Real Priest Reacts to DRACULA!!🧛🏻‍♂️

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10 måneder siden

Today we take a Jolly little look at the terrifying show "Dracula" with Rev. Chris!
오늘은 공포의 “드라큘라” 드라마를 크리스 신부님과 함께 봅니다!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

matthew miller
matthew miller 3 dager siden
you should react to lucifer
johnnycucumber 4 dager siden
I would seriously love to see these guys watch "Lucifer". And also "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina".
Daniel Castelo Branco
Daniel Castelo Branco 10 dager siden
Rev. Chris is very cute, and lovely... I have fun listening to him.
ABDALLA AWALE 16 dager siden
What were you guys watching?? If you don't show the screen and you are going like "Oh this is horrible", "oh this is horrifying". It's only going to add to my curiousity
Xa Santh
Xa Santh 20 dager siden
geez you where like 3 ex-girlfriends at once watching the movie :P
gaijinPH Måned siden
after hearing Rev Chris' preference in movie tones, I'd like to see their reaction to the movie The 18th Angel
cuphead y bendy
cuphead y bendy Måned siden
We want to see his opinion about Lucifer by Netflix
血影・春雪「英霊|フォーリナー」 Måned siden
Don’t like the fact that the church made someone human such as Vlad the Impaler into a monster that of which they call, Vampire. Descriptions you get on what a Vampire does and looks like is based on things on Vlad, like white hair would be due to him discovering white hair dye, vampires spiting acid would be him throwing flasks of acid during battle, the pale skin would be attributed to the fact that Vlad goes to battle at night, which also gives the idea that amputee are only active at night. There are so many people that the church has screwed a bit and turned them to monsters, like they called intelligent people, witches and warlocks. I am fine with religion, being an omnist, but I don’t like the history of some religions.
John Steam
John Steam Måned siden
Why are all the subtitles in korean and how are you guys so close ! So many questions!!
Loyal Smith
Loyal Smith Måned siden
Did a bird poop on Rev Chris pants? 😝
Aoife Tomlin
Aoife Tomlin Måned siden
For some reason, Chris reminds me of the priest from Grandchester
the man in the high castle
the man in the high castle Måned siden
wait is he catholic ? he has a marriage ring... i thought catholics cant be married and also be a priest
Kanika Garal
Kanika Garal Måned siden
They r scared of that show?? Its more gross than scary due to se scenes which were gory. But I loved the show and actors were amazing. Also the soul is eternal but the body is not. I am an atheist but if I had faith this is what I would believe.
Adiammi Sara
Adiammi Sara Måned siden
It would be so interesting to see Rev. Chris react to the show supernatural!
• j i y a •
• j i y a • Måned siden
their reactions were hilllarrioussssssssss
spacedninjalo Måned siden
Possible real diseases that caused the myth of vampirism: Porphyria which can cause sun sensitivity that results in blisters and scarring, Anemia which can cause extreme fatigue (sleeping through the day) and pale/yellowish skin, or Renfield Syndrome which is an obsession with drinking blood.
NelielSugiura Måned siden
Would be interesting to see/hear Rev. Chris' thoughts on Preacher and that journey to find God.
antonio capaldi
antonio capaldi Måned siden
the priest in the last kingdom is a badass but is also quite holy and caring
Jessica Able
Jessica Able Måned siden
I loved this adaptation... Until the end of the second episode. It was such a DUMB twist. (spoilers) if they wanted some of it to be set in the modern day, fine, it's something different, it might be cool. But they really should have established some of the modern setting in the first couple of episodes. For anyone watching expecting a gothic victorian kinda vibe, as it was marketed, and was invested in said vibe throughout, the very SUDDEN change made the atmosphere that had been built up do a one eighty. It was a complete tonal whiplash and was a terrible terrible move for the sake of a twist. I was so pissed off when that happened 😅😑
BroadwayLoves Kat
BroadwayLoves Kat Måned siden
A priest being terrified Dracula with a pillow on his head is some top tier content Also Person 1 on a date: So, what do you wanna do? 😏 Person 2: I dunno- I was thinking maybe Netflix and Person 1: 😏 Person 2: Pray
Damien Burroughs
Damien Burroughs Måned siden
Sherlock ended FAR TOO SOON! the reactions made me do the soft, silent harsh laugh, which is both good and bad because 1, i need a drink, and 2, it's almost midnight and i need to go to bed and parents in the other room.
Suz V2017
Suz V2017 Måned siden
I'd be interested to know what this priests flock think of him continually coming onto you tube videos and to be honest not really showing the grace and dignity that i think priests should have if we are to look up to them. (I'm not religious so don't anyway but that is beside the point.) is he a priest who puts his god and calling first or simply a man using his position in order to get some recognition for himself by taking part in these sort of videos on a regular basis. Is the church aware he is doing this all the time? I'm genuinely interested to know how he can reconcile the two.
Meltem Aşkın
Meltem Aşkın Måned siden
2.10 I always pick pillow on my head and try keep it there with balance. when priest did it omg so cute
A White
A White Måned siden
antonio elizalde
antonio elizalde Måned siden
On a scale
antonio elizalde
antonio elizalde Måned siden
Wait so if Dracula isn’t as strong of the devil how strong is satan I know god is obviously stronger but I just want to know
Subin YouKnow
Subin YouKnow Måned siden
I wanna translate your channel into Russian, there are a lot of words that helps me improve my English 🤓 Thank you 🌿
Mrittik Mukherjee
Mrittik Mukherjee Måned siden
Mash up with the ghouligans in BuzzFeed unsolved and go haunted house hunting
Yumiko Kiyo
Yumiko Kiyo Måned siden
the show gave me a new sleep paralysis demon, and he's a hot one. It also gave me more than enough gay dreams I'm sorry sdifbiadn
phantommaggotxxx Måned siden
I watched all this when it came out.. TF are you guys freaking out about... lol....
Jayvee Garcia
Jayvee Garcia Måned siden
Has Rev Chris reacted to any Lady Gaga song?
Lucas Hope Rojas
Lucas Hope Rojas Måned siden
what if he reacted to Lucifer?
AkumaKumaKun Måned siden
I binged Dracula in a day and I loved it! Edit: Not a fan of the ending though...
Dakaru Måned siden
The reactions are so overblown that it becomes sad :S
khairus thevirus
khairus thevirus Måned siden
I thought the movie was kind of a romantic comedy as I was watching it :)
The Random Artist
The Random Artist 2 måneder siden
I could see these guys getting together Sunday night and chilling, watching shows and movies while eating pizza and stuff, maybe they bring new candies sometimes to snack on while watching. If you told me these three started a show reaction channel and reviewing stuff I wouldn’t mind.
NoneOfYourBiz87 2 måneder siden
I didn't even know people could be scared of that show. xD
Leo Park
Leo Park 2 måneder siden
Think I read somewhere where there used to be a condition, where one's iron levels get so low that hunger for blood happens. Not sure if there is an actual recorded case where it got to the point of someone biting somebody, but you'd be surprised. A lot of horror comes from reality, and reality has scarier stuff than fiction.
Kathy Omier
Kathy Omier 2 måneder siden
Not sure if this answers Ollie's "serious" question since I can not remember the source that I had learned this from a while back, but here goes... There was a vampire epidemic in Europe, way back then. Modern science has done some research on known vampires that were killed or died during the epidemic and their conclusion was that the epidemic was an untreated illness called "rabies" that made all of them vampire-like symptoms. Even in modern times, if a person is not diagnosed nor treated when they have rabies, their personality will change because it eats away at the brain, also bringing forth many "vampire symptoms" like sensitivity to light, always hungry and irritability. There are other symptoms but if you are really interested, you can always look up symptoms of or just rabies in general. A quick google search will give a more thorough explanation.
TalulahCarmichael2 2 måneder siden
Was anyone else unable to look away from Brie while she was there?
Richard Yassir
Richard Yassir 2 måneder siden
anyone sees this a bit suspucius?
Maria Paula
Maria Paula 2 måneder siden
I just love, how much I can learn hearing Rev Chris! I'm catholic and I really learn a lot about the Bible and the love of God and how you could see it and apply it in your every day life with you guys! Amazing! And funny too, that's a plus🎉
Jen Rig
Jen Rig 2 måneder siden
2:10 Rev Chris shows a new way to prevent fright fest nightmares. Note to self...Must get red cushion for Netflix and Pray.
Chin Ezekiel
Chin Ezekiel 2 måneder siden
I want a review on The Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love? - really feels like they are preaching which i love
Alokin Whiiz
Alokin Whiiz 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one hearing the intro to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance when Rev. Chris starts singing ( 3:43 ) ?
Sai Namuduri
Sai Namuduri 2 måneder siden
I really hope they watch the movie version of Dracula: The Untold Story with Luke Evans. It's a very nuanced, powerful portrayal of Dracula. I'd particularly like Rev. Chris' take on what constitutes a sinful monster or a devil when a person wilfully makes a deal with a "devil" in order to safeguard his people. Also, would what he (spoiler) sacrifices for his family be enough to redeem him in the eyes of God?
blah 2 måneder siden
It is said that the Queen is actually a fan of The Crown~ (got your back Ollie! haha)
essenestephanie 2 måneder siden
Where do you think Catholicism came up with the idea of drinking the blood of Jesus and eating his body?? As it a normal ritual in pagan days?? It seems to still float around as ritual abuse todayif you listen to other British you tubers Shaun attwood.
essenestephanie 2 måneder siden
How does this priest not know about the child abuse that falls under satanistic ritual Abuse on children?? They do harm and drink blood of children
Cole Spofford
Cole Spofford 2 måneder siden
Please watch Lucifer with him
UniComs 2 måneder siden
The thing that works with a priest watching Dracula is that they realize that Vampires are supposed to represent the very antithesis of humanity and that it isn’t about the horror, but the character.
HereitsZara 2 måneder siden
wait till you get to the later episodes and theres a massive plot twist that ruins the whole thing
Magdalena Zimoch
Magdalena Zimoch 2 måneder siden
Answering Ollies questions: There is at least one case I know about a human, who loved killing and drinking humans blood. In Poland there was a man named Karol Kot, later known as Vampire from Kraków. A serial killer that had a very unpredictable pattern. During his trial he said stuff like (I am trying to translate on the fly): "I liked drinking warm blood and I was killing like no one else from Kraków" "Good is that, what brings you pleasure, so if killing brings me pleasure, it is a good deed and I am a decent man" "At least one dream came true: I wanted and have been a butcher (human butcher)m but I have been thinking of a bigger massacre , concretion He was a very disturbed human being and was sentenced to death (while it was still legal in Poland). Truly terrifying story.
Albert Taylor
Albert Taylor 2 måneder siden
even like 10 months later, the balancing of the pillow on Revs head so he's even slightly distracted from being nervous get me giggling
Harry Jack
Harry Jack 2 måneder siden
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Kathleen Alfonso
Kathleen Alfonso 2 måneder siden
Always refer to the Scripture in times of doubt.
Jman 2 måneder siden
Anubis D
Anubis D 2 måneder siden
1:14 is the best part
elleran1969 2 måneder siden
I am a middle aged 5ft tiny lady and I watched this whole series myself you big babies lol.
bronao 2 måneder siden
Slowly grabbing the pillows is a mood lol
Caly Boo
Caly Boo 2 måneder siden
I love Pastor Chris. He is so awesome.
Albert krank
Albert krank 2 måneder siden
what a bunch of p****s :P
itsme Emma
itsme Emma 2 måneder siden
I used to drink my own blood, and I know there are people out there, specifically couples that drink each others blood, and I'm sure on the dark web there are others, I wouldnt drink others blood and I stopped when realising its bad for the heart XD
Rolando Agrazal
Rolando Agrazal 2 måneder siden
A reaction to sabrina!!!
Disco Lizard
Disco Lizard 2 måneder siden
(late comment) glad to see that even priests seek the protection of the safety pillow when watching scary stuffs :')
mgsGamer 2 måneder siden
✨dracula, mina, the lawyer and sister agatha is an acting inspiration, periodt 💅✨
pandaeyes 2 måneder siden
time to watch dracula again
arfiana rs
arfiana rs 2 måneder siden
I can watch another four hours of Ollie just naming examples, then it slowly fades away and the music theme starts playing.
dvdgalutube 2 måneder siden
I finished this show, both seasons. Hmm it’s ok. It’s not bad but I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. There are some refreshing ideas that surprised me but the script at a lot of times, is too convenient.
Maira Denice Guanzing
Maira Denice Guanzing 2 måneder siden
Okay, co-Filipinos, who want them to react to EERIE and CLARITA???
Jillian W
Jillian W 2 måneder siden
Why have I never seen this show on Netflix? Is it in the US too?
Stefano Paci
Stefano Paci 2 måneder siden
On the Neflix docuseries "Dark Tourist" there's an episode on "Vampires", that is people who actually drink human blood. Watch it, it's great. And creepy.
Iannah Jones
Iannah Jones 2 måneder siden
Fun fact there was a real Dracula. He was an evil tyrant who did despicable things too people.
Iannah Jones
Iannah Jones 2 måneder siden
Okay... so I was ready for a discussion about deep things but not ready to watch three grown men scream for two minutes straight! Lol!🤣🤣🤣
Emily Winchester
Emily Winchester 3 måneder siden
i NEED chris to react to Lucifer
Dea 3 måneder siden
Now I'm getting more interest in Chris because of what he said here.. Oh and Ollie, there're people that drink blood. They believe that they're vampire so they drink blood. I've read it on the internet before.
אופק שריסט
אופק שריסט 3 måneder siden
He should react to lucifer episode 9 (about the priest)
Jigs Arquiza
Jigs Arquiza 3 måneder siden
How about Rev. Chris reacting to "Lucifer", "The Sin Eater" or "The Exorcist"?
Parveen Reth
Parveen Reth 3 måneder siden
The editing 😂😂
Squirrelflight 232
Squirrelflight 232 3 måneder siden
Makers of skerlock? So stevenmoffat and the other dude responsible for dw and headaches from trying to understand continuinity.
Talim being a very thrifty ghorrl
Talim being a very thrifty ghorrl 3 måneder siden
*_Jolly Reacts To Soul Calibur 6 & Talim's Back Story_*
Momcilo Lulevic
Momcilo Lulevic 3 måneder siden
why is this channel all about priest reacting to some dark stuff? How about u make a video of that priest telling something smart and teaching other people about God?
co butterflyy
co butterflyy 3 måneder siden
i have a feeling that rev chris is a cancer 💗
Elisheba Ekwunife
Elisheba Ekwunife 3 måneder siden
The screams😂
MsLaw84 3 måneder siden
Haha their reactions were hilarious. I watched this with my 14 year old son whilst eating dinner
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 4 måneder siden
I would really like to see Rev Chris's thoughts on the last two episodes as well. There were some very interesting themes explored there. I think the central question of "Why does Dracula fear the cross?" provides a really interesting thread through the show.
jamie silaban
jamie silaban 4 måneder siden
reverend should do "the young Pope" and "the new pope"
Pixel Qube32
Pixel Qube32 4 måneder siden
Reverend Chris should react to the show Lucifer.
Dennis Bijou
Dennis Bijou 4 måneder siden
I would be the guy who just chilling in the sofa eating some chicken 😋
김재포 4 måneder siden
1:49 😧
hannah spark
hannah spark 4 måneder siden
Watch lucifer
Holly Cunningham
Holly Cunningham 4 måneder siden
I chose to review Dracula (Netflix) for one of my uni classes, I went in blind, alone, and at night. Both the worst and best decision, I loved it, but I’m not watching it again anytime soon.
Maarten de Baarten
Maarten de Baarten 4 måneder siden
10% content 90% HUUUUUUUUUUHHH
Da da daisy
Da da daisy 4 måneder siden
Can you reaction to Lucifer Netflix new trailer ? Pls 🥺
Isa Debs
Isa Debs 4 måneder siden
bruh I think Josh, Oliie, and Chris prayed for the lord while eating pizza and watching the movie LMFAO
Sakura 4 måneder siden
I know they were trying to avoid spoilers, but I really wish they discussed Agatha's outlook on religion more! She is an amazing character. I would also want to see what they think of it after they've finished it.
Esther Kim
Esther Kim 4 måneder siden
2:05 all three freaking out differently ahahahaha
Thai Austin
Thai Austin 4 måneder siden
The cutest priest I've ever known.
Johnathan Williams
Johnathan Williams 4 måneder siden
They need to have him watch Constantine!
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