British Guys Try DUTCH SNACKS!! 🇳🇱 (they have the BEST names 😂)

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Today we embark on a long journey searching for the BEST SNACK in the world! Round 1, Netherlands!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

ItS MiA UwU Dag siden
Okay but like 99% of us zochten deze video op want dit komt ni op je aanbevolen-
Owen Hart
Owen Hart 4 dager siden
I am dutch
Daniël Zuijderduijn
Daniël Zuijderduijn 5 dager siden
Im from the Netherlands This video is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny 😂😂😂 Kaas bolletjes = cheese balls
Nicholas II of Russia
Nicholas II of Russia 6 dager siden
When you are ever in the Netherlands, try to find a fresh stroopwafel stand. They're hella big and still a bit warm. It's heavenly
Ryūnosuke Tanaka
Ryūnosuke Tanaka 7 dager siden
Wait also one is named olie? We missed the chance to Let Them eat oliebollen..
Ryūnosuke Tanaka
Ryūnosuke Tanaka 7 dager siden
Why are people always reacting like stroop wafels are something Holly😂
Julilla W
Julilla W 13 dager siden
i am shocked that they didn't send borrelnootjes
Jeffrey Bozko
Jeffrey Bozko 14 dager siden
why is there chinese translation on the screen
Tieme van der Heijden
Tieme van der Heijden 15 dager siden
Yeah... i hate taai taai too
Tieme van der Heijden
Tieme van der Heijden 15 dager siden
You say zuid the same as suid only with an other accent
Femke Holswilder
Femke Holswilder 17 dager siden
"is that a tooth?" Sinterklaas: "am i a joke to you?"
Max Van Der Wijst
Max Van Der Wijst 17 dager siden
As a dutchie I love these reactions lol
Joël Verdouw
Joël Verdouw 18 dager siden
The boys: this is high quality chocolate Dutch people: Hema chocolate...
Lieve Meerts
Lieve Meerts 18 dager siden
That chocolat was Belgium!!!!!!!!
Jan Binnendijk
Jan Binnendijk 19 dager siden
That Jodekoeken jar..indeed.. a lot of people use them to store all kinds of stuff, in the kitchen, or in the garden shed.. recycle!!
mumuchu 19 dager siden bought a whole wardrobe of AllSaints 😉
Mathias the Raccoon
Mathias the Raccoon 19 dager siden
Oh god we should’ve sent them hamkass crisps
Anita Hendricks
Anita Hendricks 20 dager siden
Maarten van den berge
Maarten van den berge 21 dag siden
why the subtitels in korean?
jann eet
jann eet 21 dag siden
Where i live in the netherlands you can get huge stroopwafels
It’s Niels
It’s Niels 22 dager siden
Dutch Countryball
Dutch Countryball 22 dager siden
thank you thank you so so so so so much much much Edit: JOLLY is SOOOOOO good sorry for my spelling I’m Dutch
Malaika Petrusi
Malaika Petrusi 25 dager siden
I actually ate all of these and there yummy Also im dutch
Teun Jansen
Teun Jansen 26 dager siden
Nom nom nom
Alicia Pouw
Alicia Pouw 26 dager siden
patatje joppie means fries with joppie sauce hahahahh. I never liked that sauce tho ;P
Joep_heijberg_eu 27 dager siden
I watch this with 'pepernoten' (yes, I'm dutch)
ikbencool 2008
ikbencool 2008 29 dager siden
just eating every thing is very normal for me And we can the chocelet very normel me when I heard that the chocolate not so good is in Englan Mijn brain is just exploding
pieter veldman
pieter veldman 29 dager siden
milou van den Ouweelen
milou van den Ouweelen Måned siden
I am dutch
Died Måned siden
We call it krijtjes
Noud Kleinhuis
Noud Kleinhuis Måned siden
Allemaal van de apie
Trekfolie Måned siden
I cracked the NOpost algorithm: if user.location == "The Netherlands": user.suggested_videos = [video for video in list_of_all_the_videos if "Dutch" in]
Xuran135 Måned siden
Why does nobody like drop? I fucking love it!
max Måned siden
Jodenkoeken means jewcookiea
rinapiiin Måned siden
Thought you guys said Mango & CHEESE (not chili) 😩
Lily Chidlow
Lily Chidlow Måned siden
Me realising Jolly must be their ship name (and also laughing at their pronunciations of Dutch words)
Tess Best
Tess Best Måned siden
I'm dutch 🇳🇱
Loldump Troller
Loldump Troller Måned siden
🤣phepernothen pepernoten 🤣🤣🤣
GameTijd Måned siden
I kom from de netherlands!!!! I live hier it is super cool hier!
i upload random content
i upload random content Måned siden
als je dit begrijpt dan ben je 125% nederlands committeren
LPlayz Måned siden
My dudes... Even Dutch McDonalds is better than in other countries. Our milkshakes and frietsaus are superior
DJ Stuiter
DJ Stuiter Måned siden
Ps1 Hagrid
Ps1 Hagrid Måned siden
It’s fucked you guys can’t try fried snacks or ‘frikandelbroodjes’ there so good
Rune Vertenten
Rune Vertenten Måned siden
7:31u can translate Jodekoek to Jewcoockie🙌
arPos Kraft
arPos Kraft Måned siden
@6:30 because its salmiaki or as we call it "black-white"
arPos Kraft
arPos Kraft Måned siden
Joppie is just curry mayonaise with onions, it was the result of a contest and now they sell it as a sauce in most snackbars, personally i find it distasteful .
arPos Kraft
arPos Kraft Måned siden
"im a kruidnoot purist" "im all about covered in chocolate" ... me a dutch guy: "yes lets take a 5kg of plain and a 5kg of choco covered, and you know what lets trow in another bag of actual pepernoten and taaitaai as well...good thatll do me for a week
kwekkiebv Måned siden
We actually cant call those jodekoeken anymore because some people found it offensive because of world war two. Stupid, i know
Jan Groen
Jan Groen Måned siden
in the netherlands we just call it “snacks” not “dutch snacks”
Sybren van der Ley
Sybren van der Ley Måned siden
Ah, yes, the floor is made out of floor
Inspired by Cats
Inspired by Cats Måned siden
"a chili breeze"...
Roos Ies
Roos Ies Måned siden
Hahaha I am dutch and everyting snack that u got, the names of the snack u speak out was wrong . 😂 it was so funny to hear 😂🤩😛
Bram Fernengel
Bram Fernengel Måned siden
Erik Van der Lee
Erik Van der Lee Måned siden
Laten we met zn allen skunk roken met een kaasplankje erbij.
Arthur Dekker
Arthur Dekker Måned siden
That North Holland and zuid Holland together is Holland is bullshit
Frank Hooper
Frank Hooper Måned siden
Stroopwaffels [and do note that stroop rhymes with hope, not with hoop] are only second best having been placed over a cup of coffee; they are _best_ when freshly made at a street market ☺
Overbros Måned siden
0:06 iced wotah
PixelGamerNL PG3D
PixelGamerNL PG3D Måned siden
Im dutch
Els Verwilgen
Els Verwilgen Måned siden
Stroopwafels are delish, but I don't get what's up with the weird flavours. Never seen any of those.
Els Verwilgen
Els Verwilgen Måned siden
Chocolate letters are not even great quality chocolate. What kind of garbage are you guys used to in Britain?
Valkerace Måned siden
No one: Dutch people when outsiders talk about them: *So anyways I started commenting*
Fam. Manders-Wilms
Fam. Manders-Wilms Måned siden
Im dutch
Kwanus Måned siden
As a dutch person knowing what al off this is and knowing to pronounce it, its makes me crazy and hungry at the same time
toa brony
toa brony Måned siden
I can easily get all those products because I live in the Netherlands
Dario Måned siden
It makes me so proud seeing other people enjoy Dutch snacks haha.
Charlotte T
Charlotte T Måned siden
I was ABOUT to google what "joppie" meant coz hey hey SuperM fan comin' through and Ollie JUST mentioned about "Jopping!" WhAt aRE thE OdDSSSssSS???????? 😱😱😱💗💗💗
SYT youssinee
SYT youssinee Måned siden
I'm Dutch but what are mango chili stroop wafels I live in Dutch for like 4 and a half years
JollyMingtingTDM Måned siden
Hey I also live in the Netherlands and I also have never heard of it. Oh ja het is "The Netherlands" en niet "dutch"
Daniek S.
Daniek S. Måned siden
watching this as a Dutchie is funny as f😂
Anni's Insights
Anni's Insights Måned siden
The guys are the best 😁💯
Ariesmonique Måned siden
The first time in my life I see foreigners know the difference between Holland and The Netherlands! Nice!
Mr Maybe
Mr Maybe Måned siden
Dayum we should supply u guys with soo much pepernoten and patatje jopie
Jelle van Wageningen
Jelle van Wageningen Måned siden
Im form the netherlands
lucca de Pokémon trainer
lucca de Pokémon trainer Måned siden
Ik ben Nederlands/ im dutch
Tanki Gaming
Tanki Gaming Måned siden
Dat is nou het lekkere van Albert Hein 😂😂
Tanki Gaming
Tanki Gaming Måned siden
Red band is Netherlands too
Tara Gouw
Tara Gouw Måned siden
As a dutch person i loved this video 💜💜
Gdhdvd Jdjdjdb
Gdhdvd Jdjdjdb Måned siden
Iam dutch chocolat letters from the hema
Tommy Blanco
Tommy Blanco Måned siden
My oma would always send me my initial as in those letters for my birthday and for Christmas she’d send for the whole family ❤️ good memories hahaa
JollyMingtingTDM Måned siden
What is a "Oma"
• Møøn •
• Møøn • Måned siden
I'm Dutch tho-
jop van wartum
jop van wartum Måned siden
as a dutch person named Jop i hate joppiesaus! :P
Gaby Fredriks
Gaby Fredriks Måned siden
Yep i’m dutch andddd i know they are yummy
some people: eat also people: watch people eat
vengefull potato
vengefull potato Måned siden
zuid means south lol
MLBPRO St Måned siden
Nice vid m8’s
RRE Gaming
RRE Gaming Måned siden
I AM dutch
astrid jacobs
astrid jacobs Måned siden
Who can speak it ik wel ik praat nu letterlijk Nederlands🤣🤣🤣
Jarno Voermans
Jarno Voermans Måned siden
You know jodenkoek litterly meens Jew biscuits
Allie Bsp
Allie Bsp Måned siden
Nederlands eten 😎
Pyro JS
Pyro JS Måned siden
Im dutch✌🏻
Miria Gemin
Miria Gemin Måned siden
Did I see hagelslag👄👁
Miria Gemin
Miria Gemin Måned siden
The pepernoten and the chocolate letters we buy on Sinterklaas (and before that)😙✨
Miria Gemin
Miria Gemin Måned siden
Pls let me help you with pronouncing or just listen on google translate bc this hurts😂💧👄💧
Miria Gemin
Miria Gemin Måned siden
I know we are the best :)
Minecraftnoob456fan 1
Minecraftnoob456fan 1 Måned siden
MisterCupcakeNl Måned siden
Im dutch but i have never heard of mango chilli stroopwafels
WiZRD -_-
WiZRD -_- Måned siden
D Måned siden
This video is incomplete if they don't even have bitterballen or any other barsnacks.
Misty Mystic
Misty Mystic Måned siden
eng im a neherland person and i was suprised how they act ned ik ben en nederlander en ik was verassed door hoe se deden
Matti Lerou
Matti Lerou Måned siden
My country (wrong flag in title)
Jamie Dylan de Jong
Jamie Dylan de Jong Måned siden
Styn Måned siden
I am dutch
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