World's WEIRDEST Sodas!?!

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3 måneder siden

Today we try some of the Jolly weirdest Sodas in existence...
오늘은 세계에서 제일 졸리 이상한 음료수를 먹어봅니다...

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Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang
Special thanks to our Jollybean VIPs for supporting us in making this video!
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Reilly Willoughby
Zainab like Rain-ab B #JOLLY
N b
Citrus Quill
Martin Fisher
Laura Hipwell
Abhiram Boralkar
Charles Kim
Yekhonya Andrea
Boyo Mcboyo
Victor Koh
Rachel Champ
Pauli Ne
Darren Yong
Shae Dale
Joanne Ngo
Michael Zambrano
Lee Lam
Gloria Kwon
Jade Rain
Kevin Au
Lee Trick
Dillon Green
Bangtan Bois
Sarah Aherne
Drew Hester

Javan Tiger
Javan Tiger 3 dager siden
Why i felt that they need Henry on this..🤣🤣
Tilley White
Tilley White 15 dager siden
i miss them :(
Sami Siuruainen
Sami Siuruainen 16 dager siden
Wait until you have a tasted "Popcorn Soda" from company called "Nokian Panimo" (Nokia, Finland)... ;)
Mel L
Mel L 21 dag siden
Josh should try dill pickle potato chips. It's like vinegar and salt ships with dill.
ultimateninjaboi 29 dager siden
To ve fair, the ranch one IS definitely one of the worst, if not the absolute worst of the bunch. Definitely an angel Also, glad to see someone filling a snifter to the proper level, and not just filling the damn thing
Zest 4 who?
Zest 4 who? Måned siden
chocolate and bacon is actually really good
Mysteria _
Mysteria _ Måned siden
You should do a candy soda episode! Don’t forget the sour ones!!!!
HaydenX Måned siden
The worst soda I've ever had was celery soda. I love celery, but celery soda nearly made me gag...I don't have much of a gag reflex, it takes a lot to make me gag. I've had the sweet corn, PB&J, and Buffalo Wing sodas they had here...and they're all okay....sweet corn actually tastes a lot like corn (but is missing the salty and savory flavors also present). My favorite soda that I got from the place that I got all of those was a jasmine and passionfruit flavored one.
mozart fan
mozart fan Måned siden
Dose josh not like tomatoes
XxxStrawberry AnimationsxxX
XxxStrawberry AnimationsxxX Måned siden
Therapist-josh monster does not exist Josh monster-3:33
RageBot 308
RageBot 308 Måned siden
*the bottle broke* Josh: maybe it was an angel protecting us The bottle that broke: ranch dressing Angel: you're welcome, i was the jacksepticeye video so ill save you the trouble of drinking it
Trinity Stowe
Trinity Stowe Måned siden
For a second, I thought they were in Harrison and Anderson Webb's kitchen lol
Vape Måned siden
They get weird ticks
Greg's Films
Greg's Films Måned siden
can we know where he bought these..?
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon Måned siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel. I think he would have some interesting insights.
Zoe Kelly
Zoe Kelly Måned siden
Buffalo wing is referring to the sauce that is used in America. A hot sauce basically. Not a fan myself. I'll take bbq any day.
sushi sin
sushi sin Måned siden
I like Grace laughter so good make me laugh too.
Santhosh srinivas
Santhosh srinivas 2 måneder siden
3:34 Josh's inner gollum came out
alqt 2 måneder siden
was no one else expecting that they'd mix all the flavours together and try it ???
wandering totoro
wandering totoro 2 måneder siden
I drink pickle juice, it is a wonderful thing. I drink it on the sidelines of weekend sports tournaments to get electrolytes. I prefer it over gatorade or sports drinks. So maybe...the dill pickle soda wouldn't be bad?...maybe
soylentgreenb 2 måneder siden
Peanuts are very fatty. Whatever flavour is in there is almost certainly something fat soluble that won't translate to soda without having a bunch of emulsified peanut fat in there.
Nicole D
Nicole D 2 måneder siden
이지현 2 måneder siden
3:34 stitch has visited us🥺
野紙樣 2 måneder siden
2:57 - 3:00 Josh and Ollies‘s personalities switched for a second lmao
walker w
walker w 2 måneder siden
tiffd11161 2 måneder siden
Josh seeing that you like the pickle soda I think yall should take on the Koolickle. It's sweet and sour all at the same time. 1 32 oz jar dill pickle spears 1 packet kool-aid any flavor 3/4 cup sugar In a large bowl drain your pickle juice from the jar. Add in Kool-aid and sugar to pickle juice and whisk together until dissolved. Pour back into the jar with pickles, you may have a little juice leftover. Seal the top and shake. Place in the refrigerator for 5-7 days shaking once a day.
들양 2 måneder siden
피클국물 마시는게 우리나라에선 치킨무국물 마시는 느낌인가...? 조쉬...구에에이에에에엑🤢
2 måneder siden
믿고 거르는 vat19
Arif Igo
Arif Igo 2 måneder siden
3:34 someone, please make this into a meme 😂
Kim건 2 måneder siden
토마토 탄산은 우리나라에 있는 토마토쥬스가 탄산이면 날맛같을라나?
수민 2 måneder siden
음식맛을 구현시킨게 아니라 그 음식을 진짜로 넣은건 아닐까,,,??좀 끔찍허긴한데
Yubin Lee
Yubin Lee 2 måneder siden
I was so curious about these sodas because of vat19 playing "Real vs. Soda," but... I wouldn't buy these. LOL.
UniComs 2 måneder siden
I still don’t know whether that was Rev. Chris or Major Charles.
Clover Zero
Clover Zero 2 måneder siden
glad ollie didn't find the barf flavored soda.. because if he did, i feel bad for josh ;D
Min Chan
Min Chan 2 måneder siden
@1:59 Here in Malaysia we have sweetcorn as ice cream flavour, cordial, bread cream flavour & sweet porridge. And that is most of Malaysians' favourite flavour.
Afifah S.
Afifah S. 2 måneder siden
Date soda. It's not as weird as those ones in the video but date sodas
Meg D
Meg D 2 måneder siden
Josh...... would you drink more ketchup soda or.... try the ranch soda?
Meg D
Meg D 2 måneder siden
Ummmmmmmm............................... didn't you have bacon hot chocolate in the bacon video?????
조지훈 2 måneder siden
치킨무맛 탄산음료가 끼어있어도 이상하지 않을듯
교회짓다걸린스님 2 måneder siden
약간 60년대의 미래 음식 박람회에서 나올법한 과거의 사람들이 예상한 미래의 음식같은 느낌....? 저기에 있는 소다들로 한상 차려도 될듯ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ메뉴만 들어서는 전부 이상하지 않아ㅋㅋㅋㅋ다만 모두 *”소다”* 일 뿐
Neysa A.R.
Neysa A.R. 2 måneder siden
Watching this as I took a sip of my carbonated tea
Nicole Kuek
Nicole Kuek 2 måneder siden
Love the Linkin Park reference there.
MUI gogito Ultra sonic
MUI gogito Ultra sonic 2 måneder siden
Are the sodas from vat19?
purple tears
purple tears 2 måneder siden
that ketchup one has the same color as the one i'm drinking ritgh now , it's called "STING" and it's blueberry flavored , you can search on google "sting energy drink" and it'll pop up (it's really good btw i love it more than any drink)
Joel Koh
Joel Koh 2 måneder siden
ill wouldn't be surprised if they have bleach flavoured sodas...
이준 2 måneder siden
아마 호박스프맛이 하나 더 있는걸로 압니다
Christina Zhu
Christina Zhu 2 måneder siden
The sound Josh makes after ketchup😂😂😂😚
dogsandsoccer 2 måneder siden
Josh: Chocolate and bacon are not two things that go together. Oh, really...
AK Rawat
AK Rawat 2 måneder siden
I'd pay good money for that ketchup soda. LOOOVE ketchup, to the point I just eat the remaining mini packets from any delivery as is, straight Outta the packet.
Maja Günthner
Maja Günthner 2 måneder siden
You should do another episode of that and collab with Brittany Broski, the kombucha girl. That would be hilarious
çağla 2 måneder siden
Mark Jayson Lumagui
Mark Jayson Lumagui 2 måneder siden
Too bad because the ranch dressing one is ok
racvert 9
racvert 9 2 måneder siden
Ollie's surprising face is look like a cartoon character.
lara gaylesong
lara gaylesong 2 måneder siden
I'm sorry, have you never had chocolate covered bacon?? You have never lived sir
Aulia Adila
Aulia Adila 2 måneder siden
PLEASE TRY RAMUNE FROM OSAKA 🇯🇵. I think its a tourist gimmick but its fun nonetheless! I've tried: Takoyaki flavour 🐙 (osaka is famous for its takoyaki) Corn flavour 🌽 Ra-yu/chilli oil flavour 🚨🚨🚨☠️☠️☠️ Kimchi flavour (haven't tried, confiscated at the airport lol) Try normal ramune flavour too! They are typical summer drink, very refreshing and interesting packaging.
YamiAlex224 2 måneder siden
When Ollie plans an episode be afraid
작은야옹이 2 måneder siden
3:35 ???: It's my Precious!!!!
Jescae Jul Saavedra
Jescae Jul Saavedra 2 måneder siden
You missed the opportunity to mix them all up and chug them
ᄋᄋ 2 måneder siden
구매처 알려주세욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 크림티 탄산은 마셔보고싶네요
Kantin Sekolah Reno
Kantin Sekolah Reno 2 måneder siden
Just make some bacon, pickle, and buffalo wings puree then mix it with plain soda. I think it'll taste the same 🤣🤣🤣 don't wanna try myself though..
respectthefish 2 måneder siden
Chris is life
《sleepysoufflè》 {}
《sleepysoufflè》 {} 3 måneder siden
If i was ollie, when josh asked :who peed in this?i wouldve said:" im not the one who peed in it, but i definetly need some water."
Blue Wolfard
Blue Wolfard 3 måneder siden
You guys should look into Always Ask For Avery's "Totally Gross sodas"! Their flavors have really gross names, but they're all REALLY GOOD! My favorite soda I ever had was their "Toxic Slime" soda, which is blue raspberry and orange.
Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint 3 måneder siden
I’m Carrot And I’m Kendal And this is Carrol Jolly Carrol... LIKE A JOLLY CHRISTMAS CAROL
곰돌대장 3 måneder siden
아니 어떻게 음식맛을 음료수로 표현할 수 있지.. 개신기! 진짜 찰리와 초콜릿공장에서 만들 것 같다 근데 한국어 댓글 너무ㅜㅜ 유튜브 너무하네영
The Pedigree
The Pedigree 3 måneder siden
4:24 Drinkgasm?
Rushena Fyne
Rushena Fyne 3 måneder siden
👀 Psssst, Josh. Chocolate covered bacon is delicious.
Just_me 7
Just_me 7 3 måneder siden
The Linkin park star 🌟😎
Michala Kearsley
Michala Kearsley 3 måneder siden
Josh: "we're going to be peeing rainbows" Ollie: "That's not how it works…" Did I just witness a brain swap? 😂🤣
Senaret Othman
Senaret Othman 3 måneder siden
You should visit VAT19 they have really unique weird sodas.
Adam Watson
Adam Watson 3 måneder siden
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it is from Vat19... international shipping from them to the UK is like literally £100
Christina Matzen
Christina Matzen 3 måneder siden
So disappointed the Ranch flavored one broke. I really need someone to try it and report to me!!
Tori Walker
Tori Walker 3 måneder siden
You should try making and eating a ketchup cake with mustard icing. I saw Tyler Williams try it out with Safiya Nygard and apparently, it wasn't bad.
Seshema Limbu
Seshema Limbu 3 måneder siden
niharika dhingra
niharika dhingra 3 måneder siden
S. Edlund
S. Edlund 3 måneder siden
Remember Jones Soda "Gravy" and "Thanksgiving dinner" back in the days when I was riding BMX and some pro's was sponsored by Jones.
Brittanie Mccommon
Brittanie Mccommon 3 måneder siden
Search for Jones soda here in the US, theyve done some super weird soda, like Thanksgiving dinner, mashed potatoes, among others.
Fateema Zahra
Fateema Zahra 3 måneder siden
The highlight of the video: *Ollie running across the kitchen to get the pickle jar while his pant is dangerously close to sliding completely down.*
Wynnie Mabanglo
Wynnie Mabanglo 3 måneder siden
Buffalo Wings Soda more like Barf-a-lot Wings Soda🤢🤮🙅‍♀️
Kate Burbery
Kate Burbery 3 måneder siden
Buffalo sauce looks that color in America hahaa
SFC VISAYAS 3 måneder siden
Josh: “We’re gonna be peeing rainbows today.” Ollie: “That’s not how it works.” Dear Ollie you just missed your chance to get back at Josh by saying “You’re an idiot.”
Karn Phutanate
Karn Phutanate 2 måneder siden
Not gonna lie I thought it was going to be Ollie who suggests the rainbow piss idea XD
Kzizzles 3 måneder siden
Josh: *Writhes in pain* "I'm okay with that"
sophie searle
sophie searle 3 måneder siden
The Linkin Park reference 😂
mercurymanfan 3 måneder siden
The sweet corn from Rocket Fizz blew my mind the first time I tasted it. They also make turkey with gravy, and candied yam.
Jasmine Yap
Jasmine Yap 3 måneder siden
What we need now is an Indomie flavored soda....
Madame Medusa
Madame Medusa 3 måneder siden
TicoMachi 3 måneder siden
I've tried the ranch one. Worst thing I've ever tasted.
Goldenmaknae 3 måneder siden
The best episodes are when josh has no clue what ollie is about to put him through
thër S
thër S 3 måneder siden
i think, bacon and chocolate can be done well. with really dark chocolate and not too much bacon. but flavouring a soda with it sounds terrible... also, i love to drink pickle juice
Kim Kim
Kim Kim 3 måneder siden
More drinks to try: Garlic flavored coke, Cappuccino flavored Pepsi, Yogurt flavored Pepsi, celery flavored soda from Dr. Brown's, Wonderfarm-bird's nest drink, Bilk (milk beer?), Avocado honey ale, horse's milk alcohol, cow urine included drink (from Thai I think). You're welcome Ollie 😏 Sorry Josh 🥴
little devil and angel
little devil and angel 18 dager siden
Oh no!! 😂😂😂😂
열매 3 måneder siden
COW URINE???????????
leviachan 3 måneder siden
I have a weird memory of Ollie delivering a whole pigs head to his dad's doorstep and him being absolutely thrilled about it or was it just a quarantine fever dream??
Soobinie 2 måneder siden
Nope it actually happened
Ruinne •
Ruinne • 3 måneder siden
2:55 i literally had to play it twice coz I cannot believe what I just heard. Josh and Ollie switched souls 😵
김봄 3 måneder siden
조쉬 트림소리가 익룡소리같단건 처음 알았네요 ㅎㅎ 센스 대박스:)
Amós Junior Anglada Doroteo
Amós Junior Anglada Doroteo 3 måneder siden
I'm I the only one who noticed the Linkin Park reference on the PB&J + Bacon and Chocolate one? Min. 7:09
Music Fan
Music Fan 3 måneder siden
The replacement of Josh's burping sound with a dinasour's shriek was genius, Ollie! XD
Tristan E
Tristan E 3 måneder siden
Love that you’re tasting out of actual tasting glasses, cheers to that commitment to the second sips for Ollie
soshiangel90 3 måneder siden
I never gagged so much from things I've never tasted....
Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ
Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ 3 måneder siden
이상훈 3 måneder siden
They look like laboratory liquid....
Isaa bellee
Isaa bellee 3 måneder siden
Absolutely love hearing Grace's laugh in the background
Catt Johnson
Catt Johnson 3 måneder siden
Using the yogscast opening theme sent me West 😂
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