$100,000,000 CGI Cats VS $1 Cat 🐈

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11 måneder siden

Today we get a Jolly good way more feline then we expected to... And take a look at the incredible movie set of a human world from a cat's perspective!!😳
See the trailer here: nopost.info/throw/lbWYrGfWuKOqlrs/video
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Miah's COOKIES 26 dager siden
Mmm cookies
Ratnadilla Farah
Ratnadilla Farah 28 dager siden
ashley Måned siden
Feel terrible for the team working on this. If the company did let pressure them to rush everything, the movie could’ve had great potential. They never had the chance with the rush though.
younga choi
younga choi Måned siden
Haley Sings 노래하는 헤일리
Haley Sings 노래하는 헤일리 Måned siden
0:16 ollies meow haha I’m dying haha
nova Måned siden
us: mom i want to watch cats mom: we have cats at home cats at home:
Raul Moreno
Raul Moreno Måned siden
Ok, so, when they sayd "Aztec Theater", and framed an EGIPCIAN inspired set.... I got a li´ll bit TRIGGERED
Sharanya 2 måneder siden
Suchart Boontid
Suchart Boontid 2 måneder siden
Ollie's a little too much into this, like I have a feeling he's a closeted furry.
dana madeleine ermita
dana madeleine ermita 2 måneder siden
I imagine that's how a borrower must feel
Jean 2 måneder siden
Honestly the friendship here is like exactly in the intro, do the absolute strangest thing and only a true friend wont glare at you or make a weird face, they just laugh
Paddy oleary
Paddy oleary 3 måneder siden
This is so much better than the actual film of cats 😂✌️
Dinal Cutinho
Dinal Cutinho 3 måneder siden
only good thing about this video is OLLIE's cat costume. it's like they were short on ideas and didn't have an apetite for mail snacks and rev chris was "on duty" discussing about christmas with Mr. Christ . And they thought of shooting this (may be promotional). It was bit underwelming but i would watch any video which has josh and ollie.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 4 måneder siden
more people have seen this episode than have seen that movie
Oh, hi Mark
Oh, hi Mark 4 måneder siden
The set is soooo amazing, too bad the movie sucks
Reagan B
Reagan B 5 måneder siden
Alternate title: Josh and Ollie being furries for 9 minutes straight
kayleigh brown
kayleigh brown 6 måneder siden
He looks like Rum Tum Tuggers brother they never tall about..
just a potato
just a potato 6 måneder siden
I don't know that "cat university" is a thing
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith 6 måneder siden
There's an amusement park in Germany I went to as a child, which had a "giant's house" - a house scaled to make grown ups the size of two-three year olds. It was actually a really cool concept
Dark Frost
Dark Frost 6 måneder siden
This video is better than the whole movie.
20년 3303
20년 3303 6 måneder siden
그래도 캣츠는 두 번 다시 안볼꺼야.........
A 6 måneder siden
I've seen the stage show of Cats. It suffered from the same problem as the movie: brilliant, talented people working really hard and giving their best, but the source material is just...awful. Whoever green lit the film version needs to rethink their career. This behind the scenes look was cool though.
Grim 7 måneder siden
I love Ollie so much, I cannot even explain. He is just the best.
I'm Eden
I'm Eden 7 måneder siden
weirdest crap I've seen on the internet
Henson Asuncion
Henson Asuncion 7 måneder siden
It was also a massive fail
Jessica Heo
Jessica Heo 7 måneder siden
why is Ollie do cute?
Nadine Ayu M
Nadine Ayu M 7 måneder siden
Ollie, i cant identify u. ARE U A LION or A TIGER??? 'ㅅ'
Nicolás Sans López
Nicolás Sans López 7 måneder siden
This means they are...JOLLYCAL CATS?
Sophie Anne
Sophie Anne 7 måneder siden
Why is Josh SUPER CUTE as a cat?
respectthefish 7 måneder siden
Ollie looks better than the film xd
sara 7 måneder siden
Ollie channelled his inner cat
Ryuji 7 måneder siden
Ollie was trying so hard not to offend that joke of a choreographer
Cassandra Morrison
Cassandra Morrison 7 måneder siden
And then they saw the movie (crickets)
Elizabeth Stolmeier
Elizabeth Stolmeier 7 måneder siden
This movement coach is so very clearly used to working with performance actors, she's so good
anargya ramadhan
anargya ramadhan 7 måneder siden
1:15 more like holy..JOLLY
Jaymie 7 måneder siden
Ollie scared the living crap out of me
Gael Sastre
Gael Sastre 7 måneder siden
I dunno if I should laugh or be terrified ...
The World of Jessica
The World of Jessica 7 måneder siden
That meow!
김수아 8 måneder siden
앜 이거너무 퀴여뷰ㅠ자농ㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
kunchok lhamo
kunchok lhamo 8 måneder siden
This movie ruined my new year eve! no wonder 2020 is getting worse!
P.hasko hayashi
P.hasko hayashi 8 måneder siden
Lanky box!!!!
Novita Desiasni
Novita Desiasni 8 måneder siden
I couldn't hold it at the first "meow"
han gubi
han gubi 9 måneder siden
this is better than actual movie.
Cat -Salior
Cat -Salior 7 måneder siden
Katy B
Katy B 9 måneder siden
the fact that Josh would still go with Ollie is sweet 💕
Gabriela Lirio
Gabriela Lirio 9 måneder siden
I literally cracked when Ollie said 'Meow" 😂 😂 😂 it's so funny
kok hoe teh
kok hoe teh 9 måneder siden
Horrible film HAHA
Rebecca Yin
Rebecca Yin 9 måneder siden
Fani Tang
Fani Tang 9 måneder siden
Watching this while staring at my cats sleeping with weird posture 😽
C Rosa
C Rosa 9 måneder siden
I’m actually scared....
ilovebeingprecious 9 måneder siden
Ollie being a natural
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 9 måneder siden
Seeing all this work going into this film made me realize what a gut punch it must be for the people working on this movie to hear people trashing on this so much. Don’t get me wrong, I think the criticism is valid, I just feel bad for the honest people who put so much work into something like this only for it to turn out so disappointing
sigasana44 5 måneder siden
not gonna lie i think they should've just make this place accessible for public to come and play around in the area, they would get more money from entrance fee more than the movie
Yeram Kwon
Yeram Kwon 7 måneder siden
It really does feel bad 😔 But I also feel grateful for Josh and Ollie who helped a lot of people acknowledge their arduous work!
Harry Shen
Harry Shen 9 måneder siden
This is why we love ollie. Meow.
인스피릿 9 måneder siden
00:18 귀여웤ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이건 주노 반응 봐야해 이건ㅋㅋㅋ 진짜롴ㅋㅋㅋ
Nii Amart
Nii Amart 9 måneder siden
I think the only thing good about 'Cats' were the sets. They were pretty amazing. Just unfortunate that the movie was bad.
대나무 10 måneder siden
사자 뭐야ㅋㅋㅋ
deadoux 10 måneder siden
even with taylors name mentioned i’m already jumping around i truly hope you all will interview taylor later ohmygooooshh
주메바 10 måneder siden
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ올리 짱귀엽닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
OneWhoDreamsAwake 10 måneder siden
Ollie: This is how cats sit! Me: uh, you clearly haven’t seen the internet cats that sit like people Btw the “Meow” @ the beginning was *everything* 😂
Prince Shortie
Prince Shortie 10 måneder siden
ollie is a furry confirmed.
Grimmjow Jeagerjaques
Grimmjow Jeagerjaques 10 måneder siden
Too bad this movie cats is a flop
Char10tti3 10 måneder siden
Haha most odd sponsor
TAY 10 måneder siden
delkosbabe 10 måneder siden
Ollie suits makeup
steft horman
steft horman 10 måneder siden
the "front leg, back leg" isn't that strange, camels do it
Careys Joy Sandoval
Careys Joy Sandoval 10 måneder siden
i'M whEezing idk why but it suddenly just came to my mind how hilarious they would look if they randomly do this on the streets 😂
Chess The Witch Kid
Chess The Witch Kid 10 måneder siden
I actually just watched Cats yesterday :)
Phen 10 måneder siden
I like this vid but the movie pissed me off lmao
Alexandre Camargo
Alexandre Camargo 10 måneder siden
A few weeks after the release of the movie and I feel more people have watched this video than the actual film.
Black lives Matter
Black lives Matter 10 måneder siden
I’m doja cat 🐈
Furqan 10 måneder siden
Josh: What in the world... Ollie: I. Am. Cat. 🐈
becka 10 måneder siden
JOLLY cats
Mary Skywalker
Mary Skywalker 10 måneder siden
I love them so much. What charming and lovely human beings.
Sander Gjertsen Østvold
Sander Gjertsen Østvold 10 måneder siden
Hollywood movie made in the outskirts of London
yeon연 10 måneder siden
아니 올맄ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ올..리....!ㅋㅋㅋ..ㅋㅋㅋ...!
Yujeong Cheon
Yujeong Cheon 10 måneder siden
정말 놀라운건 저렇게 손수 열심히 만든 셋트장이 영화로보면 걍 다 어색한 CG같이보임.. 이거보고 다 수제인거 첨알았어요 보면서 계속느낀건..정작 중요한건 못챙기고 정말 쓸데없는 디테일에 힘쏟았다..는 느낌
Devara FT
Devara FT 10 måneder siden
I pity whoever that design these. All of your hardwork just put into a really weird and horrible film
juli 10 måneder siden
i feel like this should not be the first video to see by them
Meow 10 måneder siden
Hyein Lim
Hyein Lim 10 måneder siden
this was the worst movie ever lol
Laura Morrison
Laura Morrison 10 måneder siden
That cat movement lesson is literally what you do in drama school!
Talgat 11 måneder siden
Josh going for a sniff of Ollie's butt but pulling back at the last minute made my day.
Talgat 11 måneder siden
Too bad the movie sucked hair-balls
Book 11 måneder siden
How did I miss this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Limbo Wrld 07
Limbo Wrld 07 11 måneder siden
This 9min video is better than the movie
enchainedtreasures 11 måneder siden
Did they REALLYbspendnthst much $$ on the CGI?! Everyone's talking about how bad it was...
kev 11 måneder siden
Honestly if everyone in the film dressed like ollie instead of cgi, I'd enjoy it more
kev 11 måneder siden
The prop design is amazing, it's a shame that the movie itself is uncanny valley terrifying
Steffalino 11 måneder siden
Ollie, you look amazing!!!!!!!! So jealous you guys got to go see behind the scenes! 😍
segert vorster
segert vorster 11 måneder siden
블텅 11 måneder siden
너무 잘 어울리잖아요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Lindsey R
Lindsey R 11 måneder siden
0:24 Im a cat I’m a kitty cat And I dance dance dance
EggBootleg 11 måneder siden
Ok, Ollie is a furry confirmed
Claire Gehrig
Claire Gehrig 11 måneder siden
Why dose he have a dead eye smile and stare And I'm actually scared
Nehemiah Pruitt
Nehemiah Pruitt 11 måneder siden
The movie completely flopped lmao. They barely made any money.
최하영 11 måneder siden
아...몸은 아프리카의 소화불량 걸린 사자 같구요.. 목소리는 전자 고양이 같아요ㅋㅋㅋ...
The American
The American 11 måneder siden
Hey josh will you go out with me?🤪
Margo Smart
Margo Smart 11 måneder siden
So sad the movie is failing...... I get it... it is difficult to translate Broadway to Cinema, especially in this day..... I have to agree as a 2 dog owner I prefer dogs, they are so more loyal and less cheeky. I have read stories that cats would eat your face off if you die and they are hungry (OMG), cats are awful sometimes, scary but true... holy moly! Dogs would not eat our faces off when we pass.... :P
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez 11 måneder siden
They should reuse all the same props and stage for the actual live show.
몽몽목 11 måneder siden
저 세트장 뭔가 계속 보존해서 사진찍고 그러면 재밌겠다
코알라 11 måneder siden
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