Real Priest Slays Demons in DOOM ETERNAL!?!!

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Today we invite Rev. Chris to cast out demons on the game DOOM! Real priest with a chainsaw slaying demons?! You saw it here first!
오늘은 크리스 신부님과 함께 악마 퇴치 게임에 도전해봅니다…!! ㅋㅋㅋ 과연 악마를 퇴치하는데 가장 효과적인 도구는…??
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Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang
Special thanks to our Jollybean VIPs for supporting us in making this video!
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No_Social _Skill
No_Social _Skill 4 timer siden
Have Cris play the og halo series. It definitely has some symbolism.
Lé Ørca
Lé Ørca 15 timer siden
doom eternal is my fav game and the ost(orginal soundtrack)
Red Bear
Red Bear Dag siden
at night i watch how priest kill demons, and this is not a dream
The Critical gamer
The Critical gamer Dag siden
all hell brakes loses priest: eat my hollynes
R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷
R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷ 2 dager siden
Demons shall taste my Holy Chainsaw and BE GONE
Custodes Dreadnought
Custodes Dreadnought 3 dager siden
censoring killed it for me
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith 3 dager siden
You should have him react to Warhammer 40k videos! :)
hieu nguyen
hieu nguyen 3 dager siden
The exciting exclusive offence collaterally fax because coin physiologically breathe unlike a difficult route. nappy, regular grey
menancinboi 4 dager siden
His aim maybe bad,but at least his reaction is awesome
Doxile Wolf
Doxile Wolf 4 dager siden
Rev: If you are a kid you should not be palaying this 11 year old me :That sign cant stop me cause i cant read!
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson 4 dager siden
That priest guy is too likable
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich 4 dager siden
I had to dislike because of the stupid censorship. Even if it was realistic violence and gore, there is no point in blurring at all. In this game it's so cartoonish that I would compare it to Looney Tunes.
Dr. Warren Payne
Dr. Warren Payne 5 dager siden
Priest Demon Slayer Plays Doom Eternal
Ken 5 dager siden
“I do that in my day job.” Jumpcut to Revenant Chris torching an imp with the flamethrower before the Ash Wednesday service
스틱팟 5 dager siden
이게진짜 악마퇴치지
Taperz Lyne
Taperz Lyne 6 dager siden
I remember a christian friend sending me a video camming himself doing some glory kills while singing "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah," and it was the most christian thing I've ever seen. Oh, and also, hello from South Korea.
VultUnit 6 dager siden
why censor where there is uncensored doom gameplay jrjrhrhdjwj
Average Gamer
Average Gamer 6 dager siden
Imagine him playing the witcher 3 id love to hear his thoughts about the art, the rituals and his thoughts about side quest stories such as those vampire quests and stuff like that
Reaper Sans!
Reaper Sans! 6 dager siden
There should be another video same as this but uncensored but also age restricted
Mahkus 6 dager siden
Alternate title: priest at work
Janine Elice Bukieda
Janine Elice Bukieda 6 dager siden
I miss you guys!
Your Name
Your Name 7 dager siden
Jae 7 dager siden
three words... I love it
local Doom marine
local Doom marine 8 dager siden
Might've beem the most wholesome thing ive seen
Adamsrhey Bognot
Adamsrhey Bognot 9 dager siden
Everybody gangsta until that priest brings a shotgun at churches
Dan Von Christian Talingting
Dan Von Christian Talingting 9 dager siden
Next time let him play Dark tide as the ecclesiarchal priestess with a thunder hammer.
Mr.Glitch 9 dager siden
Real Priest play PAMALI horor game from Indonesia
Richmon Santos
Richmon Santos 10 dager siden
Mosaic too thick, I can't really relate cos I don't play the game.
f!1!p3r 10 dager siden
Priest: *Censores blood in DooM eternal* Me: Why did you censor the whole game? It's nonsense!
Srvical 11 dager siden
May I ask where this priests church is located?
Shota -kun
Shota -kun 11 dager siden
God is cool with this and more people now want to join Christianity.
Antoni Kalinowski
Antoni Kalinowski 11 dager siden
It sucks they had to blur the violence out, but I guess it's not allowed or a good thing to show in a place they're at? I don't know :d
Zehnor TV
Zehnor TV 11 dager siden
I expected that he'll run through the map with a cross yelling: "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU"
Viper 28
Viper 28 11 dager siden
Why did you blur it?
ANGRY BLUE MEN 11 dager siden
I came here from a doctor reacting to kills in Deadspace and here I am, in a different channels vid.
Oscar H
Oscar H 11 dager siden
The fact they censored this shit shows how sensitive and shitty NOpost has gotten -_-
Jonash Mendoza
Jonash Mendoza 12 dager siden
I like how he's slowly staring to enjoy it
Anton Davidović
Anton Davidović 12 dager siden
Its all fun and games until he sees how the angels are portrayed
Sentou91 13 dager siden
This makes me wonder: what are his thought on all the parts of The Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso? And also his thought on Dante's Inferno the game?
Woo Young Kim
Woo Young Kim 13 dager siden
주교님 여기에요!!!
False Dragonborn
False Dragonborn 13 dager siden
It seems so much more violent with the blur, you imagine it so much worse.
Roxstar 13 dager siden
Blurs the movie for child friendliness. All older gamers out there: That's the doom we remember.
Mace Lord
Mace Lord 13 dager siden
Why is it censored
Eiry Manuel
Eiry Manuel 13 dager siden
Cerridian Empire
Cerridian Empire 13 dager siden
imagine being an evil spirit and possesing someone when you suddenly here the priest say: *chainsaw time*
Jaxlenn Pims
Jaxlenn Pims 14 dager siden
i cant even see the blood and tear
It's YaBoi LunarBoi69
It's YaBoi LunarBoi69 14 dager siden
The priest just said a name of an anime "Demon Slayer" or "Kimetsu no Yaiba"
nahuelkid 14 dager siden
I love how he slowly gets the hand and spirit of it.
jack L
jack L 14 dager siden
Why is there a Korean sub?
Hyperranger X
Hyperranger X 14 dager siden
40 percent gameplay 60 percent cencored
ReFlex 15 dager siden
Why the censorship
Mr Cheeseburger
Mr Cheeseburger 15 dager siden
If you are a kid you should not play this game Me:ima act like I didn’t hear that
chaosgoettin 15 dager siden
I am borderline agnostic, but I enjoy nuns and priest playing doom. :D
Demonetization 15 dager siden
He is a professional
dino nuggies guy
dino nuggies guy 16 dager siden
This priest playing really badly is fine to me, he never admit that he is gamer, while game journalist in the other hand
Andrew Wars
Andrew Wars 16 dager siden
Por favor traduzcanlo !!!
Kudoro 135
Kudoro 135 16 dager siden
Anyone else wanna see this but with Devil May Cry?
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 16 dager siden
He took christianity to a whole new _level_ Please don't hate me.
Senpai CatBoi
Senpai CatBoi 17 dager siden
Coming here for gore and priest reaction… leave with priest reaction and half your memory of the video filled with censorship
TheRedTails 18 dager siden
Now this is *Good Content*
Nic Bellew
Nic Bellew 18 dager siden
Perhaps a controller would have been a better option for him, however he still learned really fast.
GRU is pointing a gun at you
GRU is pointing a gun at you 18 dager siden
The Beansprout
The Beansprout 19 dager siden
Why would you blur out the violence tho ?
I don't even know what to say
I don't even know what to say 19 dager siden
They probably don't want to be demonetized
marc Perez
marc Perez 20 dager siden
Rev. Chris casually reciting Psalms 23 while shooting literal demons.
Xotic the Floof
Xotic the Floof 21 dag siden
most of the video is censored lmao 🤣
Antics Corp
Antics Corp 21 dag siden
It's interesting to see a Priest playing bloody games that is related to religion
John Adler
John Adler 21 dag siden
*God approves* 👍
Rumuel Nathanael
Rumuel Nathanael 21 dag siden
Disliked for the censor. It's a Doom game ffs. The Priest rocks though.
The Replication
The Replication 21 dag siden
Finally, an enjoyable Christian game where you do God's bidding and save the world.
paul franco falcone
paul franco falcone 21 dag siden
Rocket & Groot
Rocket & Groot 22 dager siden
*If you're planning on spending most of video blurring out kills in a video game becuase you find it inappropriate* *Then Doom isn't the game you wanna play*
Mr Dylan Alcala
Mr Dylan Alcala 22 dager siden
Father: so have you defeated the demon? Priest: yeah I grabbed my chainsaw and rip off his shoulder, oh and another demon was coming at me so I took out my shotgun and blast him off, oh yeah I broke the demons arm it was so disgusting. Father:
banana boy
banana boy 22 dager siden
Why are you blurring out the gore that's the best part
Hao Do
Hao Do 22 dager siden
When your skill worst than the priest This priest was better than game journalist, Not gonna lie tho
Original American
Original American 22 dager siden
So this is how they train for exorcisms.
Shahan Kamal Ahmed Shahan Kamal Ahmed
Shahan Kamal Ahmed Shahan Kamal Ahmed 23 dager siden
gaming consumed me
Shahan Kamal Ahmed Shahan Kamal Ahmed
Shahan Kamal Ahmed Shahan Kamal Ahmed 23 dager siden
Toxic Tutorials
Toxic Tutorials 23 dager siden
Priest with a head set - Jesus - "Ur awesome stay awesome broooooo,, also i would like to thank Raid shadow legends fr sponsoring this video.... DONT FORGET TO LIKA AND SUBSCRIBE... SEE YAAAAA LATER"
Mork 23 dager siden
This is perhaps the coolest priest out there
Roky 23 dager siden
We need more videos of him playing games,any games,would be fun to watch.
dont watch anime
dont watch anime 23 dager siden
F ur censors and korean substitle
Sean Carroll
Sean Carroll 23 dager siden
Next should be Flat Earthers play No Man's Sky.
Gerhard Visser
Gerhard Visser 24 dager siden
This reminds me of the original foom for some reason during the fights
Dafulegend 24 dager siden
Lmao what
Tragic 24 dager siden
Boi now thats what i call excorsism
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia 24 dager siden
I guess you can say he "kicks arse for the lord".
The game Bear
The game Bear 24 dager siden
"game but do not let it consume your life" BEST QUOTE NO CAP!
The game Bear
The game Bear 24 dager siden
well someone's doing penance after this
Abby Is Watching
Abby Is Watching 25 dager siden
EAT MY HOLINESS, DEMON! That line instantly got stolen. Now you know the secret, Rev Chris - screaming at the game is half the fun, and a great stress reliever. I laughed so hard my ribs hurt. I know this is an older video, but if you guys are reading this I'd love to see him play something like Destroy All Humans or Rampage. 😎
Magic man
Magic man 25 dager siden
Possibly the only game series a person of faith can play
Gene Frisby
Gene Frisby 25 dager siden
I was looking for a priest reaction to doom eternal Then they recommended this video I'm not disappointed though awe hahahah.
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse 25 dager siden
No one ever said a Priest had to be soft. Praise the Lord and pass the AMMUNITION!!! Real song by the way
FBI 25 dager siden
so let’s censor the best part of the game just to get my sweet sweet revunue
Arinay Oraon
Arinay Oraon 26 dager siden
4:52 I am a kid and hae played this game better than u
Juliet PH
Juliet PH 26 dager siden
How scary can a priest be ? Rev. Chris : *yes*
Edward Roets
Edward Roets 26 dager siden
I can now finally die in peace knowing I watched a priest play doom
William Peters
William Peters 26 dager siden
The best thing is that Chris is an excellent example of most actual Christians and Catholics. Most of us enjoy having fun as long as we aren't doing wrong
J 27 dager siden
May-be he will be fired...
Name Pending
Name Pending 27 dager siden
Didn’t have to censor it
Paolo_ Gian
Paolo_ Gian 27 dager siden
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