Masterchef Finalist HORRIFIED by Food Memes?!

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2 måneder siden

Today @국가비 GabieKook , Masterchef finalist, Cordon Bleu trained cook, and second wife reviews the worst food the internet has to offer!
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Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang
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fillyy_ 2 måneder siden
Ollie: Do you feel like crying? Gabie: No, I was just really offended. Ollie: 성공! Gabie: What????!!!! We'll see you Jolly soon WOT? LMAO
The Distroyer56
The Distroyer56 Måned siden
Bro if some one likes to cut an avocado like that then do so dont let the haters get you down do you bo personal i like to poop standing up
fillyy_ 2 måneder siden
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Multi fandom hamster Who loves jaffa cakes
Multi fandom hamster Who loves jaffa cakes 2 måneder siden
Those emotes are glorious! Lmao!
Shy and kind
Shy and kind 2 måneder siden
fillyy_ 2 måneder siden
@호ᄒTazz click the blue button next to the subscribe button. Become a member and you can use the emotes
RACHEL KIM 15 timer siden
IT'S FREE REAL ESTATE 19 timer siden
those Beans makes me hungry
Andrew Colin
Andrew Colin Dag siden
6:59 me:whats the point of that her:whats the point of that (literally 1 second after i said that)
DuchessofOrange Dag siden
I miss Jolly 🙁
FUNCTION SANS 2 dager siden
i actually eat tomato ketchup and it's good
Aziza Aman
Aziza Aman 4 dager siden
hi from america! the nuttela one doesnt work :(
motor J
motor J 4 dager siden
Abby Is Watching
Abby Is Watching 4 dager siden
I despise ketchup. Innocent tomato sauce spiked with enough sugar to set off a diabetic off from across the street.
Elisa K.
Elisa K. 5 dager siden
So sad. I miss them a lot now. Wish Gabie returned her content, and added new in her channel. And more Jolly. But Korean Englishman may need to take a hiatus. Till the really angry South Korean Netizens finally forgive. Or address the situation properly, about their defensiveness. Might have to show proof of paying the Korean Healthcare or Taxes, so the Netizens who are cyber bullying will stop been able to put a shadow of doubt spreading tabloid type gossip. They already apologized, with the overkill reaction beyond normal accountability talk. Questioning the genuineness of all the apologies, both the video by Josh and the written in Korean and English ones. It’s sad. I blame Covid for the high stress overt reactions. Sadly, they made an offensive mistake with the b-day during quarantine incident. Defensive reactions, before proper apology. Coming from a Covid high infection spread situation country, the UK to South Korea, where the rules are there for a good reason. At least, should not have recorded, nor posted such a privileged video. Or better yet. Do a zoom party, video call, not in person. Seriously such a stupid mistake. Making Josh look like such a hypocrite for saying all that critical complaining about Covid in the UK. And been exactly as stupid and selfish as those in the UK, not following rules. I think it would have been more easily forgivable if they had not been defensive, and just acknowledged properly. I can see them getting a bit too comfortable in South Korea, letting their guard down, and because of feeling sorry for Gabie going through the illness, Josh, thoughtlessly planning something to cheer her up. Thinking social distance was enough. Didn’t watch enough of South Korean celeb cancelling culture to beware of their own mistakes🤦🏻‍♀️ Took the support of their fans, too much for granted, expecting permissiveness. Sorry, if the truth offends, but sometimes you need to hear it. Now it’s about how to fix it now. Seriously, might need to look into doing maybe French Pastry Chef videos, my wish, or whatever they decide. For a time. Take a break from Korean food and culture.
Viola R.
Viola R. Dag siden
I miss them too, sadly, the korean netizen way to over-react and really unforgiveness
AllanOfEarth 2 dager siden
I absolute agree, They are too addicted into South Koreans ngl.
Rishika Gupta
Rishika Gupta 5 dager siden
she looks like wendy from red velvet
Deadmousey 8 dager siden
I love how it says that Gabie is second wife in the description!
Deadmousey 7 dager siden
@Melting_Pot no problem
Melting_Pot 7 dager siden
@Deadmousey thanks for the explanation
Deadmousey 7 dager siden
@Melting_Pot It's an ongoing joke that Ollie says, that he is the first wife and Gabbie is second wife. Which means that it was he that wrote the description text
Melting_Pot 7 dager siden
that confuses me...
Paman Thanos
Paman Thanos 9 dager siden
how the hell gaby NOpost account get 1.3m subs without content
Paman Thanos
Paman Thanos 9 dager siden
@anjay maal what controversy?
anjay maal
anjay maal 9 dager siden
she deleted all of her contents bcs recent controversy
Nagma Parveen
Nagma Parveen 11 dager siden
We need gabie back on her channel😟😢
Luiza 11 dager siden
a video from brazil, i liked it kfngfg
11th century Crusader
11th century Crusader 13 dager siden
That avocado is why I can't watch Worst Cooks anymore.
뇩남 14 dager siden
Fact - lied, broke 14days rule, different wording between languages, threatening if any bad words = if he was there with them
blank blank
blank blank 14 dager siden
5.47 Not gunna lie when I first saw that I thought "Is that some animals brains or intestines.?!?!?"
Diamondare 15 dager siden
So Nguyen
So Nguyen 16 dager siden
Gabie is so adorable and she looks like Park Minyoung
Anastasia Putri
Anastasia Putri 23 dager siden
Maybe next time Gabie could told us how to do it properly. It'd be fun content.
ForbiddenFursona 26 dager siden
Jollibee is the "McDonalds of the Philippines". I am filipino and hearing her say Jollybie makes my filipino pride stronger
血影・春雪「英霊|フォーリナー」 27 dager siden
The handling of the knives in the worst cooks in America section of the video made me cringe, I don’t really cook, well cook well, but I know quite a bit on knives and on foods and various things. Cringe one hundred. If you feel something hard in a fruit, it is not going to be edible, it will most likely going to be a seed you shouldn’t cut through it. Like a pineapple, kind of. Pineapples requires you to cut off the outside, then you can take out the outsides by hand, with tweezers, which I have seen some family do for some reason, or with a paring knife. After which you can either cut through it into multiple pieces like pie, and then cut out the core area if you want, or cut from the sides, approximating how far from center you should cut to cut the pineapple flesh from the core area which will not have a lot of flavor or juice. Though you could use it later for tenderizing meat if I recall. Or just use the whole pineapple after cutting it up to tenderize, I can’t recall. That aside, I just know stuff that would be logic. If would think some of the worst cooks would have seen someone cooking, they would understand some basics. Like if a plant is poisonous, you grab a tiny bit of it and put it on yo it tongue, if I recall. If the plant doesn’t do anything, it should be safe, unless it is something which chemically changes into a dangerous chemical after consumption, such things would be apple seeds and cherry seeds, when they are consumed, your stomach acid (Base chemicals that make up stomach acid is hydrochloric acid, potassium chloride, and sodium chloride) chemical reacts with those types of seeds and the chemical within the seed mixing with your stomach acid turns into cyanide. If there are any of you know what that is, it is toxic/poisonous to us humans. It can kill us pretty easily. Though I don’t understand the story of Rasputin consuming so much cyanide that he should have died many times over but didn’t, he only died because he was shot, unless that cyanide part was exaggerated or made up...
ultimateninjaboi 27 dager siden
Why would you make the cake look like raw chicken breast? Why not make it look cooked...?
SungSik Park
SungSik Park 28 dager siden
계속 보고싶은데 안될까요!
Dawn groundhog
Dawn groundhog 28 dager siden
What a shame Gabie deleted her Whole channel! I'll miss her, Bree, Josh and Juno😢. Farewell friends.
Hiyaa_Heeyaa Måned siden
And this is..... JOLLIEBIEEEEEE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Roan Rovu
Roan Rovu Måned siden
Who is laughing at 8:04?
Augustus Aguila
Augustus Aguila Måned siden
Zapkin (⌐►_◄)
Zapkin (⌐►_◄) Måned siden
Life tips: Always keep a small vacuum in your kitchen 1:16 for times like this.
Nyanekawa Måned siden
They are kinda too close to her, and she looks uncomfortable, that's so cringe
mal g
mal g 2 dager siden
thats literally her husband and her friend?
jenny mae
jenny mae Måned siden
Whut? Guess you’re new here
Ravena Måned siden
Ravena Måned siden
Chahine Boudemagh
Chahine Boudemagh Måned siden
Oh shit Kilian experience is on here LMAO
That one guy named Patrick
That one guy named Patrick Måned siden
1 month late but, petition for them to look at the subreddit about beans in places they're not supposed to be
TOSHI KIUCHI Måned siden
4:30 Why is my picture so famous nowadays
Teehee Måned siden
Ooooo, Jollybee is a fast food restaurant here in the Philippines -
Black Bird
Black Bird Måned siden
Am I the only one that thinks that our Spam man kiiiinndddaaa looks like Trump?
Ivan Wonderwell
Ivan Wonderwell Måned siden
"its nothing, its a lie" IM WHEEZING
DIO Måned siden
This is litterally r/TIHI
JibPlayz 360
JibPlayz 360 Måned siden
I did not feel safe during this
haananiiz Måned siden
"Hoje eu vou ensinar como colocar a pizza no forno"
H H Måned siden
Josh, if you are as sorry as you SAY, then I think your channel should not monetize your channel for awhile. STOP PUTTING YOURSELF AND GABIE ON A PEDESTAL!!!!!! STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE ABOVE THE SOCIAL RULES!!!! STOP MONETIZING 영국남자 channel for a month. I seriously suggest you do this in order to SHOW your apology, not just speak it. Otherwise, you are merely a clanging and annyoying symbol, who is with ZERO INTEGRITY. If you know you have a staff to pay for, then you should have thought about your actions before you displayed your dispicable behavior.
asian blob
asian blob Måned siden
me watching this rn: :'I
asian blob
asian blob Måned siden
@Abhi Va yep i hope and believe they will be alright. they understood what they’ve done wrong and owned up to it. they have my trust.
Abhi Va
Abhi Va Måned siden
they'll be alright
amaejjing Måned siden
alternate title: how to lose your appetite 101
Manisha Johnson
Manisha Johnson Måned siden
Definitely did not know such memes existed... Mind-grossed🤯
Annewint Måned siden
Josh I feel your hate for ketchup
mr knight
mr knight Måned siden
No hair cake?
yeye imes
yeye imes Måned siden
0:27 Why does she look younger now then in the picture???
Opel Korea
Opel Korea Måned siden
아 더러워
Pseudo Nym
Pseudo Nym Måned siden
"Horrified" is definitely the right word to describe this.
Minken _Dynasty
Minken _Dynasty Måned siden
No one's gonna get this but, ollie should have shown Haachama's cooking to gabie
Cobra DD
Cobra DD Måned siden
꼬르동블루는 세계최고라고 하기에는 부족하죠 CIA가 있는한 영원한 이인자 콩진호같은 존재입니다
hs Kim
hs Kim Måned siden
get out recism
Josh Måned siden
I've only been tuning in to them recently. May I ask why they also have Korean subtitles? I've noticed it in almost every vid I watched.
Josh Måned siden
@Charlie E Ooh I see, thank u !
Charlie E
Charlie E Måned siden
Their other channel is KoreanEnglishman and the majority of their followers on that channel are Korean.
FelisDestructicus Måned siden
lol cute
haden _
haden _ Måned siden
Opel Korea
Opel Korea Måned siden
,and she is an Argentinian who violated COVID-19 quarantine rules in korea
mactony4 Måned siden
2:00 Watch out Ollie, she can cook you in a thousand ways.
Wiam El Abbassi
Wiam El Abbassi Måned siden
Nooo iv been binge watching the two channels for a while and thers no more new vids X,,,( i even rewatched a lot of them and laughed at soooo many of them actually all of them
Mitha Ramadhani
Mitha Ramadhani Måned siden
I am crying. This's so funny🤣😂
Aynee ClarisYT
Aynee ClarisYT Måned siden
I hear Gracie's laugh at the back (¬‿¬)
MylkT1023 Måned siden
please have Gabbie react to a full episode of Worst Cooks in America.
No I don't
No I don't Måned siden
I was already feeling sick. =.= Ugh. This is worse.
Stella G H
Stella G H Måned siden
ahhhh I think I'm tired dskjgsklg I lost it at the nugget dunker I'm still laughing why????
Marie Måned siden
졸리 영상 볼 때마다 궁금한 건데 대체 올리는 어디서 저런 짤과 영상들을 구해오는지 모르겠음ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 서치력 대단해요...
Pianothekeys Måned siden
She needs to stop trying to change the name to jollibie
Jiang Yuyuan Fan
Jiang Yuyuan Fan Måned siden
You’ve clearly never watched this channel then. They always include the guest’s name in the intro.
RainDropsOnRoses 414
RainDropsOnRoses 414 Måned siden
Am I the only one who didn't know Gabi what on Master Chef? lol
JhanneRed Måned siden
This video absolutely ruin my eyes and hilarious at the same time🙂
Your average hetalia guide
Your average hetalia guide Måned siden
i see they discovered the baked beans
HB initials
HB initials Måned siden
Never knew park minyoung was a master chef contestant❤️😂 Love from india jollibie❤️
Rozelle Måned siden
Ollie is enjoying traumatizing Josh and Gabie too much
Lilly Lana
Lilly Lana Måned siden
I once watched some kid in my hospitality (cooking) class cut an avocado like that... somehow My teacher was absolutely bewildered and ended up cutting a different avocado for them
Torikki Jinx
Torikki Jinx Måned siden
Maintain the illusion, Gabie
붐붐Sebongie Måned siden
Josh being me for the whole minutes of their reaction (?) T^T
Andreas Houg
Andreas Houg Måned siden
This left dude has his hand around the chair the whole video.. Edit: they're a couple
WitchlightNW Måned siden
Its his wife Edit: Idk why i used its instead of she in my head at the time it makes perfect sense
Lasagna is just Spaghetti Cake
Lasagna is just Spaghetti Cake Måned siden
This is the character arc that I like to see
Muhammad Wahyu Shafrul Hidayat
Muhammad Wahyu Shafrul Hidayat Måned siden
I am curious about the nutella 😭
T T Måned siden
Gabie is sooo pretty!
Ralph Caluag
Ralph Caluag Måned siden
Filipino: Did someone say Jollibee!!
pakki Måned siden
At 2:38 both of them are like 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️ Now that's what I call relationship goals 😂👌
Riceachu Måned siden
loved and hated this video hahaha
Turtle_Mellow Måned siden
Imagine their reaction to Filthy Frank food videos?
elsa fernandez
elsa fernandez Måned siden
Spam man gives me Trump vibes??
Gabrielle Lao
Gabrielle Lao Måned siden
I’m actually still really curious if the whole Nutella thing is true
Nicho Måned siden
the thumbnail has given me the ability to kill
Lubos Šimko
Lubos Šimko Måned siden
how?.. how .. how you can live to 18 and dont know which part of knife is sharp.. did they never cut a bread?
Gunny SGT
Gunny SGT Måned siden
oh.. shit!! 이건 사탄도 사직서 낼 정도다...
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon Måned siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel. I think he would have some interesting insights.
Mr Exists
Mr Exists Måned siden
3:13 me, a person who hates beans "i feel personally attacked"
사회화 Måned siden
썸네일 뭐야.... 아보카도 씨를 자른다고...?
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen Måned siden
how is it possible that Gabie looks much much younger than when she was on Masterchef?!?!? Gabie do you age backwards??
acetylsalicylsyra Måned siden
1:00 the bear before and after 2 weeks in ICU for covid.
Emmanuel Bois
Emmanuel Bois Måned siden
I get you Josh.
Steve Hammer
Steve Hammer Måned siden
I don't care what you say, I want that nugget dunker.
MoonMaster Draws
MoonMaster Draws Måned siden
What are we eating today? Get a puke bucket ready
Bangtan Boizus
Bangtan Boizus Måned siden
Not being funny like but how does one HATE ketchup? - it’s BANGING😂
sgt dornan
sgt dornan Måned siden
The Spam Man had me in tears.
Lia Zahirah
Lia Zahirah Måned siden
Josh :* HATES ketchup * Me:mhm this is the result of eating with Mark
Alex Osias
Alex Osias Måned siden
OMG. I didn’t know she was on MasterChef!
Comrade Starbucks
Comrade Starbucks Måned siden
Kilian’s forbidden crab in Pepsi max recipe is still making the rounds, I see.
Seojun. Måned siden
Those who’re spamming the comments in an effort to freeze the views/comments, are the lowest of low.
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