World’s WEIRDEST Canned Food!?!

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8 måneder siden

On today's Jolly Menu: the craziest canned food from around the world.
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Victoria L
Victoria L 8 måneder siden
Who knew after years of studying at a prestigious culinary school that Gabie would end up reviewing a whole chicken in a can
Nayun Sung
Nayun Sung Måned siden
@Asha Mae yeah. Josh reassured it by calling him Mrs.
Jo Wan
Jo Wan 2 måneder siden
Olly moly
Kaitlyn P
Kaitlyn P 3 måneder siden
The Canned Chicken Cost about $40 from Ebay but that's disincluding postage that probably cost a lot more to get it to the UK
adara 7 måneder siden
@Roflmao6173 and then said "he fucked up the steak too" meaning he felt Ollie fucked the chicken up because they should've ate it room temperature, which in any normal persons opinion - is disgusting.
Roflmao6173 7 måneder siden
@Anh Thy Nguyen well, he didn't say that you shouldn't be cooking it, he just merely meant that you didn't have to. It's like how spam and some sausages dont need to be cooked but people still prefer to put it over a pan.
In Between
In Between Dag siden
im genuinely triggered by the lip smacking asmr
Denile Nintyfour
Denile Nintyfour 3 dager siden
You should try surströmming.
MaffiiOrdaz 5 dager siden
7:06 Josh.exe has stopped working XD
hyperionparthalan 5 dager siden
Im with Gabie.. barely a 1/4 the way through and I've already dry heaved 6 times
NPEÑA 7880
NPEÑA 7880 9 dager siden
From an American I am very truly sorry ☹️
positive attitude
positive attitude 10 dager siden
넘 웃기고 재미있어서 시간가는 줄 모르고 보다보니 밤을 샛네오 ^^;; 이제 자러가요. 모두 잠 잘 주무시고 밥 잘 챙겨드시고 몸도 마음도 건강하게 지내세요❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰
Michael Flower
Michael Flower 10 dager siden
So who got to the bathroom first, and who was in there the longest. I'm betting on Gabby for the first and Ollie for the latter...
Edison Vasquez
Edison Vasquez 12 dager siden
Are they a gay married couple and their best friend?
ChromeTeck 14 dager siden
Just to put this out here. These guys were afraid of Mett and the possibility of food-poisoning. And now they are here, where no German would ever go! :D I stick with my Mett.
Zorro Trollolo
Zorro Trollolo 15 dager siden
Damn, no surströmming. So disapointed :p
daniel major
daniel major 17 dager siden
Gave this a thumbs up but the food deserve a thumbs down 🤔
Miranda Scott
Miranda Scott 19 dager siden
They must of not stored it correctly at customs because it’s suppose to be while lol and you could of had like a fan buy you it send them money after they got it and send it to you would of been cheaper lol
Victoria Bullock
Victoria Bullock 21 dag siden
I've been in isolation since March (it's November, now), and there is absolutely NO CHANCE that ANY of that. . . "Food product" . . . will come in my house, even if, God forbid, this Pandemic goes on for years. (I am almost certain that, thanks to this video, I'm becoming a 100 mile Vegan. Lol). ❤️ Love from 🇨🇦
Yuyolopochtli 21 dag siden
Ni siquiera yo se a que sabe el huitlacoche xD
Aleksandra Rydz
Aleksandra Rydz 25 dager siden
i don't think eating while watching it was a good idea
Debbie Chan
Debbie Chan 27 dager siden
All those foods are supposed to be delicious when served fresh! How dare you people ruin them by canning them! QAQ My Chinese brain is genuinely disgusted!
Aubs 27 dager siden
Pork brains Me: laughs in American
C Venter
C Venter 28 dager siden
Aweful foods... Unappetizing. Wow
Chicken Fried
Chicken Fried Måned siden
이런 시절도 있었지 다 옛말이지만
Ghoond Måned siden
1:21 some how i heard gabie say "cok", and in my country that a swear word, iis just like saying the F word :D
mudbob1 Måned siden
That's a traditional Southern breakfast dish, brains and eggs scrambled together. And I like a lot of things, but that was never a favorite.
Alyssa Cowan
Alyssa Cowan Måned siden
As an American, I have NEVER seen pork brain sold in grocery stores...
learn more
learn more Måned siden
0:58 I cannot stop watching
marx cipriano
marx cipriano Måned siden
Omg, stuffs of my nighmare, I swear the only thing stopping me from vomiting is the pc cause it's a pain in the ass to clean
Fievel Mousekewitz
Fievel Mousekewitz Måned siden
Who is eating them pork brains?
James Waber
James Waber Måned siden
isnt eating brain what leads to prion disease??
Markus Andersson
Markus Andersson Måned siden
You know what’s worse than what they’ve eaten in this video? Surströmming, the smelliest fisk in the World
DeadDie44 Måned siden
It's like a few years worth of "crappy food" reviews from Ashens channel in one video =D Honestly I can't believe, after all those years, you can still find that dreadful trekking burger and "all day breakfast" thing. But the whole chicken is still amusing, as it should be
Matski Måned siden
Ever tried Swedish Surströmming? That's a traditional canned fish eaten during the big autumn-celibrations. I do recommend you to try it out!
Play4rYt Måned siden
The last one wasn't a recipe, it was a fucking experiment
Neo Ferreira
Neo Ferreira Måned siden
Bless these poor souls who are willingly eating weird foods for our enjoyment.
PlanetHacker Måned siden
the last one is the poorest meal I've ever seen
ANBU625 Måned siden
That chicken is definitely from hell. XD lol it looks horrifying. More gross than the pork brains.
Rxin xd
Rxin xd Måned siden
Josh: Your Insane Kay: *i think thats my word Buddy*
Choose Life
Choose Life Måned siden
the asmr... horrifying
Michael Raymond
Michael Raymond Måned siden
i just found this YT show and i've been binging it the last few hours, so good! :D that canned chicken... damn
Rafael David
Rafael David Måned siden
"Where's the stuff inside?" *"I thought you'll never ask"* " *Plopp* with squirting sounds"
Dk Trek
Dk Trek Måned siden
Why does westerners care that much about texture than the taste?
Simon Wu
Simon Wu Måned siden
fray bentos are genuinely not that bad if baked since the pastry puffs up
Angelo_ Infinite
Angelo_ Infinite Måned siden
Not gunna lie the chicken almost made me puke
Imagine world become like a resident evil and only canned food left
France Yuwan Parido
France Yuwan Parido Måned siden
9:07 haha me as an pillipino We eat brains,eyes,private part, kidney and hearts well we eat all of the insides
mariaaying Måned siden
Whoever is laughing on the background is totally having fun hahahaha
Ghaffar Farros
Ghaffar Farros Måned siden
Bintang Laksana Rawi Widiastanto
Bintang Laksana Rawi Widiastanto Måned siden
13:27 ollie looks like mr. bean
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson Måned siden
the pork brains looks like a 1960s canned food lol
Robert Mosén
Robert Mosén Måned siden
The chicken must bee the funniest hing i've ever seen. This is easily my favourite vid now.
Valdragon 2.0
Valdragon 2.0 Måned siden
10:15 wth , I’m french and I didn’t know that, this is disgusting
Theo C. Magnusson
Theo C. Magnusson Måned siden
all i'm thinking is, animals died for this- reason 5284289 to be vegetarian *at least*: this
Isa Arvidsson
Isa Arvidsson Måned siden
I shouldn't have watched this while eating. Ended up here after watching you three review food memes
Alice Tauzin
Alice Tauzin Måned siden
I'm french and I've never heard about anyone eating rabbit brain... It's not a common thing to eat in France, AT ALL
Nayun Sung
Nayun Sung Måned siden
Okay. Josh calling Ollie MRS. slurper. MRS..! Becoz Ollie is his wife😉
김민영 Måned siden
진짜 가끔씩은 이 조합이 대단하면서 불쌍하다고 느껴진다........
MsMatt Måned siden
I love that Gabbie covers her eyes (as if that will make the pie taste better) while Josh is obliviously just sitting there describing the textures and appearence.
Gzerta Lolita
Gzerta Lolita Måned siden
In france we don't eat rabits brains
Skramslam Måned siden
Genuinly disappointed you didnt get "surströmming "(fermented herring)...
Skramslam Måned siden
@Matski I found out there is a video actually where they do eat it! Go watch that :D
Matski Måned siden
That would be so great to see their reactions to of they would like it or not!
Minder of Cords
Minder of Cords Måned siden
I still want to know how much Ollie spent on the canned chicken.
Deborah Gilbert-Rogers
Deborah Gilbert-Rogers Måned siden
Where are they getting these foods? I've never seen any of these in the U.S.
Thomas Zimmermann
Thomas Zimmermann Måned siden
you guys really should try surströmming from sweden. (fish in a can)
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel Måned siden
I want to see them react to kays cooking so bad 😂
kaluahmon Måned siden
what is wrong with you guys? brains are delicious! they taste like succulent versions on the meat!
WaywardSon Måned siden
growing up i was told from old folks that the whole canned chicken was used for making a quick chicken noodle soup.
Claire Måned siden
Gabie looks like Nayeon of TWICE
Bidisha Chakraborty
Bidisha Chakraborty Måned siden
5:36: Josh imitating Gabbie's 'Like...three' in a very California accent is HILARIOUS! I watch them so much that sometimes I forget how eclectic backgrounds and influences!
Mr Exists
Mr Exists Måned siden
9:27 my dad and grandpa used to eat fried brain sandwiches
수짱 Måned siden
7:00 written on Josh's T shirt, "Love at first bite". LOL u r really loving it, i can see that
Touya Todoroki
Touya Todoroki Måned siden
In films, puke is always really unrealistic. They need to start using canned pig brain 😂
Varshita.G Måned siden
I saw this while eating good food😨
Si Thu Aung
Si Thu Aung Måned siden
Is it just me or does gabie look like park min young?
Nut Twins
Nut Twins Måned siden
I felt like puking while watching this... I don't even feel like way watching things get torn apart and a heck load of blood
Lambo Måned siden
Warning this video is yuck!
neko mata
neko mata Måned siden
i wonder if the elk one would be better if you fried it...
Liberty Prepper
Liberty Prepper Måned siden
In Indiana, people here eat sliced and fried pork brain sandwiches. We call it sweet bread.
Felix Nieradka
Felix Nieradka Måned siden
I miss the surströmming maybe you guys can put it in the next video of weird food. :D
이즈뽕 Måned siden
도대체 저런걸 누가 사먹어!! 으엑!!!
Anders Hansen
Anders Hansen Måned siden
Why did I watch this while eating lunch?
Y Ury
Y Ury Måned siden
Em .. the chicken can be really good if you do it right .... I mean sure It looks horrible but if you not put all the liquid in with it and all it can be end up looking all crisp and tasty ...
Jh H
Jh H Måned siden
수르스트뢰밍을 빼고 통조림을 논하지 말지어다 ㅋ
Axel Dahlmark
Axel Dahlmark Måned siden
No Surströmming??? I'm dissapointed....
T-rex Måned siden
I gagged.. straight up gagged watching this 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Major Monogram
Major Monogram Måned siden
Bruh I was eating when he poured out that chicken I LITERALLY STARTED GAGGING and ran to the bathroom to vomit😭
Hexenkönigin von Angmar
Hexenkönigin von Angmar Måned siden
namcicle Måned siden
l hate everything after seeing the chicken
namcicle Måned siden
The image of Josh going 'WHAAAAT'
BPat 2 måneder siden
Today I enjoyed my first homemade butter chicken and rice. Now I want to throw it all up after watching this. Thank you so much.
John John
John John 2 måneder siden
Im laughing whenever josh laughs hahahahaha
Robyn Alice
Robyn Alice 2 måneder siden
I'm sorry but *gristle
AnneClaireWDK 2 måneder siden
This was honestly disgusting 😂 Next time please try: Surströmming
KhronicD Måned siden
They tried it with one of the nordic athletes during their Olympic specials. Check the Korean Englishman channel and look for the Olympics playlist.
Plinkage 2 måneder siden
ive had squirrel brains. not bad. (fresh though)
Cynneke Ser
Cynneke Ser 2 måneder siden
you guys have a video with al freaky gagging faces per person? i'd love that, haha, compilation time! How could you not have given him a spoonfull of that brain!
Kinian 2 måneder siden
마지막 치킨은 실패한 삼계탕같네요 ㅋㅋㅋ
Jessica Peyton
Jessica Peyton 2 måneder siden
I’m so confused why the canned chicken is raw!???
lenompasbanal 2 måneder siden
"In France they eat rabbit brain" No. We. Don't. I eat snails like once per year, but I never had brains of whatever animals served on my plate. Even if I had, I would have prefered starving until the next meal.
lenompasbanal Måned siden
@Lemmy Pop Deep Fried Brains and french food in the same sentence LMAO.
Gazi Bizi
Gazi Bizi Måned siden
In India where there are less vegeterians like where I'm from offal dishes are delicacies. Beef and Pork are quite uncommon too.
Lemmy Pop
Lemmy Pop 2 måneder siden
Brains are 60% fat, so that makes them pretty delicious, and deep fried and with spices they are wonderful. Why fighting your French roots and be a whiny bitch when you can have a nice brainy meal?
Omega Fox
Omega Fox 2 måneder siden
Gabie doesnt remember when first humans came they have eaten like raw meat idk
지오 2 måneder siden
its all fun and games until they pull out the Huitlacoche and they eat it straight out of the can
Paul 2 måneder siden
Where is surstroming ? :D
GeneraLolicon 2 måneder siden
im glad philippine canned goods are delicious
모기 2 måneder siden
왜 왜 어째서 한평생 맛있는 음식을 만들기 위해 살아오신 분께 그런 음식을 먹이는건지 의문인데 가비님 넘 기여어...
Connor Anderson
Connor Anderson 2 måneder siden
6:51 yo chill gurl
엠마Emmalog 2 måneder siden
Ollie you always have a big bite....why...
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