Building the ULTIMATE Cardboard Castle for my Quarantined 2 year old!!

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7 måneder siden

4 weeks stuck inside isn’t exactly a cup of tea for a 2 year old full of energy... so today we decide to take action and build Juno an exciting little surprise during her nap time!
For those of you who’ve missed our weekly live quarantined updates, in order that we can keep making videos our PD Grace has moved in with Ollie, Jordan has moved in with Josh, and Josh and Ollie are going back and forth from each others’ houses ONLY (we’re literally neighbours 😂). Sepi is working from home, and we’re all trying to stay as safe as possible while essentially group quarantining! Stay at home, and stay safe people.
4주간 실내에만 있어야 하는 상황은 에너지가 넘치는 2살 아기에겐 즐겁지 않은 일이죠... 그래서 오늘은 저희가 직접 나서서 주노가 낮잠을 자는 동안 아주 신나는 깜짝 선물을 만들어 주기로 했답니다!
저희의 주간 격리 소식을 놓치신 분들을 위해 알려드리자면, 저희가 계속 영상을 만들기 위해 저희 PD인 그레이스는 올리 집에서 함께 지내기로 했고, 조던은 조쉬 집에서 지내면서 오직 서로의 집만 오가기로 했어요!(저희는 이웃사촌이에요😂) 세피는 재택근무 중이고, 저희도 최대한 안전하게 지내면서 사실상 저희끼리 격리중이랍니다! 여러분 모두 집에서 안전하게 지내시길 바라요!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

hyun Y
hyun Y 14 dager siden
I miss all of you guy's
서요셉 14 dager siden
Hana Ahn
Hana Ahn 21 dag siden
Miss you juno
Evy 25 dager siden
Josh is just great with Juno and i love that these guys are in quarantaine together
Crying cet
Crying cet 26 dager siden
Josh: Juno, this is your magic castle :D Juno: *......b a l l*
Alicia Pouw
Alicia Pouw 29 dager siden
At this point i rather meet juno than every other celebrity
Laura Hussain
Laura Hussain Måned siden
I love how Josh loves Juno 💗💗
서요셉 Måned siden
주노..예쁘고 귀여워요!♥
Kim Måned siden
올리가 더 재밌어하는거같애 ㅋㅋㅋ
Ur local Army
Ur local Army Måned siden
찌릿 Måned siden
와 여자분 창의력 진짴ㅋㅋ쿠ㅜㅜㅜㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅎㅋㅋㅋㅋㅅㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ashleigh Modglin
Ashleigh Modglin Måned siden
I want a castle. It’d have to be big enough for a 16 yr old, but I want a castle.
Ashleigh Modglin
Ashleigh Modglin Måned siden
My niece hasn’t see another child in six months and she’s two and a half. Every time she sees another kid and we tell them she can’t go play with them, she looks at us, nods her head, and says: yeah because of the virus. But she’s dealing pretty well overall.
so dizzy
so dizzy Måned siden
Great gift for your child! 20years ago I also made my daughters a house with refrigerator boxes. It was a real hit with all the children in the neighborhood!
이지안 Måned siden
이게 벌써 5개월 전이구나..,,,
seatbelttruck Måned siden
Permanent memories from age 2? Possible, but iffy. The closer she is to 3 the more likely it'll stick. But even if she doesn't remember it, I'm sure she'll love seeing this video when she's older :)
Monsieur Morales
Monsieur Morales Måned siden
So many British accents... What will happen to my American accent?!
imsxrxh Måned siden
So natural for a kid's eye to see smth he or she is familiar with first, than everything else which isnt....her reaction is so so precious
Sagar Chaudhary
Sagar Chaudhary Måned siden
Everyone making the castle. Ollie : must make the eye of soron 😂😂😂🤣🤣
hania ul ain
hania ul ain Måned siden
When Josh says awww it resembles the sound of shaggy.🤣
moon heesux
moon heesux Måned siden
주노 정말 예쁘고 귀엽다
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon Måned siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel.
Bridget Nabulya
Bridget Nabulya Måned siden
Juno is so sweet for this era ...l wish God bless me with such a kid
Felicia Lintang
Felicia Lintang Måned siden
Juno :"what is this?" I'm laugh a lot 🤣
shecutie Måned siden
i just LOOVE how at first she's confused but then immediately loves it 😂😂
Haley Sings 노래하는 헤일리
Haley Sings 노래하는 헤일리 Måned siden
When Juno said: Hello daddy: it’s so freaking cute!
Silence-is-bliss Måned siden
Kirst en
Kirst en Måned siden
for my family this would be in reverse,me and my cousin’s would make this and my mom would get mad and make us clean it up..
김예손 Måned siden
주노가 너무 사랑스러워요❤️
Blink Once Buddies #ReVeluv
Blink Once Buddies #ReVeluv Måned siden
I need to hear Juno learn "You're an idiot" from Josh and say it to Ollie
Blink Once Buddies #ReVeluv
Blink Once Buddies #ReVeluv Måned siden
@Meghna Rajesh when you said that I just thought about the snowman Ollie thing
Meghna Rajesh
Meghna Rajesh Måned siden
Well she does say "funny daddy". That's like her equivalent for calling him an idiot
prometheus Måned siden
5:33 and 6:27 . I am speechless.
ナカキン 2 måneder siden
너무 마음 이 예쁜 사람들이 많이 있습니다 영상 보면 나도행 복 합 니다 엄마 아빠 삼촌 가비이모 신분님 가족 모두 함께 행복한 삶을 살고 있는 사람들 영원히 기억할게요
히히 2 måneder siden
우와!진짜 잘만드셨다!!
안성주 2 måneder siden
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ사우론의눈은 결국 마지막까지 있네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Martabak manis
Martabak manis 2 måneder siden
Juno is blonde..? But Ollie and Lizzy aren't, right?
yykk n
yykk n 2 måneder siden
오 굿...창의력 상상력...주노 공주님...😉😄
안연 2 måneder siden
대박이다.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그리고 좋은 건 뭐든 함께 하고 어려워 보이면 도우려는 천사 주노ㅠㅠ💛🍍💛 밖에서 밀어주고 안에서 끌어주네.ㅋㅋㅋ 영상마다 한결 같이 천사 같아요.
Random Videos 101
Random Videos 101 2 måneder siden
i would have LOVED IT if i would have had that when i was little
Kane 2 måneder siden
they edited out the kiss with daddy. 9:40 - i don't know if it's too personal, inappropriate or whatever...that kind of censoring...the highlight of the video - censored! - it's not about the cardboard castle!
김지윤 2 måneder siden
주노가 부러워지는 영상😭 주노 반응이 너무 귀엽잖아💖🙈🥰ㅠㅠ
Kompetẹnz 2 måneder siden
보여주기 위한 영상 인듯 전혀 재미없씀. 가식적임. 남자들 너무 호들갑 쓰러움. 특히 죠쉬. 어린 아이의 철들면, 없어 지는 아주 순수한 언어와 표현, 반응 을 재미있고, 신기하게 생각하지,.어른들 이 쥐어짜낸, 가식적인 스토리는 볼 가치가 없 슴. 뉴스 보는 것이 훨씬 더 좋음.
Heather Macdonald
Heather Macdonald 2 måneder siden
When I was little my mum made a pirate ship out of the dining table and some boxes ect and I loved it, still remember now, and im 27, she doesn't tho lol.
호ᄒTazz 2 måneder siden
she completely shattered the bgm by saying "what's this, ooh is that my ball? I want my ball back" 😂😂😂😂
MetalRockKat 2 måneder siden
Juno is such a beautiful baby inside out. Her personality is amazing, can already see what a kind-hearted adult she’ll be in future. The castle is honestly awesome - would love one of my own tbh or for my cat aha 😁 you all have a rare beautiful bond with each other and the little cutie, such a wholesome warming video c: hope you’re all well and safe! Hugs from London xx
Radiansyah Marwah
Radiansyah Marwah 2 måneder siden
I really wish i could see juno react to this video when she is grown up in the future, it's gonna be so awesome. Btw im kinda surprised grace is the one sugesting to make the eye of sauron 😂😂
Arishad Purnama
Arishad Purnama 2 måneder siden
Josh would make such a great parent. And Ollie.. Well, he needs parents supervision 😂
Y.J Kim
Y.J Kim 2 måneder siden
가슴따뜻해지는 영상이야요😊👍😊
Why You TouCHiNg My SauSaGe
Why You TouCHiNg My SauSaGe 2 måneder siden
You're an amazing dad Ollie
Bayu Rhegiana
Bayu Rhegiana 2 måneder siden
Juno : " what is this?" Josh and Ollie : 👁👄👁
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas 2 måneder siden
I love seeing Lizzie in videos!
이종원 2 måneder siden
어른들이랑 놀아주기 힘들다
M Soda
M Soda 2 måneder siden
Good parenting right there
uroprop 2 måneder siden
shes super sweet and smart..amazing parental job...old soul vibes
이랄랄 2 måneder siden
진짜 아무나 못 하는데 주노 사랑하는 게 너무 잘 느껴지고 따뜻하네요ㅠㅠㅠ 진짜 좋다
Taochi 2 måneder siden
wholesome content.
l i l y t h e m o o n
l i l y t h e m o o n 2 måneder siden
Erqiung 3 måneder siden
Juno is the most adorable baby in the world, she’s so sweet and her little voice is so freaking CUUUUTE 😭💖
Mayan 3 måneder siden
"we've got to be REALLY quiet..." proceeds to do impression of an earthquake
Fara Yaman
Fara Yaman 3 måneder siden
In 2042, I would still be subscribed to Jolly, see a video (or live VR, who knows) with adult Juno reacting to futuristic oreos and I shall comment "Remember that one time you woke from a nap and had a princess castle with Sauron's tower?" It's gonna happen, I'm telling you.
J Bunker
J Bunker 3 måneder siden
참잘만들었네요. 잘놀아주는멋진분들! 체력도좋아야합니다. 재미난영상감사합니다.~^^
Sho Franz-Moss
Sho Franz-Moss 3 måneder siden
Madame Medusa
Madame Medusa 3 måneder siden
Imagine If Ollie was your dad
Ronnie Ferguson
Ronnie Ferguson 3 måneder siden
I’m surviving quarantine just fine and it’s in great part due to you gentleman’s channel. Thank you very much for sharing yourselves, your family and your friends with us!
Sally Han
Sally Han 3 måneder siden
What a kind daddys!!!!!
Manny Lugz
Manny Lugz 3 måneder siden
I remember when I was a kid. Me, my big brother and cousins use bedsheets to built imaginary tents inside our room. Then we pretend we are explorers eating marshmallows and friend chicken like we caught an animal and ate it.
해피데이 3 måneder siden
What a wonderful castle~! I love that~♡
Jolynn J
Jolynn J 3 måneder siden
So cute, she’s not worried about her uncle who is bigger than her dad breaking the castle.
마루민식 3 måneder siden
주노 넘모 귀엽고마
ᄂᄇ 3 måneder siden
어른들이 더신남
Arika Sandemore
Arika Sandemore 4 måneder siden
Juno is sooo cute!!! (And i usually dont really like toddlers xd)
Gamer_chic 42
Gamer_chic 42 4 måneder siden
My question to Josh and Ollie......How long did the castle last?
김나현 4 måneder siden
어렸을때 택배로엄청큰박스오면 그박스 안에 들어가서 이것저것 다했는데.. (지금은 안들어가네....)
Vidushi Mishra
Vidushi Mishra 4 måneder siden
Nari Park
Nari Park 4 måneder siden
Juno is such a sweet girl 😭😭💜
수연이이이이잉 4 måneder siden
주노❤️❤️ 주노 볼때마다 앤 마리 닮은거 같던데 저만 그런가요..?? Juno looks like Ann Marie!!!!
오이는결백해 4 måneder siden
2:41 나만 덤블도어라고 들음?? 해리포터 팬들 모여라ㅠㅠ!!
Imperator Faris
Imperator Faris 4 måneder siden
6:18 that is one of the most british reaction/response ever
sahalanimation 4 måneder siden
hahahaa, what a precious little thing
Jay Phatak
Jay Phatak 4 måneder siden
That Premiero Pro editing timeline at the start is SCARY! Like seriously props to the Jolly crew, spending so much time in editing to make all episodes entertaining!
Reece Carpio
Reece Carpio 4 måneder siden
9:31 AOT anyone? Ahaha
Just chill
Just chill 4 måneder siden
she's so pure! omg baby please don't grow up to fast
nurul najihah
nurul najihah 4 måneder siden
the background song as soon she entered the castle immediately reminds me of brave 😂
홍성일 아쵸e
홍성일 아쵸e 4 måneder siden
안녕하세요~ 주노 아가씨 너무 기여워요~ 건강하게~ 아프지 마세요~ 주노 공주~님~
struggle 101
struggle 101 4 måneder siden
Yeah, good job gentleman. You save my day.
HOLD IT 4 måneder siden
왜이리 귀엽지...끄흑
웅아니야 4 måneder siden
오!영국남자님이 지금 이 영상 시청하신대욪ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Madd Vero
Madd Vero 4 måneder siden
ollie= best dad josh= best uncle
yes yes
yes yes 4 måneder siden
Juno is so adorable 💖💖
yes yes
yes yes 4 måneder siden
Juno is so adorable 💖💖
Joely Chee
Joely Chee 4 måneder siden
I love how there’s a pineapple on the castle
jeffrey thomas
jeffrey thomas 4 måneder siden
Y'all are amazing! Great job to all!
: ⃢ :
: ⃢ : 4 måneder siden
와... 옛날에 내가 식탁에 이불덮고 옆에 우산 두어개 펴놓고 성놀이하고있으면 엄마 얄짤없이 청소기꺼내서 식탁부터 돌리던데 ㅡㅡ
Sanrio Berri
Sanrio Berri 4 måneder siden
" Annndd i ooop" got me lol
Sidra Arshad
Sidra Arshad 4 måneder siden
I think when i have kids.. They're gonna be spoiled rotten lol
Vera Åkerman Björsell
Vera Åkerman Björsell 4 måneder siden
I found you guys with this video and now I have watch almost all your videos on both your channels. You are the absolute best NOpostrs that always brings a smile to my face. Juno is the most adorable person I ever seen. Hope you are doing great!!!
ryendale 4 måneder siden
아~주노는 항상 귀여울 것입니다!
jnncrossing 4 måneder siden
I had my own cardboard house I can go in, except my parents didn’t make it for me, I did ;;
alone Leaveme
alone Leaveme 4 måneder siden
soo sweet 😌😌
JannahSummerVlogs 5 måneder siden
i feel this is what children having children looks like- best parents ever !
행인 5 måneder siden
주노를 위한 어른들의 열정이란... 햐앜~!!! 갬동쓰~ㅠ♡ㅠ
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