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We've found some actually Jolly good content on TikTok, so you don't have to!!
Shoutout to @probablyrobably_ for the brilliant video with the frog!
오늘은 틱톡이 막히기 전에 모두가 봤으면 하는 영상들을 꼽아봤어요..!! 그 와중에 올리는 틱톡 중독 돼가고 있는 건 안비밀...!!
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Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang
Special thanks to our Jollybean VIPs for supporting us in making this video!
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Reilly Willoughby
Zainab like Rain-ab B #JOLLY
N b
Citrus Quill
Martin Fisher
Laura Hipwell
Abhiram Boralkar
Charles Kim
Yekhonya Andrea
Boyo Mcboyo
Victor Koh
Rachel Champ
Pauli Ne
Darren Yong
Shae Dale
Joanne Ngo
Michael Zambrano
Lee Lam
Gloria Kwon
Jade Rain
Kevin Au
Lee Trick
Dillon Green
Bangtan Bois
Sarah Aherne
Drew Hester

Hieu Ngan Le Pham
Hieu Ngan Le Pham 5 dager siden
I really miss Jolly!!!!!! Will you be back????
Layne martin
Layne martin 6 dager siden
Emojis of the vid 🤗😂🥺😍🤪🤣🙃😆☹️😖😱😳😠🥰🙂🙃😐😍😀😃😄😱🙂😨😅😱😂🧐😍🙃😆🙂🤪😍😂😅😀😃😘😜😎🤮😀😃😶😨😶😑😐🙂😱😨😀😐😅😅😂😂😱😱😀😀😱😨😀😀😰😅😂🤨🤨🤣🤣😐🙂🤨
Rachel Crowson
Rachel Crowson 8 dager siden
Southern girl here. Take that back. "Biscuits & gravy". Y'all need Jesus.
Victoria Davies
Victoria Davies 10 dager siden
that guys mouth after eating the subway was like a black hole and WHO'S LAUGHING BEHIND THE CAMERA because its so infectious my face hurts. this video really cheered me up have another subscriber.
mentolpopsicle 11 dager siden
I miss jolly....
Daniel Scott
Daniel Scott 11 dager siden
4:12 i showed this to my dad and it made him laugh so much he started crying lol
Janine Elice Bukieda
Janine Elice Bukieda 13 dager siden
I'll watch all jolly / korean English videos again. Miss you jollybeans😢
YoonjiForPresident 15 dager siden
Now I want bubble tea
XBeautiful_NightmareX 16 dager siden
Is it just me or does boris sound like Mr bean when he says model buses 😂
Gabriella Rossi
Gabriella Rossi 16 dager siden
i just came for the baby squish
Connor Mackey
Connor Mackey 19 dager siden
Is free fiber
Psycho Beattle
Psycho Beattle 19 dager siden
Best channel
Alex 20 dager siden
I miss Jolly so much
Alison Connor
Alison Connor 22 dager siden
The blue shears intuitively smell because hyacinth problematically record concerning a lazy dictionary. abortive, outrageous tanzania
Grace Ignacio
Grace Ignacio 23 dager siden
Am I the only one who still watch their vids??
alexryder812 23 dager siden
i miss you guys:( hope to see you soon again
Ramish Qamar 62
Ramish Qamar 62 25 dager siden
Looking forward to new uploads soon....missing the bromance and the rivalry between the 'wives'
Vodaph0ne 25 dager siden
That guy at 3:38 sure knows how to make himself look like an idiot on the internet
Vodaph0ne 25 dager siden
1:40-1:45 It would a bit difficult (to say the least) for him to make model buses when he doesn't make them he just paints them
denden 28 dager siden
Am I the only one who couldn't keep my eyes off of Ollie's superior bubble tea straw placement? Just me? okay
Ken Fong
Ken Fong 29 dager siden
3:03 thats what she said
Music Lover
Music Lover Måned siden
Ollies first "bubble tea" is so adorable
Nyonzilla Måned siden
2:21 i craped myself
Double Stitch
Double Stitch Måned siden
The guy toasting the sandwich is my brother!
Katjya Braga
Katjya Braga Måned siden
Olly reminds me of that kid who played Merlin in The Kid Who Would Be King 😂 is it just me?
Diamond 0808
Diamond 0808 Måned siden
This video was ver ver vert ver verre vers vert ver vers !
Spudman1128 Måned siden
anyone watching this while drinking bubble tea
Halima Begum
Halima Begum Måned siden
Suppose it’s rather fitting that a TikTok ad came up whilst watching, watched the ad as to support you. I’m binge watching old vids as I miss you guys! Hope you come back if and when you’re ready.
Rain Reign
Rain Reign Måned siden
1:50 Black haired Rev Chris?
Marián Dill
Marián Dill Måned siden
We miss you guys :"c
Thomas- Connor Rogers- Peck
Thomas- Connor Rogers- Peck Måned siden
im american and thats a damn insult WE HAVE MONEY YOUR PRICK we buy are own gravy and heat up some tastey biscuits and you eat it and fall asleep warm and protected!
Se7enthson Måned siden
You guys should check out Furious Pete's video when he makes a subway sub cost $100 by just adding a ridiculous amount of extras, he also does the same but with Chipotle lol
Shubham Trivedi
Shubham Trivedi Måned siden
I miss Jolly
David Bennett
David Bennett 2 måneder siden
in case anyone is wondering, an animal VERY similar to a chicken laid the first actual chicken egg, THUS sayeth the scientists.....
Catherine REN
Catherine REN 2 måneder siden
8:34 yes, it was
Brent Lockhart
Brent Lockhart 2 måneder siden
come back
dragon slayer
dragon slayer 2 måneder siden
I actullay farted while it was dead silent in gym besides the gym teacher talking
Tony was at TWICELIGHT 2019
Tony was at TWICELIGHT 2019 2 måneder siden
According to the Bible chicken came first
MaidaLissett 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one that thinks Josh looks kind of young Tom Cruise and Ollie looks like Josh O'Connor?
Shubham Trivedi
Shubham Trivedi 3 måneder siden
Came here to say that I miss Jolly
Luiza Marcos Reis
Luiza Marcos Reis 3 måneder siden
7:25 petition for jolly to recreate this tiktok
Caitlin deAmbra
Caitlin deAmbra 3 måneder siden
If you liked the bottles, check out nopost.info/throw/rdPNp323lKpyaac/video
ChokeNut 3 måneder siden
i miss josh, ollie and gabie.... and brie
Kristalyn Garcia
Kristalyn Garcia 3 måneder siden
Cant really explain how you guyss really made my day complete.. all contents are just soo entertaining and as at the same time made me learn hangul 💜💜 GREAT JOBB GUYS!! Wish to see ypu guys!!💟💟 -lovee lotss from PHILIPPINES!!✨❤
Melissa D
Melissa D 3 måneder siden
Lol hilarious
Ambergris 3 måneder siden
My nose smells tho
瞳Hitomi 3 måneder siden
My abs are shining since I've subscribed on this channel.
G P 3 måneder siden
The Boris clip is like listening to Biden while watching Trump speak the words lol.
A J N 4 måneder siden
Am I the only one that has just realised that when you combine Josh and Ollie it kind of sounds like Jolly...
Sarah Melina PARENT
Sarah Melina PARENT 4 måneder siden
French people agreed : it’s hilarious ! 🇫🇷
Natewanttobattle Theworld
Natewanttobattle Theworld 4 måneder siden
Dont watch indonesia tiktok cause it cringe. Very cringe
tsukipuppy 4 måneder siden
It was always the woman who laughs at the background that gets me every single time. HAHAHAHA
Stephanie Dawn
Stephanie Dawn 4 måneder siden
3:42 the realization on Ollie’s face😂
Sarah L
Sarah L 4 måneder siden
I was feeling very down today and this video put smiles back on my face. May the Lord put back smiles and laughter back to you Josh & Oille and co. I will always be subscribed to this and the KorEnglishman channel too!!!
Greek Geek
Greek Geek 4 måneder siden
Noooo!! Don’t ruin biscuits and gravy for me!
Jessica Peyton
Jessica Peyton 4 måneder siden
POV: the biscuits and gravy thing was offensive to southerners
Charsen Art
Charsen Art 4 måneder siden
the ver ver one got me 😂😂
AGZ Freddy 1983
AGZ Freddy 1983 4 måneder siden
Ollies best story for the day
caitlin bennett
caitlin bennett 4 måneder siden
I'm honestly disappointed every time I watch one of your meme episodes now and Grace is not in it :( so much love to that fabulous laugh!
Nadia 4 måneder siden
As a French person, the TikTok about French was so funny to me !!!
손유정 4 måneder siden
영국 개그는 언제봐도 ... 정말 ... 뭐라할랫지 ... 언제봐도 즈알 ... 새롭다 ... 응 ...
Rachel Dharmasiri
Rachel Dharmasiri 4 måneder siden
8:06 As a French speaker from Québec, I find it hilarious because that's how I imagine my non-French speaking parents hear me and my brother speak 😂😂😂 But I TRULY never noticed how many similar sounding words we had in French because I hear the difference 😂😂😂
Archangel_Omega 4 måneder siden
Everytime I can hear grace laugh now. It's really iconic
Tinitottz 4 måneder siden
But it'd only be banned in the US
petrik ngambek
petrik ngambek 4 måneder siden
If Tik Tok is blocked in Indonesia? There will be no such thing as CRINGEEEEEEEEEE
Syaharani 11
Syaharani 11 4 måneder siden
Who always laughing in back? Her laugh is adorable 🤣
Cassandra Hepp
Cassandra Hepp 4 måneder siden
Worked at a pizza place for a long time. During shift change someone put a large pepperoni pizza in the oven (actual brick oven, not one of those conveyer things) and forgot to tell anyone. 4 hours later someone realizes there's a pizza in th bottom oven (we were slow enough to only have been usimg the top oven). It was a perfect circle of black with perfect circular little black pepperoni on it. They cut it and it was black all the way through 😅.
Cavidan Karadağ
Cavidan Karadağ 4 måneder siden
2:24 I do the same reaction
Terrisa Brashear
Terrisa Brashear 4 måneder siden
so wrong. fly me out and I will make homemade biscuits and white gravy for you.
NY H 4 måneder siden
Dear Ollie, and your "American Biscuits and Gravy " Bless your heart dear 😂😂😂 I think the recipe got lost in translation across the pond 🤦‍♀️😂😂😂
Mariana Millan
Mariana Millan 4 måneder siden
You do look like that kid from brave jajajajajaja
Ellen L
Ellen L 4 måneder siden
No one Not even that racist orange Not even a thing Me: staring at the bubble tea that the guy is holding
DW BH 5 måneder siden
막대기까지 갈은것에서 엄청 터졌어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 강아지가 선풍기 돌리는거에선 오우와우아..!!
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon 5 måneder siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel. I think he would have some interesting insights.
Peaceful Blooms
Peaceful Blooms 5 måneder siden
That was funny guys! 😂
Attune Flows
Attune Flows 5 måneder siden
tik tok and bubble tea... so perfect!
angeleyes green
angeleyes green 5 måneder siden
His American biscuits and gravy recipe needs to be tried at the Hague
zed.k. 5 måneder siden
*her laugh*
e - Love
e - Love 5 måneder siden
Sorry... but does anyone else hear "...I'm Molly"? Hi Molly!!!
Renatha Soares
Renatha Soares 5 måneder siden
6:58 I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING??!??!!??!!?@?@¥+*(×@*
Redefined Living
Redefined Living 5 måneder siden
ollie, the one who is not easily amused with the wholesome memes get easily flustered by baby memes lol his dad is showing
강상헌 5 måneder siden
한국 고전영상이지만 맹꽁이랑 대화하는 남자도 완전 웃긴대ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 딱 틱톡에 올라갈만한 영상ㅋㅋㅋ
Djessie Bolks
Djessie Bolks 5 måneder siden
Alternate title: "Some more private information for tiktok to sell before it is blocked"
Clary Hustles
Clary Hustles 5 måneder siden
Are they banning tiktok in the UK too??
Cactus ROOT
Cactus ROOT 5 måneder siden
8:35 I did.
YouFlow 5 måneder siden
Thanks for a JOLLY good laugh!!!
Carnie Jung
Carnie Jung 5 måneder siden
Well I am super happy I might be late to work now.
Nick Izzard
Nick Izzard 5 måneder siden
Best fart I've ever witnessed, was my Doberman. She was curled up on her mat under the TV, nose under her back legs, asleep. Then she let one of the loudest ones I've ever heard go, and startled herself awake😂😂
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson 5 måneder siden
your uncle mows your tuna = ton tonton tond ton thon
soyothedanny 5 måneder siden
마지막 비스켓과 그래이비 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 싸우자는건가요? (저 미국인)
I don't need no name
I don't need no name 5 måneder siden
If y'all riding know the chicken came first
Hajra Talib
Hajra Talib 5 måneder siden
Omg i died when wee dingwall came up he looks exactly like him 😂😂😂😂😂
B0uP!3 5 måneder siden
aand it was banned. BUT it's not banned in Canada!
?? 5 måneder siden
앜ㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋ 이거 보려고 했는데 틱톡 광고 나왔어요ㅋㄲㅋ
Jun Yeop Lee
Jun Yeop Lee 5 måneder siden
2:38~2:49 what do you make? 뭘 만드세요? (강한 주장, Strong opinion)
박재현 5 måneder siden
Connor Anderson
Connor Anderson 5 måneder siden
straight tiktok is so boring
Robyn Alice
Robyn Alice 5 måneder siden
I'm not all French people but I do find it hilarious
Dani Barrero
Dani Barrero 5 måneder siden
Is that model bus guy British Donald Trump??
dr gabzini
dr gabzini 5 måneder siden
happy not anymore last day of tiktok day!
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