World's WEIRDEST Sodas!?!
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Divyanshi 45 minutter siden
While watching this I literally could smell the burger .... Good lord !!
Santino Passalacqua
Santino Passalacqua 52 minutter siden
Why did they have a problem with calling god a she
Arthur Henrique
Arthur Henrique 53 minutter siden
There's a city in my country called Esselugarnãoexiste
Arthur Henrique
Arthur Henrique 57 minutter siden
That city's name is actually a spell which opens a portal to Narnia
Andrie putra
Andrie putra Time siden
thank you for promote my country noodle to the world
sara salem
sara salem Time siden
What is Islam? Islām is an Arabic word which means 'surrender'. This means to accept the power of Allāh, and follow His Commands. Happiness in this life and success in the life after death can only be obtained by obeying Allāh. Islām is not just a religion, but a complete way of life. This means that it shows us how to live all aspects of our lives in the best possible way. There are five pillars on which Islām stands, they are: To firmly believe in the heart and declare “Laa ilaaha illAllāh, Muhammadur-Rasulullah” which means “there is no deity worthy to be worshiped but Allāh and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.". This is what is meant by Iman (Belief) To pray five times a day (perform Salah). To pay Zakat (Charity) To fast during the month of Ramadan. To go on Hajj (pilgrimage) to Makkah once in a lifetime if one can afford it. A person who accepts Islām is called a Muslim. It means 'one who surrenders.' A Muslim is required to do all that Allāh and His Messenger (ﷺ) have asked of them and to keep away from doing things which Allāh and His Messenger (ﷺ) have forbidden mankind not to do. Allāh and His Messenger (ﷺ) have told us to do good deeds, like being dutiful to our parents, helping others who are less fortunate and to be kind to animals. (Truly, the religion with Allāh, is Islām - Qur'aan, 3:19).
Kris Kris
Kris Kris 2 timer siden
Didnt know that there is a meaning on every piece,on every move of this vid! Wow!
Yana Ochi
Yana Ochi 2 timer siden
Indomie selera ku❤️
Fletcher Graham
Fletcher Graham 3 timer siden
I love how that pathetic excuse of a chicken went on a long and sad journey just for Gabbie to laugh hysterically at at it
Akmal Primulya
Akmal Primulya 3 timer siden
try meeju in indonesia because its so cheesy and its perfect for cheese lovers
No_Social _Skill
No_Social _Skill 3 timer siden
Have Cris play the og halo series. It definitely has some symbolism.
쿠니루야 3 timer siden
수미샘이보셨음 ㅡㅡ밥해서먹어라새끼들아. 했을듯
Charlie Kingman
Charlie Kingman 4 timer siden
Common misconception that The Song of Solomon is the book of sex but ok
silverxfroze phoenix Wijaya
silverxfroze phoenix Wijaya 4 timer siden
The pop mie is not hot not spicy
Ray Gonçalves
Ray Gonçalves 5 timer siden
I want to see a priest reacting to Lady Gaga's Born this way or Lady Gaga's judas
max symons
max symons 5 timer siden
I love jelly eels!!
3E HARITH AZIZI 6 timer siden
outronya lempar serbet
3E HARITH AZIZI 6 timer siden
Indonesians don't find it spicy at all
Joan Rose Joseph
Joan Rose Joseph 6 timer siden
They can easily give out all the meanings of all Bands in the Bangtan World!
Luvita Fita
Luvita Fita 6 timer siden
here march 2021...i mis jolly
Jamie Richey
Jamie Richey 6 timer siden
Please post more of these
Arsham Gamer Channel
Arsham Gamer Channel 6 timer siden
one of these days he is going to up "British Priest Reacts to Communism..."
Patti Hanson
Patti Hanson 6 timer siden
The Office meme about is SO true. Ring by Spring or your money back is the unofficial admission advertisement
anggia salma
anggia salma 7 timer siden
Hey, is there some Indonesians over here and wonder " How come you don't try durian ice cream?" I love them btw
Where am I ここはどこ Где я
Where am I ここはどこ Где я 9 timer siden
Are you okay :(
CJH 10 timer siden
Hmm when I have granola I'd have Coffee + granola in orange juice It ain't that bad haha
이세혁 10 timer siden
하 ㅆ발 온클땜에ㅔ 이걸 쳐보고 앉아있네
Selena Hernandez
Selena Hernandez 10 timer siden
Can.... You do the wap song next.. Obvi the clean version 😂😂
MystiC 10 timer siden
It's hilarious they're eating rice like a Burger... Imma try to that.. and dip it on gravy...
bryan ahmad Raharjo
bryan ahmad Raharjo 10 timer siden
Im a Indonesia peaple🙂
JM Vita
JM Vita 10 timer siden
Rev. Chris does looks like he had more hangover amongs the two 😂😂😂
bryan ahmad Raharjo
bryan ahmad Raharjo 10 timer siden
Karl C
Karl C 10 timer siden
Jolly Team, My suggestion if I had to try to teach Mr. Oliver would be repetition and routine: 1. Greetings 2. Morning Dictation (Hangeul + Numbers + Colors) 3. No leaving the chair allowed, haha. Hope to meet you two sometime, somewhere in the world. Watching this channel has always made me re-evaluate how to teach foreign languages. Best and stay safe, - K
cristina bondoc
cristina bondoc 11 timer siden
Please come back. I miss you guys. 💜💜💜
Agam! 11 timer siden
You should make rev chris watch Blue Exorcist-
Tiger Z
Tiger Z 11 timer siden
Kenapa orang luar tidak suka durian,tapi kalau negara yang punya buah durian meskipun pertama kali ekspresinya tidak seperti itu dan rasanya enak
gian nuryanti
gian nuryanti 11 timer siden
you guys definitely must try indonesian's MRE
Brendan Foery
Brendan Foery 11 timer siden
Well done!
Manuel Serrrano
Manuel Serrrano 12 timer siden
Kisses from Spain, love them ❤️
Cam Merritt
Cam Merritt 12 timer siden
Why was the priests first question, “is she young?”
Georgia Grace
Georgia Grace 12 timer siden
I kinda want to hear what Rev. Chris would say about *Coraline* It's a childhood favorite of mine and I think his opinion would be interesting
11RossLeronX 12 timer siden
TBH, as much as i don't like the Attitude of the 2 guys and like how they're like, Is God even Real but their question is interesting cuz its mostly the same question unbelievers ask, and the Pastor really Answer it in a Kind way cuz thats what we want as Christians, we want to save people, let them introduce to love God before the Judgment day
Georgia Grace
Georgia Grace 12 timer siden
Normal people: "Netflix and chill" Christians: *"Netflix and pray"*
Keaton Ho
Keaton Ho 12 timer siden
angie 12 timer siden
Ester Peixoto
Ester Peixoto 12 timer siden
I miss all of you guys...I hope you come back soon...
Gacha_rosé UwU
Gacha_rosé UwU 13 timer siden
Please react to fouzia bad dreams its full of emotions and she has a so powerfull voice she is so amazing please react to her
Bernice June H. Dumpit
Bernice June H. Dumpit 13 timer siden
I'm a filipino and I literally ate all of those snacks.
Mahya Yeeye
Mahya Yeeye 14 timer siden
hello I come from Indonesia. Indeed, if Indonesia makes the noodles a little stuck, it is intended so that the jaw teeth are not sore
Lé Ørca
Lé Ørca 14 timer siden
doom eternal is my fav game and the ost(orginal soundtrack)
R1D1KULUS monKEYZ 14 timer siden
what the Fawk...
Aparajith Ragunathan
Aparajith Ragunathan 14 timer siden
Social faux pas..
Kay Spence
Kay Spence 14 timer siden
I miss Josh & Ollie so much !
Rachel Biro
Rachel Biro 15 timer siden
hey could you do a reaction to "from gods perspective" by bo burnham with Chris? I would be really interested in seeing it:)
momokhat 15 timer siden
2:17 FTW
jungkooks vocals
jungkooks vocals 15 timer siden
You know we are British when we have to use a fan in 28 degree weather
Callum - カラム
Callum - カラム 7 timer siden
Yep 😂
Only Crazy
Only Crazy 15 timer siden
Why does he feel the need to explain marriage "taking faith out of it" ?! I mean yes, but explain why marriage is important also from a Christian point of view because society actually doesn't know and understand the real reason 90% of the time so why decide to not mention it ??? Christian take so much for granted the fact that as we believe in something (here marriage) we don't need to explain why, it feels obvious, we don't realize we need to talk about the deeper reasons to Christians principles than just saying "we believe in something". I love Rev Chris but I'm a bit disappointed on that part... I know he didn't do it on purpose but as he's here to answer to questions and started with one part of the answer I was just waiting for him to tell about the other side of the answer...
essenza 16 timer siden
I miss you guys so much 😕
Mythicalbeasty 16 timer siden
I miss them. I wish they’d come back to youtube
Jungyeon Emma Kim
Jungyeon Emma Kim 17 timer siden
유퀴즈라고 아시나요? 이삭 토스트 대표님이 나오셨는데 올리가 젤 먼저 생각났어요^-^ 보셨을까? ㅎ
Ahmad Gigin
Ahmad Gigin 17 timer siden
very funny, were in indonesia Indonesia usually eat noodles/indomie with chili
インドTakayami 18 timer siden
EY WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT BANG BANG HERE :) /gave a lot of bang bang You better eat it dude-
Comedy Acorn
Comedy Acorn 18 timer siden
Nun 2= The Preist
John McElroy
John McElroy 18 timer siden
His articulation of the feeling of depression and God's love was so succinct and relevant, I hope everyone watching receives that message and takes it to heart. I think it really captured my thoughts on that video.
John McElroy
John McElroy 18 timer siden
Also, Would really enjoy British priest reacting to Metallica, perhaps Creeping Death and or Four Horsemen, as they have religious themes, but also Fae to Black and Sanitarium as they have themes similar to what is discussed here. Pretty please?
Gaseous Clay
Gaseous Clay 19 timer siden
Josh is such a drama queen lmao
유바트 19 timer siden
첫번째 문제 답 두개 아닌가?? 테레사의 딸도 되고 테레사의 사위도 됌
Elge Binth
Elge Binth 19 timer siden
Hello im from Indonesian🇮🇩
Beatriz Fortes
Beatriz Fortes 19 timer siden
Not Taylor Swift come ON, we all know that Louis is superior
간누리 20 timer siden
하늘 20 timer siden
피자는 인류의 가장 위대한 발명중 하나이다
Irsyad R
Irsyad R 20 timer siden
You should try Indonesia MRE, it's tastyyy
Callum - カラム
Callum - カラム 20 timer siden
2:30 oh no
Mbali Mnkandla
Mbali Mnkandla 20 timer siden
As a Christian am thankful that he didn't say how they look "GaY " 🙏🏾 Thanks Lmao we are Armys of love but we also deal with disrespectful antis✋🏾😭.
not very interesting
not very interesting 20 timer siden
커싄 20 timer siden
I already uploaded this comment for Josh and Gabie to read, but I upload my comments again here, so that more foreigners can understand what's going on. Now the thing is, people of my homeland have HIGH expectations of morality to celebrities, and speaking about suing someone for aggressive comments in a video of apologies would have been seen as a non-apology to Koreans - since so many youtubers in Korea have left bad precedents. Plus, Koreans are pretty much sensitive about tax issues and excessive benefits for foreigners, including for those of Korean extraction. Moreover, Korea was hit by several massive waves of pandemic(as same as some other countries) and such a long period of social distancing; more than that, even political and economical circumstances are not going well. As a result, people are gradually becoming exhausted, aggressive and sharp - which I understand very well, and feel sorry for them, since I'm also a Korean. So.... it's a difference of cultural sentiment(?) and political situations, rather than a matter of unforgivingness, I guess. So, since Gabie and Josh did not apologize in an appropriate attitude, and since there were some controversies about their lies, I'm afraid it's all over, at least for Koreans. Cuz many of Koreans don't take this as a simple mistake anymore. Here are my words : 조쉬와 국가비 두 분의 잘못으로 인해 인터넷 상의 온갖 혐오와 극단주의가 댓글로써 표출되네요. 더 이상 어디까지가 정당한 비판이고 어디까지가 부당한 악플인지 구별하기도 힘들어졌습니다. 사과를 하는 것이 그리도 어려웠나요? 예전 군 복무와 관련해서 문제가 있었던 래퍼에 대해 옹호발언을 한 적이 있는 데이브 님이 그랬듯, 진심어린 사과를 하기만 했어도 사단이 이 지경까지 오진 않았을 겁니다. 이런 것을 보면 유명해진 사람은 자신의 언행에 따른 대가가 더 크다는 것을 절감하게 됩니다. 보통 사람 같았으면 처벌 받고, 욕 먹고 끝났을 일을 다른 사람들 간의 쓸데없는 싸움을 촉발시키고, 가뜩이나 우리 사회의 문제점인 인종주의, 외국인 배척주의, 혐오성 댓글 등 사람들 간의 감정의 골을 더 깊어지게 만든 꼴이 되어 버렸으니까요. 이제는 복귀를 논하기도 어렵게 됐습니다. 진심 어린 반성을 하고 있다는 것을 보여줄 유일한 방법은 년 단위의 자숙과 확실한 법적 처벌일 테지만, 4, 5개월이 지난 지금에 와서 더 이상 어떤 법적 처벌이 가능할지도 모르겠고, 이런 사실은 두 분으로 하여금 처벌이 두려워 영국으로 도피했다는 비판을 면키 어렵게 하겠지요. 참 마음이 복잡합니다. 만약 이런 일이 없었고, 영국남자가 정상적으로 활동했다면 한복, 김치 논란이 불거지고 있는 지금 적어도 외국에서 중국인들의 주장에 반대의 목소리를 내는 채널이 하나쯤은 있었을 테죠. 3년이 넘게 영국남자와 JOLLY 영상을 봐 왔고, 또 좋아했던 애청자로써 두 분이 원망스럽기도 하다가, 또 안타까워지기도 하고, 그럴 때면 다시 마음을 다잡기도 합니다. 모두가 힘든 시기네요. 모든 면에 있어서. All kinds of hatred and extremism on the Internet are emerged in the comments due to the fault of you, Josh and Gabie. It has become difficult to separate the appropriate criticism and malicious comments. Was it that hard to apologize? Like Mr. Dave, who once spoke out in defense of a rapper who had issues about his military service, making a sincere apology would not have led things to come to this point. Now I realize that a person who gets attention and fame pays a greater price for what he says and does. If it were for a normal person, punishment and criticism would've been the end, but now, it turns out that bad blood between people, such as racism, exclusion against foreigners, comments containing great hatred(which is a severe problem of our society) has deepened. Now it's also hard to discuss about return. The only way to show that you're sincerely regretting of what you've done would be years of probation and self-restraint, plus certain legal punishment. However, since four to five months has passed already, I doubt what kind of legal punishment might be possible, and such circumstances will make it difficult for you to avoid words saying that you fled to UK fearing the punishment. I mean, I feel BAD. If this never happened, and if Korean Englishman Channel had been uploading videos normally, at least one foreign channel would've voiced opposition against the Chinese netizens' claims about hanbok and kimchi. I've been watching Korean Englishman and JOLLY videos for more than three years, and as a regular viewer who loved you, I sometimes feel resentment towards you, suddenly feel sorry for you, and then pull myself once again. It's a tough time for all of us. In every perspective.
micheal참사랑 20 timer siden
가비는 정말 잘먹네요 저도 잘 못먹는 것들인데^^
Rachel Anyta
Rachel Anyta 21 time siden
I'm from Indonesia
Official Vazzy
Official Vazzy 21 time siden😭
Mei Mei
Mei Mei 21 time siden
Please comeback guys. We all waiting for you
An Umbrella
An Umbrella 19 timer siden
what happened? where didi they go?
Jinsoo Park
Jinsoo Park 21 time siden
아기 너무 귀엽다 ^^