Brits Try Texan Snacks For the First Time!! (BEAVER NUGGETS!!😍)

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7 måneder siden

Today we try some Jolly snacks sent to us from Texas… From a magical sounding place called Buc-ee's!
No dentists were harmed in the making of this video.
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Tony La Russa
Tony La Russa 2 dager siden
pee cans and pray leens. Messkeet is a wood.
Caitlin deAmbra
Caitlin deAmbra 4 dager siden
How you pronounce pecan (Puh-KAHN vs PEE-can vs PEE-kin) depends where in America you live. I also know people in the southeast that say "puh-KAWN" when referring the nut and PEE-kin when referring to the pie. 🤣
Rintokki 12 dager siden
Omg who also did a omg wtf face with Ollie's American western accent. My gosh it sounded super smooth & sexy!!!
血影・春雪「英霊|フォーリナー」 20 dager siden
I have heard praline pronounced something like praylin, well, thinking of similar sounding words that would make up the sound of how I heard it pronounced. That aside, I wouldn’t put Josh’s idea down on the mosquito thing, there is one of the spiciest peppers in the world called Trinidad Scorpion pepper, which 1st place is taken from it by the Carolina Reaper.
onesicpariah 22 dager siden
Y’all really need to workout 😂
George Borden
George Borden 29 dager siden
Never heard of a mosquito tree...
Angelina's Life!
Angelina's Life! Måned siden
Honestly, Ollie’s Texas accent wasn’t to far off from the way some men from small towns here talk! It was actually pretty good!
Alyssa Cowan
Alyssa Cowan Måned siden
Pray lean Americans fight if it is pee can or pick kahn
Timoteo Frascaroli
Timoteo Frascaroli Måned siden
It's suposed to be prali'ne, but whatevs
Brooksington Måned siden
If you do make your way to texas, I insist that you try some Texas BBQ, namely Beef Brisket, but you should try literally everything offered on the menu.
Grace Tembo
Grace Tembo Måned siden
Ok so on pecan pronunciation @ 3:34 : I say Pec-AH-n meanwhile my (VERY SOUTHERN) family says Pea-can (kind of like you guys). BUT WHEN I SAY PEC-AH-N THEYRE ALWAYS LIKE “why do you say it like a British person?” And i just sit there flabbergasted.
Maddie Måned siden
Does anyone else like to eat beaver nuggets as cereal or is that just me lol
Priya Banerjee
Priya Banerjee Måned siden
It’s pronounced praline pecans You’re welcome
Priya Banerjee
Priya Banerjee Måned siden
Olly needs to legally change his name to molly cuz it’s what auto subtitles wants
James Anderson
James Anderson Måned siden
its called a gas station, not a petrol station
Ladydawn Måned siden
Bro that place have good food.
Danny Barron
Danny Barron Måned siden
Come back to the US 🇺🇸
B Files
B Files Måned siden
Pray-leen pee-cans(also sometimes pee-cons)
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon Måned siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel.
AlAnn A
AlAnn A Måned siden
I got shocked when Ollie started speaking in another accent.
Ur local Army
Ur local Army Måned siden
Bucees is life periodt
Pat Randle
Pat Randle Måned siden
Pray-leen Puh-kahns according to my southern family.
Gavin Kisebach
Gavin Kisebach Måned siden
I would open the bag with a knife, but that's because I am free to have a knife.
darrell johnston
darrell johnston 2 måneder siden
A BBQ road trip. Sounds fun.
Oliver Worschech
Oliver Worschech 2 måneder siden
Now you know why people from Texas talk how they talk ;)
Trey Fowler
Trey Fowler 2 måneder siden
I am Ollie and I speak for the beavers.
Code Name
Code Name 2 måneder siden
Pray-leen, Pea-Kahn. Mess- Keet. Mesquite is a tree that yields a hardwood particularly valued for smoking barbecue. Saltwater taffy is made with salted water because it helps prevent the sugar from crystallizing and keeps it soft.
Jennifer 2 måneder siden
As a Texan, this video made me laugh so hard. I kept screaming "PEE-CAN" and "MESQUITE."
Jennifer 2 måneder siden
Code Name I agree I don’t personally say it like that but I also know a lot of Texans who say “pee-can”
Code Name
Code Name 2 måneder siden
It is NOT “ pee-can”. Outside of a strip along the gulf coast nobody with any sense says “pee-can”
Fuji_lew 2 måneder siden
Prah-leen Pea-cans is how this scot would pronounce it.
Code Name
Code Name 2 måneder siden
That’s pretty similar to the American, but the “prah” would be more like “pray”
be water my amigo
be water my amigo 2 måneder siden
After Ollie with that Texas accent, no wonder British actors are so good at playing as American super heroes
Casey Rogers
Casey Rogers 2 måneder siden
P’khan pray-lean. Source: I’m from Texas. Mesquite, Texas actually.
Shay45 2 måneder siden
Buc-ees is the best I love their roasted pecans and regular beaver nuggets
Debbie Nehikhuere
Debbie Nehikhuere 2 måneder siden
Actually as someone from Texas, Ollie is right mesquite is used in BBQ.
강정렬 2 måneder siden
Ollie is real genius!! "if you take one of these nuggets, You go to the side of a highway~" This story is perfect!!
박지은 2 måneder siden
너겟이 과자인가요? 전 당연히 용가리같은 걸 생각했네요 ㅋ
strangebee 2 måneder siden
That is not the worst Texas accent I've heard...
Galena Silveroak
Galena Silveroak 2 måneder siden
Pray leen peh cahns. Phonetics from a southern state in the USA. Enjoy!
Clark elle
Clark elle 2 måneder siden
Ollie screaming "TEXAS" has the same energy as Gun Hoo cheering for "ULSAN" 😂
Emily Rosenfeldt
Emily Rosenfeldt 2 måneder siden
“Beaver nugget does not sound good... in English English.” It doesn’t sound good in American English either! Haha
XOX 2 måneder siden
Jerky sucks, too sweet, biltong is so much better in flavour. Especially chilli stick biltong
XOX 2 måneder siden
4:55 Scooby?
Now you've tatered my tots boi
Now you've tatered my tots boi 2 måneder siden
It has taken me 8 trips to Florida to decide whether I like salt water taffy or not. I'm still undecided honestly.
Karyssa Porterfield
Karyssa Porterfield 2 måneder siden
Literally nothing makes Texans happier than people talking about Texas 😄
Zo E
Zo E 3 måneder siden
Me hearing Ollie's accent: oh wow, that's not what i was expecting to hear
Timothy Siu
Timothy Siu 3 måneder siden
Texas power! HAHA too good Ollie too good
Storming Elysium
Storming Elysium 3 måneder siden
Pray-Leen Pee-Can (short Pee, long can) :p
Mr. K
Mr. K 3 måneder siden
Ollie & Josh: I love eating the beaver nuggets. Beavers: Oh my nuggets 😅🤣
Hoodie Min
Hoodie Min 3 måneder siden
Ollie sounded like Big Tex from the Texas State Fair when he did the accent 😭
Lowhead Varney
Lowhead Varney 3 måneder siden
lmao Josh's face when he couldn't decide how to pronounce "pecans"
abraham kim
abraham kim 3 måneder siden
Texas rules! (Said with an 80’s emphatic fist thrust)
The shenanigans of a Platypus
The shenanigans of a Platypus 3 måneder siden
I shuddered when Ollie said PEE-can. Sheesh Ollie, that's your toilet, not the nut.
Dongju Heo
Dongju Heo 3 måneder siden
Who the hell is Buc-ee?
과일파이 3 måneder siden
4:20 Koreans: .....?? (PANIC MORE)
Dandy Lion
Dandy Lion 3 måneder siden
Pray-leens and puh -cons.
Mad Hatman
Mad Hatman 3 måneder siden
If you come to Austin try Texas BBQ at Franklin's but come early the line starts early but you should be ok in you get there by 9 am. Getting there before 6am is a bit extreme but not unheard of. If you can try a Saturday it's the only day they serve Beef ribs.
JC Corsanes
JC Corsanes 3 måneder siden
0:00 Grace was about to get wrecked by Ollie's face
Najla Khalisha
Najla Khalisha 3 måneder siden
Josh being shocked when Ollie said "pra-line", when in the gelato Messina episode Josh clearly said "pra-line" lmao
김주현 3 måneder siden
I'm sorry but what is Josh doing at 5:48-5:51 - that is just hilarious????
Arika Sandemore
Arika Sandemore 4 måneder siden
I reaaaally wanna eat those nuggets
Christopher Nevins
Christopher Nevins 4 måneder siden
If you folks come down to Texas I can teach Ollie a more southern Texan accent. When you are here you need to try barbacoa, elote, and lengua.
Wolfies Art
Wolfies Art 4 måneder siden
*them talking about how spicy the jerky is* Me, casually monching on my favorite jerky: If it ain’t got that much spice to liven the dead cowboy in my soul then what’s the point
Mutepu Games
Mutepu Games 4 måneder siden
Prah-lean pee-can
Amy Campbell
Amy Campbell 4 måneder siden
When opening packages you have several options. Pocket knife, scissors, teeth, keys, or pen.
Corbin Klein
Corbin Klein 4 måneder siden
i know this video was posted a while ago, but when my family eat Beaver Nuggets, we like to pour it into a bowl with milk and eat it like cereal
The.real.emilyt 4 måneder siden
Only the power of a true Texan can open the beaver nuggets
fingers 4 måneder siden
The bags are sealed like that to withstand the 12-gauge bag openers.
Moraina Chandler
Moraina Chandler 4 måneder siden
As a Texan I can honestly say that accent was totally on point
Brenda Riano
Brenda Riano 4 måneder siden
Gabby Cabacungan
Gabby Cabacungan 4 måneder siden
LMAO how ironic is it that I came across this video while eating Lemon Pepper beef jerky from Bucees? hahaha
scackley 5 måneder siden
enjoy your show, but Ollie was very disrespectful with his joking around using the accent.
Dana Jenkins
Dana Jenkins 5 måneder siden
Pray-lean pea- cons. :)
Shelly Thom
Shelly Thom 5 måneder siden
That’s how the east coast says it too josh LOL not just Texas.
Always ARMY
Always ARMY 5 måneder siden
I am form the UK too and I say pray-leen pee-cans
Mr. Yeast
Mr. Yeast 5 måneder siden
I live in TX and I feel like people there try to replicate an accent only to say that theyre texans (same with boots and jeans and whatnot). Its like "OH I GOTTA ACT ALL COUNTRY CUZ I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW I LIVE IN TX"
jaimecyu 5 måneder siden
Bucee’s !!!!
Samsparks2020 5 måneder siden
Just an FYI we have the big “petrol” stations because Texas is huge and we are always driving! Gotta have a buckies to make a pit stop at to stretch your legs. Lol
Thesalonika L
Thesalonika L 5 måneder siden
OOOH I LOVE SALT WATER TAFFY!!!!! i usually got bags of it to bring it home to my country lol
duckbilledmonfrogga 5 måneder siden
Mesquite is a type of tree. The beef jerkie was smoked using the wood of the Mesquite tree.
Katie Kat
Katie Kat 5 måneder siden
Watched as I'm eating my buccees snacks😂
Anasyub 5 måneder siden
I gotta agree with ollie on “pra-line and pecans”
Ava Berryman
Ava Berryman 5 måneder siden
I will be honest I have been thinking of sending you stuff from Texas not realizing this existed so now I get to watch this madness go down without going through the work of sending you this stuff.
Josh King
Josh King 5 måneder siden
Best gas station ever...... great bbq..... great food.... the cleanest restrooms you’ll ever find
Esme 404
Esme 404 5 måneder siden
Ollie was right at the end. "Have a buccee good day" sounds a bit...... off to me too lol🤣🤣🤣
Lindsay Libiran
Lindsay Libiran 5 måneder siden
Ollie channeling his inner texan hahaha 😂
Hmael Asif
Hmael Asif 6 måneder siden
U guys don’t even start saying anything and I’m already smiling😂
이정희 6 måneder siden
e학습터에서 이거 보래요!
Yoon Eunchan
Yoon Eunchan 6 måneder siden
i love your videos. I am a Korean boy, and I like to use a british accent. I have a question for you. do you like the book hobbit?
베트남공화국 6 måneder siden
숙제때매 오신분 좋아요
은서 6 måneder siden
전 온수.....
Ross Turcotte
Ross Turcotte 6 måneder siden
y'all are the definition of way way too "moreish"
Hell o
Hell o 6 måneder siden
4:32 lol im eating salt water taffy while watching this
Regina Ahn
Regina Ahn 6 måneder siden
😲😳😞😣😒😏happy Monday.
Regina Ahn
Regina Ahn 6 måneder siden
Mesquite is a type of flavor wood used to bbq meat outdoors.
Ty King
Ty King 6 måneder siden
It's pronounced prayhleen peechahns
Ty King
Ty King 6 måneder siden
I'm from Texas and this was painful to watch
alyssa marie
alyssa marie 6 måneder siden
As someone who is from Texas, it’s honestly a must stop on road trips. You have to go to the right ones! There are huge ones!!!! I grew up where we have like 6 Buc-ees’ and it’s also where it originated from! They’re also known for their super clean bathrooms!! I’m glad y’all liked everything! 💙❤️
Nehemiah Pruitt
Nehemiah Pruitt 6 måneder siden
Mesquite is barbeque lol
Nehemiah Pruitt
Nehemiah Pruitt 6 måneder siden
I have friends who live in Texas and they've never even heard of it lol
Tstriker7 Gaming
Tstriker7 Gaming 6 måneder siden
What fo you do for the remaining food ?
Amber 6 måneder siden
Lmao Ollie your accent I died. As a lifelong Texan, I approve! 😂💀 Josh is you ever come to Texas, you MUST go to Buccees. In the south, we say pe-kahns. Northerners say pee-cans. Ollie that’s exactly how Buccees’ are built. Nailed it
John Burman
John Burman 6 måneder siden
it was a really good accent tho. He do be sounding kinda american doe.
라치뷰즈 6 måneder siden
가비 언니도 함게했으면 좋겠어요 가비언니 나오는영상은 뭔가 더 재밌어요 !!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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