Real Priest Reacts to "All The Good Girls Go to Hell"!!? (BILLIE EILISH)

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Today we take another Jolly look at Billy Eilish with Rev. Chris, and her new song...!
오늘은 또 한 번 졸리하게 크리스 신부님과 빌리 아일리시님의 신곡을 들어봤어요...!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

David Smither
David Smither 2 timer siden
Reasons why i like that song as a christian 1. I don’t find it blasphemy against God due to that the song has biblical references and the song isn’t against God 2. Brings awareness to who both God and the devil is for those who don’t know who they are religiously 3. It also brings awareness to climate change.
Mar TH
Mar TH 23 timer siden
This video is like "Oh Billie, my dear, u again?" hahahaha
Amanda Brenner
Amanda Brenner Dag siden
God created a beautiful planet, tells us to take care of it. There are references to Climate Change caused by Human greed. As he mentioned. My thought- It's like when you give your child something and they throw it on the floor and smash it and you here your self saying, " And this is why we can't have anything nice" Do you buy your child another? NO. Our Father's reply to the mess we created "You set your world on fire and pray for me to fix it? And this is why we can't have anything nice" The Verse: Look at you needing me You know I'm not your friend without some greenery Walk in wearing fetters Peter should know better Your cover up is caving in Man is such a fool Why are we saving him? Poisoning themselves now Begging for our help, wow! Hills burn in California My turn to ignore ya Don't say I didn't warn ya
Cris Kelly
Cris Kelly Dag siden
Have they reacted to take me to church
H P 2 dager siden
Humanity is NOT calling to God and Satan (as you said “maybe she’s saying they’re discussing at a table and saying hey theyre calling to us”). Big no sir. The devil is the enemy of God and would in no way “discuss” with Him at a table what to do about humanity. Its already clear what satan wants to do with humanity. And that is to steal kill and destroy them.
katie richardson
katie richardson 3 dager siden
So god is gender fluid
Ariana ATW
Ariana ATW 3 dager siden
My title be like: Atheist whatches priset reacts to billie :all the good girls go to hell
Ciara Burke
Ciara Burke 3 dager siden
I just realsied something really interesting about one of the lyrics (the one that makes the least sense to people): "My Lucifer is lonely". I think that this line is a reference to the conscience. As various TV shows have taught us, the human conscience is made up of both a virtuosic, caring, empathetic side (the angel) and an impulsive, careless side (the devil). By saying that her lucifer is lonely, she is implying that humanity's conscience has been whittled down to impulse, without any regard for consequence. The angel side of her conscience has been stripped away, leaving her only with her impulses and greed, leading to the destruction of the planet and the exploitation of its resources.
David Smither
David Smither Time siden
Did you notice that there are biblical references in the song and do you like the song itself as a whole?
Camila Cipher
Camila Cipher 4 dager siden
El cura está bueno
Lyoz Anime Stories
Lyoz Anime Stories 4 dager siden
Thank you for the explanation of the song everybody thinks she is a dark person thank you
kratos YT
kratos YT 5 dager siden
Of course That first line caught the priest attention
Shea King
Shea King 5 dager siden
As a Heathen. You are the embodiment of what I believe a "good Christian" is. I don't hate Christians. I hate Christians who don't follow the teachings of Christ, 'cause isn't that the whole point in the first place?
kevin t
kevin t 6 dager siden
Chris offers me hope for Christianity.
Dinosaur The musician
Dinosaur The musician 6 dager siden
Pls react to wap
renu verma
renu verma 7 dager siden
Do react on Spotlight 😂
Bianca H
Bianca H 8 dager siden
Vegan hot chocolate is delicious 😋 Billie is vegan too btw
Adam Azri
Adam Azri 8 dager siden
Hot damn that priest is 🔥🔥🔥 forgive me daddy
Leslie Number2
Leslie Number2 9 dager siden
I am confused how did God plan us to multiply? Didn't everything started due to that damn Apple?
Apple Juice
Apple Juice 9 dager siden
Can you do another one on billie eilish now that she wears necklaces and bracelets with satanic symbols and upside down crosses
Wize817 9 dager siden
Hollyweirdos use Satanism to sell every sell-out artist. Using Satanic symbolism to sell the climate change agenda, how disgusting and the priest just glosses over it?! Absolutely pathetic. This is why people don't have faith in the church or priests anymore...unless they're aetheist
Zariah Hylton
Zariah Hylton 11 dager siden
god is a she and a he ok so dont laugh at this she loves god ok keep your mouth shut
I’m a person
I’m a person 11 dager siden
2:02 watch Ollie and Josh
Mick Atkin
Mick Atkin 11 dager siden
That is Satan speaking through billie on this song
Aydar NABIEV 11 dager siden
1) believer:💓 water 2) atheist: 💓vodka
Denny Jones
Denny Jones 11 dager siden
I’m ready for one on the new Billie song
Lola Lamaro
Lola Lamaro 12 dager siden
This is one cool priest...
Brdz Z
Brdz Z 12 dager siden
Oops. The priest is saying rapture isn't real in Christian beliefs? Read the Revelation.
Sydney Smith
Sydney Smith 12 dager siden
I'm confused the priest said the rapture is real... he said he doesn't agree with what people say about climate change " Don't worry abt the earth bc Jesus will come back and save it" instead of trying to fix pollution now. He said God wants us to care abt the climate
Becca B
Becca B 13 dager siden
So God is nonbinary? 😏
J.P. Quixote
J.P. Quixote 13 dager siden
He rolled with that much better than I expected! Cool dude.
leslie trujillo
leslie trujillo 13 dager siden
He should react to this song Dance with the Devil by Immortal Technique
Desiree Avina
Desiree Avina 13 dager siden
This song is about Global warming
Roger Rwingabo
Roger Rwingabo 14 dager siden
Billie is super demonic. It's obvious her imagery is not about climate change. Lucifer is lonely? What kind of shit is this priest saying. Find God will he still can be found...
Andre 3000
Andre 3000 15 dager siden
Honestly, I don't feel like they are following the Way. YeWaH
Kelly Cristina
Kelly Cristina 15 dager siden
o engraçado é q eles ficam com medo de como o padre vai reagir kkkkk
B R 15 dager siden
The world is not cristian. Not even Jesus was. Deal with it
Priyanthi Hemamali
Priyanthi Hemamali 15 dager siden
Fun thing is we doesn't expect your reaction😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.
Pastel Rosexx
Pastel Rosexx 15 dager siden
How do people just have blind faith.?
Pastel Rosexx
Pastel Rosexx 15 dager siden
God is evasive.
DE LIGHT 15 dager siden
Pseudo Nimo
Pseudo Nimo 16 dager siden
aí credo, é pecado achar esse padre bonitão? skskkssk
The Wilson family
The Wilson family 16 dager siden
I personally think this Priest doesn’t want to upset people. But I don’t see Anything with climate change about Lucifer and God and just evil things in this video it’s so sad how evil is right in front of us but we are not blind to see it. “She is not going to come out and say it was me worshiping the devil”
Monika 16 dager siden
That priest is finneeeeeee 🤭
been in this fandom longer than taehyung's forehead
been in this fandom longer than taehyung's forehead 16 dager siden
That comment about climate change and Jesus’s return... yeh I’ve never heard that one before lol
Joseph Aguilar
Joseph Aguilar 17 dager siden
lol, I thought I am seeing PACMAN.. but I am wrong.
aleyah green
aleyah green 17 dager siden
I would love to see you react to her explaining this song
Kirstie Campbell
Kirstie Campbell 18 dager siden
Chris : *is silent* Olly and Josh : it was at this moment, he knew. He f cked up
Jin's earth
Jin's earth 18 dager siden
This video reminded me of the book Fallen by Lauren Kate
Nick White
Nick White 18 dager siden
Satan was the one God would send out to punish man read Book of Job.
Micaela Ferreyro
Micaela Ferreyro 19 dager siden
4:26 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eudora 19 dager siden
What kind of priest is he? Is he an orthodox or catholic priest?
maroliisabel ariasarroyo
maroliisabel ariasarroyo 21 dag siden
hola ... te recomiendo que busques el traductor si no sabes hablar español . solo quería decir que tanto que he visto el video de Billie y nunca repare que se encontraban personas que bailan quemándose detrás de ella literalmente
shanmukhi shikaram
shanmukhi shikaram 21 dag siden
lol this video is proof that Christian people are more conservative than priests lol "she called god a she" "there is lot of ari theme" lollllllllllllllllll ok boomer!
Olivia McDaniel
Olivia McDaniel 22 dager siden
Please review Fallen Angel by Mass of Man
Trinity'sMessyDiary 23 dager siden
have yall had him react to nf...
Alex_ Moonrose
Alex_ Moonrose 23 dager siden
Hi I'm A dumb piece of shiiiii-
Cylas The Gagster
Cylas The Gagster 23 dager siden
This song ssssuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkksssssssssss
ENTP Bitch
ENTP Bitch 23 dager siden
,, hills burn in California my turn to ignore ya. Don't say I didn't warn ya,, is actually about climate change
Finger licking Good
Finger licking Good 24 dager siden
Ok but its not weird to call a girl a god
Richard Motta
Richard Motta 24 dager siden
Que padre lindo
Faby Figueroa
Faby Figueroa 24 dager siden
Este sacerdote me cae muy mal🤮
Patriciaa _
Patriciaa _ 26 dager siden
Haha.. Not to insult people.. but.. "he was an angel and felt out of heaven??" Hahaha.. i can't 🤣 .. But the priest seems so lovely!
Janis Foley
Janis Foley 27 dager siden
I've never seen your channel before. Loved this video... Is it weird to think you're all adorable? Priest and all? 😬
보리 28 dager siden
ㅋㅋ이 노래 사제님이 리뷰하는거 보고 싶었는데 역시ㅋㅋ있으셨어 재밌아요
Laura Piggy
Laura Piggy 28 dager siden
Priest: it’s like a James Bond thing Me: you clearly haven’t seen No time to die
SUN Flower
SUN Flower 29 dager siden
These people are so evil .., I would never let my children listen to this garbage. JESUS CHRIST IS KING
Sharon Seach
Sharon Seach 29 dager siden
Ollie you need to ask Rev to explain more to you
C Venter
C Venter 29 dager siden
This Pastor knows quite alot about the Bible. Thanks for helping the youth.
Luisa Save
Luisa Save 29 dager siden
eya es muy vonita yo soy fan de ella
klz prz
klz prz Måned siden
Not surprised he’s being so lukewarm about such a serious mockery of God. 🤦🏼‍♀️
N u r s e e s
N u r s e e s Måned siden
I would like him to react to the Lucifer series on Netflix ;)
Shanetta White
Shanetta White Måned siden
Are u really a pastor
Vania Lisa
Vania Lisa 16 dager siden
Yeah he is, is this your first time watching him?
Carmel Babitha
Carmel Babitha Måned siden
It's a thoughtful conversation
julie cooper
julie cooper Måned siden
So after the injection she turns to Lucifer.. ..that makes me think the injection the government is going to insist we have for covid...has something in it that affects your thinking....definitely not having it anyway.
Glen Berry
Glen Berry Måned siden
Elizabeth A.R
Elizabeth A.R Måned siden
Do u think Christians should listen to secular music?
Maria Christianie
Maria Christianie 16 dager siden
Nitya Konidala
Nitya Konidala Måned siden
Sharp Talks
Sharp Talks Måned siden
Religion is a man made thing to control people in a good way but now people use that to rule mankind that's the problem. I'm a Hindu I'm proud that's not Religion that's a way of life no restrictions for anyone. These stories in religions are just imaginations of ancient people they made this to create awareness . Stupid people take it in literal sense.
mademoiselle noir
mademoiselle noir Måned siden
”she’s referring to a god as she”... ummmm, so what? Why is god always referred to a man and that’s not weird at all? Annoying.
Vania Lisa
Vania Lisa 16 dager siden
God is neither she or he in my belief.. we never referred God as a he or she too..
Ronnie Ferguson
Ronnie Ferguson Måned siden
I freaking LOVE Reverend Chris! He’s awesome! 😭
Calorie free ice cream
Calorie free ice cream Måned siden
why is it weird to call god a "she" but it isn't weird to call it a "he" ? ...
Dm me to talk more About this to chosopia
Dm me to talk more About this to chosopia Måned siden
Yeah. The bible uses this word (he) when it talks about God, but, let's give a little gilmpse at this: God created the human beings and he created the genders, which means God is Creator and at the same time above both (cause he created them). He could have created other ones that we might not imagine, but he decided those two to be the ones. So, trying to limit God to a gender is kind of...Foolish?🤷🏻‍♀️. Actually, we humans try to limit everything to "understand it better" but as my brother John Piper says "God must not be analized and explain. He must be acclaimed and heralded and magnified". His power is just 🤯, trying to understand God with our human minds is like trying to fit 1000 + terabytes on a 1 gigabyte space 😬
Georgie Maw
Georgie Maw Måned siden
Makes me so happy that he’s not like most people and doesn’t think god is male
Claire sd
Claire sd Måned siden Did the Bible seem logical and can we actually understand it? The Bible is a mystery and written in the language of the kingdom of heaven that must be interpreted with the Bible. But most churches take the Bible only at the human level, picking out a verse and mixing moral lessons and philosophy into their sermons. Now, all sermons preaching lies differing from the Bible must be abolished! Hear what the Spirit says to the churches and turn from all lawlessness!
Stela Måned siden
He doesn't like when Billie/Ariana refer to God as a she, but he refers to God as a he all the time, even if he believes God has no gender. So why the hell is it soo problematic to call God a she but not a he? Like omg can you even hear yourself
Vania Lisa
Vania Lisa 16 dager siden
Have you even read the bible..
Just Saying
Just Saying Måned siden
@Elliot Davis I agree..
Elliot Davis
Elliot Davis Måned siden
Why do you think he doesn't like it? He didn't say that it's problematic at all lol
portzblitz Måned siden
Surprisingly good! Rev Chris is a bro here. Cheers 🥂
Danna Cisneros
Danna Cisneros Måned siden
Cece H
Cece H Måned siden
I wanna be friends with Ollie , he so funny
Srinwanti Das
Srinwanti Das Måned siden
From great evil comes great good
Prophets Among Us
Prophets Among Us Måned siden
You called the message of a devil worshiper "a good thing" and " a good message"?! You need to leave the Catholic church and REPENT! "Whoa to those who call good evil and evil good they will get their reward", you will have your own place in the lake of fire, please repent!
Garret Espenschied
Garret Espenschied Måned siden
This priest is more concerned with pleasing the viewers with worldy answers. That in itself is a little concerning.
lady tron
lady tron Måned siden
korean subtitle sucks. I hope they removed it duhhh...
Alison Chung
Alison Chung 28 dager siden
that’s literally like- more than half of the point of the channel.
Pelin Yurul
Pelin Yurul Måned siden
it's the reason of channel.
Kyle McQueeney
Kyle McQueeney Måned siden
50 cent
Christy Durham
Christy Durham Måned siden
God is Abba...meaning Father. No way you can get confused if God is a He/She if you read your Bible.
Yami Binuelo
Yami Binuelo Måned siden
This is such an abomination.
White Dreak
White Dreak Måned siden
Satan has a blue tick🤣🤣🤣
Panda Pup
Panda Pup Måned siden
It's this purposefully clueless and lame? I don't particularly like Billie's songs, but Gee, you're behaving like those USA puritans that were freaked out by Marilyn Manson in the 90s or like homeschooled evangelicals now. Maybe the type of boring Brits in the 70s who were horrified by punks, yet lamer bcs Billie's music and songs are the bubblegum pop of today. I'm mean yeah, they're alright, but they're the furthest from edgy. Some have a nice message and are plastered with emo fashion, def nothing to scream to the sky about. You're obviously exaggerating your reactions but probably not your cluelessness. I'd expect it from a couple or regular wankers, but from a priest? yikes. That creature is allowed to work at a church and lead a congregation of even more clueless people? At least he's not a p**o.
Alex Kongor
Alex Kongor Måned siden
'Lucifer has a blue tick' That's deep Chris, y'all should understand that
Fips Ogg
Fips Ogg Måned siden
I love how everytime some (I would call it) quite unhealthy aspects of some faith are brought up Rev Chris consistantly and unapollogetically goes: „That‘s just bad theology.“ and then very politely and to the point explains why they are unhealthy.
LocalRicallia !
LocalRicallia ! Måned siden
I was surprised when they said christians think that they don't need to do something about earth because god will just fix it like no offense but what the actual f? He already sacrificed his self ( or was it jesus? Idk if they're different people ) for us a long time ago, now they want him to fix OUR problems that WE made? Again? Humanity is really useless and i hate how i'm a human.
Gina Ciaglia
Gina Ciaglia Måned siden
juice wrld conversasions
Valentina Galvan
Valentina Galvan Måned siden
Them reacting to it👁👄👁🤏✝️🍶👈(holywater)
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