German Army Rations are Actually TERRIFYING.

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Today we try JOLLY German military army rations from their creative(?) biscuits to mysterious meals, some of which we really liked and some… watch the video to find out!!
오늘은 독일의 졸리한 전투식량을 먹어봅니다! 정말 독일스러운(?) 비스킷부터 미스터리 샐러드와 본식 메뉴들… 그리고 의외로 맛있는 후식들까지?! 과연 독일 전투식량은 전투력을 상승시켜주는 맛일까요…?! 영상에서 확인하세요!
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Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang
Special thanks to our Jollybean VIPs for supporting us in making this video!
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who's brian
who's brian 6 måneder siden
missed the opportunity to say “german rations are the wurst” 😔
Buckyzz 28 dager siden
Good one mate :)
Oliver Miles
Oliver Miles 4 måneder siden
@Pearl T yes so do i!
Dante Malus
Dante Malus 5 måneder siden
Oi! german humor is no laughing matter! XD
Gilsz WARRIOR 5 måneder siden
who's brian 😂😂💀💀💀💀
Annika K.
Annika K. 5 måneder siden
perfect!!! :DDDD
Irsyad R
Irsyad R 20 timer siden
You should try Indonesia MRE, it's tastyyy
KrasnySoldat'_ 332
KrasnySoldat'_ 332 8 dager siden
Me, as a germna can just say, those things look ok xD
lilyann 8 dager siden
*rock music blasting as they open a packet of cheese*
윌슨 10 dager siden
독일 전투식량 의미 - "매우 견고한 음식"
윌슨 10 dager siden
남자 불알 아니에요. 절대로..
윌슨 10 dager siden
그리고.. 아시아 게르만 덕후..
윌슨 10 dager siden
다스부츠 vat19
ella 14 dager siden
Duuuuude. Im eating while see this. 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
코카콜벳cccb01닷com 20 dager siden
새해에도 웃음 가득한 한 해 되세요 코카콜벳 인사드립니다
Czerny 21 dag siden
Hm yes, my favourite metal singer, Cahssa Oofstrick
Gregor Huhn
Gregor Huhn 23 dager siden
Was jammern die denn so sieht doch OK aus
Florian Riepenhausen
Florian Riepenhausen 26 dager siden
5 Months too late but just to clarify something. Those are not German Army Rations. Those are German Army Substitutes for a shortage on actual rations who are based on I think UN Emergency rations. German Army Rations can be easily identified on the light-grey boxes they come in and are much better. Those substitute rations are coming recently onto the market since the shortage of actual rations is over and the substitutes are obviously quite unpopular and insufficient.
WhitedeathSN 26 dager siden
Those biscuits do not get called "Panzerkeks" or tank biscuits without a reason.
DSP16569 Måned siden
These Biscuits called "Panzerplatten" (nickname) - literally translated Tank armor plates. :-)
BlackWater 49
BlackWater 49 Måned siden
5:15 I'm not kidding but I just got a commercial for "State of Survival" and that somehow feels very appreciate. XD
Sascha Maerker
Sascha Maerker Måned siden
Bad food makes good soldiers
Gamer Leal
Gamer Leal Måned siden
I remember when I was in the Boy Scouts of America, my troop and I had MRE's that were older in age than we were. An example; we used the brownies to hammer our tent pegs into the ground and the brownies stayed intact.
TheDeadCobra Måned siden
You skip to much
Cynical Citizen
Cynical Citizen Måned siden
Someone, get the American MRE: Veggie Omelet. Vegetarian is better, huh?
P Granger-Stylinson
P Granger-Stylinson Måned siden
"ik libe dik NIICHT"
Noc Nicole
Noc Nicole Måned siden
The cocktail wurstchen actually looks kinda good tho🙃✨
Felix Måned siden
why dont you heat the meals up? XD
Miley Måned siden
I think the cookies are typical German. They have like a lot of things in it the body needs and they aren't made to taste good. The meals are just bad versions of different kinds of "Eintopf" (lit. "one pot") which is just a mix of different things thrown into a pot and cooked (normally tastes way better than it sounds). "Eintopf" was originally popularised in Germany during ww2 by the Nazi regime to make more efficient use of the food, so it wouldn't run low as quickly.
SpookyGamer King
SpookyGamer King Måned siden
I saw the thumbnail "ich liebe dich" that's I love you, idk why you put I love you for German rations
Marián Dill
Marián Dill Måned siden
We miss you guys :"c
therudedude YT
therudedude YT Måned siden
3:22 that is easy w There are the „barista verpakungen" there is literaly comedyans who make fun of how indestrucktebel they are
therudedude YT
therudedude YT Måned siden
Der gute alte Panzerkekse du kannst ihn einfach so verputzen oder ihn als Deckung nutzen
Raúl Kraus
Raúl Kraus 2 måneder siden
You guys Are the worst reviewer ever. You‘r just soooo uncultured... wow !
Raúl Kraus
Raúl Kraus 2 måneder siden
02:30 an Alle die DIESE Marmelade scho Ma gegessen haben... bin ich der einzigste der die Packung nie aufbekommt und grade entsetzt schaut???
Melanie 2 måneder siden
saw the tinned bread and instantly graved it... never thought i would miss army rations 😂😂
Manu ad Ferrum
Manu ad Ferrum 2 måneder siden
When your food is not even good enough for British people you're in serious trouble. :D
Anna ._.
Anna ._. 2 måneder siden
The alcoholic taste with the jam is actually quite normal with some jams 😅 at least here in Austria
asterixxer 2 måneder siden
Something to translate: Je besser die Armee, desto schlechter das Essen. Das hält die Krieger bei schlechter Laune :-D
J Bang
J Bang 2 måneder siden
So French rations good German bad
Nik Mikhaylov
Nik Mikhaylov 2 måneder siden
Nobody: Literally noone: Josh 0:05: Ich liebe dick
PIEPIEP 2 måneder siden
Jamais je ne mangerais de ces choses faites par le diable en personne !!!!! 😱😱🥺 Par contre gros respect pour les pauvres allemands qui sont en opex et qui mangent ça
Alina Peterhans
Alina Peterhans 2 måneder siden
3:12 we ask ourselves that periodically.
Gabriel Battais
Gabriel Battais 2 måneder siden
i think germans have bad ration to actually don't fear death as it means don't have to eat that the next day
mesh shirt burgundy pants
mesh shirt burgundy pants 2 måneder siden
why is ollies pronounciation in korean so bad even after years but in german so good after like..a few days maybe??
Steven Leslie
Steven Leslie 2 måneder siden
Lembas bread
Tom F
Tom F 2 måneder siden
No wonder the germans used to love fine diners in France.
baum7des7lebens7 3 måneder siden
There's a reason those biscuits are so hard: they are fortified 😃😃 with vitamins and minerals, of course.
Wackinator 66
Wackinator 66 3 måneder siden
The German army really hates vegetarians
Christoph Lange
Christoph Lange 3 måneder siden
Asterix & Obelix already said: "The worse the food, the better the army."
Elizabeth K
Elizabeth K 3 måneder siden
I think they were rather salty about the lack of salt on their biscuits
Tim Riehl
Tim Riehl 3 måneder siden
Or, German soldiers eat those "rations" and decide death is better.
Falken Vir
Falken Vir 4 måneder siden
German Soldiers : "Fighting Ferocious due to their sheer hatred with their Rations"
shazbot231 4 måneder siden
North Korea is off the scale
buzzkill1964 4 måneder siden
Those are new rations they are probably a year from becoming edible!
indyjohn59 4 måneder siden
Those "biscuits" as you call them look a lot like American Civil War era hardtack... crackers (biscuits) made with.... plaster of paris... I see the recipe hasn't changed....
아이와에 aewhye
아이와에 aewhye 4 måneder siden
Mørnîng Şky
Mørnîng Şky 4 måneder siden
Me who litterly ate Erbsen Eintopf last week: Boy....I feel sorry for you Btw...The only thing i hated in this video was that they put the whole Jam on one biscuit...Your like my Brother with his met wurst
Ty Borland
Ty Borland 4 måneder siden
I t smells off stevemre1989 say no
Jeffreak 4 måneder siden
the meals will taste completly different when you heat them up.
june park
june park 4 måneder siden
포로 고문 할때 쓰는 군용식일가요? 두분 먹는거만 봐도 메슥 거림 진짜로 이렇게 심한 음식을 독일군이 먹는건지 검증 필요
Paxton Thayer
Paxton Thayer 4 måneder siden
I feel bad saying this but the cocktail sausages looked okay to me....
kyunoya 4 måneder siden
as a german speaker but with no german ethnicity i am and am not offended at the same time
Device K
Device K 4 måneder siden
"Wow nice hiss"
Baller Burg
Baller Burg 4 måneder siden
German Soldiers dont need food they need Pervitin
PogoDarnexx 4 måneder siden
The Erbseneintopf actually looks normal XD The Vegi one looks nasty lol
박희설 4 måneder siden
Between ollie's silly personality and dumb little comments (goofy), and Josh's contagious laugh, I think I've found my favorite channel
Frank Teryngel
Frank Teryngel 4 måneder siden
This literally looked worse than WWII german iron rations (well, at least in theory, in practice I bet that the production of those was rushed to the point of quality gradualy deteriorating as the war went on).
nooshpresents 4 måneder siden
Explains why my neighbours who both work as soldiers in the german army get delivery food every day...
Ulvetann 4 måneder siden
Are the germans trying to kill their soldiers? Is there a memo I didn't recieve?
고정우 4 måneder siden
솔직히 어느 나라를 가든 전투식량은 다 맛없다고 할껄요.... 애초에 전투식량이 맛있는게 목적이 아니니까. 하지만 난 군머 있을때 전투 식량 ㅈㄴ 맛있게 처먹었는데 ㅎㅎ
Widdekuu91 4 måneder siden
Many things smell like chemicals, because they are wet/fruity stuff, alcohol and chemicals will be the only things keeping them fresh-ish. I prefer to have stuff in jars (with sugar-water, like peas. Or in cans, like corn or with sour-stuff, like silverskin-onions) or simply dried things, like croutons or biscuits. Anything sauce-like or jam in packages is awful and always tastes bad.
hs Kim
hs Kim 4 måneder siden
get out recism
Your Kommandant
Your Kommandant 4 måneder siden
My bois in Stalingrad would kill for a salty biscuit....
Oliver Miles
Oliver Miles 4 måneder siden
In this episode the auto generated subtitles didn’t say molly they said ollie!
D46356 4 måneder siden
Please make a video trying surströmming
빵빵레후 4 måneder siden
맥주와 소세지가 없다니..
Robert Sero
Robert Sero 4 måneder siden
I mean, if you're full in the end.. you'll enter the battlefield with energy replenished but angry at the same time. Its a win win
GOATEN 4 måneder siden
뭔가 독일개그를 음식으로 만든것 같군...
Soodong CHAE
Soodong CHAE 4 måneder siden
1:50 hartkeks는 hardtack이겠네요. ship biscuit... ㅋㅋㅋ 1일 3식으로 계산해서 비스켓이 여러개 들어있나봅니다. 끼니당 하나씩...? ㅎㅎㅎ 대부분의 전투식량은 정성들여서 데우지 않으면 사람이 먹을만한게 못됩니다... =ㅠ=
ClassiX 4 måneder siden
Not even entertaining at all. And not saying this because i'm german. Army rations are always bad when compared to normal food. But the peas soup is actually pretty good. Canned tuna always smells strong and almost disgusting. Also you didn't warm up the food. It's like eating raw dried rice and saying it's bad. Also you have some veggie meals that aren't as good. You guys are some picky eaters. Would like to see you starving in cold rain with only having these rations. Curious if then you'd still rate it this bad. Also you should compare it to other MREs, not other normal food. Ofc a great korean bbq is better than this canned, preserved stuff. Alright. Enough of the ranting. Have a great weekend :P
captainbackflash 4 måneder siden
I feel so sorry for those two plonkers!
WorthShades 4 måneder siden
Me watching this while eating dinner: O~O -~- I'm not hungry anymore-
Warhammer Chieftain
Warhammer Chieftain 4 måneder siden
Like the romans said: "The better the army, the worse the food"
Nicole 4 måneder siden
Then this should be the best food they ever had
Lion Prefect
Lion Prefect 4 måneder siden
When I served in the military I loved every little piece of the MRE. When you were out in the field it was a relief after a hard day😅 But the one which is called "Western - Type 2" is the best flavor. Also you are supposed to ration it. You should always use as little Käse Aufstrich and jam as possible😅
Vio.line 4 måneder siden
as a german i'm genually surprised they have vegetarian rations in the Bunderwehr.
Gabrielle Martinez
Gabrielle Martinez 4 måneder siden
i gotta say, i think this was one of the best jolly openings 😂😂 idk there was just something extra satisfying about this back and forth and cut to the jolly logo 😂👌❤💗
Evelina Nygren
Evelina Nygren 4 måneder siden
The food probably tastes pretty good if you've been living in a tent in a forest for a week.
Ashton 4 måneder siden
german cuisine btw
Han Lin
Han Lin 4 måneder siden
German Soldier: Left the chat.
excuse me liam
excuse me liam 4 måneder siden
Lol it's cute how were called the Jollybeans
Jakko Nu
Jakko Nu 4 måneder siden
Erbseneintopf!!! 💗 Mit Würstchen
Albert krank
Albert krank 5 måneder siden
well, something in our military has to be terrifying right?
Wuf Waffe
Wuf Waffe 5 måneder siden
Weird fact about MREs the food all has chemicals in them to make your body hold your shit in for longer
Mark Spee
Mark Spee 5 måneder siden
Bruv, what did you expect? A 5 star 3 course meal? Or an army ration designed to be just enough to keep a soldier going?
Anna Biedenweg
Anna Biedenweg 5 måneder siden
That Erbseneintopf looks great what are you talking about!
Isaac Langdon
Isaac Langdon 5 måneder siden
Please have the priest review episode one of Hazbin hotel. I think he would have some interesting insights.
nebe Ke
nebe Ke 5 måneder siden
옛날에 세계 2차 대전 때는 이렇게 화목하게 지낼줄 알았을까...? 지금 싸우는 모든 사람들도 미래를 한 번 생각 해줬으면 좋겠다...
Army Brat
Army Brat 5 måneder siden
Make you want to attack to get the other guy's rations ...
빨간딱지 5 måneder siden
저 소스들 다 비스킷에 발라 먹는건가보네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
RobVaderful 5 måneder siden
No guys, they distribute it to us...and we fight for better food, german motivation.
Christopher Liang
Christopher Liang 5 måneder siden
frankly it looks edible
정용철 5 måneder siden
독일군의 가장 강력한 무기.ㅋㅋㅋ. 개웃겨.ㅋㅋㅋ
M C 5 måneder siden
Me hearing how they pronounce the words: a language Ollie is better at?
Kha0sV4ktor 5 måneder siden
those biscuits actually constipate you quite good. When we were outside for longer with no toilet to sit on we ate those and nothing came out for 4 days straight xD you cant believe that relieve dood
Ranger 5 måneder siden
Lets get this out onto a tray...... Nice
Marc Wittkowski
Marc Wittkowski 5 måneder siden
Panzerkekse/ Hartkekse are amazing. At least they used to be 15-20 years ago.
Random Videos 101
Random Videos 101 5 måneder siden
I really want to join your group but I'm 12 and SoOoOo poooor
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