Trying French Army Rations: Tastiest in the WORLD!?!

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11 måneder siden

Today we try some Jolly French Army Rations...!! Huge shout out and thanks to Thomas, the French Jollybean who sent us these rations and made this video possible! You’re a legend Thomas!!
오늘은 졸리한 프랑스 전투 식량을 먹어봤어요...!! 전투식량을 직접 보내주셔서 이 영상을 찍을 수 있게 해주신 프랑스 졸리빈 토마스님 너무 감사드려요!! 토마스님 최고!!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Hana Banana
Hana Banana 11 måneder siden
7:49 well at 4:02 did say “half open container” so Josh is right? 😂
oonny M
oonny M Måned siden
@sherine 핼해야
Shan Pereira
Shan Pereira 6 måneder siden
@jolly Ollie’s cat tshirt is the official army food ration tasting outfit🐈
dega dezo
dega dezo 9 måneder siden
The potato and tuna dish is a salad, it is supposed to be eated cold, I'm french and I have eat a lot of those rations, you can open the containers fully to cook them, it will just cook more slowly.
DoodleDan 9 måneder siden
Pinned by -Jolly- Josh
나라 9 måneder siden
day jee
day jee 15 dager siden
Us army ration packs are not better than the UK army rations , I have put them side by side , sorry ,UK wins !󾓪󾓦󾓪󾓦󾓪󾓦󾓪󾓦󾓪󾓦󾓪󾓦󾓪󾓦
Bram Lomidan
Bram Lomidan Måned siden
your lack of organization in trying this has triggered me
Kaite Gedeng
Kaite Gedeng Måned siden
Love you guys. Hope you are doing well ❤️
Nicolas Marechal
Nicolas Marechal Måned siden
Wow, Gabbie's French is soooo good! I'd listen to a whole video of her just speaking in French!!!
Reioni Måned siden
Yo RCIF's are fucking GOURMET
Henri Eche Levy Loeza
Henri Eche Levy Loeza Måned siden
First yo have to put the can ajar for cooking. Second, the "pastille" smells really bad. You better cook that out XD ,. Thank you , you three : you made my day.
Milfeulle100 Måned siden
As someone who speaks decent French, I could understand Ollie's instructions and I was almost yelling "OPEN THE LID HALFWAY!"
Ip Kai Yuen Dylan
Ip Kai Yuen Dylan Måned siden
"Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness" . August Escoffier.
David Pulanco
David Pulanco Måned siden
As the great General Napoleon said: "An army marches on its stomach."
Lester Chan
Lester Chan Måned siden
This just proves josh is a dumb dumb hahahahaha
Samantha Andjani
Samantha Andjani Måned siden
Wait untill u react to Indonesian mititary ration
Aldi Fitra
Aldi Fitra Måned siden
Josh is kinda sus
Greg's Films
Greg's Films Måned siden
Josh insisting you're not meant to melt "fondue" cheese is genuinely annoying me. Of course it's gross raw!
MMS Protocol
MMS Protocol Måned siden
wtf this is better than a school meal
Jonas of Persia
Jonas of Persia Måned siden
8:42 "Literally exploding on my face." I'm not saying anything.
Anahy Acurio
Anahy Acurio Måned siden
i might be wrong but does josh have hickey on his neck??
Nick white
Nick white Måned siden
I love these guys there funny and you lean a lot about Korean food and other foods and the interviews are awesome
mank gaming
mank gaming Måned siden
Have you ever try indonesian army rations? You already try indonesian noodles n a few of indonesian i recomending to try the army rations....hihihi
MaestroPdx Måned siden
Is josh related to David Tennant? It's uncanny.
l Satonby l
l Satonby l 2 måneder siden
It was 2 American MRE rations for 1 french, and 3 British for a French
Candra Nugraha
Candra Nugraha 2 måneder siden
0:05 "I'm the cat walking around the garden!" Third wheel confirmed
JUNGEN CHOI 2 måneder siden
the best thing you can do at home is to watch Jolly while munching chips 😍
Antara Avinash
Antara Avinash 2 måneder siden
9:00 Bultorune. Fiyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur!!!!!!!!
Naura Angelica Marsha
Naura Angelica Marsha 2 måneder siden
in Indonesia, the Army Rations are like rice chicken or beef and biscuit and it comes with coffee, vanilla, and orange powder drink. it tastes just like the regular food and none of it taste bad I really enjoyed it.
George Borden
George Borden 2 måneder siden
Of course some of the Italian rations have booze in them already.
George Borden
George Borden 2 måneder siden
Gabbie in a Boonie hat? Too cute. And she can cook? I may have to knock off her hubby and marry her myself...👴😜🤷
Mireille Azevedo correia
Mireille Azevedo correia 2 måneder siden
Vraiment très drôle 👍😜
Mori Memento
Mori Memento 2 måneder siden
영국 전투식량을 가져와 프랑스 전투식량을 원한다면 영국 전투식량 1개에 프랑스 전투 식량 10개는 줘야지 1개보다 많은 영국 전투식량을 어디다 쓰려고?
Christie Tham
Christie Tham 2 måneder siden
Alternate title: Josh vs Wives for 10 minutes
vhaelen 2 måneder siden
the french government made a deal with its military: they would increase the food rations quality fivefold and in return the soldiers would stop surrendering...
r.e ticdu13
r.e ticdu13 Måned siden
Abruti !
Khelthrai Hellbane
Khelthrai Hellbane 2 måneder siden
Nah, you don't know what a decent MRE is if you haven't tried the spanish stuff. We take the whole "an army marches on it's stomach" EXTREMELY seriously.
Khomuna 2 måneder siden
Good to know Domino left her career in the military to pursue her dreams as a chef.
Roger E. Mclean
Roger E. Mclean 2 måneder siden
god Josh is sucha dramatic wife 😂
Jhayology 2 måneder siden
"Double wife approval." - Ollie Hahaha! This dude has tons of sense of humor. Lol
Kein Tran
Kein Tran 2 måneder siden
I have several of those hats, and I must say. She looks adorable wearing that hat.
Apolline C
Apolline C 2 måneder siden
I'm pretty sure the fromage for the fondue is supposed to be melted lmao no wonder it tastes bad if you eat it raw
이노주 2 måneder siden
Faura Alfi Farhah Putri
Faura Alfi Farhah Putri 2 måneder siden
Well sorry josh, I always wait for gabie and olly interactions.. Cause they're like 2 people share the same problem and happy source 😂😂😂😂
dkfca 2 måneder siden
Can you try Italian's next time?
Doc Acher
Doc Acher 2 måneder siden
"Cause you're a mere second wife" said so casually, is one of the funniest things I've ever heard 😂😂😂
순이언니 2 måneder siden
전쟁에서 건진 별미들이라는 책에 보면 전투식량은 일부러 맛없게 만들었다고 함 ㅋㅋ 비상시가 아닐 때 먹지못하게ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근데 지금처럼 물자가 충분하고 식품공학 기술이 발달되었다면 저렇게 맛있게 만들어도 되지않나 싶고ㅋㅋ
dudeihavenocar 2 måneder siden
K-American here. In the early years of the Afghanistan conflict, one of the outpost I was in had French Foreign Legions. The FFLs with us had massive amount of French rations. Honest to God, they got sick of them, and opted to eat the food cooked by our cooks (mostly deep fried food, already pre-made and frozen. i.e. hamburgers and pizzas). The FFLs always kept their storage doors open for us Americans to take their rations. First time I've ever had rabbit, lamb and duck was in Afghanistan, eating a French ration.
Sam Urai
Sam Urai 9 dager siden
But you know french peaple love america and we didn't regect your food, we are good in cooking but we don't hate other cooking, we just mocking beacause we mocking everything.
MMS Protocol
MMS Protocol Måned siden
@Henri Eche Levy Loeza still sounds better than school lunch
Henri Eche Levy Loeza
Henri Eche Levy Loeza Måned siden
@MMS Protocol No bad but...if you lack of water, you dont eat. @dudeihavenocar .It happens that as a French soldier ( RIMa) , I was in an Opex under the UN (FdM) operation and after 3 months of those wonderfull french R.C.I (Ration de Combat Individuelle F1), I would have eat the next dog or even rat !
MMS Protocol
MMS Protocol Måned siden
@Jorge Valera oh that sounds kinda good
Jorge Valera
Jorge Valera Måned siden
@MMS Protocol usually the veggie meals have good sides, my personal favorite is the cheese ravioli when you get the chance to heat it up it’s okay when cold
RazorbackX99 2 måneder siden
French military rations the tastiest in the world? Damn, they are not even the tastiest in France!
TS park
TS park 2 måneder siden
2차 세계 대전을 보면 분명 전쟁중 식단은 이탈리아가 단연 최고 일텐데... 밥먹느라 행군을 안하는 군대... 요리용 와인은 보급으로 주는 나라인데 전식도 가능하면 해봐요
kdsbsb 2 måneder siden
그래도 프랑스 전투 식량은 괜찮아 보이네 ㅋㅋㅋ
Jay Tee
Jay Tee 2 måneder siden
Omg I JUST realised, Jolly isnt their personality, it's Josh + Olly 🤦‍♂️😅 In my defence, I didnt expect self-respecting Englishmen to pull a Jedward
Yolo Channel
Yolo Channel 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or does it look like Josh has hickey on his neck??
Boris Pellegrin
Boris Pellegrin 2 måneder siden
Potato tuna is a salad that should be eaten cold.
poison jam
poison jam 2 måneder siden
프랑스 애들은 전쟁중에도 식사 시간이 한 세시간은 되나 ㅎㅎㅎ 뭐가 이렇게 많아 ㅎㅎ 밥먹다 전쟁 끝나겠다 ㅎ 하지만 엄청 부럽다..ㅠ
vkel 2 måneder siden
Is that a "vampire bite mark" on Josh neck at 0:42
우하하 2 måneder siden
1:08 가비언니 저 정말 여기서 벗어나지 못하고 있어요 언니는 정말.....
Jhustine Ocfemia
Jhustine Ocfemia 2 måneder siden
F it im going to say it This is why France surrenders in most of wars because food is better than being tortured/killed.
dasreich73 2 måneder siden
워~ 프랑스군 부니헷도 두 개나 보내다니...
Jeremie Dela Cuesta
Jeremie Dela Cuesta 2 måneder siden
LOL THE IT'S ALIVE FONT!! I need a Brad collab now XD
Nikita 2 måneder siden
Is that a hickey on Josh's neck that I see? 😏
Regina Vitória
Regina Vitória 2 måneder siden
how many languages does gabbie speak?
toy 87
toy 87 2 måneder siden
Coming from german army ration video. Stark differences. Like the earth and heavens
안무룩 2 måneder siden
군대에 첫훈련했을때 먹었던 전식에 나오는 기름진 밥이 그리워지네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
옥수수튀김 2 måneder siden
3:05 I like how her face does the emphasis face while saying "BUT IT'S FRENCH CHEEESE~"
Alvin Ko
Alvin Ko 2 måneder siden
How dumb are these guys
Alvin Ko
Alvin Ko 2 måneder siden
Genius fire on wooden table
FFFFFFF 2 måneder siden
Wasn't it Napoleon who said,"an army marches on its stomach." ? Well, whoever said that was right. The toughest Marine/Ranger/Seal(listed in alphabetical order) won't get the mission done if he's starving!
Mione Gine
Mione Gine 3 måneder siden
I'm here waiting for the people who gets the It's Alive reference 4:27
Jillian W
Jillian W 3 måneder siden
American MREs are definitely not all bad. Especially the desserts. And they last 100yrs!
Nikko Tan
Nikko Tan 3 måneder siden
mounika kulkarni
mounika kulkarni 3 måneder siden
When Gabie said "I think he sent us wine, Of course he did" she sounded and looked so good. :)
Marilou Flake Stardust
Marilou Flake Stardust 3 måneder siden
"Welcome to another episode of jollibe!" Filipinos: n A N I?!
잼민 3 måneder siden
다른나라는 불위에 전투식량을 올리는구나
Soo Binny
Soo Binny 3 måneder siden
5:46 Josh third wheeling his wives so hard
Victoria Asensi
Victoria Asensi 3 måneder siden
The best army rations are the spanish! Try them some day, please :) Love U guys
Angela Tower
Angela Tower 3 måneder siden
Anyone else see that Ollie is wearing the same Cats shirt as in the Russian army rations video??😂😂
Coco ___
Coco ___ 3 måneder siden
Ptdr ça me tue, c'est vraiment des trucs basiques, et ils kiffent ça, genre ça montre la difference de gastronomie entre la France et les autres pays
공돌이. 3 måneder siden
전준영 4 måneder siden
전투식량에서는 맛 = 가격으로 비례한다고 생각합니다
뽀로로 세상의루피 공주
뽀로로 세상의루피 공주 4 måneder siden
5:45 나만 귀여워 먼가 장난꾸러기 짱구와 부추기는 맹구, 홀로 제지하는 철수
황준수 4 måneder siden
다들 친해서 장난치는거같지만 가끔 그래도 상처될때도있겠다 ㅠㅠ
deathempire70 4 måneder siden
Can someone send them the Singapore rations!
Benaia 4 måneder siden
Hey josh and ollie please try indonesian army rations!! Please make the video!
ak47mefine milka
ak47mefine milka 4 måneder siden
Tres bonne vidéo je vous conseille la numéro 1 continue comme ça
ItsTiTan 219
ItsTiTan 219 4 måneder siden
Maybe you guys should do it outside before anything happens😅
Jhoana May Santiago
Jhoana May Santiago 4 måneder siden
Josh's face when the two wives agree on something LOLOL
Charlotte T
Charlotte T 4 måneder siden
I think Josh and Ollie make great voice actors! Please tell me they have voiced some cute and funny cartoons before 😂
wisnu wardhana
wisnu wardhana 4 måneder siden
Try the Indonesian ration, please
Alex Lec'
Alex Lec' 4 måneder siden
"Fondue" means melted, it's supposed to be heated beforehand
jhd446 4 måneder siden
전투식량 먹다 밥먹는게 전투가 되네 ㅋㅋㅋ
wROTe LORd 4 måneder siden
this is already more "french food" consumed in a 10 minute and 51 second video than I was able to get in 3 days of wandering around paris.
pao1233 4 måneder siden
When Gabie was calling on Jesus, I was so ded 🤣
Licht 4 måneder siden
ITS ALIVE? Ok my two fandoms collide
Aubrey Honeycutt
Aubrey Honeycutt 4 måneder siden
Josh looks like a drunk soldier when he took a sip of the wine from the bottle
jeNOJAEMin 5 måneder siden
8:48 never let Josh take away those foods anymore from the stove!
jeNOJAEMin 5 måneder siden
5:16 the power of Gabbie from constant cooking!
jeNOJAEMin 5 måneder siden
jeNOJAEMin 5 måneder siden
1:09 damn Josh is so lucky!
Amigo Clever
Amigo Clever 5 måneder siden
미슐랭스타가 가장 많은 도시는 도쿄입니다...
Fadhila A.
Fadhila A. 5 måneder siden
i just realized at 6:24 when josh was shouting “its alive” its actually from bon appetit lmaoo
Omega Fox
Omega Fox 5 måneder siden
Her:brit food her reaction: EWWW Her:american food her reaction:omgosh yesplease iloveamericans (this is a joke
TUTIDIANA HAJI WASLI 5 måneder siden
2:24 ollie was wearing the same shirt from the 2019, 5:51 both wives agreed on one thing
C A 5 måneder siden
Josh listen to your wives
Bobbi Z
Bobbi Z 5 måneder siden
They need one glove
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