We took Juno to KOREA!!

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8 måneder siden

Here's a jolly little extra for today, especially for those of you who haven't seen the trailer on KoreanEnglishman yet! YOU DECIDE #JOLLY2020
Josh - Koreanenglishman
Ollie - Olliekendal
오늘은 졸리한 특별 영상을 준비했어요! 특히 아직 영국남자 채널에서 주노시리즈 예고편 못보신 분들을 위해서!
조쉬 - Koreanenglishman
올리 - Olliekendal
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Eclipse_Eternal 14 dager siden
Can she speak any korean?
NitroQueenTea Måned siden
Its funny how Josh has such a calling voice when he does voice overs while Ollie sounds like IT and children animation narrators together
Sagar Chaudhary
Sagar Chaudhary Måned siden
Her laugh is like one of those disney princesses
p a s t e l b e e
p a s t e l b e e 2 måneder siden
I will die for this child I’ve never been so overwhelmed with love before omg
이재근 2 måneder siden
무슨 새로개봉영화나레이션인줄ㅋㅋ
Cosmin Bordianu
Cosmin Bordianu 2 måneder siden
Deep inside me I feel so much joy that she will not be able to remember any of this cuz I’m so poor I can’t even dream about these kind of trips.
Tadalimu 2 måneder siden
Juno~ 어쩜 저리 말도 예의 바르고 예쁘게 하는 지!!! 주노를 보노라면 온 세상 걱정이 눈 녹듯 사라지는 느낌!!!! 너무너무 사랑스러워!!!!! 주노 나오는 영상은 거의 최소한 10번씩은 돌려 보게 되네요~ 귀여움 폭발!!!!
iandroo888 2 måneder siden
honestly... i never knew whos daughter juno was until now, but i actually didnt expect it to be ollies LOL
Lovely Mochi
Lovely Mochi 3 måneder siden
My moms favorite toy: doll My sister: a bear plush Me: Stuffed animal (dog) Juno: Pineapple So cute! XD
심윤지 3 måneder siden
주노^^영상 많이 올려 주세요😍
Bambi 4 måneder siden
Saw the Juno series...love it 😍😍😍
J L 4 måneder siden
Juno is so precious, considerate, and loving at such a young age. I hope she grows up to be a wonderful woman.
Diana Okta
Diana Okta 5 måneder siden
juno is so cute
kyaryponponpon 5 måneder siden
i love this channel
Hates SM but is SM TRASH
Hates SM but is SM TRASH 5 måneder siden
ciella regina
ciella regina 5 måneder siden
Cafe라떼 5 måneder siden
지금 보니까 주노 관련 된 영상은 다봤네요 너무 좋다
Cris Oli
Cris Oli 5 måneder siden
I'm rewatch this video (for therapeutics purposes) and from 4:50 I almost split my coffee over my keyboard 🤭. You make me laugh today. Thank you Josh and Ollye💜
MicahFoReel 6 måneder siden
Must been a pain to caption
Sammi Williams
Sammi Williams 6 måneder siden
she's two. AND SHE HAS THAT MUCH HAIR?! i was pretty much bald until age 3.
kingkaadcuy roblox
kingkaadcuy roblox 6 måneder siden
Juno is so smart
Nicole 6 måneder siden
If Ollie doesn't win. I quit
Nicole 6 måneder siden
"The more she grows the more we can see Ollie in her" cuts to her epic Ollie the snowman trolling and all her jokes
Nicole 6 måneder siden
Who ever edited this. WONDERFUL JOB
deadbored17 6 måneder siden
Well done Josh! As a noob, i clicked to see juno being ridiculously happy but would never have known about Jolly until this trailer
my earth
my earth 6 måneder siden
Ollie and juno have same smile❤ like father like daughter 💖
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant 6 måneder siden
Juno is just as goofy as Ollie
potlovingchef14 6 måneder siden
juno is same age around my little nayah Augest 2017
Minhyoung Cha
Minhyoung Cha 6 måneder siden
주노 너무 너무 귀여워요
Eloise Verity
Eloise Verity 6 måneder siden
literally the most precious thing ive ever seen . this channel is a blessing to us allll
Tokyo gamer
Tokyo gamer 6 måneder siden
I cried at this
Atthirah Farzana Mohd Zulkifli
Atthirah Farzana Mohd Zulkifli 7 måneder siden
I thought it was a trailer for a battle movie at the beginning?
Lena not luthor
Lena not luthor 7 måneder siden
I can’t stop smiling and laughing it’s just so cute and funny
イムソヒョン 7 måneder siden
She is the best cutest baby in Uk 🥰
_파랑추꾸 7 måneder siden
주노 개인채널 만들어주세뇨ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 제발!! I want to Juno’s channel
syed 7 måneder siden
why dont you make a seperate jolly account
Lucy Hodges
Lucy Hodges 7 måneder siden
I love how it was backed with how to train your dragon music
Shayma98 7 måneder siden
Juno is why I subscribed in the first place.
Cristina MG
Cristina MG 7 måneder siden
ok is like Disneyland holiday and I love it!!!
Anaum Abbasi
Anaum Abbasi 7 måneder siden
Anaum Abbasi
Anaum Abbasi 7 måneder siden
Ollie Ollie Ollie Ollie
Anaum Abbasi
Anaum Abbasi 7 måneder siden
Inok Yi
Inok Yi 7 måneder siden
Juno father Ollie win!!^^
Kunju Tiwari
Kunju Tiwari 7 måneder siden
Hi Guys! I am a singer and I do covers just for my family, but your microphone quality was amazing so I was just wanting to ask what microphone you guys use for you voiceover. thanks a bunch!
김선하 7 måneder siden
아 우껴라~^^ 주노에게 동화책을 많이 읽어주신거 같은 느낌!!
Nadira Nurul Fauziah
Nadira Nurul Fauziah 7 måneder siden
Doris Chong
Doris Chong 7 måneder siden
Is it possible to see Henry x Juno in an episode? o.o I'm always curious how they interact irl xD
Gwang Yeon Kang
Gwang Yeon Kang 7 måneder siden
Ollie is so funny. It must have been hard for you to do that. But cheer up and keep uploading British men and Josh channels! Don't worry about the malicious comments and keep uploading the channel video. It's healing every time I see it.
TheLeeesahhh 7 måneder siden
we're on a learning journey
Chrishndrs 7 måneder siden
No one is ever gonna hate double update about Juno. Sooooo cuteeeeeee
Theresa French
Theresa French 7 måneder siden
She's about the cutest little girl I've ever seen! And I'm a grandma with 2 of the most darling kids in the world. I can't believe her vocabulary at just 2 years old! She's a genius!
낭만고양이다 7 måneder siden
졸리가 좋다. 딴거 없다! 주노 아빠라서....... 끝
Zek Dela cruz
Zek Dela cruz 7 måneder siden
Make more videos of Juno Plsss 😍
Estelle Pieterse
Estelle Pieterse 7 måneder siden
Juno is literally so aegyo (≧∇≦)
Leestory22 7 måneder siden
그래서 결과적으로 누구 인스타가 되었나요?? 어디서 어떻게 확인할 수 있나요??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
yeosangs chicken
yeosangs chicken 7 måneder siden
I literally cried watching this. She's so precious
사라* 7 måneder siden
I literally teared up because of how cute she is. God bless her.
홍양티비HongyangTV 7 måneder siden
올리를 국회로 ❤️👍🏻👍🏻
Ann Haas
Ann Haas 8 måneder siden
Is Juno picking up any Korean from Josh and Gabie?
Fact You
Fact You 8 måneder siden
Ohhh, I love this 😍 it's more like a Disney Princess is going to a trip with 2 swordsman (I love the musical score, the narrations, etc.) MAJESTIC, MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL... ugh, melts my heart 🥰
jackie rasmussen
jackie rasmussen 8 måneder siden
I think we could all use some more Juno content to keep our spirits up during these rough times
Soo Park
Soo Park 8 måneder siden
주노는 사랑입니다❤️
이정현 8 måneder siden
very good
Ms Mills
Ms Mills 8 måneder siden
Strawberries should now be called Strawbellies.
SummerDew 8 måneder siden
It has to be ollie!! His face is already the face of Jolly's youtube channel! And since Josh is already the carrier of the Korean Englishman's istagram, it's fair that Ollie be the carrier of Jolly's insta xD
J Junie
J Junie 8 måneder siden
Hi, My name is Junie. I hope to see Juno’s video every week or everyday! I mean it.. seriously.. please!!!부탁합니다
팩트뷰TV [ 아는 것이 힘이다 ]
팩트뷰TV [ 아는 것이 힘이다 ] 8 måneder siden
하..... 치였다
Lucya 8 måneder siden
So Ollie won after all HAHAHA, congratsss .. i know im so late though sorryy
guilty avocado
guilty avocado 8 måneder siden
but didn’t juno wear a hanbok for her 1st birthday?
Jolie Tran
Jolie Tran 8 måneder siden
Ollie's personality really shines through Juno!
두민 8 måneder siden
아 너무 귀여워 .. 귀여워 ........... so cute ......
kh Cui
kh Cui 8 måneder siden
So cute😍😘😍😘
Steffalino 8 måneder siden
Juno is literally the cutest child in all the world!!!
cheese fries
cheese fries 8 måneder siden
ollie should be the carrier of the ig acc 😬❤️
도치매니저 8 måneder siden
ㅁr 법ㅅr 삼촌 조쉬이이이~ 올리 너무 웃겨yo ~HA HA HA
Mario1611 8 måneder siden
Glad they didn't leave her in Korea to survive on her own.
Thi Nguyen
Thi Nguyen 5 måneder siden
She probably still would’ve done better tbh.
Jerome Ruyeras
Jerome Ruyeras 6 måneder siden
uh oh 😂😂
cmbd xxi
cmbd xxi 8 måneder siden
I want to pinch her cheeks😆😆😍😍😍
디니 8 måneder siden
멋진 삼촌과 아빠 가족들인거같아요 사랑스러운 주노ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
집수니 8 måneder siden
영어먼저올라가는짜증나는현실☹😨 주노편너무재밌어요 ! 더블업로드 최고 🥰😄
Hailey Huynh
Hailey Huynh 8 måneder siden
She’s the bravest 2 year old I’ve ever seen.
monie *cries cutely*
monie *cries cutely* 8 måneder siden
That was the most epic trailer
Ratu Amelia
Ratu Amelia 8 måneder siden
Can't you put all the videos in one time pleaaaaseeeeee...can't waittttt >.
Iman Iman
Iman Iman 8 måneder siden
oh my god am i stupid, two years and i didnt realise there were two
루루워 8 måneder siden
She is as cute as an angel making me feel better when I am about to cry after controversy with mom *screaming*
반짝반짝 8 måneder siden
My cheeks hurt from smiling 😂 omg Juno is absolutely adorable ❤️
Jay Maiden
Jay Maiden 8 måneder siden
I'm going to be sad if Ollie doesn't get to be the Insta carrier.
luckycharm 8 måneder siden
올리 조쉬도 넘 좋쿠용~♡가비님 부럽꾸욤^^♡항상 응원해용~졸리🤭💕
luckycharm 8 måneder siden
어떻게행🤭🤭🤭🤭so~~~~~~~lovely 앙~~~몇번을 보는건징^^넘 귀여웡💕💕💕💕
Minyoung Youn
Minyoung Youn 8 måneder siden
영국남자 졸리 채널등 주노때문에 구독하게 되었어요 ㅠㅠ 주노 영상 많이 올려주세요 ㅠ 굿즈상품도 주노로 만들면 훨씬 좋을듯요ㅠ 주노때문에 하루가 힐링이 되네요 ㅠㅠㅠ
MsZzzzz5 8 måneder siden
I'm just looking for some quality Juno content, lol
정상헌 8 måneder siden
졸리 졸리웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
메리 8 måneder siden
조쉬님이 한국어를 더잘아시니깐 조쉬님이 더 좋을것 같아용~
tracy _
tracy _ 8 måneder siden
진짜 너무귀엽다ㅠ 세상뽀짝해ㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ
orbitiny사샤 8 måneder siden
Ollie 100%
Summer Film
Summer Film 8 måneder siden
본 편 언제 올라와요????? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
이도윤 8 måneder siden
예전 영상만 몇번을 돌려보는지 빨리 다음편을 올려주세요ㅋㅋㅋ
Izzy 8 måneder siden
0:21 thinking that ollie comments r scripted helps me contain my sanity
곧미녀노래방 8 måneder siden
눈위에 철푸덕 너무 귀여워 주노 건강히 자라라
Jordi Adam
Jordi Adam 8 måneder siden
ollie should be voiceovering a disney movie
이힝 neigh
이힝 neigh 8 måneder siden
영국에 눈이 안오나?
English 2 year old Sees SNOW for the FIRST TIME in Korea!!!☃️🇰🇷
British 2 year-old's FAVOURITE Thing in all of Korea???
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