British Priest Reviews Dank Christmas Memes!?🎅

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11 måneder siden

Today we take a JOLLY look at some Dank Christian Christmas Memes with Rev. Chris!!
And as it's the season to be JOLLY, you can take a look at our JOLLY Merch here:
오늘은 크리스 신부님과 댕크한 기독교 크리스마스 짤을 졸리하게 살펴봅니다!!
그리고 특히 졸리한 시즌인만큼, 저희 졸리 굿즈도 여기서 확인하실 수 있어요 :
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Katie the DEMIGOD
Katie the DEMIGOD 4 dager siden
Me: Is American and Atheist Also Me: hmm interesting
TurtL 5 dager siden
The “virgin” Mary made an entire religion to convince Joseph that she didn’t have a kid with the neighbor.
Vixen 2036
Vixen 2036 5 dager siden
Who else learned it "five golden rings", not "five gold rings"?
Bini Robinson
Bini Robinson 7 dager siden
Okay, so I have a genuine question.A boy grows up to become a priest, so do his parents call him father or son?
Asia Castro
Asia Castro 9 dager siden
It'd be really good if they can understand Filipino memes because they are hilarious af lol
Seth Tedder
Seth Tedder 10 dager siden
"Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne"
Seebaer 1192
Seebaer 1192 11 dager siden
As to the existence of Santa; I know for a fact that my kids gifts where delivered by an overweight guy with a beard
Apollo,Adrian jay Alexander
Apollo,Adrian jay Alexander 14 dager siden
Fun fact: I have a Christian friend and she is nice ^^
Robyn Alice
Robyn Alice 16 dager siden
Dude was Reverend Chris talking about me when he mentioned the Santa fear? 😳😂 That's uncannily identical to my childhood
argella1300 19 dager siden
As an Italian American, I gotta say the presents are nice and all, but the real draw for me is all the holiday cookie we bake and the Christmas Eve feast of the seven fishes
Nana Bear-Decimator Of Souls, Conqueror Of Death
Nana Bear-Decimator Of Souls, Conqueror Of Death 24 dager siden
Isabella :v
Isabella :v 27 dager siden
I love the disclaimer for the parents so that the kids can enjoy their childhood properly as everyone should :D
Kappios 28 dager siden
where's the videos at?
Quarantine Bunny
Quarantine Bunny Måned siden
The frankincense was on offer hahahhahahahab
TheMinecraftWeeb 100
TheMinecraftWeeb 100 Måned siden
2:22 to make things worse Santa was depicted to be able to deflate himself so slide under the doors of houses that don't have a chimney
Jörmun Gandr
Jörmun Gandr Måned siden
Here in Australia it is Five Kangarooooooooos!
3L3KTR07u7 Gaming_O6
3L3KTR07u7 Gaming_O6 Måned siden
"What's Santa and a Duck" They:a Christmas quacker Me:Suckta Claus
kitsunefoxx _
kitsunefoxx _ Måned siden
I personally say 5 gold ring louder because i don't know the rest tbh
kitsunefoxx _
kitsunefoxx _ Måned siden
1. Gingerbread man? Shrek? Gingerbread 2. 4:03 a liver 3.
Doctor_C_Jack Måned siden
IMO, the videos with Rev. Chris are the best ones. Although I am biased because I haven't seen any other ones.
Orange Juice
Orange Juice Måned siden
I wish I got to do Christmas :(
No. Fools Gold is a revered 1D song, NOT a rock. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
24delagarza7884 Måned siden
It is time to conquer india
Omri Måned siden
Anyone else saw part 1 half an hour ago and just wants to see how many of these are there?
Joe Gallardo
Joe Gallardo Måned siden
Asahi looks like Jesus with a man bun
ECG Måned siden
I revisit these videos like every couple months
AJ Gloriani
AJ Gloriani Måned siden
I like the beard
DOMEPEACE420 Måned siden
Rev. Chris is a treasure.
Pauline Javellana
Pauline Javellana Måned siden
1:48 Is it just me or the woman in the photo looks like Ollie screaming
Rival Retro
Rival Retro Måned siden
Says almost end of 2019 little did they know its CARONA time
THE BROS!!! Måned siden
I am here only for criss
Eli Jarrett
Eli Jarrett Måned siden
Rev Chris is it alright to not believe in god
Anthony Constantino
Anthony Constantino Måned siden
Ok sure I know it's off topic so I bathe my doge with some dishwasher soap
It's me ya boi
It's me ya boi Måned siden
7:40 He do b fading away doe
Dr.NightShade Måned siden
the reason Christmas cracker's are so good is because there so bad
Theo Haegele
Theo Haegele Måned siden
wait, in Britain they say "five gold rings" instead of "five golden rings"? cool.
James Anderson
James Anderson Måned siden
for the murderer I've seen sweet caroline
GlitchGaming Måned siden
Im watching this at school, and i laugh at every meme, so i have to close tab before teacher sees hahahah
Annika F W
Annika F W Måned siden
Bruh I love this mans meme reviews it’s awsome also in Australia we go like FIIIIIIIIIIIVE GOOOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDDDEEEEEENNNNN RINNNNNGGGGGSSSS for that part
Michelle .H
Michelle .H Måned siden
You do know Christmas has noting to do with Christianity. It's just stolen Pagan festivals from other religions.
Imma Lizard
Imma Lizard Måned siden
"What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?" me:...... a sad Sokka
meowchim Måned siden
just cane across this video for like the fifth time already and its still funny 😂 would love to si rev chris watching "saint young men" its a fantastic japanese animation movie
pichankun Måned siden
Omg i never knew that about the gifts! Gee thanks!
TK Reikon
TK Reikon Måned siden
I'll buy merch once there is something with Rev. Chris and some of the money goes to his church. P.S. I'm Pagan, just love the the guy!
Selbstagram's Tochter
Selbstagram's Tochter Måned siden
Josy Måned siden
The priest in my church calls the peoole that only come for Christmas submarine Christians 😂😂 I think that's quite accurate
Kirst en
Kirst en Måned siden
I love that they put a parental disclaimer..
Carys Hooper
Carys Hooper Måned siden
I used to cry every Christmas Eve because i was scared of a strange man entering my house😂
Olivia Kesling
Olivia Kesling Måned siden
Ok so I have to start my confirmation studying stuff next year and is it a sin if I end up getting confirmed a different religion or if I don’t get confirmed any religion at all if I do will I burn in hell?
Briana Gore
Briana Gore Måned siden
I wish I could attend Rev Chris's church 😭
Antisocial Nerd
Antisocial Nerd Måned siden
The fact that they say five gold rings instead of five golden rings irks me.
Jordan Webb
Jordan Webb 2 måneder siden
In my family, we call December 23rd Christmas adam
Techno Playz
Techno Playz 2 måneder siden
When I Was In The Intro I Was Like : Jolly, Jolly, Jolly, Jolly I'm A Genius Im A Genius WTF
snake snake
snake snake 2 måneder siden
Love you Chris
Lawd Derp Derp
Lawd Derp Derp 2 måneder siden
I wasn’t paying attention to the screen when the intro played and then I thought I was watching team edge
ナカキン 2 måneder siden
ナカキン 2 måneder siden
크리스 신분님 존경하는 국민 마음 이 동영상을 보면 행복한 하루다들 행복하세요 많이 보고싶어요
nawres doss
nawres doss 2 måneder siden
Me a Muslim who never had Christmas watching Rev chris talking about Christmas 😍😍 Thank you for your heart-warming vids ♥
Francis Gerard Magtibay
Francis Gerard Magtibay 2 måneder siden
9:45 end of 2019 :(
Urte Vasiliauskaite
Urte Vasiliauskaite 2 måneder siden
4:16 my dad
Duncan Livingston
Duncan Livingston 2 måneder siden
Satan clause
Im dying inside :D
Im dying inside :D 2 måneder siden
1:30 In Norway we call it "lille julaften" which means "the small Christmas eve" :D
Binita Deka
Binita Deka 2 måneder siden
My best person here is rev chris
SumeaBizarro 2 måneder siden
"Eve eve" is actually logical Finnish when expressed in our language; "Aaton aatto" - Eve of eve.
Karen Macleod
Karen Macleod 2 måneder siden
Santa spys on you
jasmine villiers
jasmine villiers 2 måneder siden
My mum made us have breakfast before opening presents
Agustina Castellano
Agustina Castellano 2 måneder siden
Elle P.
Elle P. 2 måneder siden
Who gets their presents at the end of their bed instead of under the tree?
sohl sherwood
sohl sherwood 2 måneder siden
so Santa is like Jesus he has a list of whos naughty or nice lmfao
Kristin Dominguez
Kristin Dominguez 2 måneder siden
LOL 🤣 you guys should do Military Memes with Charles as well lol 🖤
Mark P
Mark P 2 måneder siden
Fun fact, in Danish, December 23rd is called "Lillejuleaften", which translates as "small Christmas Eve"
Scarlett Wilson
Scarlett Wilson 2 måneder siden
the world needs a compilation of josh saying 'whAT IS thAt' lmao
Naomi Byrd
Naomi Byrd 2 måneder siden
It bothers me so much that they say Five Gold Rings instead of Five Golden Rings. XD
XSemperIdem5 2 måneder siden
Thank you totally random NOpost recommendation 😂
argella1300 2 måneder siden
6:23 After my sister woke everyone up at 5:30am one Christmas morning (she was like, 8, she didn’t have a super solid concept of time yet) we instituted a rule from then on that the earliest she could wake us all up for presents was 7am
NK OT 2 måneder siden
The basic concept of Santa clause is that he’s a dude who watches you in your sleep for 364 days waiting for the day he can finally break into your house. Can someone please remind me why I ever liked this guy.
kaleah lanae
kaleah lanae 2 måneder siden
What I learned from this video is that British children get presents on the foot of their bed instead of under the Christmas tree. The Christmas morning scenes from Harry Potter suddenly make a bit more sense.
Candy UAENA 2 måneder siden
I love that they put a disclaimer about Santa😂
Lou Lou
Lou Lou 2 måneder siden
How ironic that the opening for me for this video was a JOLLY rancher commercial
Lycoris Manjushage
Lycoris Manjushage 2 måneder siden
Petition to get Rev Chris to react to Paint’s Progressive Christmas Carols! Also just to mention, I love the videos you guys make. They are so entertaining, eye-opening and even sometimes meaningful. Know it’s not Christmas yet but Merry Christmas in advance to everyone reading this and I hope everyone stays safe! ❤️
VoidWalker 2006
VoidWalker 2006 2 måneder siden
What is Chris’s opinion about biblically accurate angels?
respectthefish 2 måneder siden
Chris be my friend
respectthefish 2 måneder siden
how nice
respectthefish 2 måneder siden
oh wait you are already my brother
Rebecca Lawson
Rebecca Lawson 2 måneder siden
The meme about the myrrh (however you spell it) even thinking about the face the guy in the picture made make some laugh
The55555jack 2 måneder siden
Thank you guys! We so love every video with rev. Chris! He is so genuine and we love how he manages to have fun and make jokes while not making fun OF Christianity but rather still showing respect and deep love for the Lord.
Toka Hitsujikai
Toka Hitsujikai 2 måneder siden
6:30 We don't really have that problem because we open presents on christmas eve, but on my last birthday I woke up increddibly early, especially for my sleep-til-5pm-self and the fact that I stayed up till 3am, and I had to wait with opening my presents (that were lying on the dining table on full display by the way) until my mom and grandmother arrived for afternoon coffee I was that meme
Michelle Heegaard
Michelle Heegaard 2 måneder siden
I would totally go to church if Rev. Chris was my priest
Charlotte Gibson
Charlotte Gibson 2 måneder siden
I've always had a weird relationship with christmas. First of all, I find the holidays extreamly stressful. The house has to be perfectly clean, two weeks worth of decorating only to know that you'll have to do two weeks of cleaning up, a ton of family to play hostess to, not to mention the 48 hours spent cooking and 4 hours spent cleaning up after dinner.... I've always thought that it would be nice to do away with ever aspect of Christmas other than celebrating the birth of christ. That can't be just me, right? And here's the one people always find really weird. For as long as I can remember, ever since I was very small, I've has severe insomnia and had a very difficult time getting up in the morning (there's a word for this, but I can't remember it) so my parent have always had to drag me out of bed to open presents with the family...
Hania Douglas
Hania Douglas 2 måneder siden
Not sure if you've already done it but my fave is different versions of "bless this food to nourish our bodies" over pics of donuts and kfc
JebClang 2 måneder siden
I've got a meme right here: God loves us very much, always. Except when you simply don't believe his existence simply because you can't see him with the eyes he supposedly created, for you to supposedly see him with. Because then, he created a special place full of suffering, screaming of agony and pain for eternity for you to reside in until the end of time itself... guess i'm not a fan.
classicalhero7 2 måneder siden
Santa Claus is a pervert.
Mandy Monster
Mandy Monster 2 måneder siden
BanDal 2 måneder siden
4:13 can someone explain?
Mari Animates
Mari Animates 2 måneder siden
Parts of Songs that everybody screams: 1. Mama, I don't wanna die 2. Five Golden Rings 3. Woah, livin' on a prayer 4. It's the final countdown 5. And I will always love you 6. Secret Tunnel 7. Thriller 8.sweet Caroline (dun dun dun) 9. Billy Nye the science guy
Gerry Portuguez Jr.
Gerry Portuguez Jr. 24 dager siden
*Mama, ooooOOOOOOoooooohhh
Ren Hey
Ren Hey Måned siden
Bill Nye the science guy?
Ren Hey
Ren Hey Måned siden
Come on, Eileen too loo ry ay
david savage
david savage Måned siden
Liz Måned siden
Mari Animates 5. And I will always love you 6. Secret Tunnel
Anna Kim
Anna Kim 2 måneder siden
And no one was prepared for what was to come in 2020...
Georgina 2 måneder siden
....i thot it was five GOLDen rings...oh whelp
Edie Crown
Edie Crown 2 måneder siden
Bruh they’re so pure that the disclaimer is the existence of Santa Claus or not🤣
Christy CoOl
Christy CoOl 2 måneder siden
Vanguard King Bt
Vanguard King Bt 20 dager siden
mesh shirt burgundy pants
mesh shirt burgundy pants 3 måneder siden
its so cute how they made a disclaimer about santa
Basundhara Paul
Basundhara Paul 3 måneder siden
I thought things would get serious... Literally Rev Chris is so amazing... Great!
Khushi Randhawa
Khushi Randhawa 3 måneder siden
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