Australian Army Rations = instant noodles!?

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5 måneder siden

Today we try a Jolly Australian military ration package!! We were surprised to find such a variety, including some of our favourite noodle and desserts!!
오늘은 호주 군인들의 역대급 전투식량을 먹어봅니다!! 졸리 라면 월드컵 우승에 빛나는 라면부터 디저트에 조리도구까지 풀코스 식사가 따로 없었어요!! 과연 그 맛은...?!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

SynTaco Dag siden
I remember seeing something online stating that Malaysian army manage to train with Australian military. So I guess maybe Malaysian military bring some indomie over it cuz Indomie in Malaysia is quite popular.
Kiwi ToasterOven
Kiwi ToasterOven 3 dager siden
Man I miss them
hilmy farras
hilmy farras 8 dager siden
fun fact : australians buy indomie to feed the prisoners, maybe they buy it for army too
Gone Bush Australia
Gone Bush Australia 9 dager siden
The reason the food is camouflaged is so that any rubish dropped by soldiers is harder to see so that they cant get tracked by it.
Aiyaa j
Aiyaa j 11 dager siden
I am a simple girl. I see indomie I clicked it. OK.
Yoan 19 dager siden
well at least they're not eating any crayon
Rank and File
Rank and File 19 dager siden
Whyis itmostly indonesian stuff? Sustagen is indonesia baby milk and indomieis clearly from here... ?
Erlinda Delmo
Erlinda Delmo 20 dager siden
who's here because they missed Jolly so bad! 😭 please comeback soon love you both 🧡🧡🧡
baguazhang2 29 dager siden
You should watch Steve1989MREInfo. All he does is review rations. He ate Civil War, WWI, WWI, Korean War, and other rations despite them being decades to centuries out of date.
Wisnu mukti Wibowo
Wisnu mukti Wibowo Måned siden
me: indomie yeah
Eka Prasetiya
Eka Prasetiya Måned siden
seeing Indomie on the thumbnail [click], see the tittle about MRE "is it click bait?", after opening MRE "glad it's not" and tbh, Im surprised that Australian MRE had instant noodle in it. After watching so many MRE video in CrazyRussianHacker channel, that's new to me.
Safa Salsabila
Safa Salsabila Måned siden
Guys u should try indonesian military MRE, that sooooo good... jjjangg
Grace Yoon
Grace Yoon Måned siden
Ankle Breakers
Ankle Breakers Måned siden
Fun Fact : Australia and New Zealand Army Corps is where the word "Anzac" Comes from
Mikichan85 Måned siden
It's really really nice this. I mean, the food. But why you destroy everything? There is a breakfast, lunch and dinner... You open all randomly and eat randomly.
uwu Måned siden
Josh rocks the mullet 👌
David Pulanco
David Pulanco Måned siden
M&M's were invented by the US military during WW2 so that troops could have a chocolate ration that doesn't melt in the tropics. They also invented a chocolate ration for airmen that was high in calories, but ridiculously bitter so that it's a last resort food in the even they get shot down.
Rabbit Rabbit
Rabbit Rabbit Måned siden
Hahahahah thats funny indonesian army, do not have mie goreng in their ransom, almost all of them made in can
RUDI Måned siden
Sam Powell
Sam Powell Måned siden
"Hershey's is of the devil." As I sit and eat a Hershey's special dark bar and think it's good...
Stan Patrol
Stan Patrol Måned siden
Dont they know that Mi Goreng And Indomie are basically the same thing?
Lasagna is just Spaghetti Cake
Lasagna is just Spaghetti Cake Måned siden
I got scared because when Ollie was doing the Australian Chris Hemsworth impression(10/10 would hear again btw), he looked so much like my primary school sports teacher. That's not a good thing.
Lasagna is just Spaghetti Cake
Lasagna is just Spaghetti Cake Måned siden
@Saffa Khairani lol
Saffa Khairani
Saffa Khairani Måned siden
Bruh. Lmao
Anisa Azizah
Anisa Azizah Måned siden
Hi, I'm from Indonesia. Can you two guys make video to try Indonesian army food?
Samantha Andjani
Samantha Andjani Måned siden
Please indonesian ration
Kelechi Loves Life
Kelechi Loves Life Måned siden
😂😂 Our accents always be getting roasted.... Thanks Olly 😂
P SH Måned siden
Fun Facts: I'm an Indonesian, and I studied in the US before. They sell Indomie Goreng there, but they reduce the flavoring almost by half (you can instantly taste the difference), because it doesn't comply with the FDA standard that they allowed in. Even US says, too much MSG guys, that's just too much.
Eka Prasetiya
Eka Prasetiya Måned siden
no wonder im so....
Aryabima ID
Aryabima ID Måned siden
@Clinical Depression agree!!
Rabbit Rabbit
Rabbit Rabbit Måned siden
Hahahaha still indomie so dope
Teacup Måned siden
The woman laughing is annoying
민복기 Måned siden
영국남자 넘 짱 재밌어요~잘보고 갑니다~건강하세요~졸리
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon Måned siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel.
wyunaboy Måned siden
I know why the Indonesian army didn't include mi Goreng in their military ration because they soldier can just go out from the combat zone and order mi goreng from nearby "warung"
Hasin dx
Hasin dx Måned siden
How about trying Indonesian MRE? XD
Doug Sundseth
Doug Sundseth Måned siden
"Isotonic Drink Mix" sounds very much like Gatorade. Which is kind of horrific unless you're dehydrated. But if you're dehydrated, that horrible salt/sugar taste suddenly becomes really good somehow. Like the US military, Oz understands how to manage the heat.
fitriana sunnah
fitriana sunnah Måned siden
Pls try japanese rations. It doesn't need a stove
Victor Tang
Victor Tang Måned siden
Imagine if the Aussies have a war with Indonesia, they will have 1 main component loss in their rations. (Joke)
Himani kadam
Himani kadam Måned siden
Never never ever try Indian MRE! Not the British version nor Indian!
Hi, I'm Mirage
Hi, I'm Mirage Måned siden
Haha, that accent though, could’ve had me fooled 😂 #HiFromAustralia
Astro Boy
Astro Boy 2 måneder siden
U actualy can buy some expired indomie for very cheap price. Its still edible and safe to eat ! But ofc mostly just used as flocks food here
pample mousse
pample mousse 2 måneder siden
한국 졸리빈 나와라!!!!!!!!!
Sio Head
Sio Head 2 måneder siden
This might be the most patriotic I’ve ever felt! Yay Australian rations
Alfaris Dani
Alfaris Dani 2 måneder siden
5.00 that's not Indomie mie goreng But Indomie soto flavor
MsMysticWorld 2 måneder siden
I love the background, fresh air vibe.
Rub198 2 måneder siden
I recognise those sachets. IndoMie Mi Goreng is the best, since you get soo much bang for your buck. Not only flavour packet and oil, but also soy sauce, fried onions and chili sauce.
Vintttyluka 2 måneder siden
The can opener is called a FRED.
Kat Wheeler
Kat Wheeler 2 måneder siden
at 7:30 he actually sounds Australian!!
seer daf
seer daf 2 måneder siden
Ugh seriously, if you're mountain hiking and go for days in the forest, indomie is a flippin LUXURY
DEAN CAR CHANNEL 2 måneder siden
You must try ransum TNI it's Indonesia army rations it taste so delicious
Scott_the_bot 2 måneder siden
disappointed that they didn't eat the mashed potatoes
이미자 2 måneder siden
토르가 왜 거기서 나와?
K Green
K Green 2 måneder siden
Is this better than the French MRE? Please rate the MREs
Syed Ali Basyirann
Syed Ali Basyirann 2 måneder siden
Mind Trying Malaysia's Mre Next?
Gamers Cerdas
Gamers Cerdas 2 måneder siden
You must tried the japan one, cause japan have the best can food ever
Skye Baggaley
Skye Baggaley 2 måneder siden
I’m feeling highly patriotic and proud hearing the guys enjoy Aussie military rations and I’m not sure I like it. Also, pretty good accent 👍
Kuman Jo
Kuman Jo 2 måneder siden
그냥 하지 마 좀.하지 말라면
그냥 하지 마 좀.하지 말라면 2 måneder siden
"english comment"
이강원 2 måneder siden
안녕? 반가워 오랜만이네 어떻게 지내?
사유카나이 2 måneder siden
연료 화력이 굉장하네요
soumia bou
soumia bou 2 måneder siden
Moroccan lamb!! Proud to be Moroccan 😍😍🇲🇦
Syafira Mutiara
Syafira Mutiara 2 måneder siden
I really want to see you guys trying Indonesian Rations. I wish I could send you one 😭😭😭 (coz I don't have it 😅)
Jae Haspels
Jae Haspels 2 måneder siden
You should get that out on a tray. Nice, M-kay. Oh sorry. I'm used to watching Steve eat MRE's. I love the way you guys got all excited over everything.
Doc Acher
Doc Acher 2 måneder siden
Btw, actually not a bad crack at an Aussie accent!
Doc Acher
Doc Acher 2 måneder siden
Sustagen (Suss-tah-jen) is delicious, btw. Vanilla flavour is the best.
뉴치케 2 måneder siden
조쉬... 라면을 드실 때 후루룩드시다니,,, almost....한국사람....
Kim건 2 måneder siden
난 외국애들거 저렇게 종류가 많은게 부럽들아 우리나라건 너무종류가 적어
Von Keomalavong
Von Keomalavong 2 måneder siden
I grew up with mi goreng pack noodles
Johana Elizabeth
Johana Elizabeth 2 måneder siden
Best? How about the Korean?
Highrise75 2 måneder siden
Love ollys aussie accent far from perfect but pretty good Edit:and having finished the video I can say as an Australian any Australian who is offended by your accent is barely an Australian.
Cherry Cath
Cherry Cath 2 måneder siden
Glad to know it’s safe to eat my Indomie Mi Goreng after 2 years past the best before date.
mehdia houch
mehdia houch 2 måneder siden
Bitish and australian accent always sounded kind of similar to me .... Ollie just prooved me wrong 😅🤣
MINLIST 2 måneder siden
Try indonesian army food...
Rhizqy DW
Rhizqy DW 2 måneder siden
Try indonesian mre
cookie monster
cookie monster 2 måneder siden
American: why are you so excited to a nodle Asian: you wouldnt get it
car rot
car rot 2 måneder siden
이거 보고 든 생각인데 일본은 군대가 없는데 전투식량이 있나요?? 갑자기 궁금해서요
Rayyan 2 måneder siden
Nobody: Asian ppl: *gets excited ovrr the mee goreng instant noodles*
Rayyan 2 måneder siden
@Rafaella Winarta ikr
Rafaella Winarta
Rafaella Winarta 2 måneder siden
Still confuse tho whats mi goreng doing in australia’s MRE
『iiStar • Potato』
『iiStar • Potato』 2 måneder siden
Yup totally me
Karishma Randhawa
Karishma Randhawa 2 måneder siden
Lol yes
Devina Johanna
Devina Johanna 2 måneder siden
I drank Sustagen when I was a kid.....weird
Indo Crop Circles
Indo Crop Circles 2 måneder siden
*WHAT?? Indonesia and Australia are neighbors. With the indomie in the food of their soldiers (Australian Army Rations), it indicates that the two countries will not go to war. Imagine how Australian soldiers would eat if they make a war with Indonesia LoL*
Sophie Hofmann
Sophie Hofmann 2 måneder siden
It's the quenchiest!
Chris Pasco
Chris Pasco 2 måneder siden
What's up with Josh's high pitched voice all throughout the video 😂
Armando Tamayo
Armando Tamayo 2 måneder siden
I had so much respect for you guys until you went on talking trash about hersheys...... smh, I know there was a flaw with you guys, I finally figured it out
Jo Barry
Jo Barry 2 måneder siden
The isotonic drink coming out of Ollie... 🤣
Breanna Morice
Breanna Morice 2 måneder siden
Coming from an Australian, Ollie’s Aussie accent was pretty good. Not 100% but better than most
Sammi Christ
Sammi Christ 9 dager siden
Ahaha, that's what I was thinking🤣. Just got a tad of kiwi in there too.
dominic yang
dominic yang Måned siden
Rea cahn statuotad cou cou Naht melk
이민우 2 måneder siden
조쉬 웃을때 계속 거위소리남 ㅎㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Isidore Junalie Pajo
Isidore Junalie Pajo 2 måneder siden
6:21 thats not how you cook/heat it. You open it and dump ehats inside to a pot to get it heated up cuz that packaging has some nasty stuff
Daniel Teo
Daniel Teo 2 måneder siden
Heat the can of cheese unopened over the fire and open it after it bulges. Taste great as a melted cheese spread with the biscuits.
Mpppu Soora
Mpppu Soora 2 måneder siden
Maybe you can find the real indomie in Indonesians army rations... 😂😂😂
FG Kanna
FG Kanna 2 måneder siden
Would be nice if Major Charles is with you whenever you try MREs
NadiaR. 2 måneder siden
Maybe he is not in the same country as them right now
MrPeanut023 2 måneder siden
can confirm, that Mi Goreng is deffinitely indomie
Khairun Nazreen
Khairun Nazreen 20 dager siden
Bruneian here.. yes thats definitely indomie.. its really good
Levi Seo
Levi Seo 2 måneder siden
You're supposed to eat it upside down
John Kim
John Kim 2 måneder siden
Ollie looks Asian in this video
archie 2 måneder siden
If you say the indomie tasted 1/3, that’s likely because it is export/licensed quality of indomie, singapore version of indomie also extremely bland compared to our original, that’s because the ingredients has to conform with local food safety laws, usually it means reduction in stuff like salt sugar msg, or changing ingredients that are compatible with the law there at the cost of taste
le bébéque
le bébéque 2 måneder siden
exactly. the only thing they improve on the exported version is the thickness of the packaging material duh 🤦‍♀️
Alfin Avicena
Alfin Avicena 3 måneder siden
Hai teman
Alfin Avicena
Alfin Avicena 3 måneder siden
Iam indonesia man
ZED dhiz
ZED dhiz 3 måneder siden
i am a simple man, i see indomie then i click!
ᄀ.규현 3 måneder siden
저 미고랭 예전에 두세번 먹어봣는데 소스 넣기 개 불편함...
Imam Safina
Imam Safina 3 måneder siden
I subscribe because of Indomie mi goreng
11 IPA 2 Maritza Mardhatillah
11 IPA 2 Maritza Mardhatillah 3 måneder siden
indomie outside Indonesia will never be the same, the amount of msg are just different
Ning3n 3 måneder siden
Wow. Use the full pack of 6 fuel tabs in one go. Ollie earned his idiot badge on that one.
Rew Rose
Rew Rose 3 måneder siden
That looks impressive and tasty😂
Finsa Rinaldi
Finsa Rinaldi 3 måneder siden
What? Do you think everything is can be instant? Hahaha i think u don't have enough information.
Elle Bentley
Elle Bentley 3 måneder siden
Pick a side
the drunken wanker
the drunken wanker 3 måneder siden
while everything is on fire they are just talking about fucking chocolate, i must stay they know chocolates value
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