priests that are not Catholic Priests. And can get married.
Karina Aletheia
Karina Aletheia Dag siden
In christian/protestant the pastor can married:)
Diego Torres
Diego Torres 3 dager siden
bro i was the same i was like " wait you can't get married" hahaha
Isabela Steffanello
Isabela Steffanello 5 dager siden
He could be from the anglican church.
Isabela Steffanello
Isabela Steffanello 5 dager siden
Had the same reaction!
Anjali Pihu
Anjali Pihu 5 dager siden
Same girl!!!
Ivy Joy Ponce
Ivy Joy Ponce 13 dager siden
Can you do a reaction to lovesick girls too? :
Rio Hyo
Rio Hyo 14 dager siden
Priest, react to Agnez Mo - Promises
Kloeh Johnson
Kloeh Johnson 14 dager siden
Note by the side : Jon Bellion wrote the song 😊
Midori 14 dager siden
Hello.. I'd like to ask Rev. Chris to react in this video of The Church of Almighty God. I'm really curious what's his take on this.
Niklay 14 dager siden
Kevipu shohe
Kevipu shohe 14 dager siden
He already Knows the lyrics 😂 Love it tho..👍
Humanly Unknown
Humanly Unknown 14 dager siden
There are videos of Justin singing Holy to Selena years ago FYI - he never wrote this song for Hailey.
Ava Phillips
Ava Phillips 14 dager siden
Can you react to YUNGBLUD
Smriti Ranabhat
Smriti Ranabhat 14 dager siden
Hey, i got an idea for you guys, can you guys react to vocoloid songs . Some vocoloid songs are Love me love me by kikuo Melt Donut hole by hachi
Laura Joy
Laura Joy 14 dager siden
Lol contexts is so important. "I married my sister" says the preacher.
노오답 TV
노오답 TV 14 dager siden
David Pacific vlogs
David Pacific vlogs 15 dager siden
Well they did get married quickly, but if you've seen his NOpost documentary he did a few months back he talks about how he's been knowing Hailey ever since he got famous when he was younger.
Tikhwi 15 dager siden
Bruh. Like watch the video bro. Damn!!
CarArt4Fun 15 dager siden
This is true christanity. All those who do otherwise, its false lol. True christains love all ppl forgive others dont judge others
soniaa 01
soniaa 01 15 dager siden
Hi i'm Indonesian❤ i love Justin's songs❤
생선대가리 15 dager siden
홀리 몰리~~
Ally Wunsch
Ally Wunsch 15 dager siden
please do a video where you guys react to I got so high that I saw Jesus by Noah Cyrus
Vong Wanin
Vong Wanin 15 dager siden
I didn’t really understand the song before but the moment Rev started explaining I cried, and then I just keep crying for the following 6 minutes
Bell Geeday
Bell Geeday 15 dager siden
I'll never forget that. Priest: Bibles aren't holy. Bibles are books. Interviewer: Why is it called the Holy Bible then? Priest: What is communicates is holy. Me: Wooooooord son!
Hannah Lynn
Hannah Lynn 15 dager siden
I thought priests can't marry...
ml benson
ml benson 16 dager siden
Justin and Hailey have known each other for many years so it’s not like he didn’t know her when they got married. It’s a lovely song and the priest is so sweet and funny! ❤️🇨🇦
Kavesan Naidoo
Kavesan Naidoo 16 dager siden
"Is chance the rapper a Christian?" "Yes he is" "Wonder about his brother,Community chest, plumber"
its kiki morrison
its kiki morrison 16 dager siden
The guy in the black shirt is pissing me off fr like he asks soo stupid questions like for what?
Gucci Grassi
Gucci Grassi 15 dager siden
He’s not even taking it serious and it’s annoying me
Someone Special
Someone Special 16 dager siden
Who else things that this priest is gay 😀
Hussein Shaibu
Hussein Shaibu 16 dager siden
I love your reactions...100% agreed
Cheater Derek
Cheater Derek 17 dager siden
his is smart
Samantha Catcher
Samantha Catcher 17 dager siden
This has to be one of the chillled priest! Not to mention, he sounds pretty fair. ❤❤
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