Masterchef Finalist HORRIFIED by Food Memes?!

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Today @국가비 GabieKook , Masterchef finalist, Cordon Bleu trained cook, and second wife reviews the worst food the internet has to offer!
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Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang
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fillyy_ 5 måneder siden
Ollie: Do you feel like crying? Gabie: No, I was just really offended. Ollie: 성공! Gabie: What????!!!! We'll see you Jolly soon WOT? LMAO
Faiz Ozigi
Faiz Ozigi 24 dager siden
I barely see people actually use those
Bichael Stevens
Bichael Stevens Måned siden
Jesus Christ, you lemming brains, every damn week someone asks the SAME question in this SAME thread and every time someone answers it! R.E.A.D! Sims 4 NPC brain
King Coco
King Coco Måned siden
Only members get it
Ryu Gaming
Ryu Gaming Måned siden
How the heck... It was the human emojis for me
VibinnRain Måned siden
How the emotes
임라 4 dager siden
I miss you Jollibe! Please come back💕🙏
Commander Cashew
Commander Cashew 5 dager siden
2:19 plot twist gabie accidentally almost let it slip and she made up an excuse in 5 Seconds
IAmNotRehab Gaming Official YT
IAmNotRehab Gaming Official YT 11 dager siden
deltor 12
deltor 12 12 dager siden
1:30 So in high school (9th grade) we had a kid who for a good portion of the semester ate a bunch of ketchup packets for lunch after his lunch. At the end he had to stay home for a few days because of it
Josephine Villena
Josephine Villena 12 dager siden
*me as a filipino, misread her name is Jollibee*
CutieMochi 13 dager siden
I miss jolly, koreanenglishman and gabbie ... rewatching vlogs. 😿
ocal 13 dager siden
guys please come back
ocal 13 dager siden
guys you alive?
ella 14 dager siden
This is try not to laugh challenge 😂😂😂😂
Comrade Vadim
Comrade Vadim 15 dager siden
i misread masterchef as masterchief
Xx Miss._.NonOriginalStuff xX
Xx Miss._.NonOriginalStuff xX 15 dager siden
a mouthful
a mouthful 16 dager siden
Jolibee is literally a restaurant here in the Philippines
Malikhain 17 dager siden
Hi Josh
Flying Burrito
Flying Burrito 18 dager siden
"Who is making the memes with beans?!" Just wait until you see Weetabix's twitter..
Dragonman0007 18 dager siden
The crocs full of beans make me hungry.
Irish Laye
Irish Laye 18 dager siden
Jollibee Is One of the greatest Fastfoods Out there
Rasheedhath Anum
Rasheedhath Anum 18 dager siden
I feel like Josh and Gabbi are dating
Rasheedhath Anum
Rasheedhath Anum 17 dager siden
@aurelia oh
aurelia 18 dager siden
They married
69 19 dager siden
This video made my day but also increased my anxiety
Shadiqa Dewa
Shadiqa Dewa 19 dager siden
4:25 Indonesian university students in a nutshell :))
itz mia
itz mia 20 dager siden
"you famously came second in MasterChef to Gwangho who's a superior chef to you" Gabie: *Death stare intensifies*
Teo Prasetyo
Teo Prasetyo 21 dag siden
Omg, I really miss u guys. When will y'all comeback?
doglover9754 21 dag siden
I usually try to learn korean from these guys but I was so distracted with the food and reactions I didn’t actually learn anything in the subtitles...... oops??
doglover9754 21 dag siden
The Nutella one...... I actually went to my kitchen to look and just no....
Miraculous Ladybug and Catnoir
Miraculous Ladybug and Catnoir 21 dag siden
The chicken nugget dunker is so dumb.. 😂😂😂
9A-RAMA 22 dager siden
The nutella thing is a lie if you looks closely you can see where he cut the video
20somthingdrifter11 22 dager siden
4:55 - Its stealth cake, aint no one gonna touch the cake if they think its raw chicken.
Yuni DTorre
Yuni DTorre 23 dager siden
I miss you guys❤
Jewoo Sung
Jewoo Sung 23 dager siden
I am going back and forth to this channel but why are they not uploading new videos?
June Choi
June Choi 14 dager siden
There has been some drama. They were caught throwing a birthday party when they were supposed to be isolating. This is against the rules and since then, they have not been uploading. You can watch the apology video for more information.
Lily Xie
Lily Xie 24 dager siden
Hey Josh and Gabie. I hope you guys are doing ok in Korea. What happened before was unacceptable for you guys to do, however you guys are humans and humans make mistakes. So I forgive you guys. And I’m sure plenty of people out their also forgive you. Your videos have brought me so much joy and happiness to me and many other people so seeing jolly and Korean Englishman stop posting has been heartbreaking. Seeing Gabie take down all her videos has also been heartbreaking. So I’m just letting you know that there are people here and are still waiting and are ready to forgive you all. Although you may have lost some viewers, the majority of people are still here and these people are the real fans. I also do realize that you guys may also have some personal reasons for not posting but at least give us a warning. I know there isn’t much of a chance of you guys reading this comment however I hope that other people will read this and post more of these types of comments. 🙂
Han Nguyen Bao
Han Nguyen Bao 24 dager siden
Gabie: He could've slept here, on the bread! But instead, he's sleeping on the pepperoni! Josh: That's what you're worried about?!
COLE Shion
COLE Shion 25 dager siden
Jollibee is fast food in my country
Ramish Qamar 62
Ramish Qamar 62 26 dager siden
Missing the new videos
Dani Boaventura
Dani Boaventura 26 dager siden
1:10 Vou ensinar como colocar pizza no forno. Bora! (I am going to teach how to put a pizza in the oven. Let's do it!)
Desta Aryani
Desta Aryani 26 dager siden
I miss this jollybie gang❤️😢
Sofia Rivera
Sofia Rivera 26 dager siden
7:17 when you’re both drunk and high so you order a pizza cause of munchies but pass out before eating it
Vyctória 26 dager siden
1:10 e de repente um vídeo brasileiro kk
lazy8azz 26 dager siden
Where are you guys, I miss you sooo much!! I need you back, you are the only creators out there that actually make me happier, and the happiness stays afterthought video is over!! Can’t even explain how wholeheartedly I really do wish you’d come back!!! I need Jaehyuns uncle and carrotman back asap!! Loadsa love...
Abbey P. Averion
Abbey P. Averion 27 dager siden
Im 13 I can cook better than the those people in the America's Worst Cooks(?)
Abbey P. Averion
Abbey P. Averion 25 dager siden
@Ana Mateo Yes. Yes it is.....
Ana Mateo
Ana Mateo 25 dager siden
It’s called America’s worst cooks for a reason mate
*Cypher_ Willow
*Cypher_ Willow 27 dager siden
Idk if this is copyright or not XD
Nicholas Graham
Nicholas Graham 27 dager siden
Who’s making these bean memes? Woman in the background: Cackle Cackle Cackle
HOLO INFINITY 27 dager siden
Just me or does Gabbie look a lot like Park Minyoung (박민영)
holding hands makes lil meaw meaw happy
holding hands makes lil meaw meaw happy 28 dager siden
6:48 That one made my day
G20 SENICA, Xyril Cleigh
G20 SENICA, Xyril Cleigh 28 dager siden
uhh Jollybie is a restaurant here in philippines XD the restaurants called Jollybee I just realized it XD
EpicNathGames 27 dager siden
Its Jollibee but yep xD.
Doroti Hullám
Doroti Hullám 29 dager siden
There is no silver lining in the Hungarian Nutella nor the Austrian one.
Astroidyeti 29 dager siden
I had the same face as Josh
Francis Rodrigo Ceblano
Francis Rodrigo Ceblano 29 dager siden
@jolibee PH she has your brand hostage
Gj Sanchez
Gj Sanchez Måned siden
I miss jolly so much!!! COMEBACK!!!
Duck Lord
Duck Lord Måned siden
Well seems somebody haven't met the insanely talented japanese idol master chef neighbour kid king of Australia all hail HACHAMA CHAMA!!
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Måned siden
AHAHAHA! The chicken nugget dunker had me choking on my food!
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Måned siden
She is so lovely with her heartfelt passion for food.
Midaysnack Måned siden
Fun fact, jollibee is a restaurant chain from the philippines
destin gamer :o
destin gamer :o Måned siden
Lu Si
Lu Si Måned siden
I miss y’all ☹️
rob Måned siden
1:59 I think she's gonna do a british pearl harbor😶
Aoi Shiro
Aoi Shiro Måned siden
Me and the boys at 2am looking for BEANS
liva funder
liva funder Måned siden
probably shouldn't have eaten breakfast while watching this
Colin Fonken
Colin Fonken Måned siden
Cake that looks like raw chicken, still better than a Baby Cake,
gauranshi kanotra
gauranshi kanotra Måned siden
Jollibie sounds like someone is saying " jalebi" with an accent 😂
Charlie Kööhler
Charlie Kööhler Måned siden
The crocs remind me of pimples. Can never unsee!
princess lilak
princess lilak Måned siden
Beans are my equivalent to coke id eat beans anyday
Safira Shinta
Safira Shinta Måned siden
miss u guys
Sophie B-M
Sophie B-M Måned siden
It is so beautiful to hear a non native French speaker with such a good prononciation. Merci!
MuchoTaco Måned siden
4:12 - cutting a small pepper 🌶 with a bread knife 🍞 🔪 😱
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor Måned siden
3:27 reporting the video for spam
Steve Måned siden
That plastic nugget dunker will exist in the environment forever...
Jacob Patrick Wendorf
Jacob Patrick Wendorf Måned siden
we gon find where dos beans are tonight
Olivia Wang
Olivia Wang Måned siden
0:04 i just got jumpscared by the Casually Explained outro
Dweagon owo
Dweagon owo Måned siden
*JOLLY pfp* w h e n t h e i m p o s t o r i s s u s
Zachary Morris
Zachary Morris Måned siden
Helena Roßmy
Helena Roßmy Måned siden
No. You guys are missing the perk of the injecting jelly into gelatin buns. It’s actually a Halloween treat. It looks like brains but it doesn’t taste like them. Amazing!😂😂😂💕👍 Oh yeah and the Nutellaprops is only especially for its creators so sucks being you and Britain.😂😂😂jjk i’ve actually also never seen that here in Germany.😅😂
Maya Rifae
Maya Rifae Måned siden
ok but beans are great
Joyful Traitor
Joyful Traitor Måned siden
Even I was offended by these people
Devin Gendron
Devin Gendron Måned siden
Okay, the this is a cake meme is kinda funny to me.
GeneralKentucky GK
GeneralKentucky GK Måned siden
Jollybie is my favourite
SAGE Måned siden
She kinda looks like that korean chick from wicked fellow
「soda」嘘だけど Måned siden
The avocado one killed me, wtf is wrong with people- HOW DID SHE EVEN CUT IT, THAT SHIT IS HARD
doglover9754 21 dag siden
Michael Dinneweth
Michael Dinneweth Måned siden
where's the cheese loving father .
Arif Omar
Arif Omar Måned siden
isn't jollibee a fast food franchise?
David Sanchez
David Sanchez Måned siden
Even I know how to cut a avocado.
Gargoyle364 Måned siden
I was told that people actually used ketchup and water to make a cheap tomato soup during the Great Depression.
Helena Lima
Helena Lima Måned siden
Why do those beans look so gross? I wouldn't wanna eat them even on a plate with rice where it's supposed to be
ModNinja100 Måned siden
... Probably not the best thing to watch while eating lunch...
ploeteQ Måned siden
Glad to see that Kilian's signature dish "crabe à la pep maximum" was included :DD
Gina De justo
Gina De justo Måned siden
Jollibe is a fast food restaurant in my home country Philippines even topping McDonald's
Khal Asangan
Khal Asangan Måned siden
These guys should see my banner🤣🤣🤣
シロダサンダー Måned siden
The gelatine looks like they were infested with parasites... :3
Them : *introducing themselves* Her : JOLLIBIE Me a Filipino: Wait what?
arsha wijaya
arsha wijaya Måned siden
I like hear the PD laughing....
aries dayle
aries dayle Måned siden
What more concerning, the fact that I’ve seen all these photos many times before, or the fact that they haven’t and had to find them on a list on buzz feed. Believe it or not but these Are only the tipity toppity of the iceberg
Zachary Windover
Zachary Windover Måned siden
Is this what Gordon Ramsay’s nightmares look like?
SyKo Torque
SyKo Torque Måned siden
HelioFish Måned siden
I’ve never seen someone so disgusted by a Nivea bottle until Gabie saw the jar of beans. 3:05
Scarecrow Måned siden
Well that 5:00 doesn't count because our red Panda overlord made it just for the meme XD ( still doesn't change the simple question.......why?)
Joe’s ramen Shop
Joe’s ramen Shop Måned siden
Killian experience
Jort van den bogaert
Jort van den bogaert Måned siden
"Who is making these bean memes" XD he would be happy to know there is a subreddit dedicated to it called r/beansinthings
LunaNLR Måned siden
4:58 this recipe was invented by a chef looking for new tastes in Paris. After trying some locally grown mushrooms, he met a talking rat that told him baout this holy combination.
Farhan fidzz
Farhan fidzz Måned siden
Pineapple Pizza will give her a heart attack
Laura Bucksath
Laura Bucksath Måned siden
In Germany there is no knife in the nutella either.
LunaBalloona Måned siden
Petition for JOLLIBIE to react to Jollibee
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