English Gentleman in Quarantine learns about Memes 😂

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8 måneder siden

Today we introduce Memes to Ollie's dad who's in self quarantine. In these hard times it's only right to share the jolly memes.
오늘은 자가격리 중이신 올리 아버님께 짤을 소개해드려봤어요. 요즘처럼 어려운 시기에는 졸리한 짤보면서 같이 웃는 게 딱이죠!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Lokman Solehuddins
Lokman Solehuddins 14 dager siden
I enjoyed watching your dad. Send hi for him from Malaysian boy
FlubberSquid 18 dager siden
There really needs to be memes with ollies dad talking about cheese
rosanne venhorst
rosanne venhorst 25 dager siden
the hashtacks do something though on the backend definitely
Clarisk Key
Clarisk Key Måned siden
Now i know from where Ollie got his unique sense of humor
Amanda Faith
Amanda Faith Måned siden
I second the sentiment that Ollie’s dad’s Voice is comforting.
Michael DK
Michael DK Måned siden
"And in the memetime, we see you jolly soon!" is what it should have ended with :(
Arwa Lucky
Arwa Lucky Måned siden
Your dad looks like David Bowie
Emma Johansson
Emma Johansson Måned siden
Agustina Castellano
Agustina Castellano Måned siden
Oh boy I'm trying to imagine how raising Ollie was for that man... he looks so serious hahahahahaha I would pay to listen to some stories
Ziki Rebel
Ziki Rebel 2 måneder siden
My dad loves memes more that I do..he regularly sends them to me...😀
Vanessa V-S
Vanessa V-S 2 måneder siden
What do mean everyone under 30 uses memes? A 36 tear old here , meme extraordinaire. Lol
Robyn Alice
Robyn Alice 2 måneder siden
Bro I seriously thought having parents slightly more attractive than their offspring was just theatrical failure when it comes to tv & films... But now I know *it's sometimes... Rarely... Real.* 😳
Sara Fetty
Sara Fetty 2 måneder siden
I love Ollie's dad... He's so funny. And a handsome man...
Erwin Tolus
Erwin Tolus 2 måneder siden
i don't know who the woman in the back is, but she is clearly having the time of her life! XD
Rexxy A
Rexxy A 2 måneder siden
"...seems to obliterate the third girl." Wait, then who are the other two? ARE THEY ALL GIRLS?!
William Remsen
William Remsen 2 måneder siden
This is the best. 😂😂😂
Emma J
Emma J 2 måneder siden
Now you have to show him gen z memes 🤭
sekwang Lee
sekwang Lee 2 måneder siden
we dad
scarlet Lee
scarlet Lee 2 måneder siden
부모님께 짤이나 재밌는 영상보여드리면 반응 딱 저러심..ㅠ
nerd 2 måneder siden
ollys dad needs to be a voice actor
Krist Martin
Krist Martin 2 måneder siden
Meme'd Ollie's Dad ibb.co/X7GVw6W
Noelle Lista
Noelle Lista 2 måneder siden
Can Ollie's dad be my granpa 😭🤧
劉耘初 3 måneder siden
this is christians trying to converting people into one of them
Hanno Kull
Hanno Kull 3 måneder siden
Ollie's dad is a vicar?! LOL
woololo 3 måneder siden
fans of Ollies' dad here!! more videos plzzzz!
Raina Ganguly
Raina Ganguly 3 måneder siden
This perfectly sums up my struggle to explain memes to my parents 🤣
GMC Productions
GMC Productions 3 måneder siden
Now I see who Ollie got his remarkable intelligence!
Freshman Valiente
Freshman Valiente 3 måneder siden
6:10 "Do I even in this world? What is going on here?" Ollie's dad said. By the way,I feel the same even though I am a teenager...LOL! I know some slang words from my friends on social(in your another movie) I Love This channel! I started knew to your channel on Josh is teaching Korean to Ollie cause I am currently learning Korean.But, I am still at beginner level.I really enjoyed your videos and I even laughed a lot while both of you also get funny,and yeah...also voice of a woman laughing with you behind...haha....Yeah..that's good.I also get want to be a NOpostr.
Brilli Aurabillah
Brilli Aurabillah 3 måneder siden
introduce him where the concept of meme comes from, book 'the selfish gene'.... scientifically means of meme is something that got trait like gene but socially, that is called meme.... at the end is something like virus
Bruce Robinson
Bruce Robinson 3 måneder siden
Closed captioning covered up a lot in this video
Jhonny nützmann
Jhonny nützmann 3 måneder siden
Ollie´s dad = Fantastico..!
ARO Gapopin
ARO Gapopin 3 måneder siden
Ollie's dad is the best! Always my favoriteeeee
thisamericandyke 3 måneder siden
"very well-placed with incredible medical services" me: *cries in american*
irenesdh 4 måneder siden
Henry is the sweetest..I can sort of get where Ollie gets his sense of humour from..
ouftae 2.0
ouftae 2.0 4 måneder siden
the start of these memes- ah the old memes... the good old memes
ouftae 2.0
ouftae 2.0 4 måneder siden
the fact i would now laugh at chonky cat with the word beans written in big font at the bottom 💀💀💀💀
ouftae 2.0
ouftae 2.0 4 måneder siden
imogenbegins 5 måneder siden
Ollie's Dad is my dream guy.
CNNS 5 måneder siden
Going through my backlog of unwatched JOLLY episodes, and Ollie's dad is ten times funnier than any of the memes presented in this video.
Wombats 5 måneder siden
Ollies dad is everything! That dude truly is 🐐
JiYeon Choi
JiYeon Choi 5 måneder siden
Ollie's dad is such a lovely gentleman. I can see where Ollie's endearing charm came from.♡
Adreann Wingren
Adreann Wingren 5 måneder siden
“Do I even live in this world?”, “What is going on here?” Seriously feel that lol!
Reagan B
Reagan B 5 måneder siden
Don't show him surreal memes... he'd be so disappointed in Gen Z
Shelly Thom
Shelly Thom 5 måneder siden
Dear ollies dad - when I saw the tide pod thing I said the same exact thing...am I even part of this world. 🤦🏻‍♀️
F M 5 måneder siden
False, I am jolly over 30 and entertain myself endlessly with memes. I am not an anomaly too lol
Giorgia Di Iorio
Giorgia Di Iorio 5 måneder siden
ollie's dad is the representation of what an English dad looks like to me honestly
bobmcsnark 5 måneder siden
I usually explain memes as "inside jokes that the whole internet world knows".
bobmcsnark 5 måneder siden
"everyone under 30" boiiii lemme tell you about kitty cats and thunderbolts and lightning in the rain
Brandon Woods
Brandon Woods 5 måneder siden
Ollie's dad is at least 500X more funny than the memes themselves, and that number doubles when he reads them out
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 5 måneder siden
“Sorry, what’s the point of this?” - Every Dad Ever.
Carol Vause
Carol Vause 5 måneder siden
02:58 "Sorry, what's the point of this?"... YES. 🙏
Carol Vause
Carol Vause 5 måneder siden
Ollie's dad is so articulate and modest. Always leaves a lasting impression. What a lovely soul!!!
이소망 5 måneder siden
can you do somthing like harry potter memes?
oof 5 måneder siden
I love how the first meme to make an old man laugh is a dinosaur
Rebecca Staniewicz
Rebecca Staniewicz 5 måneder siden
I love Ollie's dad so much.
Bb b
Bb b 5 måneder siden
올리 아버지 반가워요 ^^ 염소 사진 드리고 싶은데 이미지 댓글이 안되네요~
Jeff Wells
Jeff Wells 6 måneder siden
My favorite thing about "success kid" is that it's actually a picture of a kid who has just tasted sand for the first time, and is in the process becoming very upset about it.
manager-nim 6 måneder siden
I just wanna drink a cup of tea and listen to Ollie's dad ready memes
감사 6 måneder siden
There's something on instagram about Percy, Annabeth and Rachel I think. The two woman and one man thing
Werner B.
Werner B. 6 måneder siden
We called it "jokes".
Zee 6 måneder siden
Ollie's DAD's accent makes me feel like a peasant! 🤣 🤣 🤣
ot7_tamale 6 måneder siden
Please these memes are so OLLLDDD. I react to memes like *I D I D N O T O R D E R S O O P S T A C C* ......if I could I would insert the picture.
이수만 6 måneder siden
아버님이 정말 잘 지적하신게, 밈이라는게 리처드 도킨스 박사의 저서에서 볼 수 있듯, 사람간의 소통을 매개로 전파되고 돌연변이를 일으킨다는 점에서 바이러스랑 흡사하죠
Your Friendly Neighborhood Vault Boy
Your Friendly Neighborhood Vault Boy 6 måneder siden
Under 30? Man those of us in our 30s grew up with the rise of memes in middle school and high school.
Jenny Park
Jenny Park 6 måneder siden
TIDE PODS ARE PERSIL SASCHES. The absolute most English explanation ever.
Tengku Rian
Tengku Rian 6 måneder siden
This is would look like when people by the year 2060 learn about the history of the meme
Hunyoung Yee
Hunyoung Yee 6 måneder siden
Ollie's dad absolutely gets younger minded with gentleness
sarahwithstars 6 måneder siden
Your dad stood up to register his interest to rival rev Chris there for philosophical most loved on jolly!!
SuperTyrannical1 6 måneder siden
Ahem... Where were the baby yoda memes?. *(insert relevant baby meme here)* :)
Aswin Kumar
Aswin Kumar 6 måneder siden
I don't know if anyone has realised but Ollie's dad just made a Morpheus meme when he said "Memes are just sophisticated emojis"...
Yoda Man
Yoda Man 6 måneder siden
ur dads hot. nice smile.
Hyo Jung Kang
Hyo Jung Kang 6 måneder siden
I want to have dad like Henry.He is so nice and gentle.
Gelyn Topacio
Gelyn Topacio 6 måneder siden
You guys should make a deal with Calm (the app) and get him to do a sleep story!
M is the name
M is the name 6 måneder siden
I think i just need to say that i eomcheong love this channel as it covers all kinds of people. Elders? Friends? Wife? Neighbour? Staff? Relatives and family? KIDS! Celebrities? Athletes? Politician (Arnold)? Diff races? Literally everyone! The diversity! The quality! I love 영국남자 and Jolly so so much! Pls be always healthy, dadeul! 💞
M is the name
M is the name 6 måneder siden
I think i just need to say that i eomcheong love this channel as it covers all kinds of people. Elders? Friends? Wife? Neighbour? Staff? Relatives and family? KIDS! Celebrities? Athletes? Politician (Arnold)? Diff races? Literally everyone! The diversity! The quality! I love 영국남자 and Jolly so so much! Pls be always healthy, dadeul! 💞
시와이누 6 måneder siden
올리아버지 목소리 정말 언제나... 감탄... 책읽어주시는 asmr 듣고싶은 수준...
M Ramadhan P
M Ramadhan P 6 måneder siden
Bit that is very hilarious was Ollie's dad saying "and you say that people amuse themselves with this?" LMAO
Shivannah 77
Shivannah 77 6 måneder siden
I love Ollie's dad! ! 🤗🤗🤗
Infinite Activities
Infinite Activities 6 måneder siden
Ollie’s father needs to be a politician! His message about the pandemic was more reassuring than our President’s
Lateefah Lawal
Lateefah Lawal 6 måneder siden
I have a new definition for memes: More sophisticated emojis
Ted Logan
Ted Logan 6 måneder siden
Ollie's father is rather posh. How grand!
Marta Chmielewska
Marta Chmielewska 6 måneder siden
Why this Man looks like older version of Benedict Cumberbatch???! But for really, what’s going on???😂😂
ReznoV Vazileski
ReznoV Vazileski 6 måneder siden
I think to ease the older folks into memes we gotta throw in some of those "I can relate" memes about IRL situations that just don't work as they should. Those come close enough to Seinfield comedy to close the gap a bit :') A lot of memes these days you either know the inside joke and think it's funny or you don't and think it's just weird. I'm 26 and over half the TikTok videos already don't make sense to me anymore because I'm out of the loop on the joke. But the same happens when I throw my twitch memes at a TikTok user they wouldn't understand why I start spamming "my man forsenCD" when somebody's using cheats, that's funny on twitch but what is a forsenCD to people out of the loop and why is that cheater my man xD Your dad might like the hide the pain Harold memes probably though those can be very relatable xD
Robert B
Robert B 6 måneder siden
Humble, smart and grounded. That's why We all like Henry! 😊
Grace Elliot
Grace Elliot 6 måneder siden
9:25 josh is me every time my parents start philosophizing
Minalkra 6 måneder siden
Under 30 ... dude, I grew up on the internet and I'm almost 40.
comrade zed
comrade zed 6 måneder siden
"the future is now old man" - me through the entire video
Monster _ Lock
Monster _ Lock 6 måneder siden
Ollie's dad: "no, I don't know what memes are." Me: OK Boomer
enlightendbel 6 måneder siden
Has this man ever been on TV, the news or anywhere else in the media? He looks awfully familiar to me and I'm not even in or from the UK.
Amirul Anas
Amirul Anas 6 måneder siden
Greetings from Malaysia 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾
I'm not Lonely
I'm not Lonely 6 måneder siden
Omg I love his dad jokes 😂😂
Daniel Duntavs Saunders
Daniel Duntavs Saunders 6 måneder siden
Spitting straight facts!
Daniel Duntavs Saunders
Daniel Duntavs Saunders 6 måneder siden
That could be a meme
Professional Lurker
Professional Lurker 7 måneder siden
"Neo is the one," "What one?" Lol so under rated
TheBanned 7 måneder siden
This video was brought to you by the powers of the three wolf shirt :)
마크하이라이트티비플tv 7 måneder siden
졸리 밈~
Thalia Bubble
Thalia Bubble 7 måneder siden
I'm new but I thought Josh and Ollie were twins so hearing "I'm Ollie's Dad" is a shock
Jessica Jenkins
Jessica Jenkins 7 måneder siden
I thought they were brothers for the longest time, don't feel bad :)
Denise GamerBloxt
Denise GamerBloxt 7 måneder siden
Maybe you guys should react to the Coffin Dance meme
Liza Williams
Liza Williams 7 måneder siden
you should show him memes he can relate to
Omelette of Despair
Omelette of Despair 7 måneder siden
You guys should have just skipped straight to deep fryed memes and see how much you can cofuse this lovely gentleman.
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