World's WEIRDEST Sodas!?!
3 måneder siden
World’s WEIRDEST Canned Food!?!
We took Juno to KOREA!!
8 måneder siden
Maltesers Trick Shot FAILS 😂
11 måneder siden
tiny turtul is cool
tiny turtul is cool Time siden
you sould do billie bury a friend
Ethan Baird
Ethan Baird Time siden
“Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil... prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon...” - Sir Terry Pratchett
lcisollenbetashy games
lcisollenbetashy games 2 timer siden
Yeah po is yum chco nut filipino 🇵🇭
Eldar 2 timer siden
Just looking if Billie left a comment here... False hope.
ᴊᴜᴅʏ 2 timer siden
Mary Grace rillera
Mary Grace rillera 2 timer siden
Miss you Jolly! We're waiting for you guys to get back..
Peach Tea
Peach Tea 2 timer siden
I really want to send a box. I'm definitely gonna send one on Christmas. ( btw I'm bengali 👄 )
Taigafaiya 3 timer siden
Is Gabie from everywhere in the World ?
peter marbunz
peter marbunz 3 timer siden
Saya kurang suka indomie speciest,karena terlalu pedas,mules perut makannya
Mawada Adel
Mawada Adel 3 timer siden
"So not only am I not only good at korean i'm also not good at ordering food even in English" I felt that.
Jonathan Ebe
Jonathan Ebe 4 timer siden
Why tf do they keep laughing?
Yato Sensei
Yato Sensei 4 timer siden
"personality, I hate it." Say it louder bro, AND I WILL KICK YOU!!! BENG-BENG IS THE TOP MINI WAFER CHOCOLATE!!! 😣🔥
RandoCo 4 timer siden
I'm just noticing that I'm exactly like Ollie in my Mandarin classes.... I feel bad for my teacher now...
Lizet Ayari
Lizet Ayari 5 timer siden
I dont know if anyone else mentioned this but Ollie sounded like a minion from Despicable Me when he started the lesson and started to giggle 😂🤣🤣🤣
Lizet Ayari
Lizet Ayari 5 timer siden
Lol just saw the last two comments made were the same thing 🤦‍♀️
Tedi Afriansyah
Tedi Afriansyah 5 timer siden
I'm miss them
After a night out drinking in Greece we go to Athens public meat market and eat a hot soup called "patsas" which is made out of cow's stomach chopped into small pieces and dressed with a vinegar/garlic sauce !!! When u are used to eat as mosr bizzare foods or drinks ie ouzo its qujte soothing and tasty !!!
PE 30 Prajjwal Singh
PE 30 Prajjwal Singh 6 timer siden
i m stupid whenever i see a priest i ask have to seen ghosts
Ouzo is to be drunk slowly accompanied by some sort of apetizer !!
Sal m
Sal m 6 timer siden
We spell "tyre"
chrispenjose 6 timer siden
B- Boys T- Talented S- Sexy Yes but no. And I'm not disappointed! It's a fact😂
앙데나요 6 timer siden
요즘 밖에도 안 나가고 일 끝나면 집에만 있는데... 수요일도 심심하고 금요일도 심심하다... 그립습니다.
Vercil Juan
Vercil Juan 6 timer siden
Sad to see that not all Christians are like these. They're mostly hypocrites. Nice though.
Makrifat Basrofil
Makrifat Basrofil 6 timer siden
Indomie is the best... 🇮🇩😋
Mrrrglllrrr 6 timer siden
3:03 If u gonna be in Poland some day DON'T DO IT. It's our "middle finger" ;)
Louise 6 timer siden
As a french woman, it's really satisfying to see how much you appreciate it ! To answer some questions: Poitou and Champagne are regions of France, and the honey sweet are from the Champagne region
저스틴 다니엘
저스틴 다니엘 7 timer siden
Josh is like he’s never eaten before hahaha
Pub Tokers
Pub Tokers 7 timer siden
2:38 they freaking out because Ari is naked. Rev. Chris: nodding his head to the beat😹
love Mr beast
love Mr beast 7 timer siden
ITS not spicy and IM small
Pub Tokers
Pub Tokers 9 timer siden
Oh, so he started the trend of saying "Billie Eyelash"
Desy exo-l
Desy exo-l 9 timer siden
Yahh pdahal kurang pedesss 😁 😁 😁
Flavia Yaja
Flavia Yaja 9 timer siden
Soy de Perú no entendi nada de lo q dijeron pero me gusto ver la reacción Soy fan de blackpink
Ulvsbane 9 timer siden
Double letters (or "ck", which are treated as "kk") makes a short sound while a single letter makes a long sound. For example, the word "rap". Your pronounciation of "rap" would be spelled as "rapp" in Swedish (and would mean quick, fast, or whip lash ("piskrapp"). "Rap" on the other hand, means "burp".
Khushi Shukla
Khushi Shukla 10 timer siden
They are not next beatles they are first BTS. .
Daniswara A. Majid
Daniswara A. Majid 10 timer siden
The only youtuber that affected so heavily by covid-19 because of some stupid stupidity
_MrPuma_ 10 timer siden
מי שמישראל ובא לסרטון מנוטאטקו לייק I sew this video from isrel youtuber his name is notataco
fluffy like to play among us
fluffy like to play among us 10 timer siden
indomie ar the best food from indonesia end im from indonesia
LnFaO 10 timer siden
I used to love butter coconut biscuits!!
Henry obaka
Henry obaka 10 timer siden
It was ironic buy anyways
Chinmayee Solanki
Chinmayee Solanki 10 timer siden
Is it just me or Ollie sounds adorable while talking in Korean lol. Like a small kid learning words/phrases from his first language
Henry obaka
Henry obaka 10 timer siden
So funny how big musicians started in a choir in church micheal jacksaon,billie elish,ebony and i bet you dont know who ebony is she died a day before her birthday
2IEP_27_Sanghyun Oh
2IEP_27_Sanghyun Oh 11 timer siden
This priest makes me like Christianity even more I'm not talking about you karen
Cris Kelly
Cris Kelly 11 timer siden
Have they reacted to take me to church
Nol Arm
Nol Arm 11 timer siden
I’m watching this, i don’t believe in Jesus but it’s funny
Areyga Reyga
Areyga Reyga 11 timer siden
Coba nyobain silverqueen donk, all variant
Jannat Afzal
Jannat Afzal 11 timer siden
Auto did say molly
Rommel John Matienzo
Rommel John Matienzo 12 timer siden
I was not ready for that ollie HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Ollie: does it feel holy when we're hanging out together? Josh: 0.0 Ollie: I think that's a "yes" I laugh way too loud
RedBrandy Cherries
RedBrandy Cherries 12 timer siden
If god is neither a woman, nor a man, why is he called a father and jesus is his son?
sarah harmaini
sarah harmaini 12 timer siden
i miss them
Bunnings Warehouse
Bunnings Warehouse 12 timer siden
It's weird watching this as a non christan
StaRbright0 12 timer siden
God is non binary
Muffinno 12 timer siden
Hope y'all come back soon. You made me laugh even in my lowest moments, I'd hate to see you go.
NCalvinS 12 timer siden
I'm waitin for rev Chris react to poppy
mottledmotmot 13 timer siden
That truffle chips though, it's only $1 in 7-11 here in Singapore.
bluesidedaydreams 13 timer siden
ahhh my canadian heart is so proud 😍 but wait until josh finds out about ketchup chips....👀
bluesidedaydreams 13 timer siden
woahhh i didn't realize these snacks were canadian only
Aaliyah Taghoy
Aaliyah Taghoy 13 timer siden
Wrapped rice that not how u eat eat
Aaliyah Taghoy
Aaliyah Taghoy 13 timer siden
Rice pudding is just no no helllll nooooo
Abby Is Watching
Abby Is Watching 13 timer siden
They also have it in ice cream, when you can find it. Little mini peanut butter cups in peanut butter ice cream. Very yummy. And the big thing now is to crush up candy in milkshakes. Do they sell Ben & Jerry's in the UK? Best ice cream ever. Love from the US!
Dinnie Malfoy
Dinnie Malfoy 13 timer siden
Can’t believe how much Juno has grown.
Worldwide handsome :3
Worldwide handsome :3 14 timer siden
but he didn't react to THE army, at least show him our purple ocean
Rob The Beast
Rob The Beast 14 timer siden
Sacred Hal
Sacred Hal 14 timer siden
I'm having a gay time right now lmao
Chris I
Chris I 15 timer siden
Please come back! My daughter and I loved watching you together at night. Lots of laughs and good times.
loraine 15 timer siden
where can we buy the book he's using? seeing ollie learn has really inspired me to take up korean seriously again : ")
No Name
No Name 16 timer siden
Uh oh please don’t show some small kids
hy S
hy S 16 timer siden
심도있는 분석이네요. 일반인들은 잘 모르겠어요. 그리스 신화와도 연결될줄은...ㅋㅋ
Arup Sarkar
Arup Sarkar 16 timer siden
Why are the subs in Korean
Duncan Abiel Carcosia
Duncan Abiel Carcosia 17 timer siden
Thank you 😊
Rogene Tamayo Jr.
Rogene Tamayo Jr. 17 timer siden
7:08 I can walk on ice. Ice is a 100% water. IAM 100% JESUS So I’ll be 100% crucified
Mobee CH
Mobee CH 17 timer siden
Pake kecap maknya wkwkw
Rogene Tamayo Jr.
Rogene Tamayo Jr. 17 timer siden
I always wanted the priest to train to become a soldier with his other twin. I mean imagine a pope with military armor and a cross in his body. THAT WOULD BE BADASS!
Audrey Yu
Audrey Yu 18 timer siden
I love how their just like choosing their words carefully so ARMY doesn’t come after them.
ApaYaa2nd 19 timer siden
you're supposed to add more chilies to it
werilyn elgincolin
werilyn elgincolin 19 timer siden
Agustina Castellano
Agustina Castellano 19 timer siden
I miss them SO MUCH
When priests play DOOM,you know that this makes the lord happy
Razee 20 timer siden
Omg...ollie's 'see u later Sayed '😁 ..i am glad XD
JM JUSTINIANOL 20 timer siden
You should see me in a crown
Ben Sisler
Ben Sisler 20 timer siden
Too bad he's a priest. I really like him though.
Zeljana Sore
Zeljana Sore 20 timer siden
Ugh I miss you guys so much