British Priest Reacts to "DANK CHRISTIAN MEMES"?!!

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Today we invite Rev. Chris to take another jolly look at some dank Christian memes
See Rev. Chris learn what lmao means and review more memes here here:
오늘은 크리스 신부님과 함께 기독교짤을 살펴봅니다.
크리스 신부님께서 영어로 “현웃터짐”이 무슨 뜻인지 깨닫게된 영상이 궁금하시면 아래의 링크에서 확인하세요:
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Niki År siden
never forget kids: *the heart is good but it can attack*
Luo Yistin.Y
Luo Yistin.Y Måned siden
Greatest quote
Dionny Natanuel
Dionny Natanuel Måned siden
we need this on shirt XDD
Ezekiel / EZFM
Ezekiel / EZFM 2 måneder siden
Soo9. A *heart attack*
cora bloem
cora bloem 2 måneder siden
As a teenager I got a poster that said fallow your heart but take your brain with you. And it really helpt.
Dinosaur Nuggets
Dinosaur Nuggets 2 måneder siden
It protec, it attac, but most importantly dont trust its lies
kovots Dag siden
I'm not Christian (or religious) but I can't stop watching videos with Rev. Chris; I really like the way he interprets religious stuff.
RoseRed 456
RoseRed 456 2 dager siden
Yami Horus Drako Angelus
Yami Horus Drako Angelus 2 dager siden
I came back to this after watching rev Chris playing Doom. Aren't there any "Eat my holiness!" memes yet?
Mikayla Douglas
Mikayla Douglas 2 dager siden
I don't why but it's a joke with me and my friends at church that when something moderately inconvient happens like... lets say dropping a pen, we'll just look up and be like, "Jesus, why have you forsaken me." And when one of us accidently did this in front of the youth pastors, just stares at us like he's so confused about what's happening. Or accidently saying Jesus Christ when something scares us and just adding "my lord and savior" after it. Like I know thats bad and I try really hard not to do it, but when I do I feel like he can't be AS mad at me. That makes absolutely no sense but it makes me feel better so shhhhh.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 dager siden
1:07 That’s a dilophosaurus nasty little creatures when threatened they can spray a deadly and blinding venom if it gets in your eyes it causes blindness they usually travel in packs
OtterWithAGun 4 dager siden
Is it me or is Rev. Getting more handsome with each video.
Kiran Harvancik
Kiran Harvancik 4 dager siden
i have depression and watch for the wholsome
Attolianz 5 dager siden
I've watched this so many times and it still makes me laugh loudly. Thanks, Jolly team!
Taigafaiya 5 dager siden
Christian dank memes in a church ?
Elizabeth Hamman
Elizabeth Hamman 6 dager siden
I woke up mid text with a “Graeme”.... I DONT KNOW ONE!! And I live in the US so it’s not a common name!
Glitch 6 dager siden
Can Rev. Chris react to LGBTQ+ memes and other LGBTQ+ stuff?
Pangurban 6 dager siden
"The heart is good but it can attack"😂😂😂
Luisa Ramos
Luisa Ramos 7 dager siden
I generally fiercely against catholic/christian content. BUT Rev Chris7 is such a nice person that I can look past that general aversion and enjoy his wisdom. Same happens when I listen to Pope Francis. In general are sound, loving, sensible people with great wisdom to share and I can appreciate that!
Charlie Devlin
Charlie Devlin 8 dager siden
You guys just made my day :)
Samantha45 star
Samantha45 star 9 dager siden
You can see the sun going down lol
Camila 9 dager siden
If rev chris was in my church i’ll never stop going
Shadow Cloak
Shadow Cloak 9 dager siden
0:25 As a Muslim, I can say this is the most relatable thing ever
Maskter 10 dager siden
My wife is a Lawyer in the Future and I don't know yet what name she have and I don't know if she know me also.
Shawn Wales
Shawn Wales 10 dager siden
Henry VIII wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon. The Pope said no, mainly because he had already given Henry an exception to marry her in the first place (she was originally to be married to his brother Arthur.
gavin linville
gavin linville 11 dager siden
Texas NOSE IT !!!
Civetta Dalish
Civetta Dalish 12 dager siden
American here! Time for a brief history lesson for Ollie: Henry the VIII wanted to get a divorce from Catherine of Aragon to marry Anne Boleyn and this resulted initially in multiple attempts and stalling attempts it was referred to Rome. Where it would not be decided in Henry’s favor as in addition to the political issues in England there were other major international issues on the continent such as Catherine’s nephew the Holy Roman Emperor having held him Hostage for a good amount of time and that threat still over his head. In addition it it thought my many historians that Henry would get frustrated by the situation and just find a ‘new mistress’ as that is what they though was going on despite the fact that by at this point the relationship had been going on for 10 years.
Kyleigh Pleiman
Kyleigh Pleiman 13 dager siden
Does anyone else get strong Daniel Radcliffe vibes from Chris?
TheRiceG 13 dager siden
4:46 And now... He's a priest!
Meemserelli 14 dager siden
1:48 Basic "Catholic" (Roman catholic & all the rites in full communion with Rome, Eastern Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Anglican, Episcopal, etc) theology be like: Active will vs. permissive will
Cathy 15 dager siden
When he said henry the eigth wanted to get divorced from anne boleyn I yelled "CATHERINE OF ARAGON!"
Sally Philpin
Sally Philpin 16 dager siden
Henry VIII actually wanted to DIVORCE Catherine of Aragon in order to MARRY Anne Boleyn. I'm surprised that a religious person didn't know the facts behind the creation of the Church of England when even a Pagan like me knows it.
LCJ 16 dager siden
Martin Mwangi
Martin Mwangi 17 dager siden
imagine God coming down from heaven and says "it's pronounced Jod" and then left
Catherine Paci
Catherine Paci 17 dager siden
The priest and his brother: We were bad. But now we're good.
C 18 dager siden
In my family, we say "Hail Mary, full of grace, help me find a parking place"
Violently Richard
Violently Richard 18 dager siden
That was a best with Priest Chris when u found a meme
Micaela Ferreyro
Micaela Ferreyro 18 dager siden
emokidsij 18 dager siden
Me: Rev Chris can take me to church any Sunday 😜😂 Also me: begins wondering whether you can go to hell for making thirsty comments about Rev Chris 😳😅
BoxedInGaming 20 dager siden
So the USA nuking hiroshima and nagasaki was god’s plan if it was told by one of *those* christians?
Vanguard King Bt
Vanguard King Bt 18 dager siden
Neither is by America stupidity
Justsomegirlwhosimpsforhanakolevimitsuba lol
Justsomegirlwhosimpsforhanakolevimitsuba lol 20 dager siden
That moment when i realized they are in a church: 👁👄👁
ha i
ha i 21 dag siden
천주교여 기독교여...?
Aadya 21 dag siden
We need him to react to "in a heartbeat "😭🏳️‍🌈
Suga_Army4life 21 dag siden
When I was baptized the priest told me to hold my breath, he turned around and started a whole conversation while I'm standing in freezing cold water. As soon as I let my breath go he dunked me under.....I saw my life flash before my eyes. I was seven, the adults there laughed and decided to dunk me again saying extra measure. Everyone was having fun besides me:(
Aurora Castro
Aurora Castro 21 dag siden
At what point did Daenarys get the dragons?! LOL
Maryam Mogga
Maryam Mogga 23 dager siden
Ollie: Only phsycho's saying its god's plan when there's a natural disaster. Muslims: triggered. pleases don't say that I can believe in what I believe and you can believe in what you believe without insulting anybody because as a Muslim I am very offended. Muslims believe in destiny good and bad and it's one of our main principles of faith. Please research before you call anybody a phsycho . with Luv
Shenazar J. Gill
Shenazar J. Gill 21 dag siden
Mohammad married a 9 year old,sooooo....maybe think about the fact that you're following a fucking psycho before claiming you aren't a psycho.
Rich Dandanell
Rich Dandanell 26 dager siden
This is all cute and everything , But how can we test and verify your particular god even exists ? Considering there are so many other competing religions and gods . There needs to be away to verify which god claim is true , if any are true at all . Without verification how can anyone rationally believe any god claim ? .
Rich Dandanell
Rich Dandanell 7 dager siden
@Vanguard King Bt That must be the single most stupid statement I've heard in a long time . If you don't believe in science , Then why are you using electronic devices ? You idiotic hypocrite . All electronics and modern medicine and pretty much everything we use are products of science and the scientific method . Geez how dumb can you be ?
Rich Dandanell
Rich Dandanell 18 dager siden
@Vanguard King Bt Been there done that . Besides you asked .
Vanguard King Bt
Vanguard King Bt 18 dager siden
@Rich Dandanell I don't believe in science but you don't see me bitching about it
Vanguard King Bt
Vanguard King Bt 18 dager siden
Welcome to the human race my friend
Rich Dandanell
Rich Dandanell 18 dager siden
@Vanguard King Bt Even if it's false , irrational , harmful or delusional ? These are full grown adults making decisions and taking actions and voting on candidates and legislation . All based on belief's in Iron age stories and god claims that have absolutely no verifiable evidence to back them up . These belief's also contradicted all the discoveries and evidence mankind has acquired and learned about nature , the universe and reality . Letting people believe in anything no matter how ridiculous , unfounded or harmful . Is not only dangerous to the believers , it's dangerous to everyone . It also fosters a society that favors mythology over science and ignorance over knowledge . One look at human history will show you how that goes . There is nothing wrong with challenging questionable belief's or any kind for that matter . And the more extraordinary the claim or belief the more important it is to challenge them . We don't live in a vacuum , ya know .
Tristan Lang malakas
Tristan Lang malakas 26 dager siden
Imagine being the reason this priest can’t make it to heaven is because of this vids
Mercy Ngare
Mercy Ngare 27 dager siden
really fun priest
Brett's Hair
Brett's Hair 27 dager siden
"Henry XIII wanted to get divorced from Anne Bolelyn?" *INHALES-* I'M THAT BOLEYN GIRL AND I'M UP NEXT SEE I-
Miranda Scott
Miranda Scott 27 dager siden
The No, Luke I am your father one is what they actually say in the movie well they say no I am your father not Luke I am your father
Miranda Scott
Miranda Scott 27 dager siden
That’s so funny about the slides in church so true
Dr. Zaius
Dr. Zaius 28 dager siden
3:10 Anakin Skywalker followed his heart, ended up killing a bunch of younglings
Pierre Adam Bulger
Pierre Adam Bulger Måned siden
Rev Chris needs his beard back , just sayin' !
Francis&Fawn /Catholic&Danish
Francis&Fawn /Catholic&Danish Måned siden
When seeing someone sitting shoulder to shoulder gives you culture shock vibes. Aaah the good old days where social distancing wasn’t a thing! 😫😫😫
kwekkiebv Måned siden
Please let him watch some vids from the bread boys channel
shannon menendez
shannon menendez Måned siden
Jose Arreguin
Jose Arreguin Måned siden
My friend: *dies* Murderer at the trial: “Gods plan”
Blob Fish
Blob Fish Måned siden
Is it me or does everything seem louder in a church like if you do a golf clap it sounds like an applause for the Oscars
BrognusBelgen Måned siden
Xmas comes from the Greek Spelling of Christ, Χριστός I literally don't understand why it's controversial, in 'Murrica.
Melly Rara
Melly Rara Måned siden
How u sleep and wake up praying tho?😂😂
Marija Perkovic
Marija Perkovic Måned siden
Best way to descrube Gods plan: its not the God that makes bad things happen to you, He makes bad things have the outcome that is the best for you. He works with what is given.
Sleepytubbs Måned siden
I think there's something wrong with my heart cuz all it says is "lubdub lubdub lubdub" Is this normal and what should i make of this. I am very concerned
Liana Mae Johnson
Liana Mae Johnson Måned siden
Violet Måned siden
3:10 the moral of the story is that the chances of your heart leading you down the wrong path are low, but never zero
rbl205 Måned siden
Hello! I'm an American, and I would just like to say that I'm only 34 seconds in and I'm in the same boat as the priest! I try my best to be a good Christian, of course I have my faults, but I try my best. And there have been so many times that I have actually found myself waking up and praying! It's crazy, but yes, it does actually happen! As they would say across the pond, "Good on ya, father"!
Techno_Magnus Måned siden
LOOK at the trackpad on that laptop!
Blanca Måned siden
Honestly I don't think instinct is the same as heart. I think Jesus referred a lot to the heart. "There is a mystical current centered on the person of Jesus Christ, who conceived of the heart as the vital centre and expression of his total self-giving and love. Hence the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I believe we should differentiate between the passionate emotions of the ego and the pure feelings of the heart, which come from the soul. And therefore from God
Tim Dewulf
Tim Dewulf Måned siden
David Jennings
David Jennings Måned siden
That is the shit part of Christian ideology. No people aren't broken, your beliefs are.
Goose Måned siden
The book implies that yoga isn't Christian
The Loading Cat
The Loading Cat Måned siden
I was in love and i was coward, so when i got her in front of me i told to my Heart: - Ok! time to atack! And i woke up on the hospital.
Alyssa McFarland
Alyssa McFarland Måned siden
I think my philosophy is, “Listen to your heart, your brain, and your gut. If they are generally pointing in a certain way, go through it. If they’re all going in a different direction, you’re screwed.”
Annewint Måned siden
Please god more🤭
I Am bored
I Am bored Måned siden
Cusy Craft
Cusy Craft Måned siden
3:58 I'm not British but I get the joke I'm dying of laughter
Indecisive SIMP-leton
Indecisive SIMP-leton Måned siden
but what about all the voices in my head saying to kill people and pin it on people i don't like? This is only a joke i would never *unless....* Nah jk jk
Susana Castelo
Susana Castelo Måned siden
About The Pope, the wind was being mischevous moving his clothes. 🤭
IdentityTheftIsNotAJokeJim Måned siden
"For those of you who don't know English History" Laughs in Theatre Kid/ Six the Musical Fan
Toni Måned siden
El Desván De Dan
El Desván De Dan Måned siden
I only clicked on this video to say... How dare this priest to have such a good looking beard, it's sinful lmao 🤣 sorry
Ezio Auditorium
Ezio Auditorium Måned siden
Joe is outside your house.... Who's Joe? Joe lord and saviour Jesus Christ
210 subs, 0 videos? Challenge accepted
210 subs, 0 videos? Challenge accepted Måned siden
4:56. When my cat sees a bobble
TL Young
TL Young Måned siden
But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: Matthew 15:18‭-‬19 KJV
Sarz93 Måned siden
“Let me ask you something. If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient? If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous? If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them opportunities to love each other?” Best quote from Evan Almighty tbh, too many people get pissy at god for the failures in their life but at the same time don’t get off their arse to make it happen, it’s not how god works bro.
Audrey Gracen
Audrey Gracen 15 dager siden
Sounds like just do it yourself with more steps. No thank you
Blanca Måned siden
Exactly. Thank you. I loved this line in the movie and for it's so real. God gives us the perfect opportunities to be the highest versions of ourselves
Starry Night Gacha
Starry Night Gacha Måned siden
"Listen to your heart!" If I listened to my heart, I would be the world's most dangerous assassin and I would kill my victims via Deadly Nightshade. And I would also be living in a caravan touring the Americas
Samantha Messerer
Samantha Messerer Måned siden
Henry VIII and his six wives.
Abraham Zayed
Abraham Zayed Måned siden
I really REALLY like this priest, he sound like a great guy.
Ahmet B.
Ahmet B. Måned siden
Aw man this is kinda sad now because r/dankchristianmemes is banned because of the stupid mods
08HuskyBoyYT Måned siden
👁👄👁 Hello If you see this Like God will always love you
E T Måned siden
I write Xmass, because write Christmass and why is it Christmas if you celebrate Christ Mass. Writes the mostly atheist agnostic who goes to church for Easter, Christmass, weddings and funerals.
PikachuEatsASMR Måned siden
omG i just realised Josh,Olly JOLLY . My life is a lie
SHINE Pau pau
SHINE Pau pau Måned siden
I know this is old but I really hope that that man isn’t anti LGBTQ+ cause I will be so fing upset.
Kyle Parish
Kyle Parish Måned siden
Anyone else notice the gay pride belt??
WeebAiden Måned siden
This kinda made me want to convert back to Christianity just because the priest is really nice and cool... I grew up in the South and gay... You can imagine what my interactions with churches. I was once forced up front to be prayed over by a whole congregation to ‘get the demon out of me.’ Kinda freaked me out as a kid...
Kristen Le
Kristen Le Måned siden
The X in Xmas actually comes from the Greek letter "Chi" which is first letter in the Greek word for Christ.
Enis Sanchez
Enis Sanchez Måned siden
best priest eu
Torikki Jinx
Torikki Jinx Måned siden
4:00 is one of the hilarious MOODS of all time. My classmates and I laugh about it when we discussed it during world history (I'm from ph so yeah) and its like being "noped" so you created an entire new religion to avoid that "nope".
Amos Zahau
Amos Zahau Måned siden
Are they all christian? Including Ollie and Josh?
Chelsea C
Chelsea C Måned siden
I'm late to the game but the History teacher in me was triggered with the Henry VIII divorce. Catherine of Aragon!
Tobito Flare
Tobito Flare Måned siden
XMas was actually made by a group of persecuted Christians, I think, so with that...
Roxanne Vienna
Roxanne Vienna Måned siden
Henry the 8th wanted to divorce Catharine of Aragon so he could marry Anne Boleyn.
정소희 Måned siden
비추가 왜 이렇게 많죠? Why are there so many dislikes?
Hellenic Daemon Λανσε ランス
Hellenic Daemon Λανσε ランス Måned siden
"Merry Xmas" In the old Greek (and in the Late Roman Empire), the Letter X is "Chi", and is the first letter of "Christ", so i think it's okay to used Xmas.
Sown Intergral
Sown Intergral Måned siden
I am a athiest but if people like this guy existed there would be not hate Towards people from other religions
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