British 2 Year-Old Tries OREOS for the First Time!!

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Today, Juno get's her first ever taste of the dangerous world of American Oreos.
오늘 주노가 2년 인생 처음으로 위험한 미국 오레오 세계를 맛보게됩니다.
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang

Nicole Evelyn Hatter
Nicole Evelyn Hatter År siden
Juno has clearly inherited her fathers comedic timing and its everything.
Merope Durwood
Merope Durwood 16 dager siden
@Anon Nan No. The guy on the right is her father, the guy on the left is her godfather .
Thuany Moreira
Thuany Moreira Måned siden
@Anon Nan Actually they`re not. Just the one in the right.
simon & monica kim
simon & monica kim 2 måneder siden
@jhopeful flower ㅁㄲ며ㅕㅕㅕㅕㅕ6퓨
하늘 3 måneder siden
When I get married later, I want to raise a daughter who is so cute, pretty, polite, and able to communicate well.~~~♥♥♥♥♥
Marta Daniela Brandão
Marta Daniela Brandão 4 måneder siden
How did this comment thread became what it is? From discussing politics to saying you want to kick a child in the face? This is a little happy kid with an amazing family. Is your life so crappy that you can't see positivism and happiness? You all have to try and ruin it?
chinbi18 2 dager siden
That’s kinda rude. I have a stomachache and this is the video I clicked on?! She’s so cute and makes me laugh every two seconds! Also those Oreos look so appetizing!
kelkonom 2 dager siden
ha ha i know more english than this kid ez gg
Vicky Taylor
Vicky Taylor 3 dager siden
My ice cold heart is melting. Juno needs her own channel ASAP. She is just too cute.
Endlessness Down
Endlessness Down 4 dager siden
3:58 she made a FMA reference. Mah god. Love it.
MTPJR113 4 dager siden
I hope you will come back soon...
Asia Castro
Asia Castro 6 dager siden
Watching Juno is just pure joy mY HEART MELTIN
amber hommes
amber hommes 6 dager siden
More Juno please😍😍😍😍
thegoofylover 9 dager siden
I'm having a Juno marathon right now. But we need more Juno on the channel. She is the cutest girl ever..... Please more JUNO videos.......
임혜숙 9 dager siden
우와~ 주노❤❤❤ i'm juno. so cute !!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
ナカキン 11 dager siden
주노최고 사랑합니다
Chee Woon Chung
Chee Woon Chung 12 dager siden
OMG!!! Juno is the sweetest little angle I ever seen..
Ampwich 13 dager siden
Yesyurun Lallo
Yesyurun Lallo 13 dager siden
Juno look so cute.. i love you Juno.. love from Malaysia
soniaa 01
soniaa 01 14 dager siden
Love the baby.. so sweet❤❤
Valerie Fredette
Valerie Fredette 17 dager siden
Juno is so cute!! next time you guys try Oreo's take a straw and dip it into the milk, put you finger at the top of the straw, and take the straw out of the milk and put the end your finger is not on, inside the Oreo and take your finger off the straw and then blow the milk into the creme and it instantly blows the creme and makes it fluffy and its amazing you'll have to try it for yourselves to know what i'm talking about..... have fun with it... :)
BobTheFishy 21 dag siden
I used to call my sister brie brie because her real name is Gabrielle but my family called her brie and I was young so I called her Brie brie
김리준 22 dager siden
주노 너무너무 귀여워♡♡
Marienssa Lobo18 431
Marienssa Lobo18 431 23 dager siden
I love her. She is so adorable. My heart just melted ❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍
M. Kho
M. Kho 24 dager siden
this video really cheers me up when i'm down ^^
CRISTINA CHEN SU 27 dager siden
juno has cavities
holding hands makes lil meaw meaw happy
holding hands makes lil meaw meaw happy Måned siden
10:38 The most adorable being I have ever seen calling "CUTE" the other most adorable being I have ever seen. I can die in peace now
김나연 Måned siden
Juno is literally so cute!!!! I love it when she speaks!! She's so adorable!
Mikayla Douglas
Mikayla Douglas Måned siden
SHES SO PRECIOUS... This stage is quite literally the sole reason I want kids. Juno is absolutely adorable. By the way, I'm subcribing because of Juno. Like you guys are funny and awesome and whatnot but, Juno.
Ed Shaw
Ed Shaw Måned siden
But we have oreos in britain lmao
Kiara Kiwi
Kiara Kiwi 25 dager siden
shes 2 and her parents probably dont let her have too many sweets
Patrícia Mikócziová
Patrícia Mikócziová Måned siden
naughty Josh 😂😂
Patrícia Mikócziová
Patrícia Mikócziová Måned siden
naughty Josh 😂😂😂
Miguel Angel Rangel
Miguel Angel Rangel Måned siden
OMG SHE'S SO CUTE AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
thangliensang Zote 12th- A 4580
thangliensang Zote 12th- A 4580 Måned siden
Why are they making the child to smell it like.... the way Josh say smell it.... hahaahah nevermind
Rahul Sarkar
Rahul Sarkar Måned siden
I thought I had seen it all on your channel but today I am a true fan, Juno rocks and Jolly & crew are just pure happiness✌🤩🤓😆
Tarun Srivastava
Tarun Srivastava Måned siden
Naughty josh It's ok AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I WANT ONE 😭😭😭
Connie D
Connie D Måned siden
Juno makes my heart happy. Thank you
Rupkatha Chakravartty
Rupkatha Chakravartty Måned siden
Josh is dying omg someone send an ambulance
Kirst en
Kirst en Måned siden
I got an ad for a game called Dress up! and it showed being Marie Antoinette and it showed Lafayette when it did my Hamiltrash self couldn’t contain the excitement..
hs Kim
hs Kim Måned siden
get out racism
Teodora Marginean
Teodora Marginean Måned siden
Can u get our beloved rev react to Lucifer? Season 4 got it aaallll
철쑤김 Måned siden
경향신문기사: 영국남자님 경향신문에 법적대응 하십니까.
Antonella Sonza
Antonella Sonza Måned siden
I love Juno saying Golden Oreo 😍
Powerpuff Bubbles
Powerpuff Bubbles Måned siden
She is so adorable!
Krista Martinez
Krista Martinez Måned siden
this was the cutest video i've seen in a whiiiile
Jubby Bamboozle
Jubby Bamboozle Måned siden
구미마이 Måned siden
저 부부한테 받던 스트레스 주노 덕분에 힐링하고간다...ㅎㅎ 커엽
Cavidan Karadağ
Cavidan Karadağ Måned siden
I didn't know he has a child. A couple min ago I watched her first video 3 years later and I am shook she is really become so smart and cute my heart melted what a beautiful child
Cavidan Karadağ
Cavidan Karadağ Måned siden
So cute 😇 😢
Fhina Agustiana
Fhina Agustiana Måned siden
민아TV [ Me : 나 ]
민아TV [ Me : 나 ] Måned siden
Kaleigh Sullivan
Kaleigh Sullivan Måned siden
Juno is seriously child goals. Ollie and Lizzie are clearly doing something right. It's also really clear that Ollie is engaged and interested in his daughter and what she has to say - even as a two year old. Yay correct parenting!
AD C Måned siden
Juno is right. I hate mint cookies. They taste like toothpaste.
Beatrice Rossi
Beatrice Rossi Måned siden
It's not exclusive, it's a spoon 😂
Mark B.
Mark B. Måned siden
Are they brothers?
Mark B.
Mark B. Måned siden
@lovxmae thanks im new to the channel.
lovxmae Måned siden
Nope, best friends
Animma Mani
Animma Mani Måned siden
Am I the only person who replays the part when juno says golden oreo?
고라노 Måned siden
나 왜 지금 알았지 조쉬님 풀네임이 조쉬 캐럿인걸..?
Stephanie Alvarez
Stephanie Alvarez Måned siden
She is absolutely precious. so smart it’s adorable 😭❤️
C. Lee
C. Lee Måned siden
ADORABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
perhaps Måned siden
Juno has more social skill than my 19 ur self and I'm mesmerized she is soo cute.
D Y Måned siden
미국 오레오는 한국 오레오보다 크림 많이 들었나??
Eli ;D
Eli ;D Måned siden
i don’t know if this is just me, but as an American Juno is the first and only toddler with an english accent i have ever heard.
L Martin
L Martin 6 dager siden
It would be weird if she had a German accent 😂
Robyn Alice
Robyn Alice Måned siden
*Bitaba* ◍•ᴗ•◍
haden _
haden _ Måned siden
Sagar Chaudhary
Sagar Chaudhary Måned siden
Josh sounds like a National Geography's wildlife photographer with his hushing sound - "this is a toddler in her natural habitat, don't make loud noises"
Stephanie Sanders
Stephanie Sanders Måned siden
She is literally the most precious child ever
Swipe's Wife Jess
Swipe's Wife Jess Måned siden
This is legitimately my FAVORITE thing on the internet. Juno is now my niece.
oh 5
oh 5 Måned siden
2:40 take a bite darling
Amanda Bunga Krista X IPS 4
Amanda Bunga Krista X IPS 4 21 dag siden
that was so cute
Ksm lida
Ksm lida Måned siden
Plot twist: Juno is a paid actor
Harry Potter Fan
Harry Potter Fan Måned siden
Aw she’s soooooooo sweet
Jac. A. Cameron
Jac. A. Cameron Måned siden
In sixteen years, I would love to here Juno's opinion o n this content... and if she still says 'Bitaba'.
VANIA Måned siden
She's so adorable god
토브 Måned siden
완전 귀여워 ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ
JO J Måned siden
I love Juno 🥰 so adorable!!!
sheepsus Måned siden
u know the parents are doing good raising juno
윤굴이 따라다
윤굴이 따라다 Måned siden
인형이구만 ㅋㅋ
soully 0521
soully 0521 Måned siden
Juno is soooo cute, she also so smart and beautiful! I wish i can see her more with jolly😄
잉왜또 Måned siden
Juno..... God bless you
Bianca Yoshizaki de Castro
Bianca Yoshizaki de Castro Måned siden
when anxiety attacks i watch jolly videos and juno's never failed to make me feel better tbh
수건. Måned siden
주노에겐 너무 나도 큰 컵 1:52 얼굴만하다
Yian Kim
Yian Kim 2 måneder siden
She is the one who we should call an 'angel'
Shaun R
Shaun R 2 måneder siden
I see in the tumbnail theres a golden o r e o /cookie color She tried chocolate and i soll no milk on it jolly why are u ruining this
nawres doss
nawres doss 2 måneder siden
She's so perfecty cute ❤❤ Don't u ever change Juno 😘
Liana Lee
Liana Lee 2 måneder siden
Ollie is sooooo sweet he's the best dad
해율 2 måneder siden
Au pays des rêves
Au pays des rêves 2 måneder siden
Products not good for baby !!!
Grace 2 måneder siden
I come back to this video everytime I need my Juno dose of serotonin.
Martha Hawkinson-Michau
Martha Hawkinson-Michau 2 måneder siden
This was so cute, adorable, and beautiful that my eyes leaked happy tears the entire time.
darrell johnston
darrell johnston 2 måneder siden
Well this one had everything cute kid, cute dog and cookies.
김대희 2 måneder siden
10:16 어딨녜(X) 어딨냬(O)
Pausia 2 måneder siden
I can finally die in peace
나기 2 måneder siden
아기천사가 지상에 내려온 거 같아요.. 너무 귀여워!
ᆞᆞ 2 måneder siden
아, 존나귀여워
naga akshaya
naga akshaya 2 måneder siden
Please she's adorable uwu
Sacre Moon
Sacre Moon 2 måneder siden
"Smells like toothpaste" she is an intellectual. ChocoMint should be banned.
conner 2 måneder siden
Juno and the sun from Dad vlogs are the only two kids on NOpost that I can stand
Juno Hagers
Juno Hagers 2 måneder siden
My name is also Juno! Nice name:)))
Goretastic 2 måneder siden
Is Josh and ollie brothers ?
Amanda Bunga Krista X IPS 4
Amanda Bunga Krista X IPS 4 21 dag siden
no, they're bestfriends
Hunlover123601 2 måneder siden
too darn precious for words
The Real Itz Rmn
The Real Itz Rmn 2 måneder siden
Me, a Filipino, who never seen these kind of oreos: InTeRiStInG
V̶i̶x̶e̶n̶ 2 måneder siden
“Can u say I would rate that 10 out of 10” Juno: yeah❤️
KMW 2 måneder siden
Zi Xiong
Zi Xiong 2 måneder siden
honestly josh and ollie does not look like they're married and one has a KID. to me they look 20 or something?!
Jacqueline Tuttle
Jacqueline Tuttle 2 måneder siden
Mint is my favorite Oreo. They taste a bit like the Girl Scout cookies called thin mints. Mint and chocolate is a very popular combination in America. Juno could not be any more adorable!!!
JellytheOtter 2 måneder siden
She is so precious I LIVE FOR HER
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