Brits Try TRADER JOE’S Snacks for the First Time!?

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8 måneder siden

Today we open a Jolly box of Trader Joes snacks sent to us from some lovely Jollybeans... and enter a whole new world of jolly snackage delight.
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Peach Tea
Peach Tea 2 timer siden
I really want to send a box. I'm definitely gonna send one on Christmas. ( btw I'm bengali 👄 )
ECxJuJu 26 dager siden
Ya'll brits colonized SEA for our spices and never use them, i'd never understand that lmao
emjayay Måned siden
emjayay Måned siden
Rockville is not in California. It's probably the Rockville in Maryland, north of Washington DC. It doesn't have a Trader Joe's, but there's two close by. The one toward DC is on Rockville Pike.
Alyssa Cowan
Alyssa Cowan Måned siden
individually wrapped... Welcome to America... >.> Also, those PB cups are my dad's favorite. The ghost pepper chips are one of my favs though
Audenim Oshea
Audenim Oshea Måned siden
Does anyone else feel sad watching this channel sometimes? My life is so hard and has always been this uphill struggle. No parents, distant family, money difficulties and health problems...Then I come here and their life always seems so perfect and easy (I know everyone has their struggles). but I dunno sometimes, it's like rubbing salt in the wound watching this channel and I just burst into tears at how hideously hard my life has been and still is.
Phat Huynh
Phat Huynh Måned siden
Rupkatha Chakravartty
Rupkatha Chakravartty Måned siden
i've decided. josh looks like jim carrey.
Alina Mary Sam
Alina Mary Sam Måned siden
Isn’t the biting your thumb thing from Shakespeare? Is it an actual insult in England ??
felicity250285 Måned siden
I live in the USA and I haven’t even had Trader Joe’s
Your average Art nerd
Your average Art nerd Måned siden
Watching all the nut snacks that would kill me if I even smelled it 👁👄👁
houchi69 Måned siden
Dammit. Now I need to go to Trader Joe's.
Alex Maycock
Alex Maycock Måned siden
Grace’s laugh makes everything 100000000% better
Berlian Måned siden
fance? You mean France.
Agustina Castellano
Agustina Castellano Måned siden
What I love the most about Ollie is his ability to compare things or situations in an extremely funny way
Agustina Castellano
Agustina Castellano Måned siden
5:53 how is that completely right?
Cigdem cigdem
Cigdem cigdem Måned siden
The left guy reminds me of a young Jim Carrey!
Kristi C
Kristi C 2 måneder siden
Yes, there is a lot of mediocre chocolate in the USA, but I will defend Reese's cups with my dying breath. Best. Candy. Ever. 😁
Kiki Nguyen
Kiki Nguyen 2 måneder siden
I love how the plaintain chips were magically ignored despite 0:55 (they're actually SO good!!)
incheønjenø 2 måneder siden
I make homemade keto dark choc peanut butter cups and they are better than Reece’s!! I love eating them knowing it’s a healthier option 😆
Christina Titus
Christina Titus 2 måneder siden
Whose back here after watching Ollie's dad reviewing quarantine memes
buffalobillbuffalove 2 måneder siden
"Please feature in channel" Pretty self-aggrandizing if you ask me
《sleepysoufflè》 {}
《sleepysoufflè》 {} 2 måneder siden
5:21 and 5:31 are like brothers fighting about stupid stuff,in cute version.
Diane Braberry
Diane Braberry 2 måneder siden
I think the videos become even more funny when Sepi and grace laugh. Their laugh is infectious🤣🤣🤣. Don't stop laughing you 2
cyann410 2 måneder siden
Rockville ? I shop at that one all the time !
cyann410 2 måneder siden
Oh, never mind, I thought it was Rockville, Maryland. Wrong coast.
Kamae Daemon
Kamae Daemon 2 måneder siden
Cookie Butter ??
Eduardo Barahona
Eduardo Barahona 2 måneder siden
Holly 2 måneder siden
trader joes is just german aldi (north) xD so its rly not that little its one of the biggest discounters of the world xD
yunemin 2 måneder siden
다크초콜릿에 땅콩버텈ㅋㅋ 다 좋아하는데 이 둘의 조합은 상상이 안가네요
EverythingWonderful 2 måneder siden
8:34 *Me:* hmmm that looks familiar *flashback to a recent video I watched where Ollie was so desperate to get the seasoning again, he poured out the whole thing, and worked out the ratio of the ingredients* *Me:* oh
말티목 2 måneder siden
4:29 근데 피아토스는 진짜 맛있어..그 초록색 뭐지 사워크림&어니언인가 그거는 좀 덜 자극적인데 치즈랑 바베큐? 빨간봉지...그거 진짜 고딩때 진짜 맨날 사먹었음.......한 3교시쯤? 매점 가서 치즈맛사가지고 존나 먹다가 피크닉 쭉 빨면 아 여기가 극락이구나
3 måneder siden
이제부터 달 보면 the moony moon이라고 해야겠다
Erin Brooker
Erin Brooker 3 måneder siden
YES Love all those snacks. Yum the chili lime chips
Neta Batata
Neta Batata 3 måneder siden
TJ bamba is actually made in Israel at the original Osem bamba factory 😊😊
A R 3 måneder siden
Can't believe they didn't send you trader joes licorice. Best licorice ever!
Lacto Bubblo
Lacto Bubblo 3 måneder siden
Bro I go to Trader Joe’s like every time. Reacting to them, is legit me when I see the snack aisles
Warribe Siqueira
Warribe Siqueira 3 måneder siden
Thats one dedicated employee! #giveheraraise
T T 3 måneder siden
Trader Joe’s does have really good snacks 😌
angelevelyndoyle 3 måneder siden
dont worry I dont like Resses either
Liz Joy
Liz Joy 3 måneder siden
What you guys may not realize is how expensive trader joe's snacks are. They have really quality food. 😊
나나나 3 måneder siden
조쉬 오피스 짐 닮았어요오 !
은청월 3 måneder siden
moony moon뭐에요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ주노 최강귀요미ㅠㅠㅠㅠ아아ㅠㅠㅠㅠ그거 뭐야 너무 귀여워ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ따라할래ㅠ히히 귀엽다 정말
buffalobillbuffalove 3 måneder siden
Ollie tries the Everything but the Bagel seasoning, exclaims, "I would love that on a plain bagel." Or you could just get an everything bagel??
擬態 3 måneder siden
Park Joo-Young
Park Joo-Young 3 måneder siden
9:28 did josh do this on purpose🙄
M4RCM0NT31R0 DRUMM3R 3 måneder siden
5:21 5:31
jarsofcw 3 måneder siden
I am also a big fan of Trader Joe's. As a Korean in America , Trader Joe's is one of best grocery ...we may buy lots of Asian stuffs. One day they had sold Kimchi, Honey-butter chips etc. It is fun to go shopping to Trader Joe's
Penny 3 måneder siden
I freaking love Trader Joe’s!! Not only do they have healthier, tasty alternative to a lot of things, but they also have lots of cool products you can’t get anywhere else. :)
Arianna Longoria
Arianna Longoria 3 måneder siden
“we use salt and pepper and that’s it” ..... my mexican spice CABINETS are crying for y’all 😂
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 4 måneder siden
Best place to get snackies. They have spicy cheese crunchies and I adore those.
Chul Hong
Chul Hong 4 måneder siden
한국어 댓글 찾고 있는 분, 손!
Jay Phatak
Jay Phatak 4 måneder siden
I swear, Spud Crunchies are the best things ever....and yes they totally taste like the bottom-of-the-bowl fries!
impossichannel 4 måneder siden
Spud crunchies are just like slightly inferior Calbee Jagabee from Japan. IF YOU CAN EVER TRY THE BUTTER SOY SAUCE JAGABEE, DO IT! IT'S INCREDIBLE!
Lexi the Slither-puff
Lexi the Slither-puff 4 måneder siden
I am ordering most of this stuff for my birthday since its quarantine, and no one gets to touch them.
AjAwesomeface 4 måneder siden
Your videos are so good for my anxiety. Just funny and light hearted. they always make me feel better about life.
Barbara Christensen
Barbara Christensen 4 måneder siden
In Long Beach Trader Joe's.
Barbara Christensen
Barbara Christensen 4 måneder siden
In California we only have the dark chocolate with peanut butter and rockets crackers.
Melaney Fajardo
Melaney Fajardo 4 måneder siden
I'm new to the channel but Ollie reminds me of Linguini from Ratatouille. Lmao just a thought.
Elize Mae Baje
Elize Mae Baje 4 måneder siden
I love it when Ollie reads the blurbs at the back. I immediately remembered when I watched their reaction to Filipino snacks
Daejin Ahn
Daejin Ahn 4 måneder siden
Della M
Della M 5 måneder siden
Churro Bites looks yum.. I wish i can get something like that here in Indonesia 😭
clairnce77 5 måneder siden
That ET seasoning is by BY FAR the best I've tried!!! And my mom usually mixes some herself for challa.
Taylor Baggins
Taylor Baggins 5 måneder siden
I love Ollie's reaction when he spots the everything bagel seasoning.
Taylor Baggins
Taylor Baggins 5 måneder siden
They need to try Stauffer's Whales crackers!
Anna Buchanan
Anna Buchanan 5 måneder siden
Trader Joes is amazing.
snsdtwinkle 5 måneder siden
I have a Trader Joe's in my city and out of all 15 years of living here I've never shopped there. Looks like it's time for me to go!
Ra 5 måneder siden
Dianne Gabrielle
Dianne Gabrielle 5 måneder siden
Omg the Filipino snacks blurbs 😂
Chess The Witch Kid
Chess The Witch Kid 5 måneder siden
I'm still a bit sad that they didn't try Clover. (It's a filipino snack as well and the barbeque flavored one is just 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼)
Chess The Witch Kid
Chess The Witch Kid 5 måneder siden
I'm still a bit sad that they didn't try Clover. (It's a filipino snack as well and the barbeque flavored one is just 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼)
망망디 5 måneder siden
제목 택배에있는대로 디자인 다시 해줬어ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Aahana Jain
Aahana Jain 6 måneder siden
The first one reminded me of the breakfast I had today... Couldn't choose so I spread Nutella on one of the toasts and then make half a PB&J sandwich. I liked it
Sadashya Bisht
Sadashya Bisht 6 måneder siden
ollie bit his thumb at josh ded
Ross Turcotte
Ross Turcotte 6 måneder siden
try hards
Michelle C
Michelle C 6 måneder siden
Great Britain conquered most of the world for spices and then didn't end up using any of them.
liva funder
liva funder 6 måneder siden
Who else just died when Josh laughed like goofy at 03.06?
Arnold Rivas
Arnold Rivas 6 måneder siden
bianca contratto
bianca contratto 6 måneder siden
I can’t tell you how many time I replayed Olly saying “wow this is like chugging salt” I legit cried laughed so hard. My stomach hurts so bad. But that is good seasoning. I have some here, it’s so good on chicken, try it one time!
Maddie Claire
Maddie Claire 6 måneder siden
i cant believe they didn't send them the tub of mini chocolate chip cookies :( those are my favorite trader joe's snack
artisallthat 6 måneder siden
I like trader joes but i haven't seen even half of what they got.
Lily Catherine Macdonald
Lily Catherine Macdonald 6 måneder siden
Angel 6 måneder siden
Chimaek is also a moreish thing XD just like gambling but in a positive manner (not saying gambling is good kids!)
Nicole Barsi
Nicole Barsi 6 måneder siden
PLEASE!! Please try Canadian snacks!!!! Some examples Ketchup chips, Coffee crisp chocolate bar, bite &bites, Naniamo bars, Ruffles All Dressed chips and Dunkaroo's. I would love to see your reaction!!!!
mary catherine
mary catherine 6 måneder siden
I think spud crunchies could totally be the next british insult 😂
HH 6 måneder siden
I must find some of those the next time I leave my house from this quarantine D;
jon snow
jon snow 6 måneder siden
That trader joe's is probably like a block from where I live.
Sunshine Dee
Sunshine Dee 6 måneder siden
I just keep coming back to this video 😂this must be my fourth or fifth time rewatching; geez it's just so good!
BabehNENE 6 måneder siden
We do have seasoning in England, yall just don't know where to buy it. U gotta go the the Caribbean, Arab or African shops to find top notch seasoning. U can't just go to sainsburys or tescos 😪😪😪
Maya Martos
Maya Martos 6 måneder siden
I shop regularly at Trader Joe's, but I have only ever seen the dark chocolate orange, but that might have to do with the fact that I can't eat Trader Joe's snacks due to my allergy.
Camille Ramos
Camille Ramos 6 måneder siden
Along comes.. Piattos 🤣
Rusia 2019 viaje
Rusia 2019 viaje 6 måneder siden
Guys you're ruining my diet you're making me have cravings
Jesse Anne
Jesse Anne 6 måneder siden
I feel like in each of their quarantine videos Josh gets a little bit crazier
Jisu 6 måneder siden
Love Trader Joe's!
남로한 6 måneder siden
한국에는 이미 한입 츄러스(과자)가 판매중이에요 >
Jerome Ruyeras
Jerome Ruyeras 7 måneder siden
3:13 that's literally me imagining I'm with my crush.
InfoGaming _
InfoGaming _ 7 måneder siden
The ones they didn’t film are the ones I like the most lol
No Ma’am
No Ma’am 7 måneder siden
Trader Joe’s = Aldi !
danielle erazo
danielle erazo 7 måneder siden
you brits talks so...eloquent, and always sound like you know what you are saying...and me with my la accent. we always sound drunk lmao.
danielle erazo
danielle erazo 7 måneder siden
when i saw them take the mochi bites i cringed so hard for them. they are gross.
Colleen Ha
Colleen Ha 7 måneder siden
Everything but the bagel seasoning is great on everything, scrambled eggs, sautéed spinach, avocado toast....
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