British 3-Year-Old Chocolate TIER LIST?!

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5 måneder siden

Today we are introducing Juno to a whole new world of chocolate bars! Watch to find out which is her favourite!
오늘은 주노에게 초콜릿의 신세계를 소개해줬어요! 주노의 최애 초콜릿은 과연...?
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Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
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Translator: Miso Kang
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Rohit Dag siden
Have you really quit NOpost?? Come on!! Get back on. Things happen...just get over it and stop thinking unnecessarily.
David Yoon
David Yoon 2 dager siden
OMG juno i soooooooo~ cute and lovely.
tbonbrad 4 dager siden
“This is July”
Janine Elice Bukieda
Janine Elice Bukieda 6 dager siden
Juno must be so big now!!! I miss you all! Hope you are all healthy and happy!
Lydie P
Lydie P 6 dager siden
I’ve given up refined sugar for lent and I must admit this video is cute but not an easy watch!
Fadia Zarah
Fadia Zarah 6 dager siden
Anyone else just watching old Jolly videos during the hiatus?
Belén Rivero
Belén Rivero 5 dager siden
I miss them so much ☹
Minjae Kim
Minjae Kim 7 dager siden
It’s been so long
Isabella Wong
Isabella Wong 7 dager siden
Ollie: Now this is the fanciest chocolate on the board. This is the kind of thing that kings, queens, and most importantly princesses eat! Me: Tesco branded chocolate? really? lol
azizah nur adilah
azizah nur adilah 7 dager siden
I rewacth your video, I miss your video guys. I hope i can watch new video from you guys....
Gavin Vale-Smith
Gavin Vale-Smith 8 dager siden
I’ve got two young kids and this little Girl Is going to be awake for Hours after all this chocolate
k hey
k hey 11 dager siden
주노♡♡ 너무 오랜만이다♡
Memes Jenkins
Memes Jenkins 13 dager siden
i miss Juno. Shes a much needed ray of sunshine.
nasyaira f
nasyaira f 13 dager siden
she's so pwetyyy
na_ mae21
na_ mae21 13 dager siden
I miss Jolly!! I miss junoooo
swathi sivaraman
swathi sivaraman 16 dager siden
Such a smart kid.
Jacki Stuart
Jacki Stuart 17 dager siden
Juno is just soo gorgeous😍😍😍😍 Very smart little girl❤️
zed.k. 17 dager siden
Best girl
rmkw4291 17 dager siden
"What's your favourite colour Juno?" "Lellow" She says yellow the same as me when I was 3 😁
Kitty Terry
Kitty Terry 18 dager siden
She is a STAR!!!
Kitty Terry
Kitty Terry 18 dager siden
The funniest...cutest..
Yulia Adhia
Yulia Adhia 18 dager siden
She is so clever. I'm surprised by how she described the dark chocolate that smells like daddy's coffee....
Rael 19 dager siden
와~~조쉬다~~~! 이제 한국 미워하는거 아니죠? 자주 보고싶어요
廣田メグホワイトチャン 21 dag siden
Ruth Ayalasomayajula
Ruth Ayalasomayajula 22 dager siden
emme smith
emme smith 23 dager siden
Rewatching these videos. Miss you guys!!!
Saminda Gunawardena
Saminda Gunawardena 24 dager siden
How hyper did she get!?
spanishdncr71 24 dager siden
Juno described the dark chocolate so well and her speech for her age is astounding, she’s such an intelligent child!
Emma Brilleslyper
Emma Brilleslyper 25 dager siden
I miss y'all
a j
a j 25 dager siden
고통을 끝내줬어요❤️
LEE LUNA 26 dager siden
Uh she's so cute
mi S
mi S 27 dager siden
주노 진짜 이쁘게 잘 크고 있네요^^. 오랜만에 졸리채널 들어왔다가 주노보고 힐링하고 갑니다.
Ceren Tost
Ceren Tost 27 dager siden
''Bitter chocolate is smeels like dady's coffee''I think It is the good critism as well
KARIZZA RODRIGUEZ 27 dager siden
She has the accent and everything!! It’s so cute!!! She has grown up so much! I remember when she was just a baby. How time flies.
Helios Ash
Helios Ash 28 dager siden
" I put him out of his misery" 😭
Ganesh Julia Sawitri
Ganesh Julia Sawitri 29 dager siden
What is it??? Is it a comebacks??
mellylouwho 29 dager siden
She's an intelligent little thing. She described dark chocolate very well!
William Smith
William Smith Måned siden
it smells like dad's coffee! OMG, the preciousness I'm dying !!!
Miss Likha
Miss Likha Måned siden
Please come back 😭 miss juno
Ebefren Revo
Ebefren Revo Måned siden
The 184 people who leave a dislike have no soul.
c a m o
c a m o Måned siden
juno is so right, bounty’s r rank
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson Måned siden
TR Susu
TR Susu Måned siden
Tastes like frog and sunshine
유이 Måned siden
너무 어여쁘네요 정말 예뻐요
Terry Poplin
Terry Poplin Måned siden
Come back soon jolly family..miss you guys💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Granate Måned siden
Josh every day: 😐 Josh when he's with Juno: 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺
Mega 12ax7
Mega 12ax7 Måned siden
Buckle up you guys she's going to be a real "little boy magnet"😍
Bannana Panda
Bannana Panda Måned siden
Phantom Måned siden
" I bit off the frogs head" - Juno That's one way of saying it taste good 😂
Phantom Måned siden
I need Juno's confidence in my life!
Favorite Music Songs
Favorite Music Songs Måned siden
Tastes like sunshine Tastes like farts Tastes like vegetables Best descriptions of chocolate ever!
Kamron Thurmond
Kamron Thurmond Måned siden
A year later and she is still super sweet.
Andreas Z
Andreas Z Måned siden
She's extraordinarily smart! Her answers are perfect! And she's kind! What a great daughter you have! Wish you all the best.
Marián Dill
Marián Dill Måned siden
We miss you guys :"c
Kuvuta Måned siden
"Smarties taste like sunshine" could literally be their advertisement xD
Lydia Margaretha
Lydia Margaretha Måned siden
i miss juno..
Ah Ngai Lay
Ah Ngai Lay Måned siden
You should let Juno react to the old videos when she was young.
Alpha Tango Marketing
Alpha Tango Marketing Måned siden
Why are there Chinese captions that I can't turn off??
Alpha Tango Marketing
Alpha Tango Marketing Måned siden
@çevirtheK Ah yes, now I can see that it is Korean and not Chinese. Thank you for the clarification!
çevirtheK Måned siden
It's Korean. Because a lot of their audience is Korean.
The Naartjie God
The Naartjie God Måned siden
Bruh,this is wholesome
Joeys-mama Måned siden
When are you all coming back? Koreans may hate you, but you have other fans who miss you. You made a phenomenally stupid mistake, but you’ve sincerely apologized. It’s time to bring Jolly back. ❤️
Carl Watkins
Carl Watkins Måned siden
Juno is a starr Try to have her to choose her own topic or try item and see what she comes up with God bless you and your family
It An
It An Måned siden
Funny how Josh keeps saying "Straight for the..." for every passing chocolate like every chocolate is the 1st one.😂 He might have said that also for last one as well😄
roxy hart
roxy hart Måned siden
She is just too precious
Ginnie M
Ginnie M Måned siden
I miss seeing Ollie and Josh and Juno. :(
Lucía Gómez
Lucía Gómez Måned siden
She's so ahead of her years! Linguistically and cognitively. Wishing the toddlers I teach were a bit more like her 😅😅
Lisa_ and_Christian
Lisa_ and_Christian Måned siden
That was TOO MUCH chocolate for one tasting. She must have felt sick afterwards.
Hasita Maharani
Hasita Maharani Måned siden
:( missing juno too much
Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister Måned siden
It’s so cute how much Josh loves Juno. And Juno loves Josh. 🥰
Mark Nesselhaus
Mark Nesselhaus Måned siden
I have binge watched Juno and some of your other Jolly videos yesterday and today and just now had to Subscribe. Wonderful content and you already know that Juno steals the show :-)
grt jswj
grt jswj Måned siden
love your juno videos from korea. i hope you guys all alright soon.
Terry Poplin
Terry Poplin Måned siden it💛
Terry Poplin
Terry Poplin Måned siden
My new you guys stuck in my house in georgia guys are fun and happy I really needed that..thank you..and thank you princess🥰💛💙💚💜
Terry Poplin
Terry Poplin Måned siden
She is super smart..has a great palet..beautiful guys are great too!!!
Sandra Owen
Sandra Owen 2 måneder siden
Just found this channel...positively awesome!
Birdie Bridges
Birdie Bridges 2 måneder siden
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We miss all of you. Please come back soon.
bluebellangel18 2 måneder siden
So cute!! My son is a little younger than Juno and only eats dark chocolate he doesn’t like milk so this was super amusing to watch especially at the end.
RJ Lee
RJ Lee 2 måneder siden
Just open some Isaac's Toast and Fried Chicken restaurants across Europe.
Patti White
Patti White 2 måneder siden
I hope her mommy does not get made a daddy later.
darktriforce 2 måneder siden
Ahah it's crazy how sugar have an impact on such young child !!!
Esther Karen
Esther Karen 2 måneder siden
Ollie : She's had five chocolate bars shes now a teenager Also ollie: take 1 bite and I'll have half
Jess Y
Jess Y 2 måneder siden
Love seeing how Juno has grown now ❤️
Cathleen Jennings
Cathleen Jennings 2 måneder siden
idk if anyone will check this but MERRY CHRISTMAS, Ollie and Josh!!!!!!!! We hope you are doing well - especially with this crazy twist in Covid now in England. Much love to you and your families... we miss you and your Jolly episodes! Take care and God bless
Melissa Anonz
Melissa Anonz 2 måneder siden
Yoo the pack of smarties unlocked a memory I didn’t know I had
fozziebear786 2 måneder siden
Anybody else just rewatching Jolly videos while we wait? Just me? Okay. Please do more videos.
Miranda Qonita
Miranda Qonita 2 måneder siden
Please dont quit youtube, we miss you all so much
Chryslyn Ong
Chryslyn Ong 2 måneder siden
I miss Jolly and Korean English man. Please come back!
Maryann Wisniewski
Maryann Wisniewski 2 måneder siden
Miss you guys so much😪😪
Bob Broodje
Bob Broodje 2 måneder siden
lcfbm 2 måneder siden
I miss Juno! 😭
Eenn Jeong
Eenn Jeong 2 måneder siden
I miss you Juno , Ollie and Josh. When will we see you again?
An Lee
An Lee 2 måneder siden
I miss her.
성쭈 2 måneder siden
너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무귀엽다 건강하게만 자라다오 ㅠㅠ
Karness A
Karness A 2 måneder siden
Shreyas Shann
Shreyas Shann 3 måneder siden
I seriously cannot handle this level of cutnesssssssssss
Marshal 3 måneder siden
'I bit of the frogs head' 'did you kill it?' (nods) 😂
greenmate latte
greenmate latte 3 måneder siden
I miss u guys
Rhonda Baker
Rhonda Baker 3 måneder siden
So sweet how the bitter chocolate made her think of her dad's coffee and thats why she liked it. Aww!
SuperTertify 3 måneder siden
Too much cute, im dead.
Nikole Miranda
Nikole Miranda 3 måneder siden
We miss you. I hope you're hanging in there.
Calvina Atmajanti
Calvina Atmajanti 3 måneder siden
Tbh, I've been binge watching all jolly videos :" I miss them so much.. am I the only one?
sammy dee
sammy dee 3 måneder siden
juno is so cute and she reminds me of one of my cousins
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