Try Not to Get Anxious Challenge!!😬😬

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Today we invite Shandy back to see how much Jolly anxiety we can give them in one video!
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Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang
Special thanks to our Jollybean VIPs for supporting us in making this video!
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hobbledehoy 5 dager siden
2:41 i am ded😂😂😭
MsAishiteiru 6 dager siden
Pleasee come backk 😭😭😭
Melan Ang
Melan Ang 12 dager siden
My hands and feet are sweaty watching those parkour videos
Gabriella Rossi
Gabriella Rossi 19 dager siden
listen, us photographers will do almost ANYTHING for the perfect photo
lazy8azz 19 dager siden cool again 💜#9...
Vodaph0ne 20 dager siden
00:00-00:12 So much for Shandy!
CL Maharlika
CL Maharlika 21 dag siden
I was feeling fine until an email from my teacher popped on my screen:)
May Park
May Park 25 dager siden
I just miss you guys.
Comrade Tristan
Comrade Tristan 25 dager siden
Mount pinatubo! From the PHILIPPINES YEAH!🇵🇭
Azka Ahsanur Reza
Azka Ahsanur Reza 26 dager siden
for the first time. finally saw Sho at his most india look. And that is cool!
Kyla Logan
Kyla Logan 26 dager siden
0:59 rhythm heaven, anyone?
T T 27 dager siden
People that do Parcours that high, deserve to die. Its natural selection at this point
G. A.
G. A. 29 dager siden
Your hand palms can not not be sweaty right now
Amaya -_-
Amaya -_- 29 dager siden
I don't think I have ever been so nervous
M.H.A.G Måned siden
its not making my anything
Jennifer Sloan
Jennifer Sloan Måned siden
Those videos on the tops of the buildings made my vertigo say, " See? This is why I'm here. So you don't do idiotic things like that"
Mr X
Mr X Måned siden
They show you the parkour videos where they live, they don't show the ones who fall off
James Merlaut
James Merlaut Måned siden
Kids watching in 2040: Why are they so far apart? Alternate Version: Why are they so close?
Music Lover
Music Lover Måned siden
3:52 STORROR ARMY!!! 5:04 somebody please tell if I am mixing things up, but isn't that Ally Law?
Louis Relf
Louis Relf Måned siden
That picture of the pyroclastic flow freaks me the feck out. I genuinely find it hard to look at!
Avocado 🥑
Avocado 🥑 Måned siden
The title of this video is basically my whole life
Madman Jeshiro
Madman Jeshiro Måned siden
Is that Storror in the parkour clip? O_O
Yara Shuran
Yara Shuran Måned siden
I'm pretty sure it's them.
hobbledehoy 2 måneder siden
2:41 ollie:oh it's me! i am dead
Francis Gerard Magtibay
Francis Gerard Magtibay 2 måneder siden
I've watched this video maybe a dozen times now, but I've never watched it to the end because I'm scared of heights
J Bang
J Bang 2 måneder siden
This is just clips of why men win the Darwin Award more than women every years . This just gave me anxiety
Frazu Gara
Frazu Gara 2 måneder siden
Those on top of the building aren't true right? My hand and feet are sweating watching it🤧😢😭 I had a fear of heights, I probably died 😓
Mark Dane Galaites
Mark Dane Galaites 2 måneder siden
3:51-4:29, This just made me remember Dying Light
Glen Abando
Glen Abando 2 måneder siden
Face shows visible evidence of some butt clenching happening.
Shubham Trivedi
Shubham Trivedi 3 måneder siden
I miss Jolly
Joseph Parker
Joseph Parker 3 måneder siden
1:50 currently watching this in the city where it was filmed 👀 Edit: That's El Paso, Texas
Grace Jackson
Grace Jackson 3 måneder siden
Prince Dazzle
Prince Dazzle 4 måneder siden
That video was fine will the heights. Even though they said nobody got seriously hurt but man.
Sunflower Cara
Sunflower Cara 4 måneder siden
I felt like I was going to vomit
Alysha Socie
Alysha Socie 4 måneder siden
This video gave a stomach ache and shivers. 😨
FlxwerOnline 4 måneder siden
I bet people that didn't flinch even for a bit be calling us that did "overreactive" 😔
K.Harsh-XE #21
K.Harsh-XE #21 4 måneder siden
That Parkour video was actually from Storror Blog
Devil King
Devil King 4 måneder siden
"How do u practise parkour without dying"
Tracey Potter
Tracey Potter 4 måneder siden
Bad words. Lots and lots of bad words. Dear Lord I couldn't watch the last clip, my stomach was clenched so tight 😱
Cora Linos
Cora Linos 5 måneder siden
Just realized why this channel is called "Jolly". I think I'll go get my head checked now.
mijsie 05
mijsie 05 5 måneder siden
thanks guys, i have a fair of heights. This was terrible
Ophiane 5 måneder siden
I was doing okay until the parkour nope noped right out of there.
Jae In Kim
Jae In Kim 5 måneder siden
3:20 that's in the Philippines 🙂
PenguinOfEden 5 måneder siden
I kind of wish you guys had rephrased this a bit from "try not to have anxiety challenge" to what you said in the title. I know everyone can feel some type of anxiety, however because the word is so heavily associated with having an anxiety disorder these days it's playing into how much of a trend it has become to have anxiety. It's not a trend or a challenge.
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon 5 måneder siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel. I think he would have some interesting insights.
현강 5 måneder siden
보는 나도 손에 땀을 쥐고 봄
TytoAlbaSoren 5 måneder siden
I can't be the only one who thinks that Andy looks like skinny Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Worth_MoreThan_ManySparrows 5 måneder siden
The world’s largest volcanic eruption to happen in the past 100 years was the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines. Million tons of sulfur dioxide were injected into the stratosphere in Pinatubo's 1991 eruption and dispersal of this gas cloud around the world caused global temperatures to drop temporarily.
Karina Chavez
Karina Chavez 5 måneder siden
Hands & feet are sweaty and cramping now Dx
soyothedanny 5 måneder siden
파커 뛰는 사람들 영상은 살은 사람 영상들은 유명한데 실수해서 죽은 사람들도 많을려나? 후덜덜하네
Overlord 5 måneder siden
Glad I'm not the only one really bothered by those parkour videos. Even though you know nothing bad happens, there's still something primal in you going "nope nope nope nope"
Hannah Sophia
Hannah Sophia 5 måneder siden
i see sheldon, leonard, wolowitz, and raj in these four lol
Jolly Shandy
Jolly Shandy 5 måneder siden
Anonymous Accordionist
Anonymous Accordionist 5 måneder siden
That first parkour clip was from Storror! Anyone else from the Storror Army here?
Alina Peterhans
Alina Peterhans 5 måneder siden
The first few videos I was like "okay, I can do this, this isn't so bad" but then all those scyscrapers hit me.
Fai Santos13
Fai Santos13 5 måneder siden
Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991 that killed a lot of people in the past and buried live people because of lahar or mudflow that came out from the volcano here in the Philippines.
Cécile Borrey
Cécile Borrey 5 måneder siden
We definitively need more Jolly Shandy
thalia kyri
thalia kyri 5 måneder siden
Mt. Pinatubo is from the Philippines, it's in Zambales my hometown
Andrea G.M.
Andrea G.M. 5 måneder siden
At least one of the guys un the videos is dead. There are videos talking about it.
Nam Hoang
Nam Hoang 5 måneder siden
I can't make it to the end of the video 😭
Malu D.
Malu D. 5 måneder siden
The Storror vid made me happy rca guys...
Annalisa Steinnes
Annalisa Steinnes 5 måneder siden
Oh my gosh, all those ones with the huge buildings... Like, maybe you might cut your hand if you don't juggle your knife and avocado correctly, but if you hang from the side of a building with one hand and you let go, you are d e a d.
Tanya Lewis
Tanya Lewis 5 måneder siden
This should be called.... Watch us panic for 8 minutes straight.
Zara Nadris
Zara Nadris 5 måneder siden
Dude That was Dangerous
Bart Bocklandt
Bart Bocklandt 5 måneder siden
Josh is getting real cringy to watch these last couple months , he needs to get out more
잘익은훈타 5 måneder siden
3:59 my brain just say FUCK
Marysia Fritzsche
Marysia Fritzsche 5 måneder siden
I've watched only the half of the screen with the reactions 🙈
Rosie Cooper
Rosie Cooper 5 måneder siden
My grandma, when I would stand on chairs / tables used to say "If you were meant to be that high up, God would've made you taller, or given you wings" I felt that same feeling toward the skyscraper parkourers
Le Azure
Le Azure 23 dager siden
Red Bull: *Write that down, write that down!*
Miss Mawaddah
Miss Mawaddah 5 måneder siden
Ngl I do feel like I wanna vomit to after seeing all those parkour shits
Emma Rahner
Emma Rahner 5 måneder siden
The eagle call is back!
Klorissa Wofford
Klorissa Wofford 5 måneder siden
Sho looking extra fit lately! Happy to see Shandy!
Rebellious Nature
Rebellious Nature 5 måneder siden
The Title: Too late for that
LadyTarasque 5 måneder siden
Kindda want to see this done with Rev Chris lol
Doc Acher
Doc Acher 5 måneder siden
My fingers are physically aching, like my body is preparing itself so hard to get ready to grab onto a ledge so I don't plummet to my death, after watching this.
Louie Emborong
Louie Emborong 5 måneder siden
That parkour. 😑
Louie Emborong
Louie Emborong 5 måneder siden
It feels good watching this the second time bec I'm not worried anymore.
Cindi McCullough
Cindi McCullough 5 måneder siden
I literally just took a Valium.
Krisyan Nuruha
Krisyan Nuruha 5 måneder siden
that one with people climbing high building or high place make me feel really anxious because i remember famous youtuber death while doing it even tho he already make similiar video, and i watch his last video before it got taken.. it's just like one little mistake, but you pay it with your life
Vitor Augusto
Vitor Augusto 5 måneder siden
The moment at 7:32 is the perfect representation of personalities, sho and josh are dying while Andy listens to Ollie go deep into absurdity
Yumiko Kiyo
Yumiko Kiyo 5 måneder siden
Sksksnnz that picture of Mt.Pinatubo erupting and the smoke looks amazing but could do more with lighting and shadows -
The Tank On Crack
The Tank On Crack 5 måneder siden
3:20 that was the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines,1999
bangtang 5 måneder siden
2:04 thats in the city I live in! I knew it looked familiar lol honestly seen crazier stuff than this
bluh bluhbluh
bluh bluhbluh 5 måneder siden
Ive anxiety disorder n thwse vids did not make me anxious at all like r they, supposed to make u anxious? Or is this why ive anxiety disorder cus im not anxious of what i shld be
Jodice Edwards
Jodice Edwards 5 måneder siden
This whole video gives me final destination vibes
Sansa Stark
Sansa Stark 5 måneder siden
Olly at 0:53 it's a PANE of glass not plane or plain. Plain= boring, plane= aeroplane, or a woodworking tool. 🖤 As Josh would say "you're an idiot"
예리무 Yerimmu's Channel
예리무 Yerimmu's Channel 5 måneder siden
그릇떨어질때 진짜로 심장이 철렁 내려앉음ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ어욱ㅠㅠㅠ
예리무 Yerimmu's Channel
예리무 Yerimmu's Channel 5 måneder siden
썸네일ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 올리표정 보고 들어왔어욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ넘좋앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠ
Stendaal Cartography
Stendaal Cartography 5 måneder siden
you needed to have Alex Honnold footage in this video lol. There's no way ur hands dont sweat watching that man do his magic.
The Eldest
The Eldest 5 måneder siden
Thats where im from
The Eldest
The Eldest 5 måneder siden
Mt. pinatubo is from the Philippines
Etienne Ponnau
Etienne Ponnau 5 måneder siden
I started watching this like "no way it does anything to me" and now i'm gasping for air, my chest completely compressed. I could not watch it 'till the end.
Kazeelyn Nietes
Kazeelyn Nietes 5 måneder siden
Stephanie Milligan
Stephanie Milligan 5 måneder siden
3:53 am and my butt cheeks have been clenched for the better part of 8 minutes
Helena Roßmy
Helena Roßmy 5 måneder siden
Omg. I liked it, but I didnt like it. 😅❤ I dont know wtf just happend, but I need to cry over hot chocolate, cats and a blankey now. 😅
KissMyAspergers 5 måneder siden
Editor: **replaces gagging noises with eagle noises** Me, who has a weak stomach cos of GERD: Oh thank fuck
Best gore
Best gore 5 måneder siden
성공한 영상만 가져와서 그렇지 실패한거 보면 과연 이어서 볼까
Fida 피다
Fida 피다 5 måneder siden
5:04 I don’t know why but at first I didn’t see a human and a building, I saw a spider or some insect sliding on something way more smaller than a building
Nathanael Edric
Nathanael Edric 5 måneder siden
I would like to know what happened on 3:36 they probably take a piss after dropping it everywhere 🤣
Евгений Малыга
Евгений Малыга 5 måneder siden
Оооо, знакомые лица))
Shadistro 6 måneder siden
As someone who is deathly afraid of heights, I had to stop
Ebenezer Kolanti
Ebenezer Kolanti 6 måneder siden
Just so you guys know...the parkour guys are Storror...and fun fact they're based out of the UK and they also featured in 6 underground
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