Real Life "Hot Priest" Reacts to Fleabag's HOT PRIEST!!

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10 måneder siden

Today we take a look at Fleabag's Hot Priest with our very own real life "Hot Priest"
If you're going through a tough time in life or suffering from depression, there's help out there!
If you're in the UK, call 116 123 (Samaritans)
If you're in the US you can call 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline), Or 1 (800) 273-TALK (Samaritans USA)
If you’re in Korea, 1588-9191 (생명의전화)
오늘은 저희의 현실판 “핫한 신부님”과 함께 영국 드라마 플리백의 핫한 신부님에 대해 얘기를 나눠봅니다!

어떤 이유에서든 힘든 시간을 보내고 있거나 우울증에 시달리고 계신 분이 있다면, 여러분께 도움을 주고싶은 사람들이 기다리고 있답니다!
한국에 계시다면: 1588-9191 (생명의 전화)
영국에 계시다면: 116 123 (사마리아인)
미국에 계시다면: 1-800-273-8255 (전국 자살방지 라이프라인) 또는 1(800) 273-TALK (미국 사마리아인)
으로 연락주세요!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

D Sohn
D Sohn 5 timer siden
I always thought of it as fleabag being the one to take advantage of the priest, trying to tempt him away from the priesthood, but it's such a profound perspective to say the priest has the duty to transcend his own problems and should have seen through Fleabag's actions as coming from a place of pain, therefore ultimately being the one in power and taking advantage. But of course, priests are human, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a genius writer.
moonygirl76 11 timer siden
I loved this series, but I agree. I felt in the moment when he kisses her that he was taking advantage of her a bit. And it's kind of too bad? Because she really needed a friend. But I guess the sexual tension got in the way. Shame really.
Skinner Ohrami
Skinner Ohrami 2 dager siden
Im laughing too hard before I even watch this thooo... Why 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
TheNordicMoose 5 dager siden
How is he supposed to bring me closer to Jesus and God, when he's this hot? 😂
keddy Cameron
keddy Cameron 5 dager siden
Quote dat scripture !!
Ail Ducking
Ail Ducking 6 dager siden
It's kind of a shame that they didn't watch the scene untill the door slammed. At that moment you can see the priest's frustration and disappointment of himself for kissing fleabag. So it's not just taking advantage of a vulnerable woman, it was a heightened sense of saccharine, a moment of losing yourself to the moment. Despite that, I do understand why it's still inappropriate.
바다VADA 6 dager siden
어제 MBC 드라마에서 방영해줬는데 시즌2까지 봐버림 ㅜ 존잼이엿어요
kamali saravanan
kamali saravanan 7 dager siden
Pleasee make Chris react to Lucifer!
julliane solomon
julliane solomon 9 dager siden
He's like the priest version of Dr. Mike damn...
Outlawed 9 dager siden
I knew the priest was Andrew Scott as soon as I saw him. This is how we know I've watched too much Sherlock. :)
Al B
Al B 10 dager siden
All i see is how complete perversion can destroy a a man's integrity and moral code.. . becuase when pervesion is often seen and that other person is initiating and allowing perversion to grow.. It can be confused with love. And that kind of love can turn to crapp once is no longer meaningful...
Sky 11 dager siden
5:35 Yeah I get that it isn't what he's supposed to do, but he's a very complex character, and he is definitely flawed. He acted on instinct, which maybe wasn't the best thing to do, but you can hardly blame him.
SingenStatt Atmen
SingenStatt Atmen 18 dager siden
Should have shown him the tragic last scene where SPOILER IF ANYONE FOR SOME REASON IS WATCHING THIS WITHOUT HAVING WATCHED THE SHOW chooses God over her and she understands.
Quin Nguyen
Quin Nguyen 19 dager siden
God yeah I do love the Priest as a character but that confession scene also makes me so uncomfortable
molbob 23 dager siden
what hes saying about the priest and taking advantage of fleabag in her grief, he forgets that theyre both human, and priest wants nothing more than to NOT do this, but this woman, who needs him more than anything, to put the love that she had for her mother and bestfriend into someone human, this woman who struggles to love so hard that she has almost forgotten her sister again. all fleabag does is show him some sort of love that he never got, knowing of his alcoholic parents, the challenge of her that shows she is worth loving, he forgets all he has worked for (like he says in the next episode he wont burst into flames but his life eill be fucked) and feels like he needs her to survive. and in this way they are the most perfectly suited duo but as deeply flawed humans they cannot reinforce each other and ultimately would hate each other if that makes sense lol
molbob 23 dager siden
also the swearing, priest only does it when he is passionate about something, which is a lot of things, never in spite, he only uses swears to emphasize his love
Jack Forshaw
Jack Forshaw 26 dager siden
Swearing is better than blasphemy at least
LMN Måned siden
So that's what Moriarty does these days
kimbap_ pooh
kimbap_ pooh Måned siden
Ngl, teared up a little at rev chris’ message at the end of the video 😭❤️
DINEI NUNES Måned siden
he should react to the hot priest in Derry Girls
Dante Ferrise
Dante Ferrise Måned siden
+JOLLY I said it long before that just sayin ;). BUT CAN WE PLEASE GET REV CHRIS REACTING TO THE MOVIE “MOTHER!” WITH JENNIFER LAWRENCE!! It is very disturbing just for starters but I WOULD LOVEEEE FOR HIS INTERPRETATION!!! After watching it is impossible not to theorize and speculate the meaning of every little detail
Diana Hernández
Diana Hernández Måned siden
How I wish there was a Rev. Chris anywhere near me, and I'm not even part of his religion. But the way he speaks of God is something that I've never had around it. I graduated from a Baptist school that was the equivalent of Wesboro. But Rev Chris is something else
추!Daphne Måned siden
So the man who played Moriarty is playing the Priest from Fleabag? That is a big jump. And I kind of think that's what makes it even more hilarious
Louise Tonks
Louise Tonks Måned siden
Its the lip bite on this morning for me 👀
I hope one day that the priest react to far cry 5’s villains
Victoria Duerto
Victoria Duerto Måned siden
I'm sorry but the "we acknowledge the existence of sex" in the waning card was too funny to me
HaiCaDa Måned siden
Soo...can we call him daddy now?
Mario Chiss
Mario Chiss Måned siden
Whenever there’s a kiss or sex scene I just close my 👀
Jose Antonio Sanchez
Jose Antonio Sanchez Måned siden
I disagree that the scene in the confessionary is about manipulation. Both the woman and the priest had been developing and expressing a desire for one another. They both knew exactly what they were doing. Sex isn't being used as a form of control or taking advantage of her vulnerability. It is a consensual moment of physical intimacy. The ethical discussion of a Roman Catholic priest breaking his vow of celibacy, that's a different story. By the way, that you for encouraging this discussion. And I agree with many comments here. It is refreshing to hear Rev. Chris look at popular culture with compassion, always seeing the good in it.
lovedivasong Måned siden
I would have loved to hear about your perspective about the ethical dilema the priest has between his love for Fleabag and God
Angge Bugz
Angge Bugz Måned siden
I love how Chris never changed. Love him, didnt know he's irish
Femi Sistahsouljah
Femi Sistahsouljah Måned siden
Rev Chris is so dope ! ( black American slang meaning better than amazing)
Salonee Chadha
Salonee Chadha Måned siden
The end bit there...
Jordan Lillian
Jordan Lillian Måned siden
Growing up in a catholic household with me aunt, I kinda grew to fear religion. I'm not religious in the slightest. I was always taught to do what I'm td or I'm going to hell. that if I show too much skin God will hate you. Watching this has really taught me a lot more of the positive parts of religion and that it's not all about hating people who disagree with you and other stuff I grew up feeling.
Jordan Lillian
Jordan Lillian Måned siden
the "we acknowledge the existence of sex" part broke me lol😂😂
Sylvia Perich
Sylvia Perich Måned siden
I’d love to see Rev. Chris react to Father Bro from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”
Emilia Robson
Emilia Robson Måned siden
sweet creature
sweet creature Måned siden
if anyone deserves the recognition, it's him! and he gets to spread the good news :)
rahmatika fahrina eviyanti
rahmatika fahrina eviyanti Måned siden
Sheryl Alexander
Sheryl Alexander Måned siden
The priest needs to drop his own NOpost channel asap
Monica Sherman
Monica Sherman Måned siden
Yeah "kneel" was good for about half a second... I agree with Rev. 100% in what he said.
Ottawa3453 Måned siden
Well you do have better teeth than the other Christopher Lee 😅
Lisa -
Lisa - Måned siden
MORIATY?! also how did everyone get chis' phonenumber?
Michelle Moore
Michelle Moore Måned siden
Just want to say I appreciate Father Chris encouraging those who have experience trauma to get professional help. So many people have been pushed away by their faith and church when they are told to pray and their problems will leave. This is simply not true and so it was incredibly refreshing to hear a priest encourage counseling.
Lisa x
Lisa x Måned siden
aisha Måned siden
the fiery priest (kdrama) is the definitely a better example
Megan Louise.
Megan Louise. Måned siden
Can he react to A24's "Saint Maud"? Perhaps the trailer?
Thewindgamer Måned siden
Dr. Mike: hot Doctor Rev. Chris: hot Priest
Lily M-S
Lily M-S Måned siden
Chris must react to the new movie "The Devil All the Time" ! that would be such and interesting reaction!!
Jungtila Jamir
Jungtila Jamir Måned siden
The last part really made me cry. Unknowingly tho. It's hard to get professional help here and I'm afraid that people would judge me. Really made me emotional.
Hafsah Måned siden
other than being hot, Rev Chris is an amazing human being! He's so nice, understanding, caring and the way he speaks is deeply moving and relatable. More people should strive to be like him, regardless of their religious beliefs (or lack thereof)
Misaki100 Måned siden
Yeah while priste never Exploide vulnerable chlides ..... äh sorry womans Sorry but that is not the true i knoww it makes you angry and i know that that dont all pristes do But the curch Kept Silent of so many Cases there pristes do this also this is not so from the realety
AsUWish Måned siden
한국 사람 중에 헷갈리는 사람이 있을 수도 있을 것 같은데, Rev Chris 는 로마 카톨릭 사제가 아니라, 영국 성공회 사제입니다. 보통, 문학에서는 목사로 번역하는데, 여기서는 신부라고 번역을 하셨네요.. 성공회 사제는 우리가 일반적으로 생각하는 개신교 목사처럼 결혼을 할 수 있습니다. 플리백에 나오는 사제는 카톨릭인지 성공회인지 모르겠네요,,
Bloody Good June
Bloody Good June Måned siden
I'm an atheist but still enjoy your channel. Also allows me to have no guilt in saying yes, he is a real life hot priest lol
TalulahCarmichael2 2 måneder siden
...I'm sorry, did Rev. Chris just do a baby bird impression? 🤣
Susana González Codina
Susana González Codina 2 måneder siden
Wise with our tongue" DAMN IT REVERENT CHRIS
Chin Ezekiel
Chin Ezekiel 2 måneder siden
I want a review on The Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love? - really feels like they are preaching which i love
Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson 2 måneder siden
How soon after your last "Priest Reacts to TV Priests" video did you get requests for this?
namcicle 2 måneder siden
I couldnt stop thinking about Moriarty
Martha Hawkinson-Michau
Martha Hawkinson-Michau 2 måneder siden
I feel like calling someone “hot” reduces them to just their physical attractiveness. Like so what? Yes, Rev Chris and Dr Mike are good looking. What’s your point? They are also both genuinely skilled in their respective fields. Maybe I’m just super serious about not judging people based on their looks though? I mean, my husband is a perfect example of this. If I had been judging him solely on his physical appearance, I might never have asked him out in the first place. But, as I got to know him, I realized that he is the most beautiful man I’ve ever met. He is significantly heavier than average men though, and some women would be put off by that alone, or worse, demand that he changed himself just so they could grace him with their presence. Me? I love him 😍 exactly as he is, for who he is. All 6’5” and 500 pounds. Trust me, he carries it really well.
Vintage Beauty
Vintage Beauty 2 måneder siden
They didn’t react to the best bits! The wedding at the end! “It’ll pass”!
Roama 2 måneder siden
Me who was never seen fleabag : Oh look Moriarty is in the priest business now
zeit geist
zeit geist 2 måneder siden
He is not hot...
Sarah Jane Schaddelee
Sarah Jane Schaddelee 2 måneder siden
I just wanna say thank you to rev Chris! I have been struggling with religion for quite a bit! I have been rejected from my Christian home town Since coming out as gay! He has restored my fait in in the Christianity! I still don’t belive in god, but I don’t dislike Christians anymore
Jonathan Ryu
Jonathan Ryu 2 måneder siden
Rev. Chris deserves the kudos because his heart shows that he is what a real Christian is suppose to be. Plus, I would be very fortunate to have him as my friends as well Josh and Ollie. Cheers mates!
귀여워승헌쓰 2 måneder siden
자꾸 모리아티가 떠올라.... 집중이 안돼....
Adam Farress-Noble
Adam Farress-Noble 2 måneder siden
Can we talk about the perfect peacock impression Rev Chris just out-of-nowhere's at 1:46? 🤣
Ham Jey
Ham Jey 2 måneder siden
I work for the police officer and im already convert to muslim 8 years ago. At work i get a call, to take a catch of a theft case at Tesco (which tesco I do not need to mention). Until kat tesco, go see the guard room there is a old man sitting on a chair. On the front desk he has 2 packs of gardenia bread. Got this guy info stealing the bread. The value of bread is less than dollar 10. 3x I asked the guard, "don't you want to catch it too? The theft value does not reach dollar10?" The guard said he should be arrested as well, according to a tesco superior. So, take the man in the car as well. In the car I asked why steal? He said he had no money to buy, even stealing for his children to eat at home. I was stunned to hear. He said again, his son did not eat rice for 2 days, he could only afford for his son to eat mamee crackers only. Mamee crackers that cost 20 sen a pack .. After I heard, tears welled up. Imagine a child at home. Arriving at the hall, the guard arrived first with 2 packs of gardenia bread, the stolen goods. front EO to for report. Coincidentally, the deputy head of the station (AOCS) has just arrived. If AOCS I can know this story, let alone be scolded by the guard. But the guard couldn't do anything, he just followed the instructions he said. AOCS I told her boss to come. In the next 20 minutes 1 woman, the incharge guard tu tesco What's more, the bread has to be scolded again., The tesco said if it settles well, the man has to pay 10x double the price of the stolen goods. AOCS I heard, he kept paying 10 times the value of the bread. Dh finished business, kneeling the man cried thank you to my AOCS in the hall. AOCS I said what "Now Allah is not a hang test, but Allah is testing me now, to see what I can do with the rank I have to help my brothers who are in trouble" The man had just been fired from a factory job. his wife ran away, there was a 5 year old boy. Aocs I am ready for pocket money for him to survive some day for his children. A few months ago, the man came back to the hall, looking for my Aocs, he said he could get a new job, he would pay back what my Aocs helped him first. But Aocs I dh moved to the hall in west fort. Until now I remember what Aocs I ordered from me "If you see a difficult person, do not remember Allah is testing those people, instead Allah is testing us, God will see what we can do to help the difficult person" World is place to test us.
Daresh 2 måneder siden
andrew scott is so hot, I thank god for this show
Malorie P.C.
Malorie P.C. 2 måneder siden
I like watching your videos but the totals of this made me LOL without even watching yet
Kamal LB
Kamal LB 2 måneder siden
Vixen 2036
Vixen 2036 2 måneder siden
He is the "hotter priest".
Nelson Hooks
Nelson Hooks 2 måneder siden
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bhavika Kosambia
bhavika Kosambia 2 måneder siden
My mind went to so many wrong places when he said kneel👀 I was infact relieved when they didn't go there
Francesca Cannavò
Francesca Cannavò 2 måneder siden
Can you do a reaction video of the tv show "Grantchester"?
anybody606 2 måneder siden
What? HE’S the hot priest?! There’s a priest that looks like JON HAMM! Father Schulz I think
is millie
is millie 2 måneder siden
can Chris please react to Harriet the priest in Emmerdale???
Deepcut 2 måneder siden
I'm not religious myself, but i do wish we could see more religious approaches to storytelling. Rev Chris' issue with the character giving into that woman is understandable. I also understand that stories aren't just about catering to audiences or showing things as we like to think they will be in the most positive form, but when it comes to religion these days we really never see the optimistic view it seems.
Dakshi Wijesinghe
Dakshi Wijesinghe 2 måneder siden
You guys should react to the kdrama called Fiery Priest. I kept thinking of that while watching this episode.
Caitlyn DeAmbra
Caitlyn DeAmbra 2 måneder siden
I can't see Andrew Scott without seeing him in Sherlock. This is so weird!
verward aseksueel
verward aseksueel 2 måneder siden
Please react to Tate McRae. (She is NOposts artist on the rise)
54321go 2 måneder siden
I cant't sop seeing Moriarty when I see Andrew Scott.
Pyrit One
Pyrit One 2 måneder siden
I suffering cuz sex addiction since my teenage years... and i hope i will suffer from it for many many years .
argella1300 2 måneder siden
A bit of a spoiler, but it is worth noting that Fleabag and the Hot Priest don’t go further than a kiss in the confessional, and that Fleabag herself stops everything
CT 2 måneder siden
As someone whose experienced emptional abuse and manipulation, I am actually so suprised he picked up on the subtlety of that moment when he said kneel. I am super intrigued to see how the story goes further on, and after that intense twisting/questioning morality gonna be interesting to see how the story will end.
Alexander Hernandez
Alexander Hernandez 2 måneder siden
Gift to women ? He seems a little closeted to me 🌈 he’s welcomed any time 😉
bomberdils 2 måneder siden
What i didnt get was why they couldnt just get married? Is that forbidden?? And if so, why?
TheSpinutti 2 måneder siden
They should do a video, were they are watching 'life of Brain' - Monty Pytphon
Hineraukatauri Delamere-Kupenga
Hineraukatauri Delamere-Kupenga 2 måneder siden
Rev. Chris can make me a believer.
Erdbeerschorsch NC
Erdbeerschorsch NC 2 måneder siden
I like the priest series but I dont rly agree with or even get the way they dealt with him criticising the "kneel" scene. What point are you trying to make in telling him get away from the negative stuff like that? Do they want to emphasize that they are doing a comedic piece? Why do you make a video series around capturing someones opinion if you dont like them criticising something and making a VERY important point regarding emotional manipulation. Apart from that the transition seems rather awkward with the participants forcing themselves into a lighter tone.
David Vasquez
David Vasquez 2 måneder siden
He’s not colloquially known as the hot priest in the show, his name is quite literally the hot priest because most characters in fleabag don’t have an actual name aside from her sister Claire, klare, and us recognizing her as fleabag.
Divli Bhat
Divli Bhat 2 måneder siden
the hot priest is Moriarty from BBC's Sherlock!!
Ivs Pav
Ivs Pav 2 måneder siden
0:53 he just bit his lower lip though?! hahahahahahahahahah reverent watch out and bless you
Na'el DG
Na'el DG 2 måneder siden
I would really love to listen to Rev. Chris when he preaches.
Suchart Boontid
Suchart Boontid 2 måneder siden
He kinda makes me want to become a Christian. The thing about tongue just hits home with me. I have a dad who almost just can't help but saying hurtful stuffs at the worst possible moments. And I happen to be very sensitive to those words and they've been eating me up since I was little. I've learned to shut out hurtful stuffs said by others but with him the wound is still as raw as ever. It's the one constant thing that I have had to endure all my life. Even after many fights and my self-harm and suicide attempts, he just keeps doing it over and over. It's made me bitter. It fills me with anger and hate. Sometimes I catch myself saying those same things he said to myself. Sometimes the only thing that helps is when I hurt myself. I just want this anger and hate out of me and the physical pain distracts me from my own thoughts and feelings. I'm on medication and in therapy but it never really goes away. I hope to get better one day and it'd really help if I have someone like Rev. Chris to confide in. Rev. Chris' words are so true and so wise and I would listen the heaven out of them.
Tobi 2 måneder siden
I'm reall sorry to hear you're going through such a hard time, especially that's been going on for so long! It's a really dark place and after a while, this hate and anger towards others or even ourselves tears us apart and we lose our sanity. I'm glad you're already taking action, seeing a therapist, facing the problem instead of ignoring it. This step could've saved many lifes, when people open up and talk to someone about their struggles. I basically can't add much more to what was said in the video, but I want you to know that you are loved, that you are worthy of love and that although it might not seem to get any better anytime soon, life goes on and you'll grow with the challenges you face and you will end up in a better place in life, I promise! And yes, Jesus can be your anchor in the waves, show you what love really is and guide you through hard times. There's nothing better to heal and restore a broken heart than experiencing unconditional love and finding your identity in him and it will proof time and again that it's a firm foundation to build your life on. Bless you :)
Amina Ali Rahman
Amina Ali Rahman 2 måneder siden
Love what he said about the 'kneel' moment. Love the show but as a person of faith I was appalled at the priest's actions there!
Wandetta 17 dager siden
As an athiest I'm also appalled, it's no different than a therapist taking advantage of their patients. I don't he's a Moriarty, but I also don't think he's fit for his job. He was a huge mess from the start.
Jemima0213 2 måneder siden
앗 혹시 셜록에서 모리아티 연기하셨던 배우님???? 헐럴럴 헐랠ㅇ
Yumiko Kiyo
Yumiko Kiyo 2 måneder siden
someone on tiktok just made a video that were gonna go to hell if we don't go vegan and clearly she hasn't read the Bible because there are animal and human sacrifices EVERYWHERE.
4rk21 2 måneder siden
Father Chris is hotter than the guy from the video
Jillian W
Jillian W 2 måneder siden
I'm confused. Is he a priest? Or a reverend? He's I dont know. But I seriously disliked the show Flea bag. I thought that Phoebe Waller-Bridge's character was a terrible person. I hated everything she did. And I'm an open minded person. Lol. Each to their own, though. Obviously millions of people love the show, so who am I to judge. Lol. Xoxo
Tiff Guevara
Tiff Guevara 2 måneder siden
As a Christian, i enjoyed that controversial scene. Its wrong but somehow gives you a lil comfort. But when Rev Chris explained his side, its like correcting my twisted mind. I still enjoy the show. Its very unique and entertaining. Everyone just wanted to be loved and to love, right?! Buttt, in defence of The Priest, he's drunk 😅😁😁
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