British Priest and Baby Try American Snacks for the First Time!?

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11 måneder siden

Today we open another box of some essential American snacks - from special poptarts to flaming hot Cheetos and warhead spray!!? And try them with Rev. Chris and little Juno!!
오늘은 또 다른 미국 대표 과자들이 담긴 소포를 열어봅니다 - 특이한 팝타르트, 핵매운맛 치토스, 워헤드 스프레이까지?! 그리고 특별히 크리스 신부님과 주노와 같이 먹어봤어요!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Nicky Mckenziek
Nicky Mckenziek 11 måneder siden
This is Nicky! I was one of the people who put together that box! I am literally freaking out right now! Thank you guys for making a video with our box!
Red Roy
Red Roy 6 måneder siden
I wad literally snacking on cheeze its when this video auto-played.
MistBorn 6 måneder siden
12:00 for you champ
Nicky Mckenziek
Nicky Mckenziek 6 måneder siden
@공부 the bad writing is me lol. Julia(the other girl) is learning Korean and I mostly just copied vocab from that video where Ollie screamed at a video game😂
공부 6 måneder siden
I thought you were Korean because you wrote Hangle so well...
Truth_is_the _new_hate
Truth_is_the _new_hate 7 måneder siden
@Etsy it might be because I grew up eating poptarts but i dont think they're very good.
Cheshire cat
Cheshire cat 4 dager siden
aaaawwww juno is so cute
maausamaau 5 dager siden
this video go 20k more becuase of juno she is so cute
Kasey 5 dager siden
i was literally laughing so hard i threw up. no joke
Akiko Fujishima
Akiko Fujishima 7 dager siden
Pop Tarts were meant to be breakfast and not a snack, though some people snack on Pop Tarts. :D
Emma Wilenius
Emma Wilenius 7 dager siden
Oh you notice theyre from the UK. I’m from Finland 🇫🇮😉
H Barlow
H Barlow 7 dager siden
I'm American and pop tarts are disgusting. They make you regret your decisions!
Peach Tea
Peach Tea 8 dager siden
Josh: "My poptarts! My precious" I can't- 😂😂😂😂😂
It's Megan
It's Megan 10 dager siden
As someone who has access to pop tarts I absolutely hate them except the off brand strawberry " Toaster tarts " Those are good though the rest are horrible.
SweetCaroline1990 20 dager siden
Y'all need some PA snacks -- pretty sure PA is the snack capital of the U.S. 😂
SweetCaroline1990 20 dager siden
Holy Pop-Tarts, Batman!
Jensen Wolfe
Jensen Wolfe 20 dager siden
Juno is actually the most adorable thing... This is coming from a guy who detests children
CJ P 28 dager siden
Guys, thank you for toasting the pop tarts.
Ragani Maheshwari
Ragani Maheshwari 28 dager siden
I m in love with your daughter juno🥰
T3CHGY007 29 dager siden
When you wait for jolly and korean englishmen to come back what do you do? Why watch old video's of course! always good!
Zy Parsons
Zy Parsons Måned siden
It’s very entertaining to watch people try snacks that you eat everyday 😂😂😂
Mijmor Longstone
Mijmor Longstone Måned siden
Wait how dose the UK survive without Cheetos.😥😥😥😥😥
M A L Måned siden
Can we talk about how polite Juno is, she’s been brought up with the BEST manners!
Lucero Hernandez
Lucero Hernandez Måned siden
Ollie we aren’t lazy we just got to catch the train in time to get to school you never know what is going to happen to the train it can stop because of traffic or someone can jump on the train tracks like so much chaos
Victoria Wisner
Victoria Wisner Måned siden
warhead spray was my drug as a child 😂 And just so you guys know the reason that they are called pop tarts because you pop them out of the toaster ha ha glad y’all figure that out
Music Fan
Music Fan Måned siden
Ive tried pop tarts and as a 21 year old, I have to say that I hate pop tarts now, its extremely sweet that I dont even wanna imagine how much sugar is in it, but I think I would really love it if I were a kid
Mary Ann Pineda
Mary Ann Pineda Måned siden
She’s super cute👍😁
Patrícia Mikócziová
Patrícia Mikócziová Måned siden
I dont get a hype from poptards.. My friend brought one home from USA and it was trash 😂😂😂
Patrícia Mikócziová
Patrícia Mikócziová Måned siden
The Mr and Mrs cups 😂😂😂 Killing me everytime 😂😂😂
Cheez-Its are the best snack food dont @ me
Taz Doser
Taz Doser Måned siden
Rev Chris said he feels unhealthy while eating the pop tarts then in the next second he's eating more cheetos and loving every minute of it.
Miranda Scott
Miranda Scott Måned siden
You guys don’t have pop tarts? lol he’s right tho chocolate ones toast and fruit fine not toasted
Fievel Mousekewitz
Fievel Mousekewitz Måned siden
Someone send these folks some southern snacks. Moon pies, goo goo clusters... etc.
Marija Perkovic
Marija Perkovic Måned siden
I used to drink that whole bottek of sour spray
Louise Tonks
Louise Tonks Måned siden
To many things to mention. Firstly why did josh blow on the cheez-it like it's hot 😂
Animma Mani
Animma Mani Måned siden
Juno is the cutest toddler on the world, it's such a joy seeing her grow up❤️❤️❤️
Çağla Otlu
Çağla Otlu Måned siden
It's Megan
It's Megan 10 dager siden
I know and I have a toddler brother. He's pretty sweet though she reminds me of my little cousin.
Shadow Force
Shadow Force Måned siden
Ok Juno is actually the cutest
thedeviouspanda Måned siden
I love the pistachio Oreos! They are subtle, but I don't think they'd be good as a regular thickness Oreo.
Cherish Elledge
Cherish Elledge Måned siden
Juno is Adorable, I miss when mine was little like that, She is almost 18 now.
Alicia Trim
Alicia Trim Måned siden
Juno is too cute!!!! I agree with her on the mint oreos.
Earl Vince Tinaja
Earl Vince Tinaja Måned siden
We're here for Juno right?!!!!!
Summer Lewellen
Summer Lewellen Måned siden
Ive seem 2 year olds take warhead spray better than that
chara jeff
chara jeff Måned siden
British people finally understanding why it’s difficult to stay fit in the USA 🇺🇸one snack at a time 🤣😂
Magdalena Haldin
Magdalena Haldin Måned siden
Juno drinks like my sister. Just, audible gulping sounds every time.
Mike Hardy
Mike Hardy Måned siden
Is it just me who feels awkward With the open sharing of food. Each bite the same bit of food
Peace angle
Peace angle Måned siden
올리 올라프 ㅎ
Monsieur Morales
Monsieur Morales Måned siden
Milly Hubbard
Milly Hubbard Måned siden
What happened after this video? Josh was grounded 4 months later...
Wonder 5
Wonder 5 Måned siden
Juno is a doll. Super cute!
James Anderson
James Anderson Måned siden
*winces when Rev. Chris sprays warheads spray
James Anderson
James Anderson Måned siden
*happy american noises*
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon Måned siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel. I think he would have some interesting insights.
FJ VouxDoo
FJ VouxDoo Måned siden
Juno is literally the cutest. 🥺💕
Chhavi notme
Chhavi notme Måned siden
I love how British people just lose their brains over crumbs of flavour
Szymon Gaweł
Szymon Gaweł Måned siden
Ok, sometimes kids are annoying, but Julia is just lovely :P
impossichannel Måned siden
Dearest Jolly, we know the BEST pop tart is brown sugar cinnamon (not one that was sent) and i genuinely hope you get to try it some day
Ann DownSouth
Ann DownSouth Måned siden
We get peanut butter Oreos in South Africa.
Luck FN
Luck FN Måned siden
Juno so cuteeeeeeeeeeee🥰🥰
Flip Fly Tumble
Flip Fly Tumble Måned siden
where are the jolly ranchers!!
TheOT7BTS Måned siden
Ngl Cheetos are just niknaks
firehawk 99
firehawk 99 Måned siden
You need to try the spicy cheezeits
yykk n
yykk n Måned siden
주노 😍😍🥰🥰
Jake Cebulak
Jake Cebulak Måned siden
Bruh, the sun ain’t made of burning sugar. Its made of super hot hydrogen/helium plasma, not much carbon as our star isn’t large enough to produce large amounts of heavier elements. Love the content, keep up the good work!
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Martinez Måned siden
bruhhh pop tarts aren't that good honestly...
Raagavi Manivannan
Raagavi Manivannan Måned siden
They are missing takis!!!
l l
l l Måned siden
Lisa -
Lisa - Måned siden
i had pop tarts and they taste like cardboard
Ashleigh Modglin
Ashleigh Modglin Måned siden
I need to send Juno a million Oreos. Too cute!
dunjica77 Måned siden
I'm literally in love with Juno!
Isameowmeow Måned siden
I used to go to the airport McDonald’s or BurgerKing, get a full meal, and bring it on the plane. Avoid airplane food and have all the passengers wonder how you can order fastfood on a flight. 😂
Niqui Pseudonym
Niqui Pseudonym 2 måneder siden
...i will protect this young child at all costs, i swear, my heart melts into a puddle with every video that has the purest kid in the world!! it's amazing how many different people around the world probably agree that Juno is the most precious little lady in the whole world
ゼフィロぅP // Zefiro_uP
ゼフィロぅP // Zefiro_uP 2 måneder siden
11:54 She turns towards people when she thanks them. *Manners 100*
jp m
jp m 2 måneder siden
촬영지: 영국 내용물: 미국산 박스에 써진 글: 한국어 세계화ㄷㄷㄷ
it's me stans taejin
it's me stans taejin 2 måneder siden
So no one gonna talk about that mr and mrs mug? That got me wheezing Lmao
Veda Gopala
Veda Gopala 2 måneder siden
1:40 Chris: I used to live in America.. My brain: 😲 for four years?? 😂
Skye Phire
Skye Phire 2 måneder siden
Are not gonna talk about Rev Chris looking like he was possessed at 4:14
ナカキン 2 måneder siden
신부님의 교육 이 좋은 것 같습니다 감사합니다 여러분 모두 함께 사랑 합니다 세상에 서 제일 좋아하는 가족 여러분 모두 함께 할렐루야 아멘
sara chemello
sara chemello 2 måneder siden
Just love the title😂
alison coleridge
alison coleridge 2 måneder siden
FYI Josh, we now have pretzel pop tarts.
Sofia Park
Sofia Park 2 måneder siden
Juno: *Exists* Josh: OMG SHES SO CUUUTE
PEPCIE 2 måneder siden
ollie is so hilarious
Herby 2 måneder siden
Loose the vicar,.. we want more Juno!
Floofy Chill
Floofy Chill 2 måneder siden
3:18 of course I have low standards of food at 3am
Jamie Brooks
Jamie Brooks 2 måneder siden
...I think I know why we have a problem with obesity...
Trash Bags
Trash Bags 2 måneder siden
when josh called Juno sweetie ahhh my heart. Josh will be such a good daddy.
Alyssa Everyday
Alyssa Everyday 2 måneder siden
I hate pop tarts, I agree with Ollie. 😂
lissa lou
lissa lou 2 måneder siden
5:08 to 5:18 is pure chaos and I love
madman191 2 måneder siden
8:04 well time to $100 and send her Oreos
George Borden
George Borden 2 måneder siden
Juno is absolutely adorable...
Stephen and Jenny Vlogs
Stephen and Jenny Vlogs 2 måneder siden
Juno makes me want babies 🥺
Elena Muñoz de Dios
Elena Muñoz de Dios 2 måneder siden
Juno makes my heart melt 😭❤
Code Name
Code Name 2 måneder siden
Pop tarts are disgusting. Nothing makes them not disgusting, disgusting isn’t nostalgia.
Toffee Suga
Toffee Suga 2 måneder siden
I love when i see Poptarts. I loved eating them bc i knew it would be the closest i would get to Turkish Delight. I watched Narnia just i could see the queen and edmund eating hahaha.
ᄋᄋᄋᄋ 2 måneder siden
What's the difference between cheetos flaming hot flavor and extra extra hot flavored??
Adina 2 måneder siden
oreo flavors in the states are like tim tam flavors in austraila
Priya Banerjee
Priya Banerjee 2 måneder siden
Rev Chris: "So I just squirt it in?" Me: "Excuse me?"
liesel meminger
liesel meminger 2 måneder siden
When Juno tried to blow a kiss it looked like she ate it🤣
Be Ngo
Be Ngo 2 måneder siden
I was watching this and I saw AN AD OF HUYENWOO!!!!!
James Karis Lukman
James Karis Lukman 2 måneder siden
Omg i'm dying because of juno cuteness
リスRiss 2 måneder siden
10:17 good ASMR
어은돌맹이 2 måneder siden
주노 볼때마다 넘이뻐요..
moongirl786 2 måneder siden
I used to love the Warhead candies as a kid!! :P
SolarFan Wings
SolarFan Wings 2 måneder siden
Ollie as a dad and and Josh as an uncle is literally the most wholesome thing
SolarFan Wings
SolarFan Wings 2 måneder siden
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