British Priest Reacts to the Most Wholesome Memes!

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2 måneder siden

Today Rev Chris reacts to some of the most wholesome memes on the internet!
오늘은 크리스 신부님과 인터넷에 있는 가장 감동/건전한 짤들을 함께 봅니다!

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JOLLY 2 måneder siden
2020 has been a rough year... And so today we try and counter that with the most wholesome memes we can find. Take a break from 2020 and get your fill of wholesomeness with us! 모두 2020년에 힘든 한 해를 보내고 있는데요... 그래서 오늘은 최대한 건전한 짤을 찾아서 잠시 올해 안좋은 것들은 잊고 따뜻함을 충전해보려고 합니다!
Wyatt Guilliams
Wyatt Guilliams 11 dager siden
Come on we know for a fact All Dogs go to Heaven There was a movie and everything
Sarah L
Sarah L Måned siden
Thank you for these Jolly team! I know you guys are gonna be on an unexpected hiatus and are undergoing troubling times yourselves, but don't give up and trust in the Lord always!
Justice Tam
Justice Tam Måned siden
British Priest reacts to Hazbin Hotel, please. I'm curious about his interpretation on redemption.
Technical Difficulties
Technical Difficulties 2 måneder siden
Could you do these once a week? Thank you
LetsBeClear 2 måneder siden
Soraya Anka
Soraya Anka Dag siden
I need more of thisssss
Daren Alexander
Daren Alexander 2 dager siden
Next episode Priest reviewing crusader memes Deus vult
Kman547 3 dager siden
I have a number of friends in the clergy of various denominations; I know what kind of memes you're ACTUALLY looking at! ;-P (Mostly because I'm the friend sending them!) Much love to Rev. Chris, and all the folks trying to keep us sane and focused on the better parts of our human nature, especially during these difficult times.
Lucia Szocsova
Lucia Szocsova 3 dager siden
never had I thought I would see a clip of a priest playing Doom with smile on his face, ngl
Bruhverly BRUH
Bruhverly BRUH 4 dager siden
Invite him to stream Among Us
Katsunov 4 dager siden
wait what???? a pastor in NOpost???? huh????
victoria de la parra
victoria de la parra 4 dager siden
jkstudios driptohard horny crypttv codelyoko supersiah heathers
Ring Dave
Ring Dave 4 dager siden
Homosexuals having fun ?
Jessica Patalano
Jessica Patalano 6 dager siden
The 3D print of the ultrasound almost got me.
Bullet-Catcher 7 dager siden
The lamb is standing still, since this was taken in the Falkland Islands and the lamb is standing on a landmine. Also its freddie mercury in the fire truck.
amouramarie 7 dager siden
You're lovely and handsome and fun and I'm sure everyone is secretly thinking about how nice you smell but they don't say it because that would be weird, Rev Chris. Keep being rad. :D
Mad Stellaris
Mad Stellaris 8 dager siden
I love how open he is to jokes. Priests like that are rare specially from where I live
Ali Madison
Ali Madison 8 dager siden
I was wondering why I have not seen anything from this channel in so longs, and ik I never unsubbed but for some reason I was unsubbed...
Tai Sommers
Tai Sommers 8 dager siden
Rev. Chris’s Irish coming out @ 4:25-that “learn” was pure lilt.
Mighty Baguette
Mighty Baguette 9 dager siden
Why did I get an ad about some priest? Huh weeeeird
Marissa Christine
Marissa Christine 9 dager siden
Hey what do you guys think about the LGBTQ community? I'm bisexual and you guys are my favorite NOpostrs
PyroGothNerd 10 dager siden
0:42 as a daughter of a currently retired firefighter, I can confirm that if you call, they will often show you around. The station that my Dad retired from has a kid that visits several times a month.
Karolina Kuc
Karolina Kuc 11 dager siden
3:15 that's even more hilarious when you consider the fact that in the Old Testament people call wife every woman they had sex with
Good Day
Good Day 11 dager siden
Me at church “listening” to bible study: *can you shut up man?* your voice is f*cking annoying, stop talking and cut out your tongue. Me at this video: yes, do tell me more, please tell me your knowledge.
Goattacular 11 dager siden
Well, in Christianity, you get to heaven not by your deeds/works, but by simply accepting Jesus Christ into your heart. Since your pets can't accept Jesus Christ into their hearts, well... probably not getting into Heaven. That's not saying they'll go to Hell by default. I wonder, are animals more cyclical, in that when they die, their life force gets reabsorbed into the world? Or maybe that's what happens to humans, too. Or maybe we wake up from the simulation, then go back in and relive every person's life who's ever lived, gaining incredible insight, so when we finally emerge from the simulation at oh, say, age 10, we have the knowledge and wisdom of trillions of people from across time, and as such gain total understanding of others. Of course, what happens to this core user when they age? Are we even a specie that ages? What if we've evolved already beyond our physical forms, and this simulation is merely how history is currently taught, through total immersion? Whatever happens when we die, I'm not too keen on finding out for as long as I can possibly put it off... or is that how we fail the simulation, and get slated for execution?
D McCall
D McCall 11 dager siden
Thanks. I needed that.
Rainy Daze
Rainy Daze 12 dager siden
I love these guys. So sweet I'd love to make them some cookies and give them a hug ~ a mother in America
Laura Joy
Laura Joy 13 dager siden
I`ve read in the Bible "The old shall pass away, and the memory of the wicked forgotten" but he also says "The bonds you have on earth shall be had in heaven, and the bonds you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."
Judson Wahba
Judson Wahba 13 dager siden
Please watch Living Waters on NOpost
Brittany Wetherill
Brittany Wetherill 14 dager siden
Hey. Just wanted to say, am having a shit day. I turned on youtube for some meditation music to calm down, unded up doing this instead. Its working. Thank you guys.
Stormy Nichole
Stormy Nichole 14 dager siden
1:40 😂😂😂😂💛
Grace Slagle
Grace Slagle 15 dager siden
Wait plants go to heaven All those little succulents I've accidentally killed are happy now I guess.
Damia Iris
Damia Iris 15 dager siden
“Eat my holiness”- That never stops being funny
Naomi Gonsalves
Naomi Gonsalves 15 dager siden
I love Rev. Chris!!!! He needs a channel!!!
Chelsi Klasen
Chelsi Klasen 16 dager siden
Rev: anything good on earth is made better in heaven My dumb ass: sooo cat boys are in heaven?
Eden Unknown
Eden Unknown 17 dager siden
Usually any kind of religious anything scares me because of the way I grew up. I love this channel so much and I'm slowly getting more and more comfortable walking around my town without worrying about avoiding churches.
tracisr 18 dager siden
Awwww this one made me tear up a little
Holly Mauery
Holly Mauery 18 dager siden
wow this vid made my heart so happy (:
StephBer1 18 dager siden
Thank you Rev Chris on your views of heaven. I lost my faith 27 years ago when my treasured Grandmother died. I was devastated and went to my Pastor for support. I told him, truthfully, that my Gran had never hurt a soul, looked after everyone, did everything for everyone, looked after her husband for 40 years after he returned from the war with serious injuries. Looked after me when I was a teenager because my parents were farmers and sent me to the city for school. It couldn't have been easy for a 70 year old woman to care for a bratty teenager. She never complained, was dirt poor, being on a war pension, and had seen the horrors of WW1, WW2 and the Great Depression. She told me that she tried to retain her faith, but she struggled because she felt that God had abandoned the world. My Pastor told me she "would burn in hell" because she didn't believe. I walked away and never went back. My idea of heaven and faith is that even though you struggle with your faith sometimes, if you follow the teachings of Jesus of love and giving, and all the other good things you are deserving a place in heaven.
SweetCaroline1990 19 dager siden
As an American experiencing this current election madness, I am beyond blessed to have stumbled upon this. Christ has been my focus through this whole election thing -- the President may change, but Christ is forever. ❤
Elizabeth Berkhout
Elizabeth Berkhout 19 dager siden
they posted this on my birthday!!! idk but that makes me feel special lol even though they didn't know :)
inbetween 1-0
inbetween 1-0 20 dager siden
Me listening to elders in Japan volunteering to clean up radiation infected area:... Well, they remember vividly the aftermath and the suffering of the two atoms bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They probably have suffered alongside friends and family who were infected by radiation, seen children losing hope and their future as they lay in their beds dying. So I guess they don't want to see that anymore.
heyysimone 20 dager siden
The little lamb is even smiling. Awww
Michael Oicherman
Michael Oicherman 22 dager siden
I don't get the second one
Calida 22 dager siden
I miss you guys! ♡ Jolly, KEM, and Gabie teams fighting ♡♡♡ this vid made my morning 💖
Imzadi83 FanVids
Imzadi83 FanVids 22 dager siden
If I can't be with my pets in heaven I don't want to go!
Reinhardt Wilhelm
Reinhardt Wilhelm 23 dager siden
"Eat My Holiness" I can imagine that becoming an unpopular cereal brand down at the cereal isle in a grocer.
ItsFaith 23 dager siden
I wish rev Chris could live stream his church, because I love my church but I rlly want to hear his messages
Eleanor Fogarty
Eleanor Fogarty 24 dager siden
The Martin Luther King one made me start crying. The fact those children realised what he had done for them makes it even more amazing xx
Nadja De Nicoló
Nadja De Nicoló 24 dager siden
You know...I'm in Vienna right now and me and my friend were in a restaurant near the area where the shootings happened. We got notified and ran home. Some messages and phone calls to loved ones later we're here, watching your videos to cheer us up a little. Thanks for making warm hearted content.
gl3nnium 26 dager siden
A bit confusing. I've never heard of a priest referred to as a reverend. Usually that signifies Anglican or C of E. Not a big deal just weird. Rev Chris is awesome but I doubt that he's Catholic and therefore not technically a priest. Aside from that the Doom Eternal clip was EPIC! Thanks guys.
Sean Vers
Sean Vers 26 dager siden
That guy in the Supermarket was the priest him self.
Ingrid Holly
Ingrid Holly 27 dager siden
Rev Chris needs to react to Lucifer (the TV show)!
Thea Sinclaire
Thea Sinclaire 27 dager siden
One of the original Doom programmers was a Mormon.
cookies for live
cookies for live 28 dager siden
Can you please react to Dax- "Dear God" & Dax- "Book of revelation"? The lyrics to this songs are quite interesting and honestly I don't know what to think about it. But I really want to know what's your opinion to it So can you please react to it? 🙃
silva sanders
silva sanders 28 dager siden
jeezy smosh smashmouth warrior jamorant numberblocks
Blue Son of Man
Blue Son of Man 28 dager siden
Hey Rev, what happens when when the Devil just decides he does not want to be the bad guy anymore?
ToTalyAwesomeChannel 28 dager siden
Ollie's face in the final speechlike "yeeeeeh not really buyin it...but.... mhh"
Merry Pelican
Merry Pelican 29 dager siden
You and my Dad, from what I can tell, have similar positive views that make religion worth it.
abbi396 29 dager siden
Just watched this and cried tears of joy from these beautiful & wholesome memes, as well as the joy and encouragement you guys give to all of us!
The Commenter
The Commenter Måned siden
Whats with all the Korean text?
Saevirre Arcane
Saevirre Arcane Måned siden
Eat my holiness lmao
A 7 C
A 7 C Måned siden
I love how open minded rev. Chris is! God bless him! it’s great to see a young devout Christian representation to connect the bridge for younger “out of touch” christians
FremenChica Måned siden
More wholesome memes, please.
SFAH 3808
SFAH 3808 Måned siden
Love from muslim in indonesia
John Bolton
John Bolton Måned siden
2:28 He knew. He knew and that might have been all he felt he could do, but by knowing, I'm even more pissed off with the total sum.
Tanya Pandey
Tanya Pandey Måned siden
Rev Chris legit said it's a treasure to listen well and it shows true love and was explaining when ollie comes in to show that he "doesn't listen well". Lol
Sheldon Fourie
Sheldon Fourie Måned siden
always a wholesome video from all of you
neo 71665
neo 71665 Måned siden
As a firefighter I've let a few grown people and kids that have randomly asked to sit in the fire trucks. If we aint busy most of us don't care.
kwekkiebv Måned siden
I really want christianity to be right about heaven and hell, but science has more arguements that can back it up. Even if it is darker. I am an athiest but i hope christians are right.
R.L. Dane
R.L. Dane Måned siden
How is it that Olly's face is totally normal, yet the icon for the channel is so utterly horrifying?
[insert generic gaming channel name here]
[insert generic gaming channel name here] Måned siden
challenge take a shot everytime somone says like
Desert Dogs California
Desert Dogs California Måned siden
I didn't know what about Danny Devito! That's so great. I had an advanced copy of Matilda as a kid too. Also, owned some of the books that Matilda checks out from the library. My family member worked on the film.
KatieandTyler Måned siden
I love reverend Chris! He's such a sweetheart and reminds me of what I loved about Christianity.
Bread Måned siden
I’m a satanist lol
The Awkward Asian
The Awkward Asian Måned siden
this rev is actually quite nice. im Muslim, but he seems like a chill dude
Angel Voorhees
Angel Voorhees Måned siden
Religious or not, whoever doesn’t like Rev Chris has no soul (looking at you, edgy 12 year olds)
Evy Måned siden
I don't know how old Ollie is. But I feel like a could share the rest of my life with him. 💛
Next video: British priest listens to eminem
Lynn Ke
Lynn Ke Måned siden
I just love it when this guy pops up. Never tapped onto a vid faster.
A W Måned siden
You heard it here first folks, no poop in heaven.
Bitmongol Måned siden
wholesomeness transcends religion. This is healthy :-)
Tyler Cosner
Tyler Cosner Måned siden
I want to see Chris react to Saint Oniisan (anime where Jesus and Buddha are roommate's).
Matthew Jensen
Matthew Jensen Måned siden
I’m majoring in theology with a specific focus on polytheistic religions. Though I’m personally Pagan, I believe all religions are inherently good and kind. Regardless of whatever god(s) one worships, religion is meant to bring humans together under a common understanding and passion. And to all of my fellow Pagans out there, have a safe and fruitful Samhain/Vetrnaetr. Blessed be!
AstralBullDragon 13
AstralBullDragon 13 Måned siden
I am a catholic, and have been a bit of a heathen for not going to church. But this made my day, especially with what he said about pets. When I was young, I went to a catholic camp, and I heard a nun say that animals don’t go to heaven because, unlike humans, they weren’t made in god’s image. And I had lost my dog whom I had raised since birth a few months before hand. So hearing Rev. Chris day that really made my heart warm.
アミラAmi Måned siden
Yt rly recommended this to me after i had a bad day and i feel so much better now🥺
アミラAmi 26 dager siden
@Hans Meier what happened????
Hans Meier
Hans Meier Måned siden
look what happened to them, after that you are not happy anymore.
Krista Breite
Krista Breite Måned siden
Sometime I want to turn Christian for this dude.
Ryan Caling
Ryan Caling Måned siden
A preist playing doom is like the general definition of their duty
Sophia Macomber
Sophia Macomber Måned siden
Honestly these three are the most uplifting people I’ve ever seen on this platform. I’m so glad I found this right now, I needed it.
Hans Meier
Hans Meier Måned siden
look what happened to them, after that you are not happy anymore.
Miguel Angel Rangel
Miguel Angel Rangel Måned siden
It's official, DOOM is approved by the church.
arshdeep singh
arshdeep singh Måned siden
man i hate ollie
Vixikie Måned siden
5:01 And this is why people should stop saying bad things about us introverts because we rather listen than talk.
King_ Helion
King_ Helion Måned siden
Rev. Chris: Everything is made better in heaven Me: I wonder how bacon is up there...
waтѕon aмelιa {нololιve}
waтѕon aмelιa {нololιve} Måned siden
Me: Mom can we go to England after the pandemic ends? Mom: why? You want to see the Big Ben and drink some tea? Me: (actually wanting to see rev Chris) yes..
that one guy
that one guy Måned siden
Rev Chris kinda reminds me of Dougal from Father Ted.
Blake Bramley
Blake Bramley Måned siden
5:03 was gold
Bulletproof Marshmallow
Bulletproof Marshmallow Måned siden
I know everyone has had a rough year and my heart and love goes out to everyone.....My year recently got worse with a barrage of bad luck: Our house flooded and we cant afford to replace everything so we are slowly doing so every month (with my fixed income and my husband losing his job its a slow go), my pcos(poly cystic ovarian syndrome) got worse which caused me to go fully diabetic (was pre diabetic but with the weight gain it put my body in full diabetic)and its causing liver issues, so now the hope of getting pregnant again is gone with my current health. So seeing memes and hearing wholesome stories really take my mind off all the negative going on and puts a smile on my face. Thank you for reacting to these it makes it even more better.
gözleri içine düşmüş kırık bir kukla
gözleri içine düşmüş kırık bir kukla Måned siden
actually i am an ignostic but this priest is soo kind and golden hearted and so handsome and i cannot-
Aurora & Amelia
Aurora & Amelia Måned siden
This shit made me cry...
Angella Albin
Angella Albin Måned siden
something tells me it isnt religion that this priest communicates, its something deeper , obviously His relationship With His God is unimaginably good, hence his gracious and kind nature, faith wins over religion.
Ryan Toth
Ryan Toth Måned siden
the one at 3:45 with the radiation. you never see that here in America
Blackwood 5225
Blackwood 5225 Måned siden
Animals have mortal souls. Christ died for immortal souls, therefore animals do not go to Heaven. There might be animals in Heaven that God created for Heaven. Animals were put on earth to help man. Dogs and some other animals teach us unconditional love. Other animals are used for food and clothes. It may not be what you want to hear, but God tells us to speak the truth.
Vakaria Måned siden
Ollie: Don't be a jerk to the Reverend!! You can choose to add good to the world, or to not. You chose "not". Be better.
hs Kim
hs Kim Måned siden
get out recism
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