Why we stopped live streaming...

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A lot of you have been asking why we stopped our JOLLY live streams. Is it a grand conspiracy? Were we hacked?! Today we give you some answers.
If you have any more questions then feel free to ask us in the comments below!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

JOLLY 5 måneder siden
If you want to become a member then hit the "JOIN" button under the video!! If you're on iPhone and can't see that button then click on the link in the Video Description!! We love you Jollybeans! 만약 유튜브 프리미엄을 이용하고 계시다면 이번달 말까지 무료로 졸리 멤버가 되실 수 있습니다!! 아이폰 이용자분들중 “가입”버튼이 안 보이시는 분들은 영상 정보에 있는 링크를 클릭해주세요!
Noah L
Noah L 4 måneder siden
Joined from Singapore.
handroid cool
handroid cool 5 måneder siden
That's my first time being a member of a NOpost channel & I have no experience what so ever , Jolly happy member 😊 to have a coffee ☕ weekly with you gentlemen
jonnikin 5 måneder siden
Hi JOLLY, just thought I'd drop a note for you guys to consider including contents featuring Juno to members only as well. Cause NOpost are disabling comments to many channel that features kids regularly on their channel, and it's tough to reverse.
Gemma 5 måneder siden
I'm using NOpost Premium but can't join the membership for free as you said :(
Jeremy Meredith
Jeremy Meredith 5 måneder siden
"Welcome to our world and our family home. Let's share three years getting to know each other and building a wholesome family-friendly relationship and then, one day... Those who aren't paying us, get out and go stand in the shed. You can only watch us through the window now, where we won't see/hear you. You're still part of the family, but you're not REALLY part of the family unless you pay to stay." I have loved watching JOLLY all this time because I thought it bought wholesome, good-natured content to the internet. Now, it just seems like they are taking those good values and turning them into a cash cow. There are many other options that would have addressed this algorithm issue (read the comments), so it seems like it is being used an as excuse to "cash up". All of that good-will in the NOpost community that you fostered so delicately and with love, is now going to be seen by many (read the comments) as just insincerity and greed. Those who live on the other side of the world and would never have been able to see your live streams, wouldn't see the value in a membership anyway, except, now, they won't even have access to them AFTER the stream. That's just kind of rude to be honest. I think the biggest problem you now have is that people who have memberships are referring to themselves as "Super JOLLY beans". So, in essence, you've created a two-tier fan base. The "haves" and the "have nots". This seems to be very much at odds with the core values that your show has instilled in others across the world. Josh, Ollie, I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed :(
Alyssa Cowan
Alyssa Cowan Måned siden
Juno is what brought me to your channel
KaylaRose Måned siden
Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered, but new here! When do the live streams usually take place? Just wanted to have a general idea about it and if it'd work with the time difference in the U.S. Thanks in advance.
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon Måned siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel.
Margib Farm
Margib Farm Måned siden
Best regard from Ambon for both of you, come to ambon next time to try native food 👍
Demi Guzman
Demi Guzman 2 måneder siden
NOpost actually unsubscribed me from JOLLY apparently bc I was missing yall and I found out... I was really mad but I'm back yay!
yano yano 23
yano yano 23 2 måneder siden
I wanna do it and join this membership but , unfortunately i am broke 😢. Oh well i hardly watched these live stream in LIVE ☺
Dobbydobby Dobs
Dobbydobby Dobs 2 måneder siden
New member!!! Keep up the good work! Congrats on your new Tesla Josh!
스루thru 2 måneder siden
영상정보에 가입 링크가 없뉸데ㅜㅜ
L Martin
L Martin 3 måneder siden
I understand you want to make money, but please just be up front and say that. You could very easily have just set up a new channel just for the live-streams and it wouldn’t have damaged your existing channels. You just want the money. Great! But be honest, don’t pretend it’s for a different reason.
Lady Pop
Lady Pop 3 måneder siden
Who wants to join the lives streams but has to look in their wallet in disappointment 😩
Yeon-Ji Im
Yeon-Ji Im 3 måneder siden
"Hey, we found something you guys really enjoy. So now pay us for it." - it's really sad that's how you treat your fans. And if you worry about your streams being watched less than your regular vidoes, that's not gonna get better if you put it behind a stupid paywall...
DHST 3 måneder siden
I think you misunderstood the point. They're not worried the "streaming videos" is getting fewer views than the "regular videos". When they realised their new "regular videos" are getting less attention from people, they found youtube stopped recommending their videos to subscribers or any people. Later, they concluded it 'maybe' because youtube algorithm got messed up after their "streaming videos" weren't that popular comparing to their "regular videos". That's why, they separated their streaming videos exclusively accessible only to people who wanted to watch it by becoming a member, to prevent youtube marked their channel as "getting less popular-I'll stopped recommended this channel to people". That's it, hope you can understand it better and be more wise with your choices of words.
aleeya 3 måneder siden
The fee can pay for an entire lunch here or what I used to spend daily back in college
안녕 3 måneder siden
영어를 못해서.. 라이브를 봐도 못알아먹었... ㅠ
Markis Miller
Markis Miller 4 måneder siden
3:23 I dont watch the livestreams ollie "why are you even watching this one"
Cat Animations
Cat Animations 4 måneder siden
you should get rev chris to react to take me to church by hozier
NoTyOuR FrOg
NoTyOuR FrOg 4 måneder siden
Actually really liked the livestreams and wanted to watch but can't pay because in my country it's a lot of money and I'm absolutely broke :( but i understand it's you guy's job. It's a bit sad tho..the livestreams were getting me through quarantine
Taylor Heckley
Taylor Heckley 4 måneder siden
I caved... they’re just too freaking funny!!
Nisa Rumaisha
Nisa Rumaisha 4 måneder siden
"The price of a cup of a coffee" *cries in rupiah
김원준 4 måneder siden
Why there are no membership memeber..?
Hibbi 4 måneder siden
aww coooome on.. make a stream only channel? once u start charging for what should be free content paid by ads and your own sponsor deals, you will just fail.. its youtube? i love u guys, but wtf? badges? emojies? keep the connection? lol... rethink this.. you just said it yourself, you have content alot of people want to watch, but because "less" people watches it than normal videos, the solution is to throw up a paywall? did it ever occur to you there was other better options? wouldnt a stream only channel just add to this? and ONLY ADD? - this DIVIDES the community you built up, cant you see that? no? ah well.. go ahead :) prove me wrong :) i dont pay for badges, emojies or anything of that sort.. that value is 0, and ur selling it for 2.99.. sigh.. really? you werent even sure enough of your own value to just make it access to streams? smileys? - like .. who needs that? u dont want people looking in that cant afford this - THATS what ur doing, what ur saying is just .. silly, not jolly
L Martin
L Martin 3 måneder siden
DHST I don’t mind if they want to make money. They should state that clearly though and not lie to us with this BS excuse “it damages our channel if we give it to you for free” - wtf is that? These guys are already millionaires. They have a young audience and lying like this is skeezy. Make money, fine. Milk your young consumers for all they’re worth. Don’t lie and pretend it’s for other reasons.
DHST 3 måneder siden
Or you could just learning and trying to be thankful? There are still a lot to watch and enjoy without the needing to pay money. Making content so people could enjoy isn't an easy job. No? Ah well.. Why don't you just start making your own "jolly" content then? Maybe if it could be as good as theirs, I could subscribe to your channel too. Sigh..
도치매니저 4 måneder siden
라이브 재밌긴한데 영어못하는데 무슨말하는지 모르고 같이웃고싶어도 못웃음 무슨웃긴행동하시면 웃긴하는데 ㅎㅎ
Ignacia Quiñones
Ignacia Quiñones 4 måneder siden
Did they erased the awesome VPN 80's like spam from all the videos?😂
Halsul99 4 måneder siden
Wha- I didn’t even know that you did livestreams before!! Are those not a part of the notification button function?
Thomas Boi
Thomas Boi 4 måneder siden
Pay up to watch
Swagat Biswal
Swagat Biswal 4 måneder siden
I would love if the moustache is not real and Ollie would just wipe it one day and scream Buuurrrnnnn!!!😂
Joseph Mamaradlo
Joseph Mamaradlo 4 måneder siden
I heard grace laughing 😂
Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor 4 måneder siden
Where’s the VIP membership?
Alyssa 4 måneder siden
No wonder I havent been getting reccomendations feom NOpost about you guys. Good thing I visited the channel again to catch up on new uploads I missed 💖
Anything In Between
Anything In Between 4 måneder siden
So THATS why i hadn't seen a recommended video in weeks!! Oooohhhhh
milksomecows 4 måneder siden
Will mail time videos only be available to members?
Diane C
Diane C 4 måneder siden
Hmmm guys tons of ppl are doing patreons and memberships. So actually you don't have to use the algorithms as a reason. Memberships are a legit way to keep the channel going.
Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu 4 måneder siden
어차피 졸리는 한국인을 위한 콘텐츠도 아니니 Anyway, whatever.
Jun I
Jun I 4 måneder siden
So does that include the livestreams of you guys opening packages that fans have sent you? I hope not. People put so much love (and money!) into sending these gifts, I don't think it would be right to deprive them of the opportunity to engage with you opening them unless they're able to pay for it. I like the idea of starting a separate channel, or a channel on Twitch or making the initial livestream free and then the recording available only to members...something like that. So many of your followers are kids or people on a budget and just a few dollars a month is something a lot of people can't afford. I totally understand the reality of needing to make a steady income, but I'm a little confused by this video. Are you making a lot less money from the livestreams because there are less views, is that the issue? I deliberately let the ads run before and after videos so you make money from them. I think you guys have excellent content and I think the channel is great. So please take the time to consider the critical feedback from your fans. Thank you
Bruce 4 måneder siden
I had no idea that there were live streams. I remember the pandemic driving around London shopping video, but nothing after that. Nothing appeared in my feed.
전민영 4 måneder siden
라이브 정말 보고싶은데ㅠㅠㅠ 저는 아직 자막없이 볼 자신이없어여ㅠㅠㅠ 넘나속상함ㅠㅠ
Vanessa Li
Vanessa Li 4 måneder siden
Ollie really looks like pringles🤣
Camille Ehrich
Camille Ehrich 4 måneder siden
Consider Twitch?
sw a
sw a 4 måneder siden
영상이랑 댓글 같이 읽는 재미가 있는데 한참 내려도 한국어 댓글 안보이니까 영상도 점점 안 보게되네ㅠㅠㅠ
Ouranor 4 måneder siden
Alright, I bit the bullet xD! I never watched any of your livestreams, but I'll take a look and see if it's content I like. Regardless, you deserve all the support!
Christine Dowd
Christine Dowd 4 måneder siden
OMG you guys are amazing! Thanks for introducing us to Rev. Chris.
Survii Gecko
Survii Gecko 4 måneder siden
Your flag is upside down
‘lil A
‘lil A 5 måneder siden
who else thinks Ollie is way more cute than Josh
Connie Thevenin
Connie Thevenin 5 måneder siden
And today I stop joining your tremes
Anna Høydahl
Anna Høydahl 5 måneder siden
Awww i love watching the lives but my mom is like why do you Watch that they are just talking random shit and just being wierd so she will definitely not buy membership for me hahhahah but im gonna Ask her until she say yessss🤣🤣🤣🤣
killer 5 måneder siden
그냥 쉽게 말하면 돈벌이가 시원찮은거 아냐 돌려까고 있네
long st
long st 5 måneder siden
이정도면 유튭 음모론잇다 정말 ㄱ-
gyulson귤손 5 måneder siden
멤버쉽 서비스를 시작하면 라이브 영상에 한글자막이 같이 달리면 좋을거같아요ㅠㅠ 졸리채널의 신나는 분위기를 좋아하지만 라이브영상에서는 모든 대화를 이해할수없어서 편집영상을 볼때보다는 즐거움에 몰입하기가 힘들더라구요ㅜㅜ
So Hyun Park
So Hyun Park 5 måneder siden
Idk how I feel about this
Tamara Land
Tamara Land 5 måneder siden
First time ever joining a membership on NOpost. 🎉🇩🇪
gary fowler
gary fowler 5 måneder siden
Money grabbing aholes
christian argueta
christian argueta 5 måneder siden
Try twitch maybe?
뭐라구요? 5 måneder siden
졸리!!!!!!~~~~~~~~ 건강히 지네세요어어어!!!!!
Léon The Professional
Léon The Professional 5 måneder siden
Disappointed. 1. Could've come up with better ideas with you guys' creativity 2. Need more context about algorithm to justify buying membership.. the explanation was waaayyyy to little
Lærke Julie Lindqvist
Lærke Julie Lindqvist 5 måneder siden
Your content is like 'talk to me in korean' in that both are hidden gems when learning about Korean culture and language
PhantomStella 5 måneder siden
Unfortunately, I lost my job during the shut down so I'll have to pass :( but good idea since yt is being mean :)
Tristan Bailey
Tristan Bailey 5 måneder siden
Ollie, have you watched the start of the last series of New Girl (I rewatched at weekend). They come back from a few year break and one of the cast has a mo and by the end his friend shaves it off for him 😂
MELODY 5 måneder siden
나도 라이브 보고싶지만.. 다 영어라 알아들을수가압쒀..
Tasya Aniza
Tasya Aniza 5 måneder siden
Josh did you lose some weight? Like, lots of it? Please be healthy in this crazy time, both of you :( Cheers from Indonesia 🐙
Silvio Santana
Silvio Santana 5 måneder siden
I am not sure I understood the justification about YT algorithm, but what do I know? However, I can't help to feel bad about this JB badge "segregation". It is like if you're not a member with the badge, you not a Jollybean.
Jake Starkey
Jake Starkey 5 måneder siden
Talk about milking what we’ve all enjoyed for free. Another reason to unsubscribe
jc 5 måneder siden
I'm just a student and I have no means of producing money rn but, even if I can't join and I want to, I'll surely support you guys as much as I can :-)
Lestrangekidd C'est la Vee
Lestrangekidd C'est la Vee 5 måneder siden
m mjm
m mjm 5 måneder siden
wow that was quick!! took a while before korean englishman had a paywall, guess it is working out quite well.
Ski Ski
Ski Ski 5 måneder siden
Jollybeans NON-member squad where you at? Let's continue watching the free videos!
Caitlin Stanley
Caitlin Stanley 5 måneder siden
Feeling proud to be a member🤩 your videos get me through the week
Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V.
Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V. 5 måneder siden
I dont watch live streams but u know what I love 15min edited videos of live streams. I've seen some soo good. Maybe u can do it too to advertise this membership it might get some people really excited for the membership
Mike Rojano
Mike Rojano 5 måneder siden
I literally just thought to go on this video cause it felt like you stopped uploading completely, and behold, several missed videos, THANKS NOpost
Mhizelie Jave
Mhizelie Jave 5 måneder siden
Ive been in love with Jolly and although Ive been a Frontline responder and busy during the pandemic, Jolly never fails to take the weary away ❤
Alanoud A
Alanoud A 5 måneder siden
Hiiii I just joined too I'm so excited!
세일러문 5 måneder siden
라이브는 자막이 없으니 안보네요
lolliKpop 5 måneder siden
Ohh so that’s why I stopped getting recommendations from your channel :(
쏭이잉 5 måneder siden
I can’t see where is the linkㅠㅠㅠ
Dylan 3E3E
Dylan 3E3E 5 måneder siden
i feel a discord server comming
Natasaki Sun
Natasaki Sun 5 måneder siden
Umm can you react to blackpink how you like that mv On priest react
Lee Licayan
Lee Licayan 5 måneder siden
Say no more fam. I don't know when the streams are but either way I'm helping fund future projects
Yu-Joon An
Yu-Joon An 5 måneder siden
Im glad im now a member of the Jolly beans!! Been following you for a longtime!!!
Gabriel Divine
Gabriel Divine 5 måneder siden
my god .. whats up with the raper mustache from 1980? :))
deejay730 5 måneder siden
This is the first membership that I joined🥴
CRUSH CHRIST 5 måneder siden
졸리는 거의 자주 올라오는 채널인데 영어로 하고 라이브도 자막없이 나오는데 가입할 이유가없... 무엇보다 흥미도 요새 떨어짐. 영국남자는 영상이 너무 짧고 영상하나 올라오는데 일주일이나 기다리고 두개 정도면 딱 좋을텐데 그리고 다시보기 뭐 그런 게 자꾸 올라와서 일주일치 기다려도 허탈한적이 몇번있음
Little Al
Little Al 5 måneder siden
I’m still a student on my last year of school so... bye Jolly live-streams 😂. Well even though I can not afford that, I wish you guys and the Jolly members, the best of lucks on them ❤️💕 have fun💕 Btw I’m not going to stop watching the normal videos and neither should anyone, please remember this is their full time job, let’s keep supporting the people that puts dozens of smiles on our faces per video✌🏻💕
stream punch
stream punch 5 måneder siden
Taylor Baggins
Taylor Baggins 5 måneder siden
The coin is so cute!
Connie Thevenin
Connie Thevenin 5 måneder siden
You started a (join your membership and asked for money) I stopped watching you. Your decision
hyun Y
hyun Y 5 måneder siden
아마도 유투브에서 모든걸 유료화 시키고 싶은거겠죠..ㅠ
Bimbo Almarado
Bimbo Almarado 5 måneder siden
what strange is your streaming video never shows up in my NOpost, tho youtube know that I've watch 80% of ur vids
안녕`ᄏ 5 måneder siden
What happened to Josh? He looks a bit thin.
Kris O
Kris O 5 måneder siden
maximmortal 5 måneder siden
Well, that’s my day off work tomorrow sorted then...
Maria Steinbauer
Maria Steinbauer 5 måneder siden
Now let's test this new thing 🤳
Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas 5 måneder siden
You could have created a new channel "Jolly Livestreams" and it wouldn't have affected the algorithm, and then dual-cast it alongside Twitch and gained probably more money by getting the Twitch subs and gifts. I think you've misplayed this :/
Léon The Professional
Léon The Professional 5 måneder siden
But there must be some guys that missed this video and doesn't even know that channel even exists when waiting for livestreams everyday lol
Doni Rahmat
Doni Rahmat 5 måneder siden
Its a price of 20 sachet coffee 😂😂
Ata Avrupali
Ata Avrupali 5 måneder siden
Weird when "we have jolly news" is asking for money...
Doug Kleen
Doug Kleen 5 måneder siden
do what you have to do if I can i wll help out.
bobodianne 5 måneder siden
go on twitch!!!
Anida Tequila
Anida Tequila 5 måneder siden
Ollie looks like Nigel fron the Wild Thornberrys.
lushjongin 5 måneder siden
chefs kiss for Ollie's moustache
Jacky Cho
Jacky Cho 5 måneder siden
Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet sign me up luv!
Juniper Hill
Juniper Hill 5 måneder siden
2 million subscribers is a hidden gem?
Casey Collins
Casey Collins 5 måneder siden
I just really appreciate how wholesome your whole group is (from the Jolly group, to your family and friends), and how much you guys appreciate your fans. Thank you for all the good content, smiles, laughs, and making this whole fandom feel like a family. I am so glad I found you guys/KoreanEnglishman.
Omer T
Omer T 5 måneder siden
they should make a twitch account. I'd sub monthly for it!
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