INDOMIE CHIPS!?! Crisps World Cup!!🏆

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세계 곳곳에서 팬들이 보내준 수많은 봉지과자들!! 그 중 제일 맛있는, 말 그대로 세젤맛 봉지과자를 꼽아봅니다!! 과연 졸리 명당에 오를 우승 과자는??
Today we try different types of JOLLY crisps from all over the world to decide which one deserves a glorious spot in the JOLLY Wall of Fame!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Tiauw Hong
Tiauw Hong 4 minutter siden
6:25 My lovely Country
Zsra adil
Zsra adil 11 timer siden
Team SecretNumber
Team SecretNumber 15 timer siden
HeroCream 18414
HeroCream 18414 2 dager siden
Single fighter
Single fighter 4 dager siden
Indonesian chips : cassava,apple,jackfruit,banana, zalacca,salted egg,shrimp,tempe,tofu,potatoes,spinach,banana weevil,chicken feet,chicken intestine,eel etc..
micro 11
micro 11 4 dager siden
Agung Kristanto HS
Agung Kristanto HS 5 dager siden
To be honest, as an Indonesian i've never trying indomie chips, shame on me
Sharon Seach
Sharon Seach 7 dager siden
Someone from South Africa needs to send you our delicious snacks😉
Khim Teoh
Khim Teoh 8 dager siden
Give Malaysian food another try! Dive deeper into Malaysian cuisine to unlock more food joy!
Khim Teoh
Khim Teoh 8 dager siden
You guys always brighten up our day with your funny antics! Definitely much needed good vibes in the world esp during times like this! Please keep eating good and funky things to make us laugh!
Muh. Fajri Adhy Nugrah
Muh. Fajri Adhy Nugrah 8 dager siden
What indomie chips😂😂😂
Bagas _Assidiq_S
Bagas _Assidiq_S 9 dager siden
gw suka banget jolly apa lagi waktu rumah sepi :V
yellow UwU
yellow UwU 9 dager siden
I am indonesian and my favourite chips are chitato beef chips, plz don't judge its just extremly delicious...
Anna ._.
Anna ._. 10 dager siden
We also have Pufuleti here in Austria, but they come in different flavors too, like cheese (meh) and sour cream and onion (absolutely amazing). and they are DIRT CHEAP 😆
masqueen 87
masqueen 87 10 dager siden
bangga bangett cuyyy... thanks jolly, appreciate you guys
dee_azzahr 12 dager siden
Yeaah INDOMIE is Amazinggg!!
Roy Ramadhan
Roy Ramadhan 13 dager siden
You look like jim carrey in the video thumbnail
Arudian sahas
Arudian sahas 16 dager siden
I don't know why outsiders like Indomie so much when in Indonesia itself Indomie is food for boarding children Its.just RP 3000 or (0,21DOLLAR) socheap but I cant complain because it's also daily food
Dominic Luciano
Dominic Luciano 16 dager siden
I'm proud to be an Indonesian Mantap JIWAA!!
Agus Santoso
Agus Santoso 18 dager siden
hidup indomie !
Prashurya Goswami
Prashurya Goswami 20 dager siden
You left out kurkure from india
Rubianty Sakura Deng
Rubianty Sakura Deng 22 dager siden
In indonesia the price not so different from the noddles and the chips, in my opinion every chips from different country was unique and make many people curious about it. Thank you for the nice review about indonesian snack and the comparation of other country snack
Muhamad Rezkio
Muhamad Rezkio 25 dager siden
Where's Pacqui
Hay Azka Game Official
Hay Azka Game Official 26 dager siden
Indonesia selalu menang , indonesia is always win UwU
RIRI Fave Måned siden
I know I'm gonna ruin this but I did saw a store (online) selling Indomie Ice cream ._. Yeah, ice cream..
come to indonesia!! we accepted u with open arms!!!
Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies Måned siden
"Cocks creamy sauce " spat my £14 wine out howling laughing! HAHAHAHAHAAH
Nur Hidayat
Nur Hidayat Måned siden
Try Traditional Indonesia Chips (Rambak), rambak = skin cow
Thesodadrinkers Måned siden
Kurki w śmietanie is mushrooms in sour cream sauce. I was laughing when the translator for it wrong! 😂
Thesodadrinkers Måned siden
Note: I'm not from Poland, but I'm using Google Translate.
Melina Reimold
Melina Reimold Måned siden
Utz chips are made in my county in Pennsylvania! Home chip represent! Crab chips are super popular here because we are close to Maryland (they are seafood crazy there).
ぐろさきタケロ Måned siden
Just use Indomie to make chips product you Will win the world cup
K Han
K Han Måned siden
does it taste good. I think it's very delicious because it's my favorite snack. thank you ^ ^ From Indonesia 🎉
ƎLIꓶE Måned siden
Mate, I'm so gonna try this Chitato flavor when I go out sooner or later. I feel like I'm missing out more of my local crisps to try and this one is definitely on my list.
Ankle Breakers
Ankle Breakers Måned siden
6:25 Indomnie chips
Narendra A.D
Narendra A.D Måned siden
Indomie is making smth better on future
Narendra A.D
Narendra A.D Måned siden
Indomie+chips+Indonesian flavor chips =nonstop eating for us
Todak Masin
Todak Masin Måned siden
indomi from Thailand.. Indonesia claim it
Leonardo Srg.
Leonardo Srg. Måned siden
Micin club
Salsa bila
Salsa bila Måned siden
mntepp bro😂
Apollo,Adrian jay Alexander
Apollo,Adrian jay Alexander Måned siden
As a Indonesian person I never hear this boi of chips
Just Hi
Just Hi Måned siden
indomie seleraku 😍i want some
Lucas Patrick
Lucas Patrick Måned siden
You should try kopiko Indonesian kopiko coffe candy
m t
m t Måned siden
How did you not have any chips from Canada!?
YJ. Aizen Lxcn.Sosuke
YJ. Aizen Lxcn.Sosuke Måned siden
5:04 hahaha read it 😂
Vanida Kotimanusvanij
Vanida Kotimanusvanij Måned siden
Now we know where the creamy sauce comes from
Adrian Salajar
Adrian Salajar Måned siden
NLK 0 Måned siden
Hi i am from indonesian
Aris Nurcahyanto
Aris Nurcahyanto Måned siden
Serangan micin
Herby Måned siden
@ Ollie: Which translate app did you use? It looked like World Lens, but Apple bought that and you can’t use it anymore.
Ragil Titi
Ragil Titi Måned siden
I love their reaction of the afterstate😂😂
Gisela Tipan
Gisela Tipan Måned siden
I love Campesinas ☹️ here in the UK you can’t get them and the Pelotazos. They should’ve added Gublins barbacoa
LeesaJune Måned siden
Y'all need to try the Ruffles jamon chips from Spain!!!! These football cheetos and Ruffle jamon chips are my top favorite chips!!!!
Fajar Setiawan
Fajar Setiawan Måned siden
I have to say, I'm Indonesian but I don't like that Mie Goreng flavored Chitato
Apocrypha Dragneel
Apocrypha Dragneel Måned siden
Indo like:v
Saha dewa
Saha dewa Måned siden
Anything related to Indomie Josh is very enthusiastic hahahahaha
Indonesia Måned siden
"you has awoken the overproud one"
Ardana Ruthi Reswari
Ardana Ruthi Reswari Måned siden
**pillar men theme**
P SH Måned siden
How sad is it, that your number 1 winner is Indomie flavored chips, while we're here in Indonesia, be like, there are so many more flavorful chips and stuff (bcs more micin, of course). yEaH, mICin PaRtYyyy!
Arlycion Måned siden
Saw the thumbnail and legit thought it was Jim Carrey
Daris Triadi
Daris Triadi Måned siden
Subtitle indonesia
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon Måned siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel.
yogi handoko
yogi handoko Måned siden
indomie universe.. lol..
A. Kartika
A. Kartika Måned siden
I'm an indonesian, had never tried indomie chitato, bcs it kinda hard to find in my town
Ac K
Ac K Måned siden
Why didn't you try the lays patatje joppie one? Greetings from Holland
꧁W.H.M ꧂
꧁W.H.M ꧂ Måned siden
we also had the Cheetos footballs in the Netherlands, really nice but nowhere to be get nowadays
갓보영 Måned siden
와... 무슨 과자가 저래 바삭하냐ㅋ...
Onepiece Luffy
Onepiece Luffy Måned siden
Make subtitel indonesah atuh euyyy
dylla Måned siden
Sigit Permadi
Sigit Permadi Måned siden
Indomie seleraku...
Masayu Ashazi
Masayu Ashazi 2 måneder siden
* I recommend you to eat Indonesia's traditional and street food *
Artyareads 2 måneder siden
I'm Indonesian, haven't taste that flavour yet, Lol what am I doing with my life
Dante Ryu
Dante Ryu 2 måneder siden
How to win: Put MSG.
Diary Fillio
Diary Fillio 2 måneder siden
Dan Noo
Dan Noo 2 måneder siden
little did they know, you can't find that Indomie Chitato easly in the local market or mal, cause its the fastest sold out chips in here, no joke
h a h a
h a h a Måned siden
yea i couldn't find any..T T i haven't taste that...
Febryan Aditya
Febryan Aditya 2 måneder siden
No micin, no happy
Anetta Meisje De Veroveraar
Anetta Meisje De Veroveraar 2 måneder siden
Indomie Universe Hahahaha
TANQR_FAN 2 måneder siden
Finally Indonesia win yes!!!!!! Indonesia is amazing (from Indonesia)
Dinosaur Nuggets
Dinosaur Nuggets 2 måneder siden
Hey have u guys tried nasi uduk
Fayendra Asanka Ekanegara
Fayendra Asanka Ekanegara 2 måneder siden
i am from indonesia
NANI KORE 2 måneder siden
Kresna Perdana
Kresna Perdana 2 måneder siden
Subtitle Indonesia please 😂
CheshieD 2 måneder siden
The polish chips, the mushrooms pictured are chanterelles and at one point the auto translator said “Chanterelle with cream sauce” Edit: I’m not polish, I just know what chanterelles are and what they look like.
Syiiniix 2 måneder siden
1% org luar 99% indonesia pipel :v
Iwan H
Iwan H 2 måneder siden
you now what in indonesia there is a popular icecream indomie,
Lemon Scotts
Lemon Scotts 2 måneder siden
you guys should try indomie flavored chitato as well😂
The gamer 06
The gamer 06 2 måneder siden
Thumbnail:Chitato indomie chips Indonesian:INTRESTING btw am indo too Halo semua yang indo
caca gadis
caca gadis 2 måneder siden
Subtitle Indonesian please.
Devi Maulinda
Devi Maulinda 2 måneder siden
Hadirr indonesia
Jake froze
Jake froze 2 måneder siden
Nada Store
Nada Store 2 måneder siden
Yeay, we won the World Cup. Oh, this isn't the FIFA World Cup, is it? *sigh
Zafri Izzat
Zafri Izzat 2 måneder siden
Malaysia should send SUPER RING as a contender. You guys should really try that. You wont be disappointed.
12 Dewi Khansa Rudi Putri
12 Dewi Khansa Rudi Putri 2 måneder siden
Woah, do you like food from my country? thanks a lot hehe .. I'm from Indonesia, and my wardrobe has 34 Indomie OwO
DEAN CAR CHANNEL 2 måneder siden
You must try indomie Chitato barbeque flavour.
Mikhail TM
Mikhail TM 2 måneder siden
Indomie seleraku
Afrian M
Afrian M 2 måneder siden
Proud to be Indonesian 💪😅
Dark 2 måneder siden
The reason why they have Korean Caption is because They Like Kpop
Nadya Irene
Nadya Irene 2 måneder siden
Natalya Bartel
Natalya Bartel 2 måneder siden
It wouldn't be surprising to me if they made indomie goreng flavoured chocolate bar or something-
Lucas Patrick
Lucas Patrick 2 måneder siden
Well My country won again i’ll check back
한우맛초콜릿Hanwoo Taste Chocolate
한우맛초콜릿Hanwoo Taste Chocolate 2 måneder siden
썸네일에 짐캐리가 보여...
wasanani Wibawa
wasanani Wibawa 2 måneder siden
INDONESIAN PEOPLE always makes food with a collab of other food pilus indomie chitato indomie nugget milo beng beng milo beng beng cococrunch dll
Dani Septiadi
Dani Septiadi 2 måneder siden
Heii Chitatoosss with indomie goreng thatss cheatingg!
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