What could go wrong?? FUNNIEST Instant Regret!!😂

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Today we take a JOLLY look at funniest moments of instant regret!
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Ally슈 5 måneder siden
"9-TOE-OLLIE" 😁 this is for you, Guys:
Callum - カラム
Callum - カラム Dag siden
@aale Raza You need to become a member of the channel to do that
aale Raza
aale Raza 2 måneder siden
how did u do that
TheSaidd Kitsune
TheSaidd Kitsune 4 måneder siden
of course there's a Spam emote
MARIN AQUA 5 måneder siden
먼뜻이지? 영어라서 모르겠어요. ㅠㅠ
JOLLY GRAIL 5 måneder siden
ㅁㅊㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 어케 만듬??
Gene Basas
Gene Basas 20 dager siden
5:28 I wasn't laughing at the girl but the guy tho
김수빈 28 dager siden
졸리 너무 그리워요 왜이렇게 된건지ㅠㅠ
Nathan Hayhurst
Nathan Hayhurst Måned siden
Oh you know that story about the fork and the wellie? That happened to my grandfather but he didn't miss
FlyBeastGames Måned siden
6:09 And That`s How I Met Your Mom
Bored Insomniac
Bored Insomniac Måned siden
4:18 I did that once. Except it was a revolving door. And I had to get stitches. And my lip unsnagged from my braces. And now I have a scar! It was that moment that I understood how birds felt.
Raven 92
Raven 92 Måned siden
friend 1: oh come on what could *possibly* go wrong friend 2: do you want the abridged version?
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Måned siden
The overjoyed chin principally kneel because europe gradually lick under a hard hexagon. smiling, wooden vermicelli
Loafy UwU
Loafy UwU Måned siden
I'm accidentally the 460.000 viewer.
Marián Dill
Marián Dill Måned siden
We miss you guys :"c
hardwire Måned siden
omg i think i just realized your channel name is a combo of yalls name isnt it?
Dorian Lukšec
Dorian Lukšec Måned siden
i decided to stop breathing becouse of you guys i have been air free 7 minshdbdb sry almost passed out 7 minutes without stop i jjjjnñn i am fine my lungs and sistem in general has restared
개나리색이야 Måned siden
다시봐도 존잼
Shubham Trivedi
Shubham Trivedi Måned siden
I miss Jolly
melek canbay
melek canbay 2 måneder siden
I want part two to this!!
Francis Gerard Magtibay
Francis Gerard Magtibay 2 måneder siden
sinister the undead
sinister the undead 2 måneder siden
React to the worlds fastest hot dog eater
Cypher五毛usuh 2 måneder siden
6:48 tbf its probably doable as long as you're not using any iPhone or samsung-made androids
Ishani Gala
Ishani Gala 3 måneder siden
I hate you guys lol. I was drinking juice and I laughed which caused it to out of my nose, and I choked on it too
Shubham Trivedi
Shubham Trivedi 3 måneder siden
I miss Jolly
A.Ham_ antha
A.Ham_ antha 3 måneder siden
As a glass half empty person myself, it's kinda wild cuz I literally had that exact same mentality where I wasn't stressed at the beginning
Caitlin deAmbra
Caitlin deAmbra 3 måneder siden
Many people in Russia have dash cams because of insurance scams like the motorbike video.
血影・春雪「英霊|フォーリナー」 3 måneder siden
The wrong way to saber a champagne bottle, greatness...
Joven Galliguez
Joven Galliguez 3 måneder siden
“I kind of thought something like this was gonna happen at some stage.” Same Ollie, same, but even though we are prepared emotionally, we still haven't prepared in other aspects 😂
omer naaman
omer naaman 3 måneder siden
9 toe ollie is basiclly a 9tollie
뇩남 3 måneder siden
Fact - lied, broke 14days rule, different wording between languages, threatening if any bad words = if he was there with them
Lexor888 4 måneder siden
OMG that fake eyelash lady had me laughing so hard I began to tear up 😂🤣
Jordan Beagle
Jordan Beagle 4 måneder siden
I relate with Ollie so much. Although I think I kinda fluctuate between glass half full and glass half empty
Caitriona Brauders
Caitriona Brauders 4 måneder siden
Aw god laughing so much rn guys 😂😂
Carlos Caraballo
Carlos Caraballo 4 måneder siden
You should know horses have been known to bite off tits easily.
Tara Sequeira
Tara Sequeira 4 måneder siden
As a IGCSE student ..the rate the exam response is accuracy 1000
Leesa Hill
Leesa Hill 4 måneder siden
The motorbike scammer was in our road in Watford!! Absolutely crazy 😜
Sarah no
Sarah no 4 måneder siden
The poor squirrel... it thought she was dry high ground it wasnt trying to attack her🤦‍♀️
Radiansyah Marwah
Radiansyah Marwah 4 måneder siden
What could go wrong, making a birthday party while on a self quarantine 😂
Ambzventures 4 måneder siden
Love you guys!!! It’ll be okay.
Lowhead Varney
Lowhead Varney 4 måneder siden
I'm never going to see the word river the same way again after what Josh said
hs Kim
hs Kim 4 måneder siden
get out recism
casualpotato 4 måneder siden
"What could go wrong during quarantine" - Josh and Gabie break the rules and get into trouble.
Michael Harto
Michael Harto 3 måneder siden
@Wedstein too fast?😂
Wedstein 4 måneder siden
Dudee 🤣
Olahiannyeong 4 måneder siden
Wiver is a cute name for a pet lol
Tristan Lawhorn
Tristan Lawhorn 4 måneder siden
Would you guys (and possibly Rev Chris) consider reacting to The Owl House?
말봉이 4 måneder siden
조쉬 이런거 할때마다 항상 힘들어햌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I am red Boy
I am red Boy 4 måneder siden
Eat red banana pie
ian clark
ian clark 4 måneder siden
The hardest part of inline skating? Telling your parents you're gay.
Caitlin Kelly
Caitlin Kelly 4 måneder siden
So guys I had my hands full but I needed to pick up my phone so I thought I’ll just pick up my phone very lightly with my teeth.... my whole phone shattered 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Tami Elizabeth Allaway
Tami Elizabeth Allaway 4 måneder siden
I'm literally crying... Just her laughing behind the camera got me started, then nine toe Ollie... And by eyelid sails the tears were flowing! Funniest thing I've seen in ages. OMG.I have to watch it again.... 😅🤣😂😆
Dean J. W. Ferris
Dean J. W. Ferris 5 måneder siden
Since when has anyone used their head to open a swing door? 😂😂😂
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon 5 måneder siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel. I think he would have some interesting insights.
Helloweener 5 måneder siden
It is not a sabre it, is a champagne sword. There is a special technique called sabrage to open a bottle with a sabre. But for obvious reasons this is not the tool of choice anymore so there are these champagne swords that are exactly made for this purpose. I never opned a bottle this way but it is very obvious that the man is hitting in the wrong direction. ^^ Maybe you should let someone doing it who had opened a bottle with this method before.
찬들 5 måneder siden
I thought the swan in thumbnail was a snake lol
YG ALOHA 5 måneder siden
Aesthetic_Angela 5 måneder siden
No one: Literally no one: Josh: "Crossing a wiver"
Emily S
Emily S 5 måneder siden
The urn christmas present from 2018 is on the shelf behind!
Bonfire Jeon
Bonfire Jeon 5 måneder siden
I watched this at nighttime when everyone was sleeping. Don't go making that mistake, I was trying not to laugh my head off.. I ended up crying from laughter
thisbrokenmachine 5 måneder siden
i understand ollie...i too am a glass half empty person...i bought packages and boxes of masks to wear on public transport bc my family members and a lot of people don't cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze...i was also worried about air pollution in the city so i was able to receive all my necessary ppe before covid was a thing...i was timid about using it bc mostly asian people wore it...so once covid came around i was lucky to get all my supplies before the price hikes....i even bought two gas masks and a painters full body smock....i was also able to supply my friends with masks and hand sanitizer...i was also able to help my fathers ENT office and provide PPE for all of them as the orders started to come slowly...like ollie said i thought something like this was going to happen eventually and i am glad i could help all i did....
Katelyn Pringle
Katelyn Pringle 5 måneder siden
I can not fucking believe that this is my first time hearing the the british version of titty twister is "nipple cripple". That is gold.
Ashby 5 måneder siden
why was that SO hilarious
Ello S
Ello S 5 måneder siden
Josh looked like the brain-frozen cat when he reacted to it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carolyn Song
Carolyn Song 5 måneder siden
Dunno if someone did it before I did but... 1:51 Six squish uhuh Cicero lipshitz
namcicle 5 måneder siden
Imagine if the guy with the phone having an iPhone 6s....bendgate
Steve Jacob
Steve Jacob 5 måneder siden
Jolly is like Good Mythical Morning
Saoirse Victeoiria
Saoirse Victeoiria 5 måneder siden
Sabring a champagne bottle is a thing, and it requires skill and a specific technique. It's also not necessarily the best way to enjoy champagne, as, even done correctly (breaking off only the top), glass may get into the bottle, though the hope is that the pressure and letting the bottle run fizzing for a moment will eliminate any small shards of glass.
Naren Madhan
Naren Madhan 5 måneder siden
Naren Madhan
Naren Madhan 5 måneder siden
Deine P
Deine P 5 måneder siden
The director laughs behind the camera always gets me
Yen Sumalde
Yen Sumalde 5 måneder siden
Oh my goodness, y'all have no dang idea how much I replayed that part where Josh was like "Crossing a wiver", while Ollie was literally clowning him. I'm seriously dead, LMAO.
자유시간 5 måneder siden
Wow hanguk a adigatni? 🤣
Eli May
Eli May 5 måneder siden
The last guy: he deserved it. Idiot. XD
Judy mohamed
Judy mohamed 5 måneder siden
When josh saw the cat getting the brain freeze He had the same reaction as the cat
Jonas Nygren
Jonas Nygren 5 måneder siden
Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 1:49
Isabelle 5 måneder siden
What could go wrong...? Ollie has squrialls attack again
콘노 유우키
콘노 유우키 5 måneder siden
We want WCGW2 with Rev.Chris
morgii 5 måneder siden
thank you for always having subs so I can secretly watch this during class without putting on my earphones hehe
tiffany choi
tiffany choi 5 måneder siden
Cat gets brain freeze, Josh’s reaction is the same.
Serenity now
Serenity now 5 måneder siden
"through my wellie" oof for a moment I heard it like "through my willy"
JOLLY GRAIL 5 måneder siden
0:20 apple watching this 'use that as apple cloud service ad' LOL
Lucia 5 måneder siden
May be you guys should copy one of the funny one and make a video of it hehe....he.... sorry.. I'm a funny Korean lady🤦‍♀️ 웃플꺼 같아요 미안합니돠!
David Pulanco
David Pulanco 5 måneder siden
2:00 Josh is cat confirmed
River Shannon
River Shannon 5 måneder siden
You guys are the best!!!😂😂😂
응알겠어 5 måneder siden
돌고래가 급속도로 달려오는게 이상하게 웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋ
Kim Ramiscal
Kim Ramiscal 5 måneder siden
More international snack review or juno snack review pls
thea 5 måneder siden
Sue-Ellen Lightbody
Sue-Ellen Lightbody 5 måneder siden
ok we definitely need a grace laughing emoji pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase
Dianaa 5 måneder siden
I'm not getting the notifications and the videos are not in the subscription box aaa
Sowlio 5 måneder siden
Got a mate called Jamie 9, since he was born missing a finger
Rachel Vallery Do
Rachel Vallery Do 5 måneder siden
But have you ever seen a girl trying to light a fire cracker, with the fire cracker being held by someone's teeth. It was magnificent.
BlankCanvas88 5 måneder siden
Not to be all serious, but you gotta be careful inhaling noodles like that. I've almost choked to death doing that!
Neril Catte
Neril Catte 5 måneder siden
That uk response joke was so hilarious
Wra8h 5 måneder siden
Jim T
Jim T 5 måneder siden
So we're targeting the early-teen demographic now with lazy reaction vids? Boring...and finally unsubscribed. So much for growing as a channel..
Maggie Bee
Maggie Bee 5 måneder siden
Laughter muscles got a good work out, thanks guys 😁
Virginia Aurelyn
Virginia Aurelyn 5 måneder siden
Could you make some nct videos🥺
Flying D
Flying D 5 måneder siden
please make video of priest react to Unus Annus attempt to make Holy Water
Vedant sisodia
Vedant sisodia 5 måneder siden
1:28 Dayyyumm boiii!!
Etaernity 5 måneder siden
I have been longing to laugh so hard like this.........thank you!
cs aino
cs aino 5 måneder siden
3:54 "뭐가 잘 되겠어" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Aliza Ali
Aliza Ali 5 måneder siden
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae 5 måneder siden
have Rev Chris listen to Justin Bieber's new song Holy!! i think he'd really like it
Jennie Keiman
Jennie Keiman 5 måneder siden
I can’t get over the fact that Ollie is from London or is idk And we have Ollie London For those who don’t know Ollie London don’t search it up
Suci Ruliany
Suci Ruliany 5 måneder siden
such as family-friendly gags. Thank you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you save my day.
TENGKU INDRA 5 måneder siden
Who died on the Cross?? : nopost.info/throw/0M7GrJTU04V0m9U/video
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