Best Friend Personality Test!? (MIND BLOWN! 🤯)

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7 måneder siden

Today we try a Jolly personality test, and decide we know each other better than ourselves!?
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Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

강은호 10 dager siden
올리처럼 귀여운 ENTP 도 잇군
강은호 10 dager siden
헐 저는 조쉬 ISFP 로 예상했고 올리는 ENTP 예상했어요 거의 맞혔아....ㅎㅎㅎ
Halina G
Halina G 16 dager siden
Haha the k-pop part was hilarious and also the truth.
no :3
no :3 24 dager siden
At 3:01 Josh became a windex bottle dude I love their friendship omg
nj Måned siden
Is that a Dhaka Topi on the mannequin's head?
park sarada
park sarada Måned siden
Umm most Kpop fans are loving people.... Only very few hate on other bands...You shouldn't be labeling us like that all together🥺🥺
FortheShyGirl, Måned siden
Just out of curiosity I quickly paused the video took the test and found that I was a mediator like credo baggins. Life is good. Now I have to understand what that means :)
FortheShyGirl, Måned siden
Frodo Baggins
Noopur Shaligram
Noopur Shaligram Måned siden
Still extremely happy of the fact that both me and Ollie have the same mbti !!!
Castillon Ivy Gumalo
Castillon Ivy Gumalo Måned siden
Jolly..keep making videos...Fighting...! ☺️😊👍👊💕❤️
Rosanne Venhorst
Rosanne Venhorst Måned siden
Anyone else wondering what it would look like if they chose the same answer?
Miroslava Zvaygintseva
Miroslava Zvaygintseva Måned siden
Test: you're highly argumentative Ollie: no I'm not 100% agree and i will use logical facts to destroy you
Sophia Yastrebov
Sophia Yastrebov Måned siden
I know I’m late to the party, but DO THE ENNEAGRAM PLEASEEEEE!!!
Swati Juyal
Swati Juyal Måned siden
I too took the personality test and i got mediator infp and idk what it is though i read the description and i found i so relatable
Alyssa Smith
Alyssa Smith Måned siden
Knowing a lot about the functions that go into the MBTI personalities, I was following along as you were answering the questions, marking down what I figured was indicated by the answers you were giving to each of them. Then I guessed what types you'd get/what types I thought you were based on what each of the questions was measuring about you. I guessed that Ollie could go either way as an INTP or an ENTP, but I put Josh as an ISFP--which I think he actually verified when he said that the version we see of him online is different than the version we see of him in person.
Alyssa Smith
Alyssa Smith Måned siden
ALSO, you should have Rev. Chris and Maj. Charles take this test for each other the same way you guys did, and see if they think it's accurate, and how similar/different they are as twins.
Kirst en
Kirst en Måned siden
Any Mediators/INFP here? :)
Esther B. Redshaw
Esther B. Redshaw Måned siden
Iannah Jones
Iannah Jones Måned siden
I am an ENFP the "Campaigner".
강민지 Måned siden
늘 올리는 비범하다 느끼는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나랑같은 entp라니 😂
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon Måned siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel.
shecutie Måned siden
Joan Aguilar
Joan Aguilar Måned siden
I've answer that personality test too. It's interesting but not 100% ofcourse. Everyone is unique in their own way😊
Eileen 2 måneder siden
I am an INFP and it is almost 99% accurate
Luke 2 måneder siden
I'm an INTJ which is the personality type every supervillain ever is based off.
Aydxn Schreave
Aydxn Schreave 2 måneder siden
Good Video☺
Minus H
Minus H 2 måneder siden
I feel like this test is pretty accurate, but not %100. Because other factors also need to be taken into account, but it's pretty close. 😄 I'm an ENFP-A I think... Campaigner anyway. But I disagree with all the weaknesses 😑🙄🤣🤣🤣 just kidding 😜😝
아이요 2 måneder siden
난 MBTI 검사해 보면 INTA 인가인데 나쁜 놈 같던데...
웅웅 2 måneder siden
와ㅠㅠ이런거 넘 재밋당
Amanda C
Amanda C 2 måneder siden
I think Ollie ENTP might be correct, but Josh ENFJ!
Jiha Page
Jiha Page 2 måneder siden
ENTP-T! Thats me
Kayla G
Kayla G 2 måneder siden
Old internet mbti tests were creepy.... they had stalin as one of the INTP archetypes... but I definitely think Ollie is ENTP.... its kind of positive though... My personality type is the same except on top of being argumentative, apparently we are kind of asocial. It's called the architect, but I mean,. . . the weaknesses are kind of painfilly accurate.
josa 2 måneder siden
I can say that Ollie is a debater even before they took this test.. i just don't expect Josh to be an entertainer..
Cristy Herrera
Cristy Herrera 2 måneder siden
I insist... Josh should copyright the Phrase "You're an Idiot" 🤣🤣🤣
Victoria Robinson
Victoria Robinson 2 måneder siden
Was sceptical, did the test and got ESTP, looked at the list of jobs and it's all the jobs I considered plus two that I currently am. XD
Ayato K.
Ayato K. 2 måneder siden
As an INTJ I knew Ollie was gonna be either ENTJ or ENTP, I just feel so similar to him apart from him being an extrovert
KAVI SHRI 2 måneder siden
I got adventurer in this personality test
팝송 2 måneder siden
팝송 2 måneder siden
긍정적 의미입니다
Firesh!tter UwU
Firesh!tter UwU 2 måneder siden
Im an INTJ. I agree with my type quite a lot but not enirely. It is still a very good and accurate test
Alex 2 måneder siden
"I'm close to the action, I _am_ the action." - Ollie
Alex 2 måneder siden
Anyone else INTP/INFP?
Alex 2 måneder siden
Ollie mentioning CLC is so me
Suchart Boontid
Suchart Boontid 2 måneder siden
Omg when they said Tyrion Lannister I was like that's Ollie! They're both charming and have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. They can turn anything into a joke. They like to argue but not in an obnoxious "I have to win" kind of way but more in a jokey way to stimulate intellectual discussion. And Josh is the same type as Marilyn Monroe is spot on because they're both extremely gorgeous and we like watching them do their thing.
Aurora Olaya
Aurora Olaya 2 måneder siden
I'm an INFP and I don't even know what that means. Can u comment Ur personality test results downs here ???
Jessica Stevens
Jessica Stevens 2 måneder siden
find it odd that Ollie has a negative connotation of "debater" that I don't think is inherent in the word itself. tbh, I don't pay attention to my associated word, just the letter designations themselves. maybe we both bring our own baggage to it
Isobel Heathcote
Isobel Heathcote 2 måneder siden
i’m so damn in love with josh
Milin Zhang
Milin Zhang 2 måneder siden
Imagine having a friend who can do your personality test for you
aoife 2 måneder siden
who among you here tried the personality test after watching this vid? bc i did hehehehe btw, i'm an advocate. what's yours?
콩나물 2 måneder siden
올리랑 똑같앙 mbti!
michelle werner
michelle werner 2 måneder siden
3:56 in context to that "do you care about how others perceive you" question beforehand - this is so entp
Marco Kwok
Marco Kwok 2 måneder siden
Wait a second... this essentially shows that you guys are like Laurel and Hardy to a certain aspect. However, that may just be my wishful thinking.
Anxi Lety
Anxi Lety 2 måneder siden
I started watching Jolly this year, and it has brought me many laughs and smiles and happy tears. I know all the comments focus on the humor, but I do want to say thank you individually because I looked up the assessment and took it myself and wow. This personality test is what I have been looking for (I'm Advocate, INFJ-A/INFJ-T, nearly even split) and apparently only 1% of the world fall into this personality type. I have felt broken for the longest time, questioning why I was so weird and always the odd man out on opinions and beliefs. Knowing that it's not all in my's a great feeling and I can't wait to explore it further. So thank you :) Also, for anyone wanting to take the personality test, it is a very extensive assessment and I would recommend it (16 personalities).
Warribe Siqueira
Warribe Siqueira 2 måneder siden
I must say that test perfectly surmises them, using only what we see as basis. Also the personality traits are very much the same in my brother and I, and ofc hes josh and amazing and im hyper and overthinker ollie Kkkkkkk
김경진 2 måneder siden
오 나도 친구랑 mbti 서로 해줬는뎈ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 서로 너무 정확하게 나와서 소름돋았었음
AYAHKAR 2 måneder siden
Annabelle Siegler
Annabelle Siegler 2 måneder siden
I knew Ollie was an ENTP!! Before the video started I sat down and thought to myself: he’s got a strong empathetic side so probably Fe but I’d say it’s tertiary so that means auxiliary Ti... definitely dominant Ne and there we have it OLLIE IS AN ENTP 🎉🎉🎉
Emily Winchester
Emily Winchester 2 måneder siden
Results: ‘very argumentative’ Also Ollie: yeah, this isn’t me
Poca Land
Poca Land 2 måneder siden
0:37 multi kpop fandom be like : 👁👄👁 But if MBTI was a kpop group I would stan them
samantha사만타 3 måneder siden
Cool, I'm an ENTP too😂
Flower Flag.
Flower Flag. 3 måneder siden
i can't believe Ollie said CLC :O
G8Jhasmine Sophia Amari Biboso
G8Jhasmine Sophia Amari Biboso 3 måneder siden
ey I got Advocates and it really is accurate, it feels like for the first time, I got understood without proving, telling or interrogating anything
Tanya Tripathi
Tanya Tripathi 3 måneder siden
Don't watch this while eating or drinking anything
Juan Manuel Mora
Juan Manuel Mora 3 måneder siden
I'm INTP, I'm the introverted version of Ollie in a nutshell :p.
성이름 3 måneder siden
올리 진짜 짱구, 프렌즈에 나오는 챈들러 같아요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ완전 entp인간...
Ash_Lee 3 måneder siden
I’ve taken the test like 3 times just to see how consistent it is (or I am) I get a different personality type each time 😂
집착광공루피 3 måneder siden
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ투바투 Omg TXT❤️
Mahmoud Harmel
Mahmoud Harmel 3 måneder siden
Great video! Ollie you're ISFP 100% look that out ^^
rachel leichi
rachel leichi 3 måneder siden
by the way ,I'm a mediator infp ,I would be curious to know if there is anyone with the same personality here ?
Mubashshira Farooqui
Mubashshira Farooqui 3 måneder siden
I have rarest personality INFJ😅😅
Silvia A
Silvia A 3 måneder siden
B1A4 means one have B blood type, the others have A blood type
ThE bEsT
ThE bEsT 3 måneder siden
아니 진짜 올리 찐 entp 인게 mbti 의심하는겈ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Tetraglot 3 måneder siden
"If it's a group of like 10 to 15..." lol my idea of "lots of people" is like 5 people
Braden Davis
Braden Davis 3 måneder siden
I found the website and I got Campaigner
Angela95 Lee
Angela95 Lee 3 måneder siden
Do Gabbie Do Gabbie!!!!!!
waftingwafting 3 måneder siden
Ollie, please learn the difference between acronyms and abbreviations...
L Ray
L Ray 3 måneder siden
Can anyone help me the web address they use for the personality test?
Penny 3 måneder siden
I know it has been like 3 months since this video but... I have this friend who's like 1:1 Ollie, like every joke or "debate" makes me think of her! (One of her highlights: "Let's find something we disagree to debate about it!! If we can't find anything, I'll change my mind about something!") And she actually is a ENTP!! Now I actually believe in this test and gonna make everyone around me do it! I'm ENTJ 🤩💖
stxrry seungyeon
stxrry seungyeon 3 måneder siden
0:56 I'm just proud Ollie knows CLC Stan CLC and Jolly for clear skin
Jalee Thepthongsene
Jalee Thepthongsene 4 måneder siden
Fellow entp!
Jack Blue Pirate 87
Jack Blue Pirate 87 4 måneder siden
From the thumbnail. I thought they were doing a personality test. Not a stand parameter test
ᄂDEADSOONᄀ 4 måneder siden
Ollie is so ENTP it hurts
bitch please
bitch please 4 måneder siden
I did the test twice and always got Logician, I think it really sums up your personality if it’s done well, you shouldn’t let other people do it for you because what you are isn’t always what others can perceive (even if it’s a childhood friend)
georgia kerr
georgia kerr 4 måneder siden
Anyways stan got7
Hilary Co
Hilary Co 4 måneder siden
I'm an INFJ. I totally agree with mine😂😂😂. Especially with Ollie's 😂😂
T Moon
T Moon 4 måneder siden
*Ollie debates with unrealistic yet intriguing ideas* Josh: You're an idiot.
Chianne Embry
Chianne Embry 4 måneder siden
I'm an INFP
서현Sunnyサニー 4 måneder siden
Let's see how many INFPs r here
Doc 4 måneder siden
i think josh worry more about the impression he make than ollie... ollie is always himself, josh is always trying to not embarrass himself and be either respectful or having his hair in the right way... so bad call here
CRI Innn
CRI Innn 4 måneder siden
머야... 나 올리와 같은 걸..? 올리는 나보다 더 극단적인 ENTP이지..??
han sami
han sami 4 måneder siden
ㅋㅋㅋㅋMBTI 팩폭 모음 이걸 하셨어야 했는데 쿄쿄쿄
효스바 4 måneder siden
저는 ISFJ 나왔는데 진짜 95% 저에요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 유튜브에 잇프제 유형 치고 나온 영상에 잇프제 유형 사람들이 댓글 단거 보면 다들 나랑 너무 똑같아서 진짜 소름돋는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 한가지 약간 아닌게 있다면 공감능력이 매우 뛰어나서 사회복지사나 간호사 하기 좋다 .?? 이부분이 약간 ...ㅎㅎ
Lex The omnidroid
Lex The omnidroid 4 måneder siden
I did one twice, time 1 I was an architect, time 2 I was a logician, and I didn't take them far apart. Idk, they're pretty similar, 1 letter difference. It was pretty accurate tho! This video was hilarious, glad Josh tried to stop Ollie talking about Kpop, he saved himself.
Chris Orlino
Chris Orlino 4 måneder siden
When they swap, they start to argue and thus viewers put comments👆👇 so the result is done. Just read them in the comments.
angel bangtan
angel bangtan 4 måneder siden
Ollie was kinda right abt the bad names kpop groups have but let's appreciate how he knows a lot of their names.. Yeah MBTI sounds like a crappy kpop group name lmao
lido cardines
lido cardines 4 måneder siden
I knew Ollie was an ENTP
Danika Govender
Danika Govender 4 måneder siden
I actually think Ollie's was more accurate than Josh's.... But I definitely saw those characteristics in y'all❤️❤️❤️
John_ Joseph
John_ Joseph 4 måneder siden
Ollie ENTPs are often misquoted as "dangerous" for they challenge everything. Usually ruining INFJ's lives like mine, cause we are more practical in life hahahaha. And the fact that you do not accept your results in a 100% manner, makes me say that you are really an ENTP HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Elvenia 4 måneder siden
I'm an INFP-T and that personality test actually helped me to understand myself a lot better. To be someone who thinks and feels deeply, constantly in some fantasy land in her own mind and wondering why other people seem so harsh and blunt at times, to learn that everyone's brains work in different ways and that sometimes different personalities just don't mesh is actually massively comforting. In knowing my weaknesses I gain self awareness, better accountability and ability to adapt to the better version of myself, and I'm sure many others would feel the same!
Char10tti3 4 måneder siden
B1A4 is my favourite road!
Jonsan 4 måneder siden
Would be quite fun to see what Rev. Chris results are
brisky verkoyan
brisky verkoyan 5 måneder siden
i just noticed that you make Indonesian sub using slang language hhahaha
Alwin Arellano
Alwin Arellano 5 måneder siden
I take the test twice and got the personality of a Virtuoso twice damn
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