We Try the BEST Croissant in the WORLD!!?🤤 (LUNE)

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9 måneder siden

Today we visit LUNE in Melbourne which sells 'the best croissant in the world' according to the New York Times!
오늘은 뉴욕타임즈에서 인정한 “세계 1위 크로와상”을 먹으러 갑니다!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Clémentine Duarte
Clémentine Duarte 21 dag siden
Australian people : we made the best "pain au chocolat " in the World French people (me) : What the heck , they put freaking nutella in the chocolatine ?! (the real and corect name of pain au chocolat in France)
Gi-Young Liwanag
Gi-Young Liwanag 25 dager siden
I mean the line crossiants were literally crafted by a perfectionist. She was one a car engineer of sorts and did a lot of high level engineering. The crossiants were featured on masterchef australia as a challenge. So yes this is one of the good crossiants. But not all crossiants in australia are better than the French
blase baker
blase baker 26 dager siden
$60 for 6 croissants. Over priced.
好方法阿什拉夫 28 dager siden
That is not guys, go to fucking Paris and you'll find at least 10 bakery with the same level and some Michelin with higher quality
Jordan Shurmer
Jordan Shurmer Måned siden
"how are they doing this" just go ask them how much butter they use
LordDavid04 Måned siden
Lune? Go to Reverie Café and Dessert for great croissants and even better cakes!
Vike Ayu Laksmi
Vike Ayu Laksmi Måned siden
Australia? LOOOOLL
IshouI ;_;
IshouI ;_; Måned siden
60 💷 expensive strike damage
impact aci
impact aci Måned siden
졸리 : 세계최고의 크로와상을 호주에서 먹었다. 프랑스를 포함한 영어권 코멘트 : 졸리 어그로에 끌려 레이드옴. 살면서 진짜 크로와상 먹을 일도 거의 없는 한국인들 : 졸리 덧글창이 한국인 소유인줄 암.
Montecitodesign Måned siden
Fact: The French Bakery in Santa Barbara (and their other CA locations), called Renaud's Patisserie, use day-old plain croissants to make their almond croissants. Now, I do not know if this is how it is done in France or anywhere else, but it is a tasty almond croissant. renaudsbistro.com/pages/bakery-locations
Anika Hossain
Anika Hossain Måned siden
They are definitely the best croissants in Australia but I’m not a 100% confident if they are the best in the world since I’ve never been to France. They are bloody delicious though, so I can only assume the french ones are at least on par or better! x
Lyn Sater
Lyn Sater Måned siden
60 dollars 😮😮😮..10 dollars per Croissant...No Way Jose!!!
BRU†ALHSM Måned siden
maybe there are in australia but its maybe a french recipe...lol and the most expensive does not mean the best
needkhun Måned siden
I'm back to this vid because im craving for lune right now
kevlar5150 Måned siden
Clarkson: "In the world."
Matthijs van Emous
Matthijs van Emous Måned siden
60 bucks for a few croissants? hell ye
Redefined Living
Redefined Living Måned siden
You never want to disagree with a zealot. omg the truth!
TD B 2 måneder siden
Hmm, I think us Aussies feel a bit half hearted about that infamous article. Australia does food really REALLY well, far better than any English speaking country. But most of us would rather have a French magazine announcing our croissants are the best, not the New York Times.
Gerard Jones
Gerard Jones 2 måneder siden
$7 usd each, most of that is for the high rent location. the croissants are average, no flake.
Suchart Boontid
Suchart Boontid 2 måneder siden
Ollie's just marching to the beat of his own drum, doesn't he?
Sara Fetty
Sara Fetty 2 måneder siden
I love this channel..
Grizly Sheperd
Grizly Sheperd 2 måneder siden
You can tell if you're a gamer if you read croissant.. Crosshair.. It happened to when I was searching for ideal crosshair Lmao
Chef Conan the Cat
Chef Conan the Cat 2 måneder siden
It's not the best croissant unless they use butter from France.
Matte Black
Matte Black 2 måneder siden
It always bothers me that they eat from the SAME SIDE! Not the opposite ones.
Shot Dunyun
Shot Dunyun 2 måneder siden
Ptdr ignorant de tes morts la boulangerie de mon patelin en fait certainement des meilleures ! Haha yes croissants are great, it looks delicious haha...
Satopi3104 2 måneder siden
Yeah.... no offense to these guys but anyone who can enjoy things like McDonald’s doesn’t have my trust when it comes to being an arbiter of good food. And this was reinforced when josh talked about the plain croissant as somehow not being enough. Things like almond croissants are a way to recycle croissants that are going stale. A plain croissant is the only true croissant and if that wonderful French butter aroma and the fragrant and savory flavor of the dough is not something you mention it’s either not the world’s best croissant or you aren’t a good judge of it. Yes, texture matters in a croissant (or a baguette or anything else, really) but the aroma and the taste matter too. (To be clear I do love almond croissants)
yoonyumm Ah
yoonyumm Ah 2 måneder siden
천국의 맛이겠지..?
Katie Dodds
Katie Dodds 2 måneder siden
I feel like only Ollie Kendal would compare croissants to Bob Dylan😂😂
Moontess 2 måneder siden
I'm from Melbourne and I'm probably very biased, and I'm not sure if they really are the world's best croissant (I mean, you would really have to sample all the croissants in the world to make that statement fair), but I would say they are VERY good croissants and worth the queuing up. They have been a spot of good cheer for me during the current lockdown. My favourites are the Pain au Chocolat, the Kouign Amann and the Lemon Curd Cruffin.
Joshua 2 måneder siden
정말 맛있겠다ㅇ~^^/♥
heesoo jang
heesoo jang 2 måneder siden
이때로 돌아가고싶다..ㅠ 코로나....
Sara in action
Sara in action 2 måneder siden
The most overrated croissant in the world! You can find better ones with cheaper price in small cafes in other suburbs 😑
Linh Vo
Linh Vo 3 måneder siden
I can’t believe you guys were in Melbourne and I didn’t know about it! My workplace is right across from LUNE D:
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 3 måneder siden
Bruh the only time I eat croissants are on Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwichs. And I would love to finish this video now, but I'm not hungry enough to properly enjoy it. So I'll be back tomorrow
달송달송 3 måneder siden
ㅠㅠ이때가 그립네요 편하게 가서 포장해서 공원에서 자리깔고 먹고 떠들고 웃고 ㅠㅠ
MY2EE 3 måneder siden
썸네일ㅋㅋ바다거북인줄 알고 들어왔어요
아미New bee
아미New bee 3 måneder siden
우와 진짜 맛있어 보여요 ㅠ
Rāmen Ferrana
Rāmen Ferrana 3 måneder siden
Go on pastry tour in france and you will now where are bests croissants ! You can't say that it's the best if you don't try the french ones ! Xd
v 3 måneder siden
josh is so excited he's not even letting ollie finish before grabbing the next croissant hahaha
박현준 3 måneder siden
볼때마다 느끼는건데.. 올리 장범준닮음
mounika kulkarni
mounika kulkarni 3 måneder siden
I love this video for some reason, I've watched it like 3 times.
MrBeatboxmasta 3 måneder siden
10$ per croissants?! That's ridiculous!
Wil Z
Wil Z 3 måneder siden
I would watch a video of Olli making analogies for 10 minutes
Venie Sieteriales
Venie Sieteriales 3 måneder siden
Your videos allow me to stop crying for a while. So I binge watch your videos. Thank you for giving people happiness.
Huh Jieun
Huh Jieun 3 måneder siden
when they said one of each and paid only $60 I was shocked. I was shocked again to find out that there's only 6 lol. $10 each
아연AYEON 3 måneder siden
올리 왤케 어좁이에요ㅜㅜ
imani wilson
imani wilson 3 måneder siden
soooo $600 for like 6 croissants or am I trippin? haha
Ryan A Wilson
Ryan A Wilson 4 måneder siden
A croissant is a lot to handle in the morning? Are British croissants and American croissants different things?
VioletVoice 4 måneder siden
Ollie, I loved the analogies actually hahaha
fe_yoko 4 måneder siden
Best croissant I had still was on Paris Lol in the world
Monica 4 måneder siden
I’m just loving every time Ollie made analogies lol
Flores David
Flores David 4 måneder siden
Aetius 4 måneder siden
I'm French and...not disappointed lol. I don't know if these are the best in the world, but they look delicious and they have many rare kinds. For instance the ham & cheese one is something i never thought would be found out of France, little precision btw, it's not melted cheese inside but Bechamel sauce. ;)
chsu915 4 måneder siden
Ollie is a comic genius.
안다인 4 måneder siden
Tbh, I didn't like it that much... before I tried it, I was thinking like "this is the best croissant in the world. So I'm willing to pay this (which was expensive)" After I tried it, I was like.. "WTH..?" For me, I felt it was too dry and smelled like a burnt smell.. I did feel that some ppl taste it as fancy flavour but I didn't like it and didn't go back there ever again. I just go to my fav cafe and that's it.
yourfavbrat Z
yourfavbrat Z 4 måneder siden
ngl i’m french and almost pass out seeing this video so please delete it
beccasmama63 5 måneder siden
Wow those are expensive
Reagan B
Reagan B 5 måneder siden
Ollie saying "what's the damage" when finding out the price is the most white dad thing ever 😂
Claudia Kevans
Claudia Kevans 5 måneder siden
I guess I'm taking a trip down to Melbourne
hi_ddeulgi 5 måneder siden
That one Ham & Gruyee is the one of the best croissant i've ever had
putih pink
putih pink 5 måneder siden
Whattt croissant is all about sandwich you dummy! Put some egg and ham and a lil bit salad with swiss cheese and you are ready to go
Henry Song
Henry Song 5 måneder siden
fyi Croissant is from Vienna, Austria.
Lélé hng
Lélé hng 5 måneder siden
Mais pardon! 😂 My french heart is hurt
Noob Quality
Noob Quality 5 måneder siden
Natta Loane
Natta Loane 5 måneder siden
They are good, but not the best or worth the price, bit pretentious tbh
Taylor Baggins
Taylor Baggins 5 måneder siden
That does NOT look like cheese and pepper. Doesn't look savory.
Taylor Baggins
Taylor Baggins 5 måneder siden
Those look REALLY good!
Taylor Baggins
Taylor Baggins 5 måneder siden
At first when I heard it was 60$ for one of everything, I was like "Ok that's decent, not too horrible." But then I realized there are only like 6 croissants in the box. How expensive ARE these things?
Arnaud 4 måneder siden
The craziest part is that you can find these (except the last 2) for less than 10$ in France. 😂
Taylor Baggins
Taylor Baggins 5 måneder siden
That's me: "I hope this place isn't so fancy that they don't have chicken tenders"
Bnjeluh 5 måneder siden
As an Australian I’m proud but also cringing for the French people because I’m pretty sure the best croissant in the world would be in France
President Moomoo
President Moomoo 5 måneder siden
bigWazaa 5 måneder siden
Looking at the second croassant... the thing in the middle is called "cabell d'angel" in catalonian, "cabello de angel" in spanish, whose literal translation is "angel hair" cream in english
Akirams Idebus
Akirams Idebus 5 måneder siden
Did you just pick your butt? 2:22
Lydie P
Lydie P 5 måneder siden
I always love Ollie’s analogies 👌🏽
oreos are vegan
oreos are vegan 5 måneder siden
ugh josh licking his fingers despite having his hands on the grass 🤮
Esme 404
Esme 404 5 måneder siden
At the end when ollie was talking about josh and the almond croissant and he said it is like when youre friend falls in love, youre happy for them but don't necessarily love that person too. Gabie is offended lol
Jay B
Jay B 5 måneder siden
For my sneaker heads here, Josh is wearing off-white prestos.
Hannah Goh
Hannah Goh 5 måneder siden
the shop looks different!
Hannah Goh
Hannah Goh 5 måneder siden
i miss Melbourne :(
Juliette Thibert
Juliette Thibert 6 måneder siden
A croissant with ham and cheese is absolutely not a croissant
bradleycjw 6 måneder siden
Lived in Melbourne for about 5 years, and Lune has hands down the best croissants I’ve ever had. Lines are always crazy, though.
JOOPITA 6 måneder siden
Didn't even realise this place existed until this video came out but i'm glad I got some of these on my last day in Melbourne before the world went to crap. Even went to the same park to eat them.
Monse Reynoso
Monse Reynoso 6 måneder siden
i think what they meant is that its like going to a ballet and asking them to do one pirouette
Tania Savitri
Tania Savitri 6 måneder siden
You should try Monsier Spoon in Bali.
maiko 777
maiko 777 6 måneder siden
and we dont call it pain au chocolat ,,but CHOCOLATINE
maiko 777
maiko 777 6 måneder siden
whaaaat? thats almost 5 euros per ,,,,, come to france guys i will show you the best croissants in the world and for 1 euro per ,,,,plus ,,,how can they make the best croissant in the world outside of france ,,shamefull !!!!! its like to say ,,come have the best wiskey in the world ,,but made in argentina ,,,,come on boys !!!!!
Michael Panggabean
Michael Panggabean 5 måneder siden
I mean, Japan makes some of the best whiskies in the world. Japanese whiskies even sometimes won annual best whisky award.
Robert B
Robert B 6 måneder siden
Whoever made the German sub has done a great work. 👍 I'm super impressed!
Mudda Boolshit
Mudda Boolshit 6 måneder siden
i am so offended they went to australia for the best croissants instead of costco
casualsuede 6 måneder siden
We have a place here in Kansas city it is just as good, I challenge them! The chef also went to Paris to study and worked there for several years.
Dante Ardy
Dante Ardy 6 måneder siden
Ollie analogy is best if he brings up all the Arctic Monkeys album instead of Bob Dylan
December Sfy
December Sfy 6 måneder siden
J’adore le croissant aux amandes et au massepain! C’est ma péféré! Surtout quand chauffé! I love the almond and marzipan croissant! It’s my favourite! Especially when heated up!
김은재 6 måneder siden
나는 올리의 비유에 동감합니다
sara leclercq
sara leclercq 6 måneder siden
Can anyone tell me what nike shoes ollie is wearing?? i feel like my life won't be complete without knowing what shoes they are. Especially since i spend quite some time looking for them and faling to find them misserably.
jessy lml
jessy lml 6 måneder siden
I'm sorry but in every jolly video, I really like better Ollie than Josh, he is just so funny and clever guy, he deserves more
Jimmy Quach
Jimmy Quach 7 måneder siden
wait are you wearing offwhite prestos? am i the only one seeing this?
angelyiu629 7 måneder siden
Life is like a almond croissant,you'll know what you gonna get.
Asian Food Nerd Instagram
Asian Food Nerd Instagram 7 måneder siden
I can hear the crunch from here
Sarah '93
Sarah '93 7 måneder siden
Oh my.
21 21
21 21 7 måneder siden
I believe i live for croissant. I have to try it before i die 😭
Yuki Tan
Yuki Tan 7 måneder siden
I was studying in Melbourne back then and Lune’s croissants are the best 🤤 now I want to fly back to have all thissss
Ella Wirawan
Ella Wirawan 7 måneder siden
Holly molly, it cost like 10 bucks each 😨😨 There's a bakery cafe next to my office and they also sells almond croissants. It cost a dollar 😂
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