Maltesers Trick Shot FAILS 😂

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8 måneder siden

Today we have a JOLLY behind the scenes of how we filmed our Malteser pre-roll ad on our latest video on KoreanEnglishman! We hope you enjoy! :)
오늘은 저희 제일 최근 영국남자 영상 앞에 나오는 몰티져스 광고의 졸리한 촬영 현장을 공개해봅니다! 재미있게 봐주세요 :)
*Don’t try this at home, especially with kids!
*어린이가 놀이용으로 사용시, 사고의 위험이 있을 수 있으므로 보호자의 주의가 필요합니다.
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

I ate the Lamb sauce UwU
I ate the Lamb sauce UwU 18 dager siden
Alternative titles: rip ollies teeth Ollie getting hit in the teeth by maltesers for 11mins and 33secs
SuperFrosty85 27 dager siden
Your teeth are too big.
Jesus Saves
Jesus Saves Måned siden
Romans 10:9,10,13
Maham shahid
Maham shahid Måned siden
This vedio is 80 percent filled with josh smug face.
psdelux Måned siden
so nervous that you show teeth when you do this.. they chip so easy..
Jonathan Ryu
Jonathan Ryu 2 måneder siden
I wonder just how many maltesers ended up on the floor...
sandeboe 3 måneder siden
Oh that's what people mean by sweets hurting your teeth!
watersignbaby 3 måneder siden
This a full 11.33 minutes video of choking hazard
Tia Kailany
Tia Kailany 3 måneder siden
Just sitting for 11minutes and 33secont watch them throw chocolate everywhere.😁 Thanks for the video.🖤
Neha Mahadik
Neha Mahadik 4 måneder siden
😂quick brainstorming
Arika Sandemore
Arika Sandemore 4 måneder siden
One of the funniest joy episodes EVER
Sarmiento Gabriel
Sarmiento Gabriel 4 måneder siden
Grace really is the base of the laughter
Sanrio Berri
Sanrio Berri 4 måneder siden
Legend has it they are still finding malltesers in their house....
Allen Carino
Allen Carino 4 måneder siden
... this is how you get ants
shadowatom 4 måneder siden
Now I see what they mean when they say candy is bad for your teeth.
Careys Joy Sandoval
Careys Joy Sandoval 4 måneder siden
maltesers suddenly became dangerous
Reagan B
Reagan B 5 måneder siden
I felt physical pain when the Malteser hit Ollie's tooth 😂
ApZeddd 5 måneder siden
Josh c mon man, y so many adds pls content better than money
VideoGqmeNxrd 5 måneder siden
surprised that ollie didnt chip his upper left incisor tbh
Tsola Unokesan
Tsola Unokesan 5 måneder siden
Marsu Pilami
Marsu Pilami 5 måneder siden
I'm sorry but why did I heard The Sims theme sound in background? 😂
Eva Snyders
Eva Snyders 5 måneder siden
Simply put, Jolly can persuade me to watch an 11 minute Maltesers commercial.
Ally슈 5 måneder siden
9:40 Josh whistles like you whistle a dog - and Ollie suddenly catches it easily 😁
김수빈 5 måneder siden
I was always questioning where your houses are.Are you guys in Korea or UK?
Jessica Samantha
Jessica Samantha 5 måneder siden
Indonesia ripped this off and called it maltitos lol
aikah aikah M. B
aikah aikah M. B 5 måneder siden
Yup, after the squirrel invasion vlog now u will have ants and raccoon invasions for your next vlog hahahah
Anisa H
Anisa H 5 måneder siden
We need bloopers episodes!!!
Anisa H
Anisa H 5 måneder siden
R.I.P to Ollie's teeth lmaooo.... you guys are absolute banter!!!! Love you both :) xx n Juno is an absolute darling :) x
rakias 5 måneder siden
I literally SNORTED when Ollie got hit in the teeth and I'm not even 2 mins in 😂😂😂😂😂
rine sjj
rine sjj 5 måneder siden
I cried of laughter when it kept hitting Ollie’s teeth. I really needed this today, thank you.
Kindness 6 måneder siden
After watching this video i cant help but laugh everytime I see Maltesers
liesel meminger
liesel meminger 6 måneder siden
At 8:22 Ollie makes this weird sound that I immediately associated with rev Chris😂
Steph W
Steph W 6 måneder siden
Please make part two❤️
stxrlxghts 6 måneder siden
The fact that they STILL have Maltesers left is amazing
Christian Perrotta
Christian Perrotta 6 måneder siden
Josh and Ollie: "Well, we cleaned everything, for sure." One single maltese: * hides under the furniture * Cockroaches approaching: "Hey..."
Ass Qee
Ass Qee 6 måneder siden
이 영상 보고 너무 맛이 궁금해서 쿠팡에서 로켓배송으로 비교적 저렴(?)하게 팔아서 구매했습니다. 안의 과자는 아주 바삭하고 가볍고 겉에 초콜릿은 막 엄청 진하지는 않은 가나 정도의 농도인데 가벼운 과자에 비해 초콜릿이 좀 두껍다고 느껴졌습니다. 그래서 입에 넣고 오물거려서 초콜릿을 좀 녹여서 씹어 드시는걸 추천드립니다. 안그러면 안의 과자는 다 씹어 먹고 없고 초콜릿만 남아서 좀 느끼해진다고 해야 하나? 암튼 그래요. 결론은 맛있습니다. 국내에선 비슷한 과자로 생각나는게 딱히 없네요. 그나마 비슷한게 ABC초코쿠키가 있네요.
Nathan Co
Nathan Co 6 måneder siden
alternative title: Ollie's teeth getting destroyed by maltesers for 11 minutes
Rustberry 6 måneder siden
My favorite is the double decker 😂
글쓴이알로에 6 måneder siden
9:28때 하는거 좀 위험 했어요!!!ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 조심해요
fashionesta 6 måneder siden
when i was young child. maltesers was the kind of luxury theater snack. it was so damn good tho.
Elaine Chan
Elaine Chan 6 måneder siden
I can't find the trick shot video on their main channel :(
stxrlxghts 6 måneder siden
it's not a trick shot video, is a pre-roll ad. It's something like "British grandma and baby try Korean side dishes" or something. The ad is before the main part of the video.
Lazy Coven
Lazy Coven 6 måneder siden
Just spit it out and rewind the video. LOL
Yee Rou Quah
Yee Rou Quah 6 måneder siden
whats dude perfect?
Alex 6 måneder siden
Ollie: *exists* Maltesers: so your teeth have chosen death
Dork 6 måneder siden
Maltesers are great? Great?! Maltesers is the BEST CHOCOLATE IN THE WORLD.
zn 6 måneder siden
8:22 he turn into chris??
Gilda Shakira
Gilda Shakira 6 måneder siden
Im searching on the koreanenglishman the completed maltesers video, for an hour, why i cannot find it:((
stxrlxghts 6 måneder siden
it's not a trick shot video, is a pre-roll ad. It's something like "British grandma and baby try Korean side dishes" or something. The ad is before the main part of the video.
심비 6 måneder siden
올리 이 뽀사지겠다ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
mochi moonchild
mochi moonchild 6 måneder siden
oh my gosh this video was all laughs XD
김으녕 7 måneder siden
음식갖고 장난치시면 혼나요... ㅎㅎㅎ
안개 7 måneder siden
와 진짜 부러워요 ㅠㅠ저거 너무 맛있는데
Zeltzin J.
Zeltzin J. 7 måneder siden
1:04 When I see my crush is be like:
Subhashish Dey
Subhashish Dey 7 måneder siden
4:14 josh don't please
RubyRim 7 måneder siden
2:55 was pretty good actually
Sandra Kay
Sandra Kay 7 måneder siden
The fact that Josh looks like a young Jim Carrey this entire video is so distracting to me......
Grim 7 måneder siden
How did they not end up in the hospital?! 😂😂
THE GAMER 7 måneder siden
몰티져스 티비보고 얼마나 맜있겠서 했는데 진짜 저럴정도로 맜있긴 하더군요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 300g인가 옥션에서 바로 질러버렸습니다. 근데 저러면 떨구는게 아까우니 그냥 먹도록 합시다. 암튼 초코크런치볼(?) 바삭한 초코볼(?)표현이 어떻게 하는지 모르겠는데 돈만 많으면 더 사먹고 싶네요. 문제는 살이...
gaming secrets
gaming secrets 7 måneder siden
the faces they make and the cutting between different cameras is what makes it xDDD
Ally슈 7 måneder siden
1:50 Ollie has a seal laugh, too!! 😁😁 so good!
Rhythmia / Ren Quion
Rhythmia / Ren Quion 7 måneder siden
I love Maltesers
Zainab Salahuddin
Zainab Salahuddin 7 måneder siden
We want part 2!!
Tavano zinedin Yazid abdul
Tavano zinedin Yazid abdul 7 måneder siden
Josh really looks like jim carrey lmao
yoongs 1
yoongs 1 7 måneder siden
Where can I see the Maltesers ad?? 이 광고 어디서볼수있나요ㅠㅠ 아시는분 알려주세요ㅠㅠ
stxrlxghts 6 måneder siden
it's not a trick shot video, is a pre-roll ad. It's something like "British grandma and baby try Korean side dishes" or something. The ad is before the main part of the video.
Renesmy 7 måneder siden
At 7:37 I just started crying ROFL
shitakshi mishra
shitakshi mishra 7 måneder siden
I read the title as 'molesters trick shots FAILS" 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅 i am sorry don't kill me
무대두패 7 måneder siden
8:09 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
프로젝트 봄
프로젝트 봄 7 måneder siden
이런 사정이...☆
Carol Rada
Carol Rada 7 måneder siden
does someone know how did the video end up looking like? this was hilarious dude, ollies teeth do be suffering
Kaitlyn Glenn
Kaitlyn Glenn 7 måneder siden
I always think Ollie getting his knocked teeth will be less funny each time but I just can’t stop laughing each time
Lilan625 7 måneder siden
Why do I feel this is like watching them relive their college years?
Alex T.
Alex T. 7 måneder siden
Wouldn’t the catching of the Maltesers be a chocking hazard though??? 🤔🤔🤔🤭🤭🤭... Like, I thought of that before and I guess that now would be the perfect time to say it... The first thing I saw during the ad was that they could choke on the Maltesers. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, this is quite interesting if I have to say so myself... Also, won’t bugs get into the Jolly set??? Or did they clean the floor up??? 🤔🤔🤔🤭🤭🤭???
Novita Desiasni
Novita Desiasni 7 måneder siden
This video should come with a choking hazard warning 😂
MistyStarNight 7 måneder siden
Should use those air guns from your try not to laugh video to make a cool trick shot
왕몽돌 7 måneder siden
밑에서 구슬과자 어린이들이 따라서 받아 먹는것 매우 위험하니 주의표시해주세요
Hiba 8 måneder siden
The thing is, it has passed 12am here already. All are sleeping, but i can't hold myself from laughing. So i decided to watch another jolly vid, but it's even funnier 😂. Geuss i wont watch vids of jolly after 12am 🌚
안재연 8 måneder siden
2번째 비디오 찍으면 이 다나갈듯ㅋㅋㅋ
Cielo Palomado
Cielo Palomado 8 måneder siden
After watching this, I have been craving maltesers with milk😂
Omama Star
Omama Star 8 måneder siden
This was only 3 weeks ago!!!
katherine norris
katherine norris 8 måneder siden
When's part 2 coming out. I showed my mum this we almost died from laughter.
Barley Kim
Barley Kim 8 måneder siden
3:00 조쉬 점점 짐 캐리 얼굴 보이는거 같아요!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Claire Sohn
Claire Sohn 8 måneder siden
Alternate title: "Maltesers vs. Ollie's teeth"
허세오 8 måneder siden
You could probably take separate shots of chocolate throwing and receiving
Nicole Piong
Nicole Piong 8 måneder siden
people in Korea have been eating these as cereal :v
Fer Morales
Fer Morales 8 måneder siden
"Ah, piece of..." JOSH!
MS Lee
MS Lee 8 måneder siden
I'm glad neither of you chocked on the Maltessers... please be safe! 💕
Brandi Burley
Brandi Burley 8 måneder siden
R.I.P. Ollie’s teeth😬
Kim Gly
Kim Gly 8 måneder siden
Love this jdjsjfkdkd
Charles R.
Charles R. 8 måneder siden
There is a guy who keeps receiving low blows. That was worse than Ollie getting his teeth hiy by maltesers.
Roidah Sahda
Roidah Sahda 8 måneder siden
1:47 that doesn’t sounds light
코람데오 8 måneder siden
몰티져스...먹어did봣는데 ..gooood.! 맛잇엇어요...영상이 더 재밋엇는데 이런 고생을 하셧군~~
T1ger8oi 8 måneder siden
congrats... you guys are entertaining enough for me to search for your channel. More Gabie would be nice.
DGDanonymous20121 8 måneder siden
Added to my list for things to do during a quarantine.
HS L 8 måneder siden
What we all want to know: how many teeth does Ollie have left
Chua Jana
Chua Jana 8 måneder siden
my goodness it must be so much fun working with them
leleh 8 måneder siden
At the end of the shooting, Ollie might loose a tooth 😂😂
Raye Niño
Raye Niño 8 måneder siden
This video always makes my day :))
Yoo Jin Mun
Yoo Jin Mun 8 måneder siden
I love you Ollie but you have huge teeth 🦷
soshiangel90 8 måneder siden
My teeth hurt for you Ollie. 🤣🤣
Jórunn Ólavsdóttir Thomsen
Jórunn Ólavsdóttir Thomsen 8 måneder siden
Now I have to go buy maltesers 🤤
sapphireberry 8 måneder siden
2:13 josh to the screen
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